The Inmans and those related

Property of I. I. Inman,

304 Oakland Ave., Janesville,


Property of Cecil Beeson
who bought this at Public

Mr. Cecil Beeson, Sr.
P. O. Box 1
Hartford City, Ind. 47348

At the beginning of each page in the ledger were entries made in the margin, turned sideways. These entries are noted in boxes like this one.

The following is a transcription from a ledger style history found in the film of the Family History Center of the Mormon Church, # 0396360. All of it is in script, hard to read and at times illegible. I wish I could reproduce more exactly like the original since the cover sheet is hand-made with the outlines of leaves imprinted on the sheet.

Several notations are made that the ledger was bought at a public auction and needed to be preserved. It is my guess that this was done by Mr. Beeson whose name is also on the cover sheet. This needs to be confirmed.

The following is from the first images in the film from the family history center. It seems to be a large sheet of paper that people have used to try and show their individual family’s history. It seems to be set in two basic areas, top and the middle and bottom. I will reproduce this page starting from the top left and work to the right in each area. JW

Samuel Pfaff 2nd wife Christina
  1. Jacob
  2. Thomas 
  3. Eli
  4. Sallie *1
  5. Christina

*1Salomie Pfaff married Jhon Inman
  1. Johnathon *2
  2. Tip (Eli Tippit) *3
  3. Thomas *4

*2Johnathon Inman m. Rebecca Dala?
  married 2nd Sarah Mace
   son George+ (same as 7 below)
  1. Julia Ann *5
  2. Christina *6
  3. Martha *7
  4. John *8
  5. Walter *9
  6. Emma *10
  7.+George *11

*3 Tippet Inman m. Jane Martin
  1. Tommy (D.)
  2. Ella m. Wells
    1. Elsie m. Allen, 2nd Wm. Blake
    2. Lela m. C. Lancaster, no issue
    3. Erma m. A. Cox
      1. Alden Lamar m. Hulda Spegal
*4 Tom Inman m. 1st. Emily Moon
  1. Theodora m. Clarence Hines
    1. Lulu m. Clyde Holliday
      1. Harold
      2. Eugene m. Retta Miller
        1. Garry
        2. Steven
      3. Gerald
      4. Charles
      5. Herbert
    2. Golda m. Paul Kemple
      1. Leon
      2. Lyod
      3. Luella
    3. Thelma M. Harry Foreman
      1. Margaret
  2. Althea m. Jennie? Smith
    1. Lena
    2. Bernice m. Lanham (2 kids)
    3. Thomas
    4. Alfredia
  3. Claude m. Lucy? Mayes
    1. Fay
    2. Edith
    3. Doris?
    4. Vesta
  3. Claude m. Wanseth?
    1. Thomas m. Viola Shafer
      1. Carolyn
  2. Dora m. J. W. Ralph Bishop
    1. Ruth Ann
    2. Geo. Wm.
    3. Alice Carol
  4. Hervay m. Mary Rich
    1. Virgil Thomas
    2. Vera Dora?  This could be 4 kids
       or spouses very hard to read.

*4 Tom Inman m. 2nd Elvira Barker
  1. Eva m. Stuart
    1. Athalene
    2. Beulah

*5 Julia Ann m. Robert Tomlinson

*6 Christine m. Clarck Mace
  1. Plossie?
  2. Carrie
  3. Byrum
  4. Audrey

*7 Martha Inman m. Mort.? Geiger
  1. Fred Kiser m. Gertie? Elder
    no issue
  2. adopted Mary m. Maurice Meachon
    1. Died
    2. Sandra

*8 John Inman 1st wife Iola Hines
  1. Letha m. W. Fosnight
    1. Maxine m. Parks
    2. Matild
    3. Jill
    4. Bob
  2. Lela? m. Harry Hammack
    1. Hilda m. Loyd Robinson
      1. Jacqueline
      2. Darrell
      3. Connie
    2. Roberta
    3. Rachel Helen
  3. Lola m. J.? Hicks
    1. John
    2. Ida
    3. Walter
    4. Randall
      1. Anna
      2. Letitia
      3. Rosa
      4. Jane

*8 John Inman 2nd wife Della Jessup
  1. Lester m. Ruba Hesmire
  2. Eva m. Dee Kittall
  3. Ralph
  4. Robert
  5. Louise m. Chas. Bell

*9 Walter Inman m. Emma Gray
  1. Cecil (D.)
  2. Sybyl (D.) m. Will Smith
    1. Mary Joan m. Robert Burton
       2 kids
    2. James E. m. Anna, Amanda Summer
      1. Stephen
    3. Betty
    4. Caroline
    5. Jean A.
  3. Rebecca m. Herbert Miller
    1. Marilyn
    2. Herbert, Jr.
    3. Wm. Richard

*10 Emma Inman m. Chas. Hodson
  1. Lova m. Fred Horton
    (This area is very confusing.)
    1. Ruth Alice
    2. Emma Jane m. W. Harbut?
    2. Emma m. Terry Harker
    3. Roth? m. Doris Roudebush
      1. Joe Lee
      2. Josey?
      3. Bennie
    4. Jane Alice
  2. Cyrus
  3. Mark
     3 kids

*11 George Inman (1/2 bro. to Walter)
    m. Gay Horton
  1. Phil
  2. Glen
End of top row.  Start of middle row.

Who was the father of John Inman whomarried Salomie Pfaff & Sarah Inman who
married Jacob Pfaff & Nancy Jane Inman who married Thomas Pfaff also a 

Ed (Edman) Inman (who was Ed Inmans wife?) whose children were
  1. Robert *12 (Bob)
  2. Daniel *13 (illegible)
  3. Margaret *14
  4. Caroline *15 (?)
  5. Elizabeth - 2
  6. Henry *16
  7. Scot *17
  8. Johnathon
  9. Bazdell or Bazella
  10. Polly (or Mary)
  11. Frank *18
  12. Sarah Ann
Was there a Maria (or Morris) Inman & Elizabeth, Susan, Lydia, Barbara, 
Henry, William.  Who were bros and sisters of John, Sarah, Nancy Jane and 
Edman? *12 Robert Inman m. Hannah 1. Sarah m. Will Williamson 2. Ola m. Alvin Pruitt 1. Doyle 1. Hathleen 2. Robert 3. Lou Eva 2. Esther m. Maynard Heitland no issue 3. Lulu m. Willie Jessup both dead 4. Eva m. Brewer no issue m. Chas. Arthur 5. Walter (D.) *13 Daniel Inman m. Charity Jessup 1. Frank Inman m. Lori Foster 1. Byford *14 Margaret Inman m. Dave Stuart 1. Katherine m. O’Donnel 1. Margaret m. Clyde Overman 2. Robert *15 Caroline Inman m. Albert Roberts 1. Elizabeth m. Lou Taylor 1. Nellie 2. Flossie 3. Carrie 4. Laura 2. Eddie m. Maud Boxel, no issue *16 Henry Inman m. Emily Mace 1. Clove m. Geo. Carson (D.) 2. Julia m. Wesley Gray - no issue 3. Oliver m. Allie Miller 1. Robert 2. Bruce m. 3. Phoeba Ellen m. Robert Goodnight 2 kids 4. Edna m. Floyd Kinder 1. Joe m. 2. Alice m. Neal Lorenz one kid 3. Gilbert 4. Donavon 5. Anita Rose 5. Warren m. Delores Greathouse 1. James 2. William 3. David 4. Jackie 5. Jean 6. Herschal m. Wislet? Pierce no issue 4. Lenna m. Evan Carson 1. Retta 2. Roberta m. Leonard Mendenhall 1. Rowena Fern 2 other kids 3. Mary Rowena m. Ralph Alexander 1. Chas. 5. Mary m. Perry Wilson I can’t tell if these are spouses or kids 1. Edith & Floyd 2. Helen & Howard G. 3. William & Ruth 4. Etta Marie 6. Laura m. Harry Patton 1. Lloyd *17 Scot Inman m. 1. Laurence m. 2. Logan (D.) 3. Phoebe m. Ed Coleman 1. Eugene Coleman=Wade m. Mabel Flowers 1. Wanda 2. Oris Coleman m. Loraine Casey 1. Phobe 3. Phoebe m. Archie Wann 3. Archie Wm. Wann 4. Elizabeth Elnora m. Maurice Parton 1. Danny 5. Chas. Albert 6. Phoeba Esther 7. Lucile m. Voss Willson 1. Linda Sue 8. Jean Alice 9. Emmet LeRoy *18 Frank Inman m. Hester Parr 1. Loretta m. Delano Estle 1. Ray (Dead) twins 2. Roy m. Marcia Miller 1. Edwin 2. Earl 3. dau. Mable 1/2 sister m. De Vol Wilmuth 1. 1 boy 2. Nellie 3. Ross m. Grace Lanham Margaret Frank Inman 2nd wife Nellie 1. Maurice (D.)

Family of Wm. Henry Clay Inman, B Jan 11 - 1849 in Wythe Co. Old Va. Sons of Edmond Innman Born in Spottsylvania Co. Va. 10 children of Edmond.

Opened for record, on Aug. 20 A.D. 1916 Washington T.P., Hamilton Co. State of Indiana.


W. O. Inman Born May 2, 1875, Hamilton Co. Ind.               | Edna Amanda
Alice(?) (Miller) Inman Born Nov. 19 - 1874 Hamilton Co. Ind  | Warren Henry
                                                              | Edmond Hershell
Robert G. Inman Borned Wythe County Va Jan 11 - 1840 Bro of Wm. Henry

Eli(?)as Inman Blackford Co. Ind \ Children born 6

Mary E. Hitisman Inman /

Sarah E. Inman
W. A. Inman Born Mar 19" - 1871 wife Mary E. Gusman wo.. Inman
Annis E. Inman Born Jan 10" - 1873 Husband Thomas M. Anguish
Samuel A. Inman Born Apl. 10" - 1875 wife Grace B. Linden m.(?) Inman

Wm. A. Inman \ Harold V. Inman Nov. 28 - 1893
Mary E. Inman / wife Carol Michael

Annis E. Inman
Thomas M. Anguish

Samuel A. Inman \ Cecil L. Inman - Mildred W. - Thelma M. -
Grace B. Inman / Zora J. all children of S. A. Inman

George W. Inman was born in Miami Co. Ohio. Anna Wellbourn(?) was married in 1846. Anna W. Inman Died May 12 - 1862 Children 5.

Julia A. Inman Born Oct 27" 1847 Married to Steven Delaf(?). live at Russel, Iowa.
O. W. Inman Born at B?asntsville, Ohio Feb 22" 1849. Married to L. E. Etler April 22" 1877
Lizzie Inman Born May 9, 1850. Married to Stu Dennison
Josephine Inman October 1852. Married to Perry Tucker Died at Centropolis Kan 1903
Chas. H. Inman Sept. 27 - 1854. Died at Westfork Arkas. 1903
secon marriage

Walter V. Inman Spring Valley, Iowa

My ancestors wer Edward Inman Born in Wales about 1707 settled in London, England, had a family of 5 sons and 2 daughters. The 2 daughters died in early life. Henry Inman Eldest son joined the English navy at 18 years of age, died in the English Navey as Captain of shipe sunke in Battle 1799. John Inman second son served as a Soldier 5 years. Benjamin 3d son, Jahuh, 4 son, and Joshuay 5. Emmigrated to America in 1760 after 8 months voyage. Landed in Charleston Harbor S.C. Settled at Newberry S. C. Bjamin Inman had a family of 9 children 8 sons - Ahab, Arther, Benjamin, Jahuh, Fra?eth, Chas, George and William & Elizabeth.

Jauhu Inman had a family of 10 children 1801

Joshuay Inman had a family of 8 children 1814

George Inman was my Grandfather, he emigrated from Newberry S.C. to Pleasant Hill, Ohio in 1818 had a family of 6 children, Henry, George, Benjamin, Sarah, Anna, and Susan. ? D. W. Inman a Grand Son of the sketch

Present addres Versailles Ohio, R. R. No2.

Daniel F. Inman Dec 12 - 1841

Edmund F.(?) Inman Apr 24 1865

Samuel Inman B. Apr 29 - 1802. M. (1) Abagail Dickson Nov. 17 -1825. M (2) Matilda Turnpaugh, Feb 21 - 1851?. M (3) Savina Oliver, Nov. 10, 1863. Sam’l Son of Ahab, son of Benjamin.

Ahab Son of Samuel & Abagail, B. Nov. 14 - 1826, Died Feb. 10 - 1827

Elizabeth (Geyer) B. 2-4-1828 Died Aug. 22 - 1917 aged 89 yrs. 6 mo. 18 days.

John H. B. 2-28-1830. D. 9-27-1893.

Polly I. M. J. Waters. B. 9-13-1835 Died July 9 - 1923 aged 87 yrs 9 mo. 26 days

Sarah I. Everett B. 8-14-1837 Died March 26 - 1896 Aged 58 yrs. 7 mo. 12 days.

Abagail Dickson Inman B. 5-6-1805 Died May 24 - 1857 Aged 52 yrs. 19 days.

Eli I. B - 2-19-1842 M. Mary E. Heitsman issue, see Page 2 He died 10-22-1917 (Age 75 yrs 8 mo 8 days)

Isaac B 4-24-1844 M. Urania Boyles B Nov. 9, 1847. _Issue Rosa V., Ira Newton B 10.16.1872 Francesco D. B 10-3-1875. Reva A. B. 8-19-1877 _Emma A. B. 8-26-1880 Luther C. B 12-19-1883

Salina J. (sister of Isaac) B.2-1847 Died D. 12-26-1895 age 48+

Andrew D. B. 1-12-1849 Died Jan. 4 - 1935 age 87 yrs +

Chas. W. E. B. 10-15-1860 Died May 1949.

Some of the early records of Inman in England ------

Records show a transaction conveying property in Upper Nidderdale, Yorkshire, Eng. Thus: -William Gresham conveyed to John Tophane, (of Thripland) - William Inman, John Bayne, Roger Thackery, Thomas Burke, and Christopher Rayner (the elder) all of the parish of Kirby Malzeard, the grange called Westholme House with lands ? thereto belonging, and parcels of the granges called Bouthwaite and Softhouse, with their appurtenances, for the sum of œ710 sterling paid prior to the ensealing of the said indenture.

The old grange at Bouthwaite, was for many generations the property and home of the Inmans; connections of the well known recent owners of the Inman line of ocean steam ships. William Inman was living at the grange in 1587 and his will dated 1614, shows that he left to his son Robert, the bulk of his property at Bouthwaite. It was this Robert Inman, known in history, as Bold Robin of Bouthwaite, and he was concerned in the fracas with the Parliament soldiers at Pately Bridge in 1648. He is credited as having slain several thieves in his own house at Bouthwaite, and the weapon (a dagger) alleged to have been used in this conflict, is said to have been kept in the family untill last century when it was sold. Robert’s daughter Grace Inman, married twice; first to Capt. Anthony Beckwith, whose son John Beckwith, married Mary, dau. of Col. Chas. Fairfax, of Menston: younger brother of Lord Fairfax, General of the northern forces of Parliament 1642 to 5. “Bold Robin” died in 1662 and was succeded by one of his sons who made his will at Bouthwaite in 1670 leaving his land to his eldest son, Robt. Inman (grandson to B.R.) whose initials and date 1673 can still be seen over doorway of the old grange.

Robert left no son and the grange went to his younger brother Charles, whose son Charles next inherited same dying in 1749. The family continued to hold lands with the ancient paternal homestead as late as 1830.

First generation of Inman of which any record is at present available, is that of Robert Inman; who in all probably was the ancestor of the Inmans noted on forgoing or previous page (6).

Robert Inman of Calval (Covill) House Grange, (Township of Fountains Earth, par. Kirby Malzeard) in Yorkshire; a rent paying tenant there. The following partial extract is taken from a book “Upper Nidderdale With the forest of Knaresborough:” By Harry Speight, Pub. 1906. Of Fountains Earth, March 30. Hen. VIII* (a 1539): see Certif. of Masters, Misc. Exch. books. T.R. Vol. 38. Of Calfal House Grange, Sept. a 1566 to Aug. 10 - 1568, at which later date he and Robert Benson pay two years rent due Sept. 29 - 1568. The following genealogic diagram will show descendants down to dates recent enough to enable research easy.

                      Robert Inman, viv.a. 1539-1568
                        Wm. Inman 1568-1614    =    Jennet Bayne 1585-1632
Robert Inman 1585-1662 =                             John Inman 1590-1667 = 
Michael Inman 1630-1691 = Elizabeth Darnbrook
Robert Inman 1658-1721 = Katherine Sowson 1662-1723
Abigail Whaley  =  Christopher Inman  =  Mary Whitfield widow
  a 1716        /    a 1693-1737       \    ca 1687-1758
Michael Inman = Deborah Bayles   Susanna =  Charles  =  Mary
1710-1784         1720-1782      Casson     Inman    |   Boulby
                                 ob a 1752 1728-1767 |   1727-1785
An Salisbury 1791-1858  =   Robert Inman 1756-1823   = Ann Mashiter 1761-1845
Charles Inman = Jane Clary                     Richard Inman = Maria Hindle
1791-1858     |  ob a 1865                     1804-1883     | 1806-1875
              |                                              |
William Inman = Anne S. Stobart               Richard H. In. = Anna M. Sussenthaler
               \                                             |
Ernest S. Inman = Rose Foster                Alfred H. Inman = Kate Phillips

* Which I suppose means, during the reign of King Henry the 8th.

Relative to the Genealogy of my ancestors have never had access to records such as might be found in such records in the historical and genealogical records of the states of Rhode island, Pensylvania, state libraries nor the genealogicl library at Washington D.C. For present, will have to satisfy myself with such data, as I have at my command. Therefor, will begin with such material as seems to be dependable, viz., my Fathers’ Great Grand father, Elijah Inman; who was born in the year 1718, and who settled in Wyoming Valley Luzerne Co. Pa. in the year 1765. He had seven sons and two daughters, as follows.

Edward. Was Col. in the war of 1812. His son, John Edward, was my Grand Father who lived and died near Milledgville, Carroll Co. Ill.

Elijah Inman as #1 oposite page and his youngest son Edward. #2 (Col. in the war of 1812). His children were as follows --

(2) Col. Edwards Children

(3)John Edward

Lavinia, (Espy)
Ruth. (Turner)
Jerusha, (Whitney)
Elizabeth, (Stiles)

#4 Col. Edward narried Margaret Jane Muchler, Mar 9 - 1853

Children -

  1. Jesse Emelia, B. 1-10-1854. D-1-14-1904. Never married
  2. Maggie J. (Murdock) Issue, 2 children, Verne and Edna: both living at present Kansas City, Mo.
  3. Harry Levi, married Belle Gregory, Montrose Pa. two daughters: twins: Suola and Leola(?) .
  4. Mary H. A. Died in infancy.
  5. Lola C. (McGregor) Children, 4 Mary, Isabel, Marjorie, Jessie.
  6. Edward Ray married Laura Sheldon of Oswego, NY issue, five children. Married Dec. 28 -1893
  7. Ira I. married Clara Cole, Children 3, Oren C., Myrtle Blanche, Laura May. 2nd marriage, to Reva A. Inman 9-7-1916.
  8. Cora B. (Wright) Wm. T. J. Two children. Elson, Emet.
  9. Roy C. Had three wives. First, Hannah Griffth, children (first wife) Elmer E. & Bernice.

#1 Elijah, #2, Col. Edward #3 John Edward, #4 Col. Edward #5 Ira Irving, #6 Oren C.

5. Ira Irving

6. Oren C. Inman, B. April 25, 1891 Janesville, Wis. Married Anna Neilson Nov 9 -1913. Issue 1 son Alan O. (#7)

Myrtle Blanche married Herbert Hahn P.O. Clinton, Wis., R #2 B. 2-25-1893

Laura May, married Arthur Fritz, issue, 1 son “Bobbie” #(7) generation 5123 Fountain Ave. Hollywood 24 Cal.

#1 Elijah #2 Col. Edward 3 John E., 4 Col. Edward Irvings father #4 Hariet oldest sister of Col. E. married Jacob Fisher.



Harriet Inman Born May 14 - 1821- D. Jan - 1893. Married Nov. 7 - 1844 Jacob Fisher, who was born Nov. 16 - 1819 D. Aug. 28 - 1878.
Had five children: only two of which lived to maturity.
5 Edward Whitney, B. Aug. 11 - 1849.
Hannah M. (Owen) B July 12 - 1851
Elsworth who died without issue

Fisher 2nd generation

#5Edward Whitney married Mary Douglas Sept 23 - 1872

  1. John S. Born May 3 - 1874. M. Maude Knowlan 4-15-1903 Died without issue.
  2. Jacob A. B. Oct 9 - 1875. Died also without issue: while attending Wis. University.
  3. Happy Harriet B. 1879. May 14th died in childhood.
  4. Joseph. B-5-18-1881
  5. Frank W. B. 8-9-1886. Married June 14 - 1915 Fidelia Benton. B. Dec. 17 - 1887
  6. Hannah Fisher, Married Judson Owen July 12 - 1884 Had two children as follows Elsworth Owen: who died without issue and Hattie who married and was living in Kentucky when last heard from. Had children.

1 Elijah, 2 Col. Edward, 3 John Edward, 4 Col Edward
Following is the family record of Elijah Inman. 4th Gen.

#4 Elijah Inman B. April 24 - 1824. Hanover Tp. Luzerne Co. Pa. Married May 1st 1851 to Miss Harriet Barney of that place. Moved to Wis. May - 1853: first lived in Plymouth, moving to Bradford in 1863: where he lived a successful farmer up to the time of his death.
Children - Milan B. born Sept. 13 - 1854, Married Miss Alice Playter. They had one son and one daughter
Ziba B. Aug 10 - 1857. D. July 27 - 1862.
Grizzie, B. June 10 - 1851 Married Frank Bradley of Clinton. 4 children.
Bertha, Aug. 30 - 1867. Married Joseph Echlin Janesville. Had two daughters.
Shirley W. B May 13 - 1870. Married

John E. B. Sept 3 - 1872. Married Anna Gately of Janesville. Died in Cal. without children.

Opened for record, on Aug. 11 A.D. 1963 Blackford Co. Jackson T.P.
State of Indiana

Frank (F.D.C.) Inman Born Oct 3 - 1875 in Blackford Co. Ind. son of Isaac & Urania (Boyles) Inman & Ada (Dennings) Inman Born Oct. 12 - 1895
Reva A. Inman Born Aug 19 - 1877. daughter of above parents.
John Inman Born May 10 - 1885 son of James T. & Ann G. Inman.
Mary Gauld Inman B. Oct. 7 - 1887 Daughter of Willard & Alice Gauld, Rochester, Ind.
Mr & Mrs Delman J. Inman Born Nov 5, 1878 Son of Carlos T. Inman Amsterdam, NY, NY
Mrs. Stanley (Jean) Barr Dunica June 22, 1925 daughter of Ternley and Iona (Inman) Barr and children Jerry, Gerald, Michael, and Timothy Dunica
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Davis (Marie Barr) May 4, 1919 daughter of Ternley and Iona (Inman) Barr - son Ralph Eugene Davis
Mrs. Fernley (Iona Inman) Barr Dec 28, 1890 daughter of Joseph and Augusta (Stafford) Inman
Children: Marie (Barr) Davis, Betty (Barr) Hopkins, Jim (Barr) Edgington, Jean (Barr) Dunica, Katherine (Barr) Bunningham(?), deceased Kathleen - Barr
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Alderson (Valda Dennings) Sept. 3, 1923, daughter of Frank & Ada Inman - Children - Barbara, Janet, and Frank
John Sylvester Inman Born Nov. 1872. son of John H. Inman & Sophia Jane (Chalfant) Inman
Maida Anguish (Church) now Gillette B. Mar Daughter of Anna Elizabeth Inman & Thos. Anguish
Thommy Charles Born - Grand son of Maida Gilette

Inman Reunion, Aug 26 - 1917 at the
Home of Wm. A. Inman, Near Millgrove, Ind

Near Windsor, Ind.      W. E. Dudley      Elizabeth Dudley    Parkes, Ind.
Oscar Inman             Millgrove, Ind.
L. O. Dickson           Elizabeth Dickson Harold Dickson      Windsor, Ind.
Walter C. Inman                       Westfield, Ind.
Emma B. Inman                             "       "
Mary Cecil Inman                          "       "
Rebecca Inman                             "       "
Sybil Inman Smith                         "       "
Willie W. Smith                           "       "
Thomas W. Inman                       Portland, Ind.
John W. Inman                             "       "
Edgar Inman                               "       "
Eva P. Inman                              "       " 
Ruth E. Inman                             "       "
R? Inman                                  "       "
Morton Geiger           259 S. 9 St.  Noblesville, Ind.
Martha (Inman) Geiger        "            "       "
Mary Geiger                  "            "       "
Clyde Inman             11 Ross Ave.  Ashtabula, Ohio
Harry Patten                          Westfield, Ind.
Laura Inman Patten                    Westfield, Ind.

-Evan L. Carson                       Westfield, Ind.       R. R. 28
| Lenna Inman Carson
| Reta M. Carson
- Iva Roberta Carson
R. J. Moornaw? Dunkirk
Thomas E. Dickson Farmland, Ind.
Mary A. Dickson " " Nora Inman Millgrove, Ind.
D. W. Inman Versailles, Ohio
Charles W. Inman Hartford Ct., Ind.
Martin White Hartford City, Ind.
Robert Inman Dunkirk, Ind.
Ternly Barr Hartford City
Iona Barr Hartford City
George DeVault Dunkirk, Ind.
Merle DeVault Dunkirk, Ind.
Mrs. Kenneth Hudson 1705 S. Jefferson Muncie, Ind.
Kenneth Hudson Muncie, Ind.
Marion B. Hudson
Isaac Inman
J. H. Inman Dunkirk, Ind. W. W. St. 459
S. A. InmanRaymond Inman Dunkirk, Ind. W. W. St. 459

Lucy White      Mildred White      Margaret Inman           Hartford City, Ind
C. W.? Dickson Lizzie Dickson Parker, Ind.
Mrs. Suzanne Ritter Versailles, Ohio
Reva A. Inman Millgrove, Ind.
H. O. Stewart Montpelier, Ind.
Mrs. H. O. Stewart " "
Miss Lena Inman Dunkirk, Ind.
Gaynell Williams Versailles, Ohio
Ms. Naomi Williams " "
Miss Mary Williams " "
Mr. Marion Williams " "
John Walker Hartford City, Ind R. R. 5 Bx 95
Abigail Walker " "
Zora Vannatti " "
Ensma Z. Stewart
John H. Stewart Hartford City, Ind.
William A. Inman Hartford City, Ind. R. R. #7
Mary E. Inman " "
Harold V. Inman " "
Carol Inman " "
E. W. Inman Millgrove, Ind.

Inman Reunion, Hines Park; Ind. Aug 19 1917

Lenna M. Carson                       (Inman)
Evan J. Carson Westfield, Indiana R. R. #28
Reta M. Carson Westfield, Indiana R. R. #28
Iva Roberta Carson Westfield, Indiana R. R. #28
John C. Pfaff Emily J. Pfaff Noblesville, Ind. West Cherry St. 5 Z? Laura Inman Patten Westfield, Ind. Box 112 Harry B. Patten Ross Inman Noblesville, Ind. 233 S. 9th St. Grace Inman " " " Margaret Inman " " " Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Inman Noblesville, Ind. 413 S. 10 St. Goldie Inman Noblesville, Ind. 413 S. 10 St. Annabel Inman Noblesville, Ind. 413 S. 10 St. Mary A. Pfaff Noblesville, Ind. 121 E. Division St. Wall E. Pfaff Noblesville, Ind. 121 E. Division St. Mr. & Mrs. Walter Inman Westfield Route 1 Emmay Gray Inman Westfield Rebecca Inman Mary Cecil Inman Westfield " Sybil Inman Smith " "

Morton Geiger  259 S. 9 St            Noblesville, Ind.
Martha Inman Geiger                        "        " 
Mary Anna Geiger                           "        "
Ola J. Pruitt                         Westfield, Ind.
Esther A. Pruitt                      Westfield, Ind.        R.F.D. 2
Doyle W. Pruitt                            "       "
Alvin E. Pruitt                            "       "
Frederick Pfaff                       Noblesville, Ind.      R. 1
Ray Estle                             Noblesville, Ind.      213 S. 9th St.
Robert Tomlinson                      Westfield, Ind.        R. 1
Julia Tomlinson
Alden Baker                           Westfield, Ind.
Mary Calterson Baker                       "       "
Esther Baker Stalker                       "       "
John George Baker                          "       "
Herman Stalker                             "       "

Mrs. Frieda Inman                     Hartford City, Ind.
Mr. Luther C. Inman                   Hartford City, Ind.
Mr. Thomas W. Inman                   Portland, Ind.         804 W. Water St.
Mrs. Lydia Jane (Cox) Inman               "       "            "       "
Earl C. Inman                         Valparaiso, Ind.
Ethel (Inman) Matteson                Glens Falls, New York
Mabel (Inman) Warnock                 Toledo, Ohio           later at Bucyrus, O.
Eva Inman                             Portland, Ind.
Ruth Inman                            Portland, Ind.
John Inman                            Portland, Ind.
Edgar Inman                           Portland, Ind.
Rose Inman                            Portland, Ind.
Susanna (Inman) Ritter Versailles, Ohio 86 this 27 of August (With Uncle ?)
Nora Inman                            Millgrove, Ind.   maiden name Armstrong
Abigail Walker                        Hartford City, Ind.    R. R. 5
John Walker                               "           "         "
D. W. Inman                           Versailles, Ohio       R. R. No. 2 Box 29
Mary E. Dragoo                        Centerville, Penn.
Mr. J. V. Bankson                     Greenville, O.         524 Grey Ave.
G. M. Williams                        Versaille, Ohio   ? Susana Son married 1890
Naoma A. Williams                         "        "  
Gaynell Williams                          "        "   Grand Daughter July 9
Mary L. Williams                          "        "      "      "

Reunion Aug. 27 - 1916 on the farm of Eli Inman, Millgrove, Ind.
Charles W. Inman          \           Hartford Cit  M. 1878
Margaret Redding Inman    /
Mildred Ardath White dau. Martin White (Father) Lucy Luella Inman White (Mother) E. M. Inman Apr. 23, 1863 Millgrove Farmer Joe H. Inman Jan. 21, 1870 Millgrove Glass Manufr. Lena Inman Dau. of J. H. Inman Dunkirk, Ind. Ethel Dragoo (_) Muncie, Ind. R. R. No. 6 Centerville, Penn. G. W. Upton Mrs. G. W. Upton 801 W. Commercial Hartford City, Ind. Hervy C. Whitmer, son of Mrs. G. W. Upton " " Mrs. V. J. Bankson 524 Grey Ave. Greenville, Ohio Mr. V. J. Bankson " " " " " Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Williams Greenville, O. R. R. 4 Mrs. Blanch Hartman Hartford City 415 W. Grant Miss Flora Cale Hartford City Route 5 Miss Zora Vannatti Hartford City, Ind. R. R. 5 Box 95 Mr. & Mrs. Samual A. Inman Millgrove, Ind. R. R. 8 Cecil, Mildred, Thelma, Zora J. Inman Miss Addie M. Whitmer 801 W. Commercial Hartford City, Ind. Mrs. Harold Inman Hartford City, Ind. Mr. Ternley Barr Hartford City, Ind. Mrs. Ternley Barr Hartford City, Ind.

Rebecca Landon                        Hartford City, Ind.
Mrs. Ella Sebring                     Hartford city, Ind. 415 W. Grant St.
Anna E. Anguish                       Millgrove, Ind.
Maida G. Anguish                          "        "
Ruth A. Anguish                           "        "
Florence A. Anguish                       "        "
Eva Lois Anguish                          "        "
Leah J. Anguish                           "        "
Alvin R. Anguish                          "        "
Oscar Inman                               "        "
Isaac Inman  
F. D. C. Inman
Ira Newton Inman                      Millgrove, Ind.
Reva A. Inman & Luther C. Inman
Clyde Inman  Leon, Ohio
I. I. Inman  Janesville, Wis.
(after page 152)
Mrs. S. W. Inman                      Pine Canyon, Alta. Canada


Cornfil’d Aug 27 - 1916 near Hartford City Blackford Co. Ind data given by
Miss. Reva Inman, Dau of Issaac.

Ahab Inman, B. in North Carolina: had sons Samuel, Benjamin, Joshua, Jehu, and Bill, and Dau. Elizabeth.
Samuel Inman, B. Apr. 29. 1802 M. Abagail Dickson, Nov. 17, 1825, who was B. May 6, 1805 and D. May 24, 1857. Matilda Inman (2nd wife) D. July 23, 1863. Samuel Inman, D. Feb. 27. 1879. Samuel Inman D. Feb. 27. 1879 - had children as follows.
Ahab, 2nd B. Nov. 14. 1826. D. Feb. 10. 1827.
Elizabeth, B. Feb. 4. 1828. In Kansas.
John H. B.Feb. 28. 1830. D. Sept. 27.-1893. Buried east Millgrove cemetery Blackford Co., Ind.
Mary, B. Sept. 13. 1835. Living in Kansas.
Sarah, B. Aug. 14. 1837. D. Mar. 26. - 1896.
Eli, B. Feb. 19. 1842.
Isaac, B. Apr. 24, 1844. Route 8, Millgrove, Ind. Issue - see P 148. Died Mar. 25 - 1937.
Selina J. B. Feb. 18. 1847. D. Dec. 26, 1895. Anderson, Ind.
Andrew D. B. Jan 12. 1849. lives in Kansas.
Chas. W. E. - B. Oct. 16, 1859 " " Hartford City, Ind.

Barton Inman B. June 18 - 1798 at Burrillville (?) R. I. - D. July 1877. Married - Dec. 3 - 1829 at Plymouth N.Y. to Louisa - [1806 D. Apr. 1872.]
Shoales who was born at Worthington, Mass.

Issue of Barton and Louisa Inman (1)

2 Elvira I. - B. Oct 17 - 1830     Plymouth, N. Y.      D. 12.17.-1882
3+ Sarah - B. Oct. 8. 1832             "       "        D. 1834.
4 Hannah M. B. Jan 24, 1838            "       "        D. Mar 1861.
+5 Mary S. B. June 7. 1840             "       "        D. Dec 1847   [Mar 12, 1862] 
6 Jesse, B. Apr. 15, 1834              "       "        D. 8-30, 1904
   M. Betsy Brewer (Elwyn7, De Ette 8 (Smith), Clayton9)
10 Andrew B. Feb. 20 1836              "       "        D 9 - 1901.
   M. Helen Geers (11 Frank, 12 Leroy)

Wm. B. Inman B. 6. 
12 1843 " " M. 12-31-1873 Eliza Colwell at Sherburne, N.Y. #7 is of Mansfield Centre. Conn. has 2 sons #8 of Norwich, N.Y. has 1 son & 1 dau. #9 has 1 son & 1 dau.
Samuel Inmans brothers were
Joshua died unmard.
Jehu’s son Chas. to Ill. & dau. Bettie
Ben to Logansport then to Chi.

Sister Married Russel to Dayton

Relatives buried in S. Elkhorn Cemetery
near Milledgeville, Ill.

(The following is a compilation from several sets of data in this ledger. Rather than list them all separately, I have combined them to form one overall collection. JW)

Tuesday Oct. 23 - 1956. Irving and I stopped at South Elkhorn Cemetery east of Milledgeville, Illinois, where Irving's grandfather and many other relatives are buried. I copied names and dates as follows,

John Edward Inman (Irvings’s grandfather) - Born Jan. 31 18 May 23 - 1799. Died Jan. 31 - 1876, aged 76 yrs. 8 mo. & 3 or 8 da. He was born near Wilkes Barre Pa. came to Ill.

Mary (Hannes) Inman, wife of John Edward, born Mar. 22 - 1801 Died Feb. 22 - 1876. aged 74 yrs. 11 mo.

Whitney Inman (son of above named) Born March 1838. (Irving was ? funeral of uncle to ?) Died June 1916. Aged 78 yrs. after wreck of automobile.

Lydia (Bigbee) Inman wife of Whitney Inman, Born Oct. 22 - 1841. Died May 20 - 1917. aged 76 yrs.

Effie (Inman) Gault dau. of Whitney and Lydia Inman. Ruth Inman Durstine dau of Effie. No dates.

Levi Frisbie Eastabrooks, bro. in law to Whitney Inman and Col. Edward Inman (who was father of Ira Irving Inman) and husband to Mary Inman - Born Aug. 6 - 1822. Died May 11 - 1902. age 80 yrs.

Mary Inman Eastabrooks, Born April 22 - 1831. Died Dec. 21 - 1900. age 69 yrs. dau. of John E. & Mary Inman.

Allie Blanche dau. of Levi Frisbie & Mary Inman Eastabrooks. Died Oct. 25 - 1880 - age 13 yr. 3 m. 21 da.

Carrie Belle Eastabrooks, dau. of L. F. & M. Died May 28 - 1877. age 11 yrs. 5 mo. 22 da.

Nathaniel Eastabrooks Born 1828 (older than Mary Inman Eastabrooks) - Died 1909. age 81 yrs. (was brother to Levi Frsibie Eastabrooks)

Annis Inman sister to Whitney Inman was wife of Dr. H. M. Freas, dau. of J. E. & M. Inman - she died age 32 yr. 10 mo. 20 days

Montraville Lower Inman Born 1879 Died 1926. age 47.

Frankie Inman son of Montraville L. Inman, Montraville L. Inman Born 1879 - Died 1926.

George Eastabrooks bro. to Montraville Frisbie Eastabrooks (father) Born 1860 Died 1945 (wife Gertrude Eastabrooks) His age 85 yrs.

Gertrude Eastabrooks (mother) Born 1863 - Died 1946. aged 83 yrs.

Children of Geo. & Gertrude Eastabrooks

Le Verrier C. Born 1887 Died 1930. age 43 yrs.

Le Verrier C. Born 1909 Died 1909, grandson, baby

Richard S. son, Born 1904 Died 1928 age 24 yrs., son of Le Verrier son of Geo. & Gertrude.

Edna C. Eastabrooks Born Sept. 3 - 1868. Died May 12 - 1951. age 83 yrs.

Whitney Inman (Bro. to Irving’s father) Born Mar. 14, 1838 - Died June 1915. Irving & Rush Inman attended the funeral at Milledgeville, Ill. June 1915.

Ruth Inman Durstine dau. of Effie Inman Gault

Montraville Frisbie Eastabrooks, son of Levi Frisbie East. Born 1861 - Died 1921. age 60. (He must have been a grand son to Mary Inman Eastabrooks.) (a great grand son to Whitney Inman.)

Margret Opfel (?) Farnum Born 1873 Died 1909. age 36.

M. Farnum Eastabrooks Born 1899 Died 1916 age 17 yrs.

The above Inman history was copied from tombstones in 1956 when Irving and I visited cemetery where his grand father John Edward Inman and many of his relatives are buried.

It was the return trip from Wis. the last trip we made together.

Copied by Reva Inman
Nov. 2 - 1956

Migration of John Inman

During the month of July in the year 1835 a John Inman from Lucerne Co., Penn. and another man from O., in exploring the wild west when Wis. was young, left Milwaukee on a couple of Indian ponies with several days’ provisions, including the trusty rifle, which no one traveled without in those days.

Going south and west, and camping where night overtook them they woke the 3rd morning to find the ponies were gone. Rather than leave their belongings behind, they shouldered their luggage and went on following the catfish river to a point about 85 miles from Milwaukee, camping on a bluff near a trail which leads eastward to Racine.

From this bluff they could see prairie land reaching far to the east and south. To them it looked like an ocean of waving grass and blooming flowers, and thought they had surely found the paradise of the world.

Journeying a few miles eastward they came to a grove which showed indications of having been an Indian camping ground and they called it Black Hawk Grove. Here they found and secured the ponies again and they returned to Milwaukee.

Being satisfied with their investigation of the country, they were determined to make their future home in the prairie land. During their 10 days trip they found but one white family.

The following November, Inman, with the company of 5 other men, made his 2nd trip from Milwaukee. Driving an ox team and wagon loaded with provisions, tools and other necessaries, arriving 3 days later on the bluff opposite the “Big Rock” in the middle of Rock River, which place now is in the city of Janesville, Wis.

The first important business of the pioneer was to build a small log house, and until this was done they had to camp on the ground or in their wagons.

As biting frosts of winter were at hand no time was to be lost, so the prospect of a house and also a home, gave them courage so the woodman’s ax resounded from the forest and within a wk their house was ready to move into.

Then a month later (middle of Dec.) came a man & his wife & 2 children, who joined them in the cabin. She was the first white woman settler in Rock Co. Wis.

Then in Jan. 1836 came another man & wife & they joined to colony making family of 12, all wintered in the cabin together.

First Settlement in Rock Co., Wis.

To obtain exact and reliable information concerning events which have occurred within a comparatively recent period, while many of those are yet living whose individual efforts and achievements form the subject of the inquiry, would appear to be a task presenting but few difficulties.

But busy men, whose thoughts and energies have been devoted mainly, if not exclusively, to the securing of homes and fortunes in a new country, naturally have little time to record the incidents and events which made up the history of their daily lives; nor are they inclined to regard them as other than trivial and unimportant, and therefore too insignificant to be perpetuated. From this disposition to regard most occurrences as trifling in themselves, combined with want of leisure or inclination to keep a daily record of what they thought, felt, hoped, did or suffered, it follows that the record of early settlements contains but scant material from which to obtain facts for the pages of history. Patient industry and careful research, however, rarely fail to discover forgotten letters and old books of account, or to refresh the memories of early settlers regarding the events of long ago, which, being compared, weighed and sifted, supply the laborious searchers for truth with the information necessary for this purpose.

The difficulties encountered in preparing a history of any particular county are precisely of the character just indicated, and they are surmounted only by patient and persistent research and investigation.

The close of the Black Hawk war and the return home of the soldiers by whose fortitude and gallantry the Sac chief had been defeated and his band dispersed, called the attention of the country to the extraordinary natural advantages of the Rock River Valley. Next to the narration of the exploits of himself and comrades in the field, the returned volunteer found his greatest delight in glowing accounts of the beautiful, flower-decked prairies, rich with nutritious grasses from three to six feet in height, and dotted at intervals with burr-oak openings, and of the swift and sparkling streams, winding like silver threads between their verdure-clad banks.

According to these accounts, the Rock River country was a veritable modern Eden. Such enthusiasm naturally communicated itself to those who listened to the narration, many of whom made up their minds to dispose of their then possessions as speedily as possible, and secure for themselves a home in this region, which was seemingly, awaiting the occupation of the industrious and the enterprising.

On the 14th of July, 1835, John Inman of Lucerne County, Pennsylvania, and William Holmes, of Ohio, started from Milwaukee “to spy out the land” in this much-vaunted valley. Procuring a couple of Indian ponies upon which to pack their provisions, and armed with the trusty rifle, without which no one in the Northwest traveled in those days, they set out upon their explorations.

Two days march from Milwaukee brought them to Fort Atkinson, then just evacuated by the officer for whom it was named and his command, where they went intocamp for the night. The next day they went west and south, and camped at night at the mouth of the Yahara (Catfish) River. When morning came, they found that their ponies had taken French leave, and that they must either pack their own traps, or leave them behind.

This was an inconvenience, to be sure, but not a disaster to hardy pioneers; so they shouldered their luggage and continued their explorations, following the course of the river southward till they reached point now occupied by the city of Janesville, where they camped on the point of the bluff on the Racine road. From this point they saw Rock Prairie stretching away in distance to the east and south, till the verdant plain mingled with the blue of the horizon.

They saw before them an ocean of waving grass, and blooming flowers, and realized the idea of having found the real Canaan - the real paradise of the world.

Continuing their journey to the eastward, they came within half a mile of a beautiful grove, in which they found unmistakable indications of its having been occupied not long before as an Indian encampment, to which they gave the name of Black Hawk Grove, which it still bears. Shortly after this, they discovered their ponies, and, having secured them, set out upon their return to Milwaukee entirely satisfied with their investigations, and fully determined to make this magnificent and fertile prairie their home. They reached Milwaukee on the 23rd of July, having been absent ten days.

In all their travels, they had found but one white family -that of Mr. McMillan, who resided where Waukeska now stands.

“On the 15th day of Nov. 1835, John Inman [2nd coz.(?) to Irvings father and from East Pa.], Thomas Holmes, Wm. Holmes, Joshua Holmes, Milo Jones and Geo. Follmer started from Milwaukee with an ox team and wagon, the latter containing provisions, tools and other necessaries and, on the 18th day of the same month, arrived opposite the ‘big rock.’” The biting frosts of winter were at hand; no time was to be lost. The banks of the river on either side were lined with oaks, maples and ash. There was no scarcity of building material. The woodman’s ax soon resounded from the forest, and within a week a log house graced the hillside. This was the first settlement in Rock County, Wis.

A little over a month after the arrival of John Inman and his company upon Rock River. where they began the first settlement in Rock Co., there arrived out, Samuel St. John and his wife - the last mentioned the first white woman settler of the county. On the 15th of Jan., 1836, Dr. James Heath and wife joined the little colony. All wintered in the log cabin together. Settlements soon followed in other parts of the county. Particular accounts of these will hereafter be given; for the present, the reader’s attention will be invited to personal narratives of pioneers and others, to be followed by a description of pioneer life as it stands revealed upon the pages of history.

Said John Inman was cousin to (text stops here.)

A Note Written with the following label:

I. I. Inman
1017 W. Elm St.
Hartford City, Ind.

In June 1632 two English emigrants John & Henry Inman landed on the Rhode Island shore from the Trade Ship “Clarion.”

The writer is a descendant of John Inman. How many generations descended from said John I do not know, but in 1774, one of his decendants Elijah Inman moved to Button Wood Pct. 8 miles South of Wilks Barre, Pa. He was one of the first to introduce iron moulding west of the Alleghany Mts. He lost 4 sons in the Wyoming Indian massacre.

Edward the youngest son, was Great Grand Father to my Mother.

One of Elijah’s sons moved up into New York after the massacre and was lost track of: the graves of Elijah & et al are in Hanover Green Cemetery 200 feet or so N. W. of the church.

Elijah’s son Edward had a son (John Edward who was my Grand Father); he and family of five sons and three daughters moved to Carroll County, Ill. in 1854 or so.

My father Edward, s-o Elijah & Levi, located in Rock Co., Wis. in the early fifties. Whitney & George staid with Grand Father in the vicinity of Millegville, Ill. Some years later, Uncle George moved to Iowa.

At this point there are many slips of paper with names and dates. I will list them but they are generally listed in the cemetery records given by Mrs. Reva Inman earlier. JW

Mary wife of J. E. Inman
Born Mar. 22 - 1801
Died Feb. 22 - 1876
Aged 74 yrs. 11 mos.
John E. Inman
Born May 23 - 1799
Died Jan. 31. 1876
Aged 76 yrs. 8 mo 3 or 8 da
Edna C. Eastabrooks
Born Sept. 3 - 1868
Died May 12 - 1951
Levi Frisbie Eastabrooks
Born Aug. 6 - 1822
Died May 11 - 1902.
Annis wife of Dr. H. M. Freas
dau.of J. E. & M. Inman
age 32 yr. 10 mo. 20 da.
Mary Inman Eastabrooks
Born April 22 - 1831
Died Dec. 21 - 1900
Allie Blanche dau. of
L. F. & M. Eastabrooks
Died Oct. 25 - 1886
Aged 13 yrs, 3 mo - 21 da.
Carrie Belle Eastabrooks
dau. of L. F. & M. "
Died May 28 - 1877
Aged 11 yrs 5 mo 22 da
Nathaniel Eastbrooks
1828 - 1909
Frankie Inman, son of Montraville Inman
1879 - 1926
Mrs. Anna Miller (Secy of States Office) Denver, Colo. Dau of Prof Geo. F. Inman & Anna Inman.
James Muchler married (2nd time) Jeanette Blakesly who was a sister of Mrs. Julia Myers wife of Peter Myers Sr. Janesville, Wis. Aunt Jeanette when single was preceptress? in H.S. Kingston, Pa. George Inman born in Newberry Dist, South Carolina June 24, 1798. Came to Ohio in 1818. Ordained a Christian Minis in 1859. Died June 15, 1880.


Robert Dickson Died June 15, 1831.
David Inman Died March 13, 1850, aged 22 years & 1 month.
Isaac Dunkin Died feb 27, 1817, aged 52 1 m 9 days.
mother - Gertrude Eastabrooks 1863 - 1946
father George Eastabrooks
1860 - 1945
La Verrier C.
1887 - 1930
La Verrier C.
1909 - 1909 gr. son
Richard S.
1904 - 1928 son
M. Farnum Eastabrooks
1899 - 1916
Margaret Opfel Farnum
1873 - 1909
Whitney Inman
Mar. 1838 Died 1915
Lydia wife Oct. 22 - 1841
Died May 20, 1917

Mrs. Earl Yocom
Milledgeville, Ill.

Ruth Inman Durstine
dau. of Effie Inman Gault

Montraville Frisbie
1861 - 1921
Mrs. Robert Inman
Rural Rt. 1, Fremont, Mich
(10 mi. N. of Hastings)

Herschel J. Inman
Grand Chain, Illinois
(30 mi. N. of Mound City)

Marlin R. Inman
Dentist Phone 39
Boonville, Ind.
(20 mi. East of Evansville)

Daniel O. Inman
P. O. Box No. 77
Blackhawk, Illinois
(South suburb of Moline)

Clinton south on 140 to 76 at State line south to 20 at Belvidere west thru Rockford to Freeport to 26 south to 72 west to 73 south thru Lanark to Milledgeville on 88 south thru Sterling to 30 east thru Aurora to Joliet. Out of Joliet on 52 to 45 to Kankakee south to Crescent City on 24 east.