by Gwen Patton Inman

JAMES McCORMICK was one of the signers of the "Address of Londonderry," 7-29-1689, to William and Mary, after the famous siege of that stronghold of Protestantism. Among his children, were:
        Hugh, b. ca. 1695; m.; had children.
        Thomas, b. 1702; m. Elizabeth Carruth.

Hugh2 McCormick, b. ca 1695, Ulster, Ireland; emigrated to Pa. prior to 1735; settled at Lancaster, now Dauphin Co., Pa. (Hugh died Sept. 1777, Cumberland Co., Pa. He gave aid and advice in the Revolution, and served in Provincial Conference, June 1776.) He had children:
        John, b. 1718; m. Jean Cathay
        James, b. 1721; m. & had ch.; probably went into valley of Va.
        Samuel, b. 1723; m. & had ch.
        Hugh, b. 1725; in. Sarah Alcorn ca. l749, youngest dau. of James Alcorn (d. 7, 1761) and wife, Mary (d. 2-1763) whose Alcorn ch. were: James; Katharine m. David Steel; Victoria m. Wm. Rankin; and Sarah m. Hugh McCormick. (*This gives N.S.D.A.R. and N.S.S.A.R. eligibility to all descendants of Hugh McCormick.)

Hugh3 and Sarah (Alcorn) McCormick had: 
        James, b. 1750; m. Isabella Dixon
        Mary, b. 1752; in. Capt. Robert Peebles; lived near Shippens
        Thomas, b. l754; d. 10-6-1826; in. Elizabeth Crockett; 
            had no issue, but adopted his great-nephew.
        Seth, b. 1756; m. Margaret Simmons
        Sarah, b. 1758; m. _____ Woodrow; moved to Ohio; no more known
        Eleanor, b. 1760; d. unm.
        Hugh, b. 1762; in. Elizabeth Fullerton
        John, b. 1765; Mary Curtis
        Amelia, b. 1767; m. Wm. Gabby, lived near Hagerstown, Md.; no ch.

Seth4 McCormick, b. 1756, Lancaster Co., Pa. d. 1-17-1835. About 1775, he and his bro., Thomas, settled in Lycoming Co., Pa., where he & his wife were bur. in old Presbyterian (now Lutheran) cemetery at the stone ch; sw side of Penny Hill in Buffalo Valley. Seth mar. Margaret Simmons; their oh. were: 
        Robert, Samuel, Thomas, Seth, Hugh, John, Joseph, Sarah, Cynthia, b. 1805, m. Sam'l Eason, res. at Tipton, Iowa & Susan. (The above is from "Pennsylvania Genealogies, Scotch-Irish & German," p. 452, by W. H. EgIe, 1886, reprinted, 1969, by Genealog. Pub. Co.; Md.)

Robert5 McCormick, b. 1785; d. 1857, m. Nancy Foresman (p.45l, "Pa. Gen.) One of their children was Seth6 McCormick, b. in Lycoming Co., Pa., March 13, 1813, died in Odell, Livingston Co., Ill., Jan. 24, 1870 leaving a wife and seven ch., four of whom were then married. (Ref.: Pontiac, Ill., "Sentinel," 1-29-1879.) Four other ch. had previously died. On the following page will be found the family record of Seth6 and Mary (Hill) McCormick as kept by the wife, Mary, who died Dec. 23, 1892, aged 75 yrs. 3 mo. and 10 days, in Beatrice, Nebraska, at the home of her son-in-law, F. A. Lee. At that time, seven of her children were still alive.

Family Record of SETH and MARY (HILL) McCORMICK
(Probably written by Mary Hill McCormick)


Seth McCornick6 was born in Lycoming Co., Pa., March 13, 1813
Mary McCormick was born in Northumberland Co., Pa., Sept. 13, 1817

Theodore McCormick7 was born in Elmsport, Pa., Oct. 26, 1837
John Hill McCorrnick7 was born in Elimsport, Pa., July 12, 1839
Henrietta McCormick7 was born in Elmsport, Pa., Aug. 8, 1841
Oliver McCormick7 was born in Elmsport, Pa., Sept. 16, 1843
Charlotte McCormick7 was born in Elmsport, Pa., Dec. 2, 1845
Margaret McCormick7was born in Lycoming Co., Pa., April 21, l848
Robert MoCormick7 was born in Elmsport, Pa., Aug. 8, 1852
Hugh McCormick7 was born in Elmsport, Pa., Sept. 2, 1853
Michael Shafer McCormick7 was born in Elmsport, Pa., March 7, 1856
Nancy NcCormick7was born in Stephenson Co., Ill., May 23, 1859
Daniel McCorinick7 was born in Livingston Co., Ill., June 29, 1862


Charlotte McCormick died in Lycoming Co., Pa., Sept. 28, 1848
Hugh McCormick died in Freeport, Ill., April 1, 1857
Michael McCormick died in Ancena, Ill., April 15, 1861
Oliver McCormick died in Paducah, Ky., Sept. 16, 1864
Seth McCormick died in Odell, Ill., Jan. 24, 1879


Seth McCormick was married to Mary Hill, October 13, 1836
Theodore McCormick was married to Martha Jane Snyder, Dec. 19, 1861
John Hill McCormick was married to Mary Angellette Smith, Feb. 14, 1864
Orville Inman was married to Henrietta McCormick, Nov. 8, 1865
David Newton Brown was married to Margaret McCormick, Dec. 22, 1867

A letter from Nancy (McCormick) Lee, Mrs. Frank A. Lee, of Beatrice, Nebraska, dated Nov. 14, 1889, to her sister, Henrietta (McC.) Inman, stated that their mother, recently at Nancy's home, was then visiting "in Iowa at Rose Hill Where Dan's wife's folks live, will stay there about another week then go to your house where she wants to be by Thanksgiving." Henrietta and Orville Inman lived in Eden Township, six miles south of Vinton, Iowa, in Benton Co. His children and some gr. ch., gr. gr. ch., even some gr. gr. gr. ch. were born there. Orville Inman's grandmother, Polly (Mary) Sherwood Inman, da. of Wm. Sherwood and Rachel (Keator) Sherwood, is buried in the little, old Eden Cemetery.

The Beatrice, Nebr., "Democrat," in the obituary of Mrs. Mary (Hill) McCormick, dec'd. 10-23-1893, gives the place of her marriage in 1836 as Harrisburg, Pa., and seven children still lived; Robert lived on a farm near Pickrell, a da. in Beatrice, a da. in Iowa, a da. in St. Louis, a son in Illinois (Theodore), a son in Colorado (Daniel), and a son in Kansas (John H.)

A yellowed newspaper clipping tells of the death of a sister of Mary (Hill) McCormick, Annie (Hill) Snyder, b. 2-18-? in Lycoming Co., Pa., who mar. George S. in Lycoming Co., Pa. 11-26-1829; went to Ohio, 1840; to Freeport, Ill in 1864; survived by 6 ch: Mrs. E. Kramer, Freeport; Mrs. M. Galloway, also Freeport, Mrs. E. Van Horn, Champaign, Ill., and Mrs. S. Snooks, Freeport; Mrs. W. Wetzell, Knoxville, Tenn. & Mrs. N. Lee, Lincoln, Nebr. Pall-bearers inc. 2 gr. gr. ch: F. Henderson & Clarence Schofield and 4 gr. ch: George, John & James Kramer, and L. F. Henderson.

Descendants of Seth and Mary (Hill) McCormick

John7 Hill McCormick, b. 7-12-1839, d. 1911, married M. Angellette  Smith, 2-14-1864; she died in 1910; she was born 6-28-1843, Bradford Co., Pa.
(R. Chesley McCormick, grandson of John7, sent the data on this branch, as follows:)
    Children of John and Angellette (Smith) McCormick:
        Oliver8 McCormick, b. 12-16-1864, d. 1950 (b. in Odell, Ill.)
        Hattie McCormick, b. 1-1-1868,  mar. Marion Miller, had 1 da., Susan. 
        Elizabeth McCormick, b. 8-24-1866, mar. Crawford Hawkins, had three daughters, 2 sons.
        Bertha McCormick and Bert McCormick, twins; b. 5-19-1877 Bertha married John H. Dennison; had 1 da. & 1 son; Bert McCormick (twin) mar. Letha (?); no children. (All of this generation now dead - as of Oct. 1970. They lived from 1867 till at least 1878 in Benton co., Ia.

Oliver8 McCormick (1864-1950) mar. 7-3-1898, his wife, Myrtle (Chesley), b. l875, in Frankfort, Kansas, d. 1958, had two sons:
        Raymond Chesley9 McCormick, b. Topeka, KS, Aug. 10, 1899, living in 1971, and
        Donald Oliver McCormick, b. Topeka, Ks, 9-1-1901; d. 1970, Topeka.

Raymond Chesley9 McCormick mar. 8-27-1927, Kathleen Shaffner, b. 1906, in Arlington, Texas; died 1968, Topeka, Kansas. They had:
        Kathleen Chesley10 McCormick, b. 12-25-1932, Topeka, Ks.; mar. 1956, to Wm. Faulkner Black, b. 1933, Great Bend, Ks.; now divorced. They have 1 da., Kathleen Serena Black, b. 1959, La Jolla, Cal.

Donald Oliver9 McCormick (above, son of Oliver8) mar. 8-23-1921, Edith Marie Austin, b. 1899, Topeka, Ks.,  living in 1971. They had
        Barbara Ann10 McCormick, b. 6-4-1922, Topeka, Ks., mar.  3-15-1947, Harry. H. Perry,
b. 1921 Topeka, Ks. They have three children; issue, Perry:
            James Perry; b. 3-24-1949, Topeka, Kansas
            Lynn Perry, b. 1951, Topeka, Kansas    All living in 1971.
            Chesley Perry (girl) b. 1958, Topeka, Ks.

"The Biographical Record of Livingston Co., Ill.," publ. by S. J. Clarke Co., Chicago, 1900, states that Theodore McCormick of Odell, Livingston Co., is the only one of Seth and Mary (Hill) McCormick's children still living in that area; John is a stock raiser of Stratford Co., Kansas; Henrietta is the wife of Orville Inman, of Benton Co., Iowa; Oliver was in the Civil War and died of disease at Chattanooga; Margaret is the wife of David M. Brown of St. Louis; Robert is a farmer and stock raiser of Gage Co., Nebraska; Nancy is the wife of Frank Lee, a city official of Beatrice, Nebraska; and Daniel P. is a mechanic living in Colorado.

On June 9, 1949, Oliver8 McCormick wrote to me that Bertha Dennison of Chehallis, Washington, had the family Bible, that she was his sister; that Robert S. McCormick, 494 N. Milwke, Chicago, Ill., had a book of family data early 1700's to 1880's probably - from his father, Cum McCormick, who died in So. Dakota. The data written-in, above is from Oliver's wife, Myrtle, dated Oct. 10, 1949. (Chas. Hill fam. was in Freeport, Illinois.)

Descendants of Seth6 and Mary (Hill) McCormick

The following data is copied directly from the family Bible of Orville and Henrietta (McCormick) Inman, "Hitchcock's New and Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible, or the Who1e of the Old and New Testaments Arranged According to Subjects in Twenty-Seven Books," publ. by A. J. Johnson, N.Y. & W. D. Cummings, Pittsburg, Pa., 1875.
    Orville Inman was born in Delaware Co., N.Y., April 24, 1837. 
    Henrietta7 McCormick was born in Lycoming Co., Penn., Aug. 8, 184?.
    Martha8 Inman was born October 7, 1866, in Benton Co., Iowa.
    Ashley8 Inman was born October 9, 1869, in Benton Co., Iowa.
    Charles8 Inman was born April 31, 1876, in Benton Co., Iowa.


    Orville Inman and Henrietta McCormick7 Nov. 3, 1865, at Pontiac, Livingston County, Ill.
    Miss Mattie Inman8, only daughter of Orville Inman, married, at the residence of the bride's parents in Eden Township, Mr. Orson E. Bogle, on Wed. evening, Oct. 21, 1885, by Rev. E. Avery.
    Ashley Inman8 married to Flora Alzada Hite, Thursday Eve, Feb. 28, 1895, at the residence of the bride's parents. Geo. L. Kolb officiating.
    Charley Inman8 and Josephine Maud Phillippi married at the home of the groom's parents in Eden, Thursday evening, Oct. 26, 1899.

Under ... DEATHS ... probab1y written by Orville of wife:

In 1833, Ashbel Inman and Sallie A. Demunney were married, and they lived together until July 26, 1367. She died in Stephenson Co., Ill, in Rock Run, then. 
Ashbel Inman was born in the town of Roxbuerry, Delaware Co. (N.Y.) September 1, 1811, and died at Davis, Stephenson Co., Ill., December 1, 1894, at the age of 83 years and 3 months.

Seth McCormick was born in Lycoming Co., Pa., March 13, 1813. 
Seth McCormick died January 24, 1879, age 65 years, 10 months, 11 days, at Odell, Livingston County, Ill.
Mary Hill McCormick was born in Northumberland County, Pa., Sept. 13, 1817, and died at the residence of her son-in-law, F. A. Lee, in Beatrice, Nebraska, December 23, at the age of 75 years, 3 months, and 10 days (1892).

"The Hist. of Benton Co., Iowa," 1878, Western Hist. Co., Chicago, has much of interest about the early settlers:
Re: Flora (Hite) Inman, p. 563: "Fred Hite, Shellsburg, b. in Lycoming Co., Pa., l-12-1840, mar. Louisa Sweely, b. 3-20-1840, same place; came here May, 1866; 3 living ch.: Flora, John, Demster."
Re: Orville Inman, p. 399:"Civil War Service, Co. A, 28th Infantry, 1862. P. 576: "Orville Inman, Vinton, from N.Y., 1847; from Ill., 1858; promoted to Sergeant in war; battles: Port Gibson, Vicksburg, Cedar Creek, etc."

See, also, Ibid, p. 484, for Orville Inman's uncle, John M. Inman, b. 1817; he mar. twice, sons, Charles E. & Henry L. by #l; George W. & John T. by #2; one stepson, Edwin Hibbard; Chas., Henry, & Edwin were in Civil War. 

Descendants of Henrietta7 (McCormick) & Orville Inman,
(1841-8/14/1914) - (1837 - 5/16/1912)

who were married Nov. 3, 1865, Pontiac, Ill., and died on their farm six miles south of Vinton, in Eden Township, Benton Co., Iowa. Orville, b. in Delaware Co., N.Y., had come to Stephenson Co., Ill., 1847 with his parents, Ashb el, b. 9-1-1811, and Sarah Ann (Sallie) (DeMoney/DeMunney), b. 1810, Roxbury, Delaware Co., N.Y., married 1833 in Moresville, Delaware Co., N.Y. Sarah was the gr. da of Henry DeMoney, Jr., b.  ca 1750, mar. (1) Westfield, Essex, New Jersey, 11-29-1772, Mary Mills; (2) Westfield, 7-3-l774, Hannah Mulford; (3) Westfield, March, 1782, Mary Whitehead. The said Henry, Jr. was the son of Henry DeMoney, b. ca 1711, d. 12-11-1777, at age 66, wife, Phebe (?); burial in Presbyterian churchyard, Westfield, N.J. The said Henry, b. 1711, was the son of Henry DeMoney "van Bordeau" (from France), who came to N.Y. in Huguenot emigration from France in 1701/2 (Eglise-Francoise a la Nouvelle York," p. 96; reprinted Baltimore, 1968) who mar. Marianne Grasset, 4-25-1701, Dutch Church in N.Y. City. She died before 1755. His will is dated 1-29-1755. His son Henry's will is dated 7-24-l777. This background gives Huguenot
eligibility to their descendants of Protestant faith. (*Sarah Ann (DeMoney), wife of Ashbel Inman was da. of Henry DeMoney (b. ca. 178?) and Louisa (Rappelyea, b. 1778, Conn.). His estate was settled in 1859, at Delhi, Delaware Co., New York. The DeMoney family had a child bapt. in a French ch. in N.Y.C. in 1700 or 1703. Henry DeMoney's family may have gone first to Rochester, Mass-Kingston, R.I. area, where a Col. Peter Money lived in late 1600's. (See Potter: "French Settlements in R. I."))
    Orville Inman went to Benton Co., Iowa, in 1854, with his Uncle John Inman. He was a sergeant in the Civil War. (*All Descendants of Orville Inman have eligibility for N.S.D.A.R. and N.S.S.A.R. also.)
    Orville and Henrietta7 (McCormick) Inman had three children, born in Benton Co., Iowa. Their first child, Martha8 or Mattie, was born Oct. 7, 1866; she married 10-21-1885 Orson E. Bogle, also born in Eden twp., 7-14-1859. The following data was written and sent me by
oldest child in 1967, Henrietta, called 'Etta':

Generation 9: (All born on the farm where Orson Bogle was born.)
    Issue: Bogle.
        Henrietta Malinda9 Bogle, b. 8-27-1886; died fall, 1969.
        Seth Valentine Bogle, b. 11-6-1888
        Olive Marie Bogle, b. 3-23-1891, called 'Ollie'
        Lawrence Marion Bogle, 9-7/1896
        baby boy, b. & d. 10-28-1899
        Charles Orville Bogle, b. 8-31-1902
        John Cecil Bogle, b. 6-29-1907

Henrietta Malinda9 Bogle mar. Sherman W. Trego, 3~25-1908, in Eden Twp. They had: Issue, Trego: (Generation 10)
        Pauline P.10 Trego, b. 3-31-1909, mar. John A. Dake, 7-2-1927, in Independence, Ia., divorced July, 1951; had 7 ch., name 'Dake'.
        Marie E. Trego, b. 8-23-1911, mar. Gerald Lamb at Clinton, Ia., 1 son, Sherman T. Lamb, b. 3-21-1936; Marie mar. (2) George Kothman, 1956, after her divorce from Lamb.
        Ardath Lewis Trego, b.7-18-l915; d. unm. 5-23~l941, train-car crash.

Seth V. Bogle9 mar. Linnett Elson, Shellsburg, Ia., 9-25-1908; they had 
        Charles Orville Bogle10, b. 5-25-1909, Shellsburg, and
        Donald Bogle, b. ll-26-l9l5, Shellsburg. 
Seth mar. (2) in 1930's, after divorce in Cedar Rapids, Nora McNeil; he d. l-4-1965, Berkley, Cal. Chas.10 mar., no ch. Dona1d10 mr, & 4 ch.; Res.: Schofield, Wisc.
Charles Orville Bogle9, b. 8-31-1902, Benton Co., Iowa; married Bertha Anderson on 12-23-1924. Their children (9th Gen.):
        Mary Jane Bogle10, b. 12-1925, Clinton, Iowa, mar. John A. Mosenfelder; Res. 1902 24th St., Rock Island, Ill.
        Patty Lou Bogle10, b. Nov. 1927, Clinton, Ia.
        Richard A. Bogle10, b. 1930, Sterling, Ill. 
        Gerald Orville Bogle10, b. 1933, Morrison, Ill. 
        Carol Olga Bogle10, b. 2-10-1941, Morrison, Ill.
        Bertha (Anderson) Bogle10, died 2-l5-l941, Morrison, Ill.

Lawrence M. Bogle9, b. 9-7-1896, Benton Co., Iowa, mar. Isadori Bender on 12-22-1920, Shellsburg, Ia. They had one child, a son,
        Keith Bogle10,who was killed in an auto accident 2-14-1950; buried at Mount Pleasant, Iowa. Lawrence M. Bogle9, died Nov. 1951, at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

John Cecil Bogle9, b. 6-29-1907, mar. Valerie Sorenson at Clinton; divorced; then he mar. Leone Gandruff, at Clinton; he mar. (3) Adele Stoden. He died Oct. 1963, Clinton hospital; his home was at Thompson, Ill., where he is buried. No children.

Data below re: Olive (Bogle) Dufresne's desc. was sent me by Olive, herself.
    Olive Marie Bogle9, b. 3-23-1891, mar. 2-9-1910, Arthur Defresne, b. 12-12-1890; he died 1-8-1953. She mar. (2) 5-28-1954, Chauncey Taylor, b. 8-4-1885; he died 2-21-1961. She had children, two sons: (10th Gen.):
    Ray O. Dufresne10, b. 1-13-1911; mar. 6-10-1931, Elsie Frances Mease, b. 1-27-1912; they had one child, a daughter, 
        Mae F. Dufresne11, b. 10-16-1935, mar. 10-29-1955, to Keith Kerkman, b. 10-9-1935; they have two sons:
            Craig Kerkman12, b. 9-14-1956 
            Bryan Kerkman12, b. 8-20-1960.
    George Dufresne10, b. 4-22-1918; mar. Aug., 1918, Bonnie Tallent, b. 11-13-1922; died 9-15-1966. They had six ch. (l1th Gen.):
        Judy11, b. 2-20-1945; mar.7-9-1961, Ronald Dupree, b. 1940; they had: 
            Debbie12, b. 
            Ronald Dupree, Jr.12, b. 1-3-1964.
        Peggy11, b. 2-l4-1949, mar. 12-31-65, Ronald Williamson, b. l0-8-1939; they had:
            Ronald Williamson, Jr.12, b 10-16-1967.
        Patricia Dufresne11, b. 1-30-l950 (i.e., 1950)
        Nancy Dufresne11, b. 3-9-1953
        Mary Lou Dufresne11, b. 6-12-1956
        George Dufresne11, Jr., b. 7-1-1958.

The following is additional data sent by Henrietta (Bogle)9 Trego about her grand-children, etc.:

Marie Evelyn (Trego)10 and Gerald O. Lamb had one son:
    Sherman Trego Lamb11, b. 3-21-1936. He married Terri (?) in St. Cloud, Minn. They have two sons:
        Shane Lamb12, b. 
        Shawn Lamb, b.

Pauline10 Trego mar. John Dake, July 2, 1927; divorced, July, 1951; they had seven children: 
    Raymond Lewis Dake11, b. 12-16-1927, mar. Rose Mary Long, 8-27-1950; had 4 ch., 1 girl:
        Carolyn12, 12-24-1951; 
        Kimberly12, b. 8-27-1953
        Bryan12, b. May, 1955; 
        Bruce12, b. April, 1956.

    Evalyn Mae Dake11, b. 7-14-1930, mar. Ron Moorehead, 2-13-1953; had 3 sons: 
        Paul Jeffrey12, b. 1955; 
        Jerry12, d. at 1 mo.; 
        Thomas Allan12, b. 1-8-1966.

    Mary Lou Dake11, b. 3-3-1933, mar. John Bell, of Coggon, Ia., 7-1951, in Temple,  Texas; had 2 sons, 
        Michael12, 5-6-1954; Michael was b. 5-6-1954, Manchester, Iowa; and 
        Gordon12, b. April, 1957 in Cedar Rapids.

    Dorothy Virginia Dake11, b. 8-23-1936, mar. Dean Locke, Coggon, Ia., on April 3, 1955; ch.:
        Mark12, b. 1956, Texas; 
        David12, b. Tenn. 

    Lois Pauline Dake11, b. 7-28-1942; mar. Francis Childs, 12-29-1960; had two sons: 
        Kirk12, b. 8-27-1961; 
        Kelly12, b. June, 1965.

    Delbert Gene Dake11, b. 12-23-1945; mar. Betty Lou Donovan, at Monticello Catholic Church, 12-26-1964; they had:
        Karl12, b. 12-1-1965; and 
        Chris12, b. 12-21-1966.

    Nancy Cheryl Dake11, b. 12-23-1951; in high school in 1967.


Ashley Inman8; b. Oct. 9, 1869, Benton Co., Iowa, d. 12-17-1917, same place; mar. 2-28-1895, same place, to Flora A. Hite, b. 10-14-1865, Benton Co., Iowa, died, same place. They had one child, daughter:
    Verna Inman9, mar. (1) Mr. Carey. They had a daughter, a daughter,
        Elizabeth, or "Nellie Car?" b. ? mar. ?, to Lew Gagnan. They had two children:
    Verna mar. (2) A. Harold McElroy. He d. ? Verna Inman McElroy joined NSDAR in 1948, as I had traced my husband's (i.e. her 1st cousin's) ancestry back to John (Jan) Keator bapt. 4-24-1737, Marbletown, N.Y., d. same place, will proved 5-11-1826, naming his grandpa. Polly Inman (b.8-17-1789, N.Y. She was the da. of Rachel (Keator, b. 3-6-1764) and William Sherwood, who d. 1793, leaving 2nd wife, Charity, ch. Moses & Mary, mentioned in his will as living with his mother. Polly Sherwood mar. Eseck/Isaac Inman, Jr., 1810. She came west to Ill. with her two married sons Ashbel and John, b. 1811 and 1817, resp. Verna's DAR Natl. No. is #377558.

Orville and Henrietta7 (McCormick) Inman's Youngest Child was

Charles Inman8, b. 30 Apr. 1876, Vinton, Iowa, & died there 9 June 1947, mar. Josephine Maud Phillippi, 26 Oct. 1899, Vinton, Iowa; she, b. 26 Oct. 1875, living on 10, living on 10 March 1982 at Vinton, Iowa. They had three children:
    Myron9, b. 13 Nov. 1900, d. 10 May 1968, mar. 192? to Flossie Kucker;
    Florence9, b. l Jan. 1906, mar. 1924 to Wm. P. Rasley; 
    Gerald Orville Inman9, b. 8 Mar. 1908.

Gerald Orville Inman9, b. 8 Mar. 1908, Vinton, Iowa, married 16 July 1931, at Medill, Missouri, Gwendolyn Leta Patton, b. 17 May 1907, at Coggon, Iowa, da. of Frank Edward Patton & Ethel L. (Morse) Patton, da. Elbridge Everett Morse of Acuschnet, Mass., and Manchester, Iowa. Children:
    Michael Allan Inman10, b. 19 Jan. 1939, Davenport, Iowa, mar. 13 June 1959, Davenport, Iowa, to Shirley Jeanne Johnson, da. of Bert & Wilma Johnson, b. 20 Dec. 1937. Children: son,
        Terry Lee Inman11, b. 2 Jan. 1962, Iowa City, Ia. 
        Evelyn Kay Inman11, b. 16 June, 1966, St. Louis, Mo. 
        Sharon Denise11, b. 26 Oct., 1968, Florissant, Mo.
        Russell Eugene11, b. 5 March 1980, Florissant, Mo.
    Paul Edward Inman10, b. 11 April 1941, Davenport, Iowa, mar. 8 June 1959, Joy, Ill., to Lenora Ann Winfield, da. of Anslem Winfield of Blue Grass, Scott Co., Ia., b. 5 Decem. 1942.
        Roger Dean Inman11, b. 24 April 1960, Davenport, Ia.
        Gerald Lee Inman11, b. 19 Aug. 1963, Davenport, Ia.

Roger Dean Inman11, b. 24 April 1960, mar. Jan. 20 and had Jesse Dean Inman, b. Dec. 13, 1978, Davenport, Iowa. Roger mar. Kaia Kristine Spear, b. 20 Dec. 1960, Fairmont, Minn., dau. of Richard Earl Spear and Ramona Anne (Johns) Spear.

Gerald O. Inman9 (b. 1908): B.S. in Chem Eng., 1930; PhD., '33, Org. Chem. 3 degrees from State U. of Iowa; member of Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Lamda Upsilon, natl. hon. soc., & Alpha Chi Sigma; ret'd 1969.
Gwendolyn (Patton) Inman (b. 1907) B.A., Lit. & Educ. 1930, Phi Beta Kappa in junior yr.; M.A., Lit., 1931, plus 30 hrs. in Library Science, 1959-62; taught Engl. in H. S. 10 yrs; school librarian five more yrs. Member Pi Lambda Theta, hon. educ. soc.
Michael Inman10: B.S. in Elec. Eng.; 3 yrs in Army, incl.2 in Germany; 1st Lt.
Shirley, B.A. in Math.; Phi Beta Kappa. (All of us: SUI)
Paul Inman10: Mayor of Princeton, Iowa, at 24 years (1966 to l972, three terms also, magistrate te. Lenora, B.A., Marycrest Col., 1970.) Separated in 1972; divorced in 197?.

Florence Belle Inman9, daughter of Charles Inman, was born 1 January 1906 at Vinton, Iowa, married 3 Sept. 1924 Wm. P. Rasley, b. 2 Oct. 1903, there, Son of Wm. & Ella Rasley, and had one child, Charles W. Rasley10, born on 17 July 1926 at Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He married Betty Ann Kratzer 02 3 June 1950 at Nashua, Iowa, dau. of Anna (Henderson) Kratzer &
husband. Betty had three brothers: Darell, Paul, & Merle. Charles, or 'Bud', and Betty Rasley had Cindy (Cynthia Ann) Rasley11,b. 12-31-1951, married in 1974 to Wm. Belli; and Sherry11, (Sherrill Ann), 1-24-1955, Betty was b. in Central City, Ia., and died 9-19-1969, St. Louis, Mo., buried at Manchester, Iowa. Bud Rasley mar. (2nd) Sue McKinney, a widow, b. Sue Jordan, who had five McKinney children: Cindy, b. 1961; Jimmy, 1962; Shari, 1963; Craig, 1966; & Jeanne, 1968. Bud & Sue have a son Kristopher, b. 19 Jan. 1979.

Clarence Myron Inman9, oldest child of Charles Inman, was born 13 Nov. 1900 at Vinton, Iowa, mar. on 1 Jan 1923 at Watertown, S. Dak., Flossie Kucker, b. 27 Oct. 1903, Lawler, Iowa. Myron died 10 May 1968.They had three sons: Robert, Richard, and Roger all born at Vinton. Robert was b. 22 May 1924 he d. in WW II, Germany, on Apri1 20, l945. Richard Inman was b. 5 Oct. 1928, married Iona Alpers in Vinton, 20 June ?.and had 4 ch., the first three b. in Vinton: Scarlett11, 1 Apr. 1949, mar. 8 June 1969; Susan11, 9 July 1952; Scott11, 8 Apr. 1956; Timothy11, 29 Oct. 1970, Davenport. Scarlett Inman11 mar. Robert White of Davenport, there, and have two sons: Robert Joseph White12, b. 6 March 1970, and Anthony Richard White12, born 22 Aug. 1972, both in Davenport, Iowa.

Susan Inman11 mar. Willard Newman of Davenport, there, on 2-10-1973. Sarah12, b. 1978; Amanda12, b. 1982.

Roger Inman10 (son of C. Myron) was born 9 July 1937; mar. 8 June 1958 Karen Bierschenk born on 23 Aug. 1938 . They have three children: Lee Alan Inman11, born 7 July 1960, Vinton, Iowa, mar. Nov. 6, 1982; Denise11, b. 2 April 1963; David11, Sept. 2, 1960?.