Wheeler's History of North Carolina

Shadrach Inman (son of Shadrach and Mary (McPheeter) Inman) was Captain of a Georgia Militia in the Revolutionary War and was killed at the Battle of Musgrove's Hill, August 19, 1780. The following is copied from page. 57

"At Musgrove's Hill on the south side of Enoree River, Col. McDowell learned that a party of 500 Tories had assembled. He detached Shelby, Williams and Clarke to attack them. Col. Ferguson with his while force lay between them. They left the camp on the evening of August 18th, at Smith's Ford on Broad River and taking a circuitous route through the woods avoided Ferguson's forces. They rode hard all night and at daybreak met the evening's party in string forces. A skirmish ensued, the Tories retreated. They then advanced on the main body of the Tories. At this juncture, a country man living near, a friend of liberty, came to Shelby and informed him that the enemy had been reinforced the evening before, by six hundred regular troops and (Regular) the Queen's American Regiment from New York commanded by Col. Innes (some historians spell the name Ennes) marching to join Ferguson. Here is a position that would have tried the talent and nerve of the most skillful and bravest officer.
"Advance was hopeless and retreat impossible, but Shelby was equal to the emergency. He instantly commenced forming a breastwork of brush and logs. While he detailed Capt. Inman with twenty-five tried men to reconnoiter and skirmish with the enemy as soon as they crossed the Enoree River.
The drums and bugles of the enemy soon were heard approaching upon this devoted band. Capt. Inman had been ordered to fire and retreat. This struggle was successful, for the enemy in rapid pursuit advanced on great confusion believing that the whole American force was routed. When they approached the rude rampart of Shelby, they received from his riflemen a most destructive fire, which carried great slaughter among them. This was Gallantry kept, all the British officers were either killed or wounded, the Tory leaded Hausey shot down. They began, then, a disorderly retreat. The Americans now in turn pursued, and in this pursuit the brave Capt. Inman was killed, fighting hand to hand with the enemy. The British loss was only 4 killed and 9 wounded. A more brilliant battle fought with and inferior against a superior force and more complete triumph did not occur in the whole Revolutionary Struggle."