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Please use the boxes below to display your family heritage. Use maiden names. When asked for a parent, list one that descends from the Inman Family first. Please give as much information as you can for other researchers to help. 
If dates are unknown or living, please leave blank.

IMPORTANT - Starting with yourself, enter as much data as you know. This area does not have to be complete, BUT it cannot be left empty. Follow the John Doe Inman example below. Use 2 letters for states. This will offer the most information possible so that others will know whether or not you are related. Always put the INMAN descendant in the parent square, not the spouse square.

John Doe Inman - 4 Jul 1869 ENG. -7 Feb 1953 NY mrd 1 Jan 1890 New York City, NY
        Sally Smith - 10 Aug 1871 Providence, RI - 31 Feb 1949 Buffalo, Erie, NY

               Each   -   Ancestor Name      Dates/Places     Spouse Name 
	       has    -     40 spaces          35 spaces       40 spaces
1. YOU (Maiden) b.  d.  mrd on 
  to Your spouse (Maiden) b.  d. 
2. PARENT       b.  d.  mrd on 
       to Parents spouse  b.  d. 
3. G-PARENT     b.  d.  mrd on 
     to G-Parents spouse  b.  d. 
4. G-GP         b.  d.  mrd on 
        to Gr-GPs spouse  b.  d. 
5. G-G-GP       b.  d.  mrd on 
        to 2G-GPs spouse  b.  d. 
6. G-G-G-GP     b.  d.  mrd on 
        to 3G-GPs spouse  b.  d. 
7. 4G-GP        b.  d.  mrd on 
        to 4G-GPs spouse  b.  d. 
8. 5G-GP        b.  d.  mrd on 
        to 5G-GPs spouse  b.  d. 
9. 6G-GP        b.  d.  mrd on 
        to 6G-GPs spouse  b.  d. 
10. 7G-GP       b.  d.  mrd on 
        to 7G-GPs spouse  b.  d. 
11. 8G-GP       b.  d.  mrd on 
        to 8G-GPs spouse  b.  d. 
12. 9G-GP       b.  b  mrd on 
        to 9G-GPs spouse  b.  d. 

List the States, from your oldest known ancestor to you, where we might look for
records, data and common links. Abbreviate. Example - VA to SC, TN, AL, TX.

Please feel free to add your suggestions about the Home Page, documentation 
or any additional family info to your bio. Send a gedcom to the Web Master
to include all of the other members of your family not listed here.

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