Inman Family Research

Brian Christensen (1966 - )

The earliest record I have of my Inman family is in Rock Island County, Illinois in 1883. Ammi William "Will" Inman married Kittie Deyoe on March 14, 1883 in Rock Island County. They lived in Cordova and Moline in Rock Island County. They eventually moved west to Iowa and Washington. My research has focussed on Illinois and Pennsylvania. Although I have not found my Inmans in Illinois or Pennsylvania, perhaps this information would be helpful to others.

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Obituary – July 4, 1944 Yakima, WA

INMAN – Ammi William Inman died suddenly Monday afternoon at his home while working in the yard. He had lived in Yakima 14 years. He is survived by his wife, Mary E. Inman; a daughter, Mrs. Pearl Maybon of Nebraska; four sons, William of St. Paul, Homer of Caldwell, Ida. Dean of Seattle, Edward of the U.S. Army; and 12 grandchildren. Shaw & Sons is in charge of funeral arrangements.

Death Certificate – State of Washington

Ammi William Inman died July 3, 1944 at Yakima Hospital from Chronic Myocarditis. White, Male, Married. Born January 17, 1861 at Milledgeville, PA. Age: 83 years, 5 months, 16 days. Occupation: Poultry farmer. Father: George Inman, who was born in Pennsylvania.

Since my ancestor was born in Milledgeville I have been searching for him in Milledgeville, Carroll County, Illinois or Milledgevelle, Mercer County, PA.


1880 Census Index – Rock Island County, IL

Ammi Inman 269A Cordova Twp.

Genealogical Abstracts from Rock Island County, Illinois Newspapers

Vol. 22 - 7 Dec 1869 "Stephen Inman of this City received a patent for a brick mold."
Vol. 26 – 20 Mar 1885 "Cordova: Will Inman has moved to Moline."

Obituaries for Rock Island County

Dean M. Inman date of death 26 Mar 1940. Date of press 12 April 1940.

History of Carroll County, IL 1878 pg 441 Wysox Twp.

Inman, Whitney, Farmer; sec. 25; P.O. Milledgeville; born Wyoming Valley, Luzerne Co., PA, March 14, 1838, and cam to Carroll Co. with his parents; came by team, and was 6 weeks on the way; arrived May 10, 1856, bought land and engaged in farming and stock raising, owns 360 acres land; hold office of assessor of this town, and also commissioner of highways; has held school offices for the past six years; married Miss Lydia E. Bigby from Knox Co., O. Oct 22, 1862, they have four children Byron born Oct 27, 1863, Effie Jan 24, 1866, Nellie Nov 9, 1867, Frank Sep 26, 1872. John E. Inman father of the above was born in Luzerne Co., PA 1799 came to this Co. in 1856; died Jan 30, 1876; his wife died two weeks later Feb 15, 1876.

Obituary - 1915

Whitney Inman, youngest son of John and Mary Inman, was born near Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne county Pa, March 14th, 1838 and died at his home in Milledgeville Saturday morning, June the 12th at the age of 77 years, 2 months, and 28 days.

Mr. Inman came to Milledgeville, May 10th, 1856 driving overland with a team from Pa. He was married to Miss Lydia Bigbee October 22nd, 1862. Of this union five children were born, Byron of Chicago, Effie Gault, Nellie Robinson, Ruth Durstine of this city and Frank of Amarillo, Texas. The family moved to Milledgeville in 1892 were they resided ever since. Mr. Inman was one of the old and substantial citiizens of this community. He was a member of the Baptist church having united during the preaching of Rev. Houser.

The funeral services were held at the Brethren church Tuesday afternoon at 2 o’clock and were in charge of Rev. Livengood. Text Job-5-26- "Thou shalt come to thy grave in a full age like as a shock of corn cometh in his season. Singers Mrs. Ethel Straka and Mrs. Maud Schell.

Pallbearers were George Olmstead, John Bracken, D.O. Warehime, O.M. Meyers, Frank Snell and W.F. Sunderland. Burial in South Elkhorn Cemetery.

Tombstone Inscriptions Carroll County, Illinois by Carroll County, IL Genealogical Society 1980

Eastabrooks, Levi Frisbee 5 Aug 1822 – 11 May 1902
Inman         Mary Inman Eastabrooks 22 Apr 1831-21 Dec 1900
Eastabrooks, Allie Blanche, daughter of L.F. & M. died 25 Oct 1880; aged 13 y 3m 21d.
        Carrie Belle, dau of L.F. & M. died 26 (28) May 1877; aged 11 y 5m 22d
        Edna C. 3 Sep 1868 – 12 May 1951
        Mollie R. 26 Apr 1873 – 30 July 1965

Inman, John E. 23 May 1799 – 31 Jan 1876; aged 75y 8m 8d.
        Mary wife of J.E. 22 Mar 1801 – 22 Feb 1876; aged 74y 11m
        "J.E.I." "M.I."
Inman, Whitney 14 Mar 1838 – 12 Jun 1915
        Lydia his wife 23 Oct 1841 – 20 May 1917
        "Father" "Mother" "W. R. C." marker

Eastabrooks, Nathatniel 1828-1907

Inman, Frank (Franklin) E. son of L.& M.M. died 12 Feb 1863 (1865) aged 8 y 1m 8d

Freas, Anna wife of Dr. H.H. died 29 Aug 1862; aged 32y 10m 20d
        John H son of H.H. died 28 Mar 1862; aged 1 y 2m 10d

Genealogical Helper Nov-Dec 1993, page 34.

Worthington Inman, My Grandfather, Where Was He From 1845 to 1910? Resa Inman Milner P.O. Box 060262, Palm Bay, FL 32906

I knew from family stories that my father, Paul Inman, had lived in Missouri, I located him with his father, Worthington Inman and his mother, Clara Ohde Inman, in the 1910 census in Joachim Township (Sulphur Springs), Jefferson Conty, Missouri. I later obtained a death certificate for Worthington who died in St. Louis, MO in 1912 from lockjaw. According to his death certificate, Worthington was born in Peoria, Illinois in January 1845. His father is listed as William Inman of Scotland and his mother as Matilda Green of Tennessee. In researching Peoria and surrounding counties 1850-1870, and the 1900 census, I cannot find any trace of my family. The one and only time I can locate any known member so my family is in the 1910 census! Where did William and Matilda go after Worthington was born? Were they just passing through Peoria? I have a letter addressed to Wm. Inman, Agent of Metropolitan Accident Association, Peoria, Illinois dated 11 Mar 1896, but all research on that has led to deadends also.. Supposedly, Worthington had two brothers, Obadiah and Ezekiel. If so, where are their families now? Where was Worthington from 1845 until 1910? Did he have another wife, where their other children besides my father, Paul? According to my birth certificate, Paul was born in 1904. However research in that locality aso was fruitless. Was Paul born in Iowa? Both of my parents have been deceased for a long time and I have no one buy my immediate sibling son my father’s side. After four years of research all I have is a lot of unanswered questions. Does anyone know the answers? If so, I would love to hear from you.

Genealogical Helper Nov 1978

Mrs. Alan T. Marlin, 2602 Springfield Ave, Lawrenceville, IL 62439. Need descendants of William A. Inman, w. Hannah Crosson m. 1865 and W.L. Crosson in 1879 in Prairie Co. Ark.

1880 Census Index for Illinois – I550 "Inman"

Vol. , e.d ?, sheet 42, line 45 Gallatin County, New Market Pct.
Wm. Inman, white Male, age 65, birthplace – Tennessee
Mary Inman, wife, 44, birthplace Illinois
Wm. Inman, son, 16, Illinois
Jessie Inman, son, 14, Illinois
Mary Inman, daughter, 12, Illinois
Susie Inman, daughter, 10, Illinois
Jennie Inman, daughter, 5, Illinois
Thomas Inman, son, 4, Illinois
Jacob Roleman, not related, 40, Illinois
Vol. 35, e.d. 57, sheet 25, line 11 McDonough County, IL, Colchester Twp.
William Inman, white male, age 36, born in Illinois
Elizabeth Inman, wife, 37 born in Virginia
Etta Inman, daughter, 14, Illinois
Elsie Inman, daughter, 11, Illinois
William Inman, son, 9, Illinois
Thomas Inman, son, 7, Illinois
Catheran Inman, daughter, 5, Illinois
Vol. 35, e.d. 164, sheet 55, line 35 – McDonough Co., Macomb City Twp. West Jackson St, Macomb, IL
Margaret Inman, white, female, age 42, birthplace: Pennsylvania
William H. Inman, son, 21, born Illinois
John Inman, son,19, Illinois
Mary J. Inman, daughter, 10, Illinois
Lewis H. Inman, son, 12, Illinois
Elizabeth W. Inman, daughter, 10, Illinois
Clara L. Inman, daughter, 6, Illinois
Charles B. Inman, son, 4, Illinois
Harrison Inman, step-son, 26, Illinois
Vol. 35 ? ? ? McDonough County, Mound Twp.
James Inman, white, male, age 22, born in Illinois
Christina Inman, wife, 20, Missouri
Stella May Inman, daughter, 1, Illinois
Vol. 35, e.d. 157, sheet 19, line 9 – McDonough Co., North St., Colchester Twp.
James Inman (see also James Juman) white male, age 33, born in Illinois
Mary Inman, wife 32, Ohio
Lavina Inman, daughter, 13, Illinois
Allas Inman, daughter, 6, Illinois
Vol. 9, e.d. 53, sheet 43, line 30 Fisk Street, Chicago City, Cook County, IL
James Inman, white male, 37 born in N.J.
Elizabeth Inman, wife, 36 born in Louisiana
Susan Inman, daughter, 13, Louisiana
William Inman, son, 11, Louisiana
James Inman, son, 9, Illinois
Harriet Inman, dau, 4, Illinois
Elizabeth Inman, dau, 2, Illinois
Arthur Inman, 7/12, Illinois
Vol. 24, e.d. 63, sheet 6, line 18 – Bearcreek Twp., Hancock Co., IL
John Inman, white male, 57, born in Illinois
Lydda K. Inman, wife, 35, born in Ohio
William S. Inman, son, 10, Illinois
Benjamin R. Inman, son, 8, Illinois
Robert H. Inman, son, 4, Illinois



1900 Soundex – Minnesota I-550 "Inman"

Vol. 44, e.d. 60, sheet 8, line 38. House 676, Olive St., Ramsey Co., St. Paul, MN
Pearl S. Inman, white, born Jan 1890 in Iowa, age 9.
Charles E. Inman, white, born Nov 1887 in Iowa, age 12.
(both were enumerated with their mother Eva E. Topbiff).
Vol. 45, e.d. 78, sheet 20, line 20 – Merchants Hotel, St. Paul, Ramsey Co, MN
Wm. A. Inman, white, born April 1859 in Washington, age 41.
Listed as "boarder."
Vol. 18, e.d. 25, sheet 19, line 12 – House 1713, Washington St. Minneapolis
Daniel Inman, white, born Feb 1861 in Iowa, age 29? "Boarder."
Vol. 45, E.D. 85, sheet 4, line 84 – E. 3rd St, St. Paul, Ramsey Co., MN
Alonzo Inman, white, born Nov 1871 in Maine, age 28 – Boarder at Helping Hand Mission.
(vol. Page, etc. not noted) House 440, John Street, St. Paul, MN
Alice Inman, white, born May 1871 in Iowa, age 29. Listed as daughter with Amanda Burkhart.


1850 Census for Pennsylvania

Surname First Name County Page Township
Inman Abram Beaver 087 Chippewa
Inman Azariah Beaver 096 Chippewa
Inman Bazaleel Beaver 090 Chippewa
Inman William Beaver 209 Raccoon
Inman Bazil Allegheny 300 North Fa
Inman William I. Allegheny 330 Moon Twp.
Inman Austin Erie 064 Venango
Inman Elijah Erie 078 Greenville
Inman Fanny Erie 078 Greenville
Inman Sylvester Erie 005 Amity Twp
Inman Benjamin Bradford 393 South Cr
Inman Louis Bradford 391 South Cr
Inman Charles Bradford 309 Athens
Inman Caleb Indiana 311 Armstrong
Inman Edward Luzerne 419 Wilkes-B
Inman Elijah Luzerne 448 Hanover
Inman George W. Philadelphia 352 South Wa
Inman Henry Lawrence 064 North Be
Inman John E. Luzerne 456 Hanover
Inman Margaret Delaware 009 Nether P
Inman Peter Delaware 017 Nether P
Inman Shetchly Delaware 009 Nether P

1870 Pennsylvania (West) Census Index of Western Counties (Inman surname)

Beaver County, Darlington Twp., roll 1302, page 678

John                 29     m      w     PA     House Carpenter
Hannah            27     f        w     PA      Keeping House
Garrison            7     m       w     PA
Eliza                  6      f        w     PA
Clyde                2     m       w     PA
Abraham         68     m       w     PA     Farmer

Beaver County, Brighton Twp., roll 1303, page 678

Nelson            27     m       w     PA     Farmer
Elizabeth         23     f         w     PA     Keeping House

Beaver County, Chippewa Twp., roll 1302, page 160

Ezeriah           65      m       w      PA     Farmer
Jane               59      f         w      PA     Keeping House
Charles Stien 17      m         w      PA     Works on Farm

Beaver County, Hanover Twp., roll 1303, page 27

William J.       45     m         w     PA      Farmer
Martha A.      42     f           w     PA      Keeping House
Nathaniel H.   20     m         w     PA      Works on the farm
John G.          18     m         w     PA      at home
Elizabeth J.     16     f           w     PA      at home
William J.         7     m          w     PA      at home

Beaver County, Beaver Falls Borough, roll 1303, page 168

James            26      m          w      PA     Works in cuttery
Emaline         24        f            w      PA

Beaver County, Beaver Falls Borough, roll 1303, page 197

Joseph         21     m             w      PA     Clerk in ?Lumberg?
Sarah           19      f              w      NY

Erie County, Harbor Creek Twp., roll 1341, page 234

James          27      m              w     Prussia
(family was born in Prussia, so I did not copy the information).

Erie County, Venango Twp., roll 1341, page 435

Alva            55      m          w      NY     Farmer
Elizabeth      51     f            w       NY     Keeping House
Henry          17     m           w     OH      works on farm
Solomon Jenkins  81   m     w     NY

Erie County, Venango Twp., roll 1341, page 440

David          58      m          w      NY     Day Laborer
Sarah          44     f             w      NY     Keeping House
Henry          24     m           w     NY      Day Laborer
John            21     m           w      NY     Day Laborer
Chas.          14     m           w      NY      at school
Eliza            13      f            w      NY     at school
David          10     m           w      NY      at school

Lawrence County, N. Beaver Twp., roll 1360, page 180

John            45      w          w      PA     Farmer
Elizabeth     65       f            w      PA     Keeping House
Jane            36       f            w      PA

Mercer County, E. Lackawannock Twp., roll 1373, page 42

Moris         59     m            w     PA      Farmer
Ann            57     f              w     PA     Keeping House
John           17      m           w      PA     Works on farm
Belle Dilinger   11      f        w                at home

Erie County, Amity Twp., roll 1339, page 118

Charles Innman  36    m    w    PA     Farmer
Emily                  31     f     w     PA     Keeping House
Flora                  15     f     w      PA     at home
Dora                  11     f     w      PA     at home
Sylvester              7     m    w     PA      at home
Frederick             5     m    w     PA      at home
George                 3     m    w     PA      at home
Sylvester Innman  62   m    w     NY     Farmer
Amanda             55     f       w     VT?    Keeping House

Other Inmans listed in 1870 Index.

Lawrence Co, Perry Twp., roll 1360, page 192

Benj.                  55      m         w      PA

Lawrence Co., 2-Wd New Castle, roll 1360, page 160

Hettie                23      f             w      PA

Mercer Co., Jefferson Twp., roll 1373, page 346

Hiram              26      m         w      PA

Allegheny Co., 6-Wd Pittsburgh, roll 1296, page 39

Isaac              37      m          w      ENGL

Allegheny Co., 2-Wd Allegheny, roll 1290, page 91

John              20      m          w      PA

Armstrong Co., Kiskiminitas Twp., roll 1300, page 163

James           23      m          w      PA

Clarion Co., RedBank Twp. roll 1326, page 620

James            1      m          w      PA

Beaver Co., Independence Twp., roll 1303, page 168

John              1      m          w      PA

Allegheny Co., 2-Wd Allgheny, roll 1290, page 89

Elijah Inmann  53  m         w      NY - appears to be a single man – no family listed.

Erie County, Union Twp. roll 1341, page 415, 416, 424

Clark Innman   35 m         w      NY
Eliza Innman     13 f           w     NY
John Innman     22 m          w     PA
Lucy Innman     25 f            w     MI

1880 Soundex for Pennsylvania

Mercer County, E. Lackawannock Twp.

Morris Inman     69     m       w               NY
Ann                   68      f        w      wife  Ohio
John                   28      m      w     son     PA
Mary                  22      f        w      dl      PA
Ann                 4/12      f        w      gd     PA

Beaver County, Darlington Twp. vol. 10, e.d. 181, sheet 35, line 36

John Inman        39     m       w                PA
Hannah              36      f        w      wife   PA
William              17      m       w      son    PA
Elizabeth            15      f        w      dau    PA
Clyde                 12      m      w       son     PA
Maud                   7      f        w      dau    PA
Ira                        4      m      w       son     PA
Henry                    2      m      w     son     PA