The Family of Jim Willliams

I am the son of Jack and Frances Inmon Williams. At the time Dad was in the service in Korea. After his return to the States, we moved to Ft. Sill, OK and then to Ft. Hood, TX.

In 1957, he retired and the family moved to Edinburg, in deep south Texas. Our house was only 15 miles to the border crossing into Mexico. I did my school years there. I attended Pan American University as a Music Ed. major and am a member of the Intercollegiate Knights and Phi Kappa Theta fraternities.

Intercollegiate Knights
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Phu Kappa Theta

I married Carol Skilling in 1977 and we were a family of 3 since she had a 2-year old daughter, Stephanie. Carol was born in KS and but was living with her father in Harlingen, TX when we met. We stayed in the Valley until 1979 when we moved to Houston and we both went to work for 7-Eleven. Both my younger kids were born while we lived in Houston.

In 1984 I accepted a position running 17 convenience stores in the Kansas City metro area. We moved to the small town of Wellsville, outside KC, where Carol grew up.

After our divorce in 1989, I moved back to TX. That is when I found computers and genealogy. I probably never would have started this genealogy project if it had not already been on the computer I had. So we can all thank Tandy for the free demo.

My brother lives in the Dallas, TX area with his wife and family. My sister still lives in the Valley. Her daughter lives in Austin. Her son is back in the Navy headed for Japan.

My picture is shown below. Write when you get a chance. Thanks.


Jim Williams with his family: Stephanie - born 1974, Jessica - born 1980 and James, Jr. - born 1983.

The family of Jim Williams. Jim Williams

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