The Inman Ancestral Home
Bouthwaite Grange

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Bouthwaite Grange
This is a picture of the Bouthwaite Grange, in England. It was sent to me by David S. Inman of OR. This was taken on a trip to England in 1995. This is the front of the house taken from the garden.

Bouthwaite Grange
This is a picture of the the back door of Bouthwaite Grange. If you look closely at the mantle of the door you will see the inscription, "RI - 1673" which stands for Robert Inman, grandson of "Bold Robin of Bouthwaite." The plate on the wall to the left reads "Bouthwaite Grange."

Nancy McLaughlin of New Zealand sent the following photos of Upper Nidderdale in Yorkshire, England. This is a photo of the village of Middlesmoor, high on the hillside.
The second photo was taken from the churchyard of St. Chad's in
Middlesmoor, looking in a south-easterly direction towards Bouthwaite Grange (old home of the INMAN family). Bouthwaite is on the near side of the Gouthwaite reservoir which can just be seen in the distance.

This photo was posted earlier and mislabeled. It is the vacant station at Bouthwaite.
Bouthwaite Station
These are headstones from the cemetery. Keen eyes will pickout John Inman's on the left and Richard's on the right.
Grave stones
This is the Church at Lofthouse. You are looking from the cemetery with the Inman graves in the foreground.
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