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All too often I get mail wanting to know what is The Inman Compendium™? To try and answer some of the most common questions about the site, its purpose, its functioning and your role in its operation, I have created this page. If after reading through this page you still have unresolved questions, please feel free to contact me - Jim Williams.

What is The Inman Compendium™?
The Inman Compendium (TIC™) is a personal web site created, maintained and supported by Jim Williams who is an Inmon by descent. TIC™ is one of, if not the, largest web site devoted to a single family surname.

What is the purpose of TIC™?
TIC™ is devoted to the research of the family surname of Inman, and all of its variant spellings, worldwide. Most of our research so far is from the United States. It is our intent to gather material from around the world to try and link as many branches of the Inman family as possible.

Our database provides the "best available" information on the people included. This gives our new researchers as much information as possible when trying to locate their family and data. Documentation is gladly included when provided.

What all is included in TIC™?
On this web site you will find all sorts of materials relating to Inmans.   I have posted articles, biographical sketches, newspaper abstracts, wills, bible records, cemetery maps and surveys, LDS records, various state vital records, DAR records, Social Security Death Index records, newsletters, genealogy forms, census indices, researchers lists and an online database of 72,000+ names (almost 65,000 of which are Inman descendants).

Is TIC™ only for Inman descendants?
Not hardly.  We have found many variant spellings of the Inman name, including, INMAN, INMANN, INNMAN, INMON, INNMON, INMONN and are also looking into the possibility of Enman.   These variations happen because of people's inability to spell many years ago. Clerks, census takers, and even family members spelled the name differently on different occasions.  It is not until well after the Civil War that we find branches consistently spelling their name the same way. But even with the variant spellings we have matched many of these variant spellings back to the Inman form. Thus the name of the web site and the default spelling.

What is the derivation of the Inman name?
Most of our research shows the family coming to the US from the British Isles, mostly Great Britain.  However, there are some records of Inman immigrants from Germany. For more on the meaning of the name read this article.

What is the cost of TIC™?
There is absolutely no cost or obligation for using TIC™. This is a non-commercial project for the benefit of any, and all, Inman descendants and researchers. Under no circumstances will I sell, or dispense, any information given to me other than on the web site or to fellow Inman researchers. This includes the online database. All that I ask in return for the use of the site is that you contribute data and materials for use on the web site.

I have now added a page for online vendors. Each of the companies listed will make a donation to this site for purchases made through my Merchant's Page. It is my belief that their prices and quality are equal to any online vendors. I hope you will check their web sites. Any purchases you can make through them, rather than another online vendor, will help keep The Inman Compendium™ a free website. Your help is appreciated.

How do I contribute to TIC™?
Most of what I get comes via email. The researchers that use this site are not in the business of trading photocopies of research material. Rather we are interested in trading the sources of our data.  If you feel it is easier for you to send me hard copies of material, they will be welcome. Contact Jim Williams for further details. If you want to send files via email but are not familiar with the language used in web page documents, you can send articles in any word processor format and I will convert them for you and then post them. The types of material I am interested in receiving are as follows:

What can I do about incorrect data in the database?
It is easy to make corrections.  Simply send an email message to Jim Williams giving him the person's name, and ID# from the database, and the information you want to add or change. This is the time to include source material or documentation. We use the "best available information" system and someone else has given the data and believes it to be correct. To make changes you should include your sources. Otherwise your changes may only be included as notes.

What do I get in return for my contributions to TIC™?
There is no tangible return for your contributions. The intangibles include sharing data with other researchers, receiving additional data from other researchers, receiving source information, use of a central clearing house for all Inman researchers, free access to all materials submitted to the site. I know there are more but I don't think in terms of boasting about the site.

What about privacy concerns on TIC™?
If you donate any material to the web site it will not be sold to any party. The data will be, of course, available to anyone surfing the web. Your name and email address will not be sold to any mailing service under any conditions. Data submitted to the database will be entered as received. However, before posting to the web site dates for living individuals will be converted to years only so no one will be able to use that data fraudulently. Locations and source material does stay available. Any of this material can be deleted if specifically, and individually, requested but the names will remain in the database.

I have also included a Hints Page about ways to help you use The Inman Compendium™.

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