2nd Generation

William Inman = Jennet [? Bayne]

(viv. a. 1568-1614) (viv. a. 1585-1632)

WILL1AM INMAN, vivens == JENNET [? BAYNE], vivens

a 1568-1614. a. 1585-1632.
   Of Calfal House, Fellbeck (township of Bishopside, par. Ripon) and Bouthwaite township of Fountains Earth), yeoman, and, as it seems, son of Robert Inman, aforesaid.
   WiIl dated 6 May, a. 1614 (Pec. Ct .of Masham).
   Of Calfal House a 1568, 1569, 1574, 1575, according to five MSS,; these are the 'Rental' of a. (Studl. MS.; in 3.15), the Rental already noticed (Add. Ch. 16336), a Survey of a. 1574 (Studl. MS.; 4.26), a Valuation [a. 1574] of Woods (Studl; MS.; in 2.14), and an Account (Jenkinson and Singleton; Studl, MS; in 3.15).The 'Rental' of a. 1568 is dated by a comparatively modern hand, and returns Ric. Benson and Will. . . man, but there seems to be reason to doubt whether all the entries in it are quite so early as a. 1568; for Add. Ch. 16336, see under Ro. Inman above. The Survey and Valuation of a. 1574 refer the whole Grange to Ro. Benson aud Will. Inman; the former record states that the 'half' held hy Will. Inman was late in the occupation of Christopher Benson. The Account is dated a. 1575 ; it shews that a moiety of the Grange was 'lett' to Will. Inman and John Benson, but does not give any note of the length of a lease. For the preceding year, the Survey places the entries respecting Calfal under a note of tenants who have 'no leases maide', but claim them by grant of Mr. Stringer, having paid their fines, but still it records Will, Inman as a tenant at will; perhaps a lease was made or ratified in a. 1574 or 1575.
   There appears to be no evidence to shew the exact date at which Will. Inman left Calfal; it is certain, however, that he was located at Bouthwaite, not one mile off; in a. 1586/7. The Will (Reg. Book ,York; of Edward Hodgeson, Low Bishopside, 'parish of Pattelay briigges', dated 13 Nov,, a. 1577', mentions a close, called 'Cabhawe', taken of William Inman 'of the Felbecke' [?] for five years' crops yet to come and unrun at Lady Day next; the reference is, with considerable probability, to the subject of this notice.
   The following points may be taken into consideration, (1) the fact that Will. Inman is described as yeoman before he purchased lands at Bouthwaite, (2) the bequest in his Will to the poor in the 'parishe of Pateley brigges', (3) the evidence on record that his son, Ro. Inman, conveyed lands in Fellbeck to his own son Michael (Feet of Fines, Hil., 13 Car. II.), and that the son of the aforesaid Michael sold an estate at Fellbeck in a. 1714 (Wakefield Reg. );
   Of Bouthwaite.
   Married, apparently, in or before a.1585.
   Will dated 7 March, a. 1630, that is, 1630/1 (Pec. Ct. if Masham).
   There is no direct evidence to prove that she was a member of the Bayne family; the following are points for consideration. John Bayne of Riggs joins Will. Inman in the purchase of an estate in a. 1592, and the tatter was appointed supervisor of the Will of' the former in a. 1595 ; see under the notice of Will. Inman. There are bequests to the Baynes in the wills of Will. and Jennet Inman; Will. Inman, and his son John. are named in transactions about lands along with the Baynes, see Bayne of Nidderdale, pp. 321, 322 325, 326, 328 330. Charles, the grandson of Will. Inman, married Anne Bayne, and their son Charles wedded Ursula Bayne of Grewelthorpe; another grandson of Will. Inman is reported to have conveyed part of an estate to Ric. Bayne of Grewelthorpe (Chanc. Proc. Whittington, No.484).
   There was an Indenture, 26 June, a. 1638, between Will. Leathley of Grewelthorpe, Ric Bayne of Bramley, and Ric. Bayne his son, and to it was attached a Schedule of the lands which Will. Leathlyy gave and exchanged for those passed in the Indenture; this reference is due to the courtesy of John Baynes, Esq., of Ripon. A copy from the Schedule shewed that Will Leathley gave one long draught in the [?] Smeadow field for the Beasing rood in the same field which rood had been formerly exchanged with widow Inman; there can be little doubt that this is Jennet Inman of Bouthwaite. Under the heading of a Court held 23 Feb. 1625, that is, 1625/6, Jenneta Inman, widow, is recorded as a Popish recusant, and, under one dated 12 June, 1632, Jenneta Inman, widow, of Bowthwaite, is referred to as excommunicated for a Popish recusant; see the Eccles. Act Book, Preb. Ct. Masham.
   In her will, u. s., she names her 'lands or leases' in Grewelthorpe; she bequeaths her lease there to her grandson when 21, subject to a payment of 20 thereout. She mentions Isabel Inman, late wife of John Inman of Eshfold (Stonebeck Down, and near Hardcastle); the latter was probably related to Will. Inman. There is no notice of Probate of the will of Jennet Inman; she apparently survived till a. 1632 at least, and was presumably buried at Middlesmoor.

besides, North Pasture House, near Fellbeck, was certainly occupied by the son and grandson of Will. Inman. Again, Jane, the daughter of Will Inman, was married (a), in a. 1610, to Wilfrey Pullen, grandson of Wilfrid Pullen of North Pasture House, and (b), in a. 1625/6, to William Marshall of Fellbeck House; her son, William Pullen, is described as of North Pasture, and her first husband (I P. M., 11-12 Car. I.) as late of' Northpasturehouses'.
   The next notice of Will. Inman is in a Chancery Bill (Ch. B. and A., Eliz., Gg. 13); it is dated 27 May, a. 1581, and is a complaint of Will. Gresham against several persons, Will. Inman included. They are alleged to have been in possession of divers deeds, charters, and evidences, and to have used the occasion to convey divers, sundry, and secret estates to persons unknown, and to delay and keep possession of the said lands and tenements; the 'orator', does not know the contents of the said deeds and charters. The lands and tenements previously specified were in Netherdale and Marsheland (?Masham), and elsewhere in Yorkshire; the present writer could not find the result of this complaint, and whether it was justified or not. Will. Gresham is said to have squandered all his large estates, and his character has been described in very unfavourable terms; there is more about him under John Inman. On March 10, a. 1586, that is, 1586/7, Administration (Pec. Ct. Mash. ) of the goods of Ric. Benson of Calfal House was granted to his widow, who enters into a Bond with Will. Inman of 'Bowthwayte', yeoman, and another; this location is part of the evidence for the surmise that the subject of this notice had left Calfal in the period, a. 1575-1586/7.
   In a. 1592, Will. Gresham (aforesaid) sold, to Will. Inman and others, for 710, Westholme House Grange, and portions of the Granges of Bouthwaite and Lofthouse; the reference is to the 11th part of the Close Roll of 35 EIiz., and the date 5 Dec., 35 Eliz. The first Grantee named is 'John Tophane of Tripland, clarke'; the other five are all given as of Kirkby Malzeard [parish]. Four of them are described as husbandmen, but Will. Inman as yeoman ; the difference perhaps shews that he already had an estate, or some interest in land, which the husbandmen had not. It appears from this Indenture that Will. Inman and one of the husbandmen were then holding portions of Bouthwaite (Burthwaite Grange on unexpired leases, which had been granted for twelve years; from the Chancery Bill (already cited), it is fairly clear that they commenced after May 27, a. 1581. The Feet of Fines (39 Eliz., Easter) record a formal confirmation of the above purchase in a. 1597; the estate is there given as 5 messuages, 4 cottages, 4 barns, 4 gardens, 4 orchards, 100 acres of land, 200 acres of meadow, 200 acres of pasture, 60 acres of wood, with common of pasture [i.e., on the fells].
   Will. Inman was requested to be a supervisor for, and was a witness to the Will of John Bayne of Riggs; it dates 37 Eliz., and was proved in the Pec. Ct. of Masham, 15 July, a. 1595. It is alleged that Ro. Duffeild made a personal attack on him on the 25th May, a. 1598, at Heslehurst, Bowthwaite (Sessions Roll, see the Yorks. Rec. Series); on Aug 6, a. 1604, Will. Inman was a surety for the administration (P.C. Mash.) of the goods of Frances Metcalf of Carlesmoor. His name occurs in the Subsidy Rolls from 39 Eliz. to 7 Jac. I., say, a 1596-1610; he is returned under Kirkby Malzeard, the parish in which Bouthwaite is situate. He also appears in connexion with a 3,000 years' lease, to Myles Baine, of one tenement at Middlesmoor and Rigs, the date being a. 1606; see Bayne of Nidderdale, pp. 234, 316, 325, 326. His interest here seems merely to have been of a fictitious nature, by way of more firmly securing the term to the Grantee and his executors, etc.; see the Indenture, and copy of Lease, penes Messrs. Yorke and Calvert, cited pp. 325, 326, u.s.
   Will. Inman, in his Will, a. 1614, desires burial at Middlesmoor; he mentions (I) his lands at Bouthwaite (Brathwaite), and (2) his leases at 'Dalley Gill' and 'Grewelthorp'. He states that he has given the former (I), with the exception of one parcel of ground, to his son Robert; he now bequeaths the latter (2) to his younger son John. He bequeaths 20/ to the poor in the parish of 'Pateley brigges', but names no lands therein; he seems to have had property, freehold or leasehold, or both, in that parish,, and might previously have disposed of it to his son. His Will is witnessed by a Robert Inman, probably a relation; there is no note of Probate, but it is likely that the testator was dead about or before a 1621, for the name of his son Robert is returned in the Subsidy Roll of 18 Jac. I. He mentions 'fower children', three of whom, Robert, John, and Jane, have already been noticed; he names 'John Craven my sonne in law', and it is likely that, at the date of his Will, he had a daughter living who was then the wife of the said Craven. It has been assumed above that 'Brathwaite' indicates Burthwaite (now Bouthwaite), but there was a Braithwaite in the township of Azerley, par. Kirkby Malzeard; it was within the jurisdiction of the Peculiar Court of Masham. All 'my lands & tenemts at Brathwaite except one parcell of ground wch I have lately leased unto one James Chambers'; this comes from a transcript from the copy from the Will in a Register Book. As the testator is described as of 'Bourthwaite',it is not unnatural to assume that he refers to lands and tenements there, and it is likely that the aforesaid James is the one who was named, re part of Burthwaite Grange, in the Close Roll (cited above) of 35 Eliz.; this identification of 'Brathwaite' should not be regarded as certain, but it has not been ascertained that Will. Inman had any property at the aforesaid Braithwaite.

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