They Passed This Way

The History of the Blackstone,

Galloway, Inman and

Some Related Families

Grace Yvonne Harper

San Jose, California

Reprinted by permission.

The Arkansas Connection

    Sarah "Sallie" Bell Blackston(e) was born July 4, 1874, in Lonoke County, Arkansas.(1) She was an orphan by age five and had at least one brother, William "Willie" who was two years older. According to the June 23, 1880 Census, she and her brother lived with J. H. and L. Mary Blackston, who were 44 and 43 respectively, in Richwoods Township, Lonoke County, Arkansas. Prior to the 1880 Census the Blackstons lived in Cold Water, Poinsett County (1860 Arkansas Census) and Wittsburg, Cross County (1870 Arkansas Census). J. H., who was born in South Carolina, was a farmer and a blacksmith; Mary was born in Georgia. They apparently had four children who were born in Arkansas: James (1858), John (1860), Martha (1871), and William (1873). How they were related to Sallie and Willie is not yet known, but for some reason by the fall of 1880, the couple were unable to continue to care for the children and they were sent to live with the J. C. Ellis family near Bryant, Saline County, Arkansas.

    October 25, 1880, James C. Ellis petitioned the Court of Saline County to become Willie and Sallie's guardian, stating their parents were both dead. A member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, Ellis, who was born in January 1823, was a "native of Tennessee and a prosperous farmer."(2) On April 24, 1882, J. C. Ellis presented a petition to the Saline County Probate Court declaring it was "not convenient" for him to further act as the guardian of Willie Blackston and asking that a suitable person be appointed.(3)

    The same day Constantine H. Medlock, a Confederate veteran who took part in the battles of Helena, Poison Spring, Marks' Mill, Prairie Grove, and Jenkins' Ferry, was appointed as Willie's new guardian. Born May 17, 1835, in Hardeman County, Tennessee, and reared in Tippah County, Mississippi, Medlock also attended the Methodist Episcopal Church-South. Medlock was employed as an overseer in Mississippi until 1859, when he moved to Saline County where he made his home on a farm in Collegeville. On January 22, 1887, C. H. Medlock asked to be discharged and released from "any and all responsibility as guardian of Wm. Blackston who voluntarily and without the knowledge or consent of said Guardian and Petitioner and without provocation or cause...has fled from the care, custody, control and premises of his Guardian and his whereabouts are unknown."(4) What life was like for Willie in the Medlock household is only speculation, but records on file at the courthouse in Benton, Arkansas, indicate Constantine was charged on numerous occasions with assault.

    Ellis retained his guardianship of Sallie until January 28, 1890, when he resigned stating his ward was "now living with and making her home with one A. J. Mewers."(5) Mewer, who was born in Van Buren County, Arkansas, on March 20, 1847, was Ellis' wife Rachel's son by her first husband who died the same day as their son's birth. A farmer and cattleman, Allen Mewer was married on July 29, 1875, to Sally A. Eagle, whose brother James was governor of Arkansas from 1889 to 1893. Although he was not active in political circles, Mewer was a Democrat and he served several years in the office of director for the school district. In addition to the land he lived on in Saline Township, Mewer owned a farm in Bryant Township and 275 acres in Lonoke County. A steward in the church, he and his wife belonged to the Methodist Episcopal Church.

    When she was seventeen years old, Sallie married William M. Galloway of Bryant on December 3, 1891. William, who was fifteen years older than Sallie, was probably born in Georgia. They had six children two of which were twins, Annie and Johnnie, who died when they were about two years old, and one who was probably stillborn. The other children were William Plummer "Bill", born September 9, 1892, "Fredie" Fred Carl, born September 6, 1894, and Robert Lee, who went by his middle name, born August 29, 1899. Galloway died December 31, 1899, leaving Sallie, who could neither read or write, to support herself and the children as a wash woman.

    Soon after Sallie and William were married, they moved into a small log house in Tull where they became acquainted with the Allen Carter family.(6) Martha Josephine Carter, Allen's wife, had a brother Alexander Reuben Inman, who by 1900 was a widower. Inman, who was born in Alabama sometime in August 1852, was a farmer and an itinerant Methodist preacher. Her youngest son was almost a year old when Sallie became Alex's fourth wife on July 22, 1900, in Benton. By Inman she had four daughters and a son: Gertrude Mary "Girlie Mae", born September 15, 1902; Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie", born September 20, 1905; Dewell Gann "Duke", who was named after the doctor in Benton, born March 16, 1907; Frances M., born July 1909, and Mary Alice, born October 12, 1912.

    In January 1905, Sallie put her oldest sons up for adoption. Fred, age ten, went to live with D. S. Steel and Plummer, age twelve, became the son of J. F. Sudduth. A year later Sallie went to Court and got Plummer, who now used the name William, back. His adopted father had died and his adopted mother felt she could not "care for him properly."(7) Four months later, Sallie petitioned the Court to have Fred returned to her. On May 5, 1906, the Court set aside his adoption.

    In spite of marrying a Methodist preacher and being raised in Methodist families, Sallie was a Baptist and so were her daughters. Only Duke choose to join the Methodist Church. Fred's daughter Lucille said her father told her his mother loved to sing, and she was often rocked to sleep on her dad's knee with him singing a song his mother had taught him.

    Sallie died on Friday, January 16, 1915, at the age of forty-one years, six months, and twelve days, in Benton. She had been ill for a year with "a fever" and was resting on the couch when she went across the room to use a cuspidor and collapsed on the floor. Although the official cause of her death was listed as Tuberculosis, some of the family believe she died of a Heart Attack. There was two and a half inches of snow on the ground when the mourners proceeded to Sharon Cemetery the following Monday to bury Sallie. The Rev. W. A. Steel of the Benton Methodist Church conducted the funeral service.(8)

    Who would imagine that Sallie, twenty-two years younger than Alex, would die and leave him at nearly sixty-three to raise the children, the youngest of which was two. At twelve Girlie Mae, being the oldest daughter, became the "mother" of the family. Lizzie, who was nine, was in charge of cooking and did most of the housework, while her sister and the younger children took care of the garden and worked with their father in the field. When her other work was finished, Lizzie also helped with the outside chores. A few months after Sallie's death, Alex went to visit the Carters, and Allen told him the Robinette place, up the road and across from the Gus Zahringer farm, was available to rent. It was a one-room house approximately twenty by twenty feet with a lean-to where the children slept.

    Martha and Alexander were not the only Inmans to live in the Tull community. Sometime after 1864, the family moved from Starkville, Oktibbeha County, Mississippi, where they were listed on the 1860 Census, to Benton. Born in 1810 in South Carolina, their father, Charles C. Inman, was a farmer. His wife Nancy was born in Tennessee about 1831. Besides Martha, whose date of birth was August 14, 1858, four other children were born in Mississippi: Lucinda or Adaline (1853-4); Delia R. or Bailey (1855-6); Delilah or Adaline (1863-4), and Shermace (1865).(9) In addition, Charles had a son from a previous marriage named Reuben, who was born in South Carolina, March 1833 or 1838. The 1880 Census shows Reuben and his father as widowers, residing in Shaw Township, Saline County.

    On February 17, 1887, Reuben married Jeanettie "Nettie" Green, who was born in Arkansas, September 1867. Two other Inmans also married Greens. September 29, 1878, Rebecca Jane Inman, age eighteen, married Nettie's brother Marion E. Green, who was born November 1849 in Georgia. When Rebecca's younger sister Dilla "Dillie" was twenty, she wed thirty-one year old John Green on March 11, 1886. A study of censuses indicate Rebecca was born in either Alabama or Georgia in May 1860, and Dillie was born in Mississippi in 1866 or 1867. Were these Reuben's sisters or daughters? Until the mid-1890's, the only Inmans in Saline County belonged to our family.

    Tax and voter records indicate Reuben and Nettie continued to live in the Mars Hill-Nuna area until 1896. Marion and Rebecca resided in Hurricane Township and the Sardis area until sometime after 1890. By the time of the 1900 Census, the Greens had migrated to Howell Township in Perry County, and the Inmans to Lower Lafava Township, Yell County. Reuben and Nettie were the parents of four children, Leanor, born February 1891; Dovie May, born August 1899, and two who probably died as infants. Although Marion had at least one daughter by a previous marriage, he and Rebecca had only one child: Martha V., born July 1879.

    Reuben apparently died soon after the turn of the century, and on August 12, 1902, Nettie married J. T. Yates, age thirty-five of Jennings Falls, Yell County. Jeanettie may have also died sometime prior to the 1910 Census, which shows that the Greens have moved into the Inman home on Perrymont Road to care for the youngest niece.

    While they lived in Tull, Alex farmed for Mr. Carter and worked for fifty cents a day clearing brush and cutting wood for Gus Zahringer. He also raised hogs. According to Gus' son Charles, Alex - short, stocky with dark complexion - was a proud man who wasn't afraid of hard work. Alex was a good butcher and taught Charles how to cut meat. He was also skilled with an axe and he could "jump" a tree. He would get ten feet out on a limb and jump up and down, leaping back just before it would break. He went up and down the tree like a cat and this was when he was in his sixties. Charles said Alex vas often asked if he was part Indian, but he claimed to be "Black Dutch."(10)

    Lee Galloway had only one pair of overalls, which were washed often and draped over a bush overnight to dry. One morning when he was to do chores at the Zahringers, his overalls weren't dry so he sent Lizzie to explain why he would be late. Gus came to the house and told Alex he would take Lee to town in his wagon and buy him a change of clothes. Alex told him he didn't have money to pay for the clothes but perhaps Lee could work them off. Charles' dad said they were a gift. Eventually Lee went to live with the Zahringer family, staying until he joined the army.

    Charles says "financially the family wasn't any worse off than their neighbors. The years before the second World War were hard for many in the area. The tragic part was here were five motherless children with a father who was unable to cope with them and in order to earn a living often left them alone."

    The children attended Cedar Grove School along with Charles and his twin sisters, Clarice and Gladys. It was a one-room schoolhouse, first through eighth grades, with desks for forty students, but there was often as many as seventy-two students and they would have to sit two to a desk. The increase in attendance was due to the logging camp moving into the area. The men would bring their families, who would live in tents, and send their youngsters to the school.

    The Zahringers and the Carters were very close friends, and Charles thought of Martha as a surrogate grandmother. Married January 1, 1885, in Saline County, Martha and Allen were the parents of nine children, and she loved to cook. When unexpected company came, Martha would go to the pantry and put together a meal with whatever was on hand. Even today in the Tull community a late evening meal is referred to as a "Carter Supper."

    After living in the area for two or three years, Alex asked Charles if he would move them in his wagon to Bauxite. He gave Charles a mole trap, a hog trough hewn from a log, and a cow bell, and told him he wouldn't need them anymore because he was quitting farming to work in the mines.(11)

    On October 27, 1919, Alexander appeared before the Saline County Court to give his consent for Mary Alice, age seven, to be adopted by T. C. Mize. Alex supposedly went to Oklahoma, where a son by a previous marriage lived, and died there about 1927. However, a ten year search of the records did not reveal a death certificate.

    After their father left, Duke boarded with G. W. and Emily Nickleson in Hurricane Township, and Lizzie found work as a servant in the Lee Hyten household in Benton. Then on March 14, 1920, fourteen-year-old Lizzie, lying about her age and claiming to be eighteen, married William J. Wright, age twenty-three, of Benton. Following his return from service in World War I, Lee married Sarah Ettie Hambrick, age nineteen, on July 3, 1919. Born February 17, 1900, in Arkansas, Ettie was the daughter of John and Eva Lee Burrow Hambrick and resided in Detonti, Grant County. The couple lived around Bauxite and Tull until 1928 when they and their three children along with Mary Alice, Lizzie, her husband, and their two daughters left for California.

    The two oldest Galloway boys married sisters: Lydia Etta and Sallie Edna "Cricket" Wilson. The daughters of John Miller and Minerva Ella Ballentine Wilson, they were born in Mt. Pleasant, Hopkins County, Texas. Fred and Cricket, who was born September 30, 1901, were wed on June 8, 1920. Etta, who was born December 31, 1899, married Bill on June 13, 1922. Both marriages took place in Malvern, Hot Spring County. This was Etta's second marriage and she had a five-year-old daughter, Dovie May Lester. When she was sixteen, she was married to John A. Lester, age thirty, in Traskwood, Saline County. The union ended in divorce. Bill and Fred, who was a World War I veteran, are both buried along with their wives in Malvern's Rockport Cemetery.

    Eventually Girlie Mae, Duke, and Frances would also migrate to California where they would start a new life and a new generation.

Alex's Other Family

    On April 22, 1892, Alex married Mrs. Sarah Cathryn Wiley Gossett in Crawford County, Arkansas. A widow with one son, Sarah was born in Texas on November 11, 1855.(12) From this union five children were born: Charles Ruben "Rube", November 7, 1882 in Dyer; Martha A., September 12, 1884; James A. "Arch", August 30, 1886; Octavia Jane "Janie", June 11, 1888, and Mary C., June 8, 1890. This marriage ended in divorce.

    Wnile residing in Crawford County, Alex was apparently ordained a Baptist Minister. He was also named in a law suit pertaining to the temoval of mortgaged property. Eventually, the charges were dismissed. The family moved to Franklin County and he was again involved a law suit. This time Alex was accused of cruelty to animals. This too was dismissed.

    September 17, 1913, Charles Ruben married Miss. Ada Garland, who was born December 5, 1892, in Aurora, Arkansas. A retired timberman, Rube died January, 12, 1971, in his home near Mountainburg, and is buried along with Ada, who died in 1982, in Brewer Cemetery in Fern, Arkansas. His mother who died February 26, 1940, is also buried in Brewer Cemetery next to her oldest son William A. Wiley, who was born June 9, 1871, and died May 11, 1948. On January 13, 1902, Martha wed Thomas Evans. Thomas died December 8, 1926, and Martha married John D. 0'Bar. She died September 3, 1957, and is buried next to Thomas in Locke Cemetery northwest of Fern.

 A. R. Inman, age 28, and Mrs. Sarah C. Gossett, age 25, both of Crawford County, wed April 28, 1881. Thos. B. Hicks, J. P.

Thomas Evans, age 22, of Bruce, Crawford County, wed Miss Martha Inman, age 17, of Fern, Franklin County, on January 13, 1902.

John W. Davis, age 18, married Miss. Mary Inman, age 17, both of Fern, Franklin County, on October 17, 1907.

C. R. Inman, age 30, married Miss. Ada Garland, age 21, both of Fern, Franklin County, on September 17, 1913.


    When all things seem to be going well with us in this old and monotonous world of trails and disappointments, there is a shadow cast across our pathway.

    On January 19, 1920, the grim monster, death, visited the home of Allen Carter, of Shaw Township, and claimed for its victim his beloved comanion and wife. She was born on August 14th, 1861.

    Martha J. Inman (maiden name) was married to Allen Carter January 1, 1885, and to this union was born nine children. Mrs. Carter was ill only a short time, dying of pneumonia. She bore all her sufferings patiently, with out a murmur. Mrs. Carter was a kind and lovable wife and mother and never failed to make friends wherever she chanced to go It seems hard to give up those who are dearest to us in the family, but husband and children, we muct (sic) be reconciled to the will of God, whose guiding hand is always near, and is always ready to help us share the battles of this life and lead us to our eternal home on high.

    Husband, brothers and sisters, let us live a lift (sic) that will be as pure in the sight of God as was that of dear mother. She had been a member of the old Saline Baptist church since the year 1894. Mrs. Carter led a true and Christian life. While she was not a great church worker, she was a true guide in her home, and to her many friends who chanced to associate with her, to know her was to love her. Mrs. Carter was never backward in doing a neighbor or anyone a kindness; she was only too willing and ready to tender her assistance to any one sick or afflicted.

    She never tired of this work, but went about it cheerfully and with the right will. She has made her record and has passed from this earth to her eternal home on high. She will know no more of this world's troubles, trials and disappointments. She is free from sorrows and heartaches. Oh, what joy it gives us to know that we have the sweet assurance that whenever the white winged messenger says, "Come higher; your days on earth are done," that we will meet mother in the fairer land than this, for we know that she is resting in the arms of Jesus.

    Mrs. Carter was not old; just fifty-eight years of age, yet she had the pleasure of seeing her children all grow into man and woman hood. We can not understand why a soul so sweet and fair should be snatched from the walks of men, but we will understand it better bye and bye. She is missed in her home by neighbors and friends. She was true to her home, her husband and children. She was laid to rest in the new Friendship cemetery on January 22nd, to await the coming of Christ.

    She is survived by her husband and nine children, six boys and three girls; and a hose (sic) of relatives and friends, to murn (sic) her departure. Weep not, dear ones, for your loss is heaven's gain.

-A FRIEND             


    We wish to thank our many friends and neighbors who so faithfully assisted us during the illness and death of our mother; also the illness of father.

CARTER CHILDREN                    
BENTON COURIER, pg. 5            
Benton, Arkansas                           
February 19, 1920                         

Other Inmans in Saline County

    Until 1895, when A.M. and his two sons are listed in the Record of Voters, the only Inmans, with the exception of John Inman who was colored, belonged to our family. This Inman family originally came from Indiana.

R. W. Inman, age 22, of Congo, Saline County, and Miss Susan E. Grove, age 22, of Avilla, Saline County, wed September 18, 1895. A. M. Inman - Security.

Wm. D. Inman, age 23, and Miss. Martha M. Bonham, age 24, both of Congo, Saline County, wed December 24, 1895. A. M. Inman -Security.

    1899 Personal Property Tax Book School Dist. #28 (Congo)

        Innman, R. W.     Gone to Oklahoma
        Innman, A. R.     pd. 4/10/1900
        Innman, W. D.    Gone to Oklahoma

Saline County, Beaver Township, Family *138

Inman, Amos M. (head) Aug 1844 Age 55 b. IND Farmer
Mary (wife) Dec 1836 Age 63 b. IND
Married 32 years; two children, both living.

Saline County, Beaver Township, Family *36

Inmon, Will (head) Age 38 b. IND Farmer
    Mattie (wife) Age 39 b. ARK None
    Sam (son) Age 13 b. ARK Farm laborer
    William (son) Age 11 b. ARK Farm laborer
    B. (dau) Age 4 b. ARK None
    Married 15 years; four children, three living

A. M. Inman, age 70, and Mrs. Laura (Melinda) Metcalf, age 40, both of Congo, Saline County, married June 11, 1915. Filed for Divorce August 25, 1919.

A. M. Inman, age 75, and Mrs. Jessie Brown, age 52, both of Bland, Saline County, wed March 11, 1920. Filed for Divorce March 16, 1921.

A. M. Inman, age 77, of Bland, Saline County, and Mrs. M. D. Dunavant, age 60 of Haskell, Saline County, wed October 16, 1921. J. D. Carter, J. P.

Brent Coates, age 22, of Tucker, Jefferson County, married Miss. Beulah Inman, age 18, of Haskill, Saline County, on January 1, 1925. G. R. Hunnecult, J. P.; C. R. Hunnecult - Security.

In Loving Memory Of A. M. Inman

    A. M. Inman was born August 17, 1844, and departed this life Feb. 11, 1928.

    Mr. Inman professed religion and took up the banner of our Savior Feb. 1893, as a member of the Missionary Baptist Church of Stantonco, Kansas.

    He served the North during the Civil War, escaped unscathed after four years of service.

    Saline county was his home for forty years or more. He then went to Waynoka, Okla., where he lived the last four years, until his death.

    He leaves to mourn his departure a wife, two sons and a host of friends and relatives.

    Weep not bereaved ones, for the dear one is gone to his glorious and peaceful home. We shall all endeavor to meet him in that bright and happy home.

    Mr. and Mrs. Eli Dunnavant.
    Grape, Arkansas

Benton Courier
February 28, 1928; pg. 7

James Cemetery, Newecomb Township, Saline County

Mary Dunavant Inman 4/11/1866 - 6/27/1935

Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Saline County

Mattie Inman Oct. 1, 1876 - Nov. 9, 1948
W/o W. D. Inman
W. D. Inman Jan. 23, 1871 - Nov. 13, 1955
H/o Mattie Inman
Dee Inman - No Dates

Poinsett County, Arkansas, Breshelake Township
Post Office Cold Water, Family *39:

Blackston, J. H. (m) Age 24 b. SC Farmer
    Mary (f) Age 22 b. GA
    James (m) Age 2 b. ARK
    John (m) Age 3/12 b. ARK

Oktibbeha County, Mississippi
Post Office Starkville, Family *498:

Inman, Charles (m) Age 50 b SC Farming
    Nancy    (f) Age 29 b. TENN
    Alexander    (m) Age 8 b. ALA
    Lucinda    (f) Age 7 b. MISS
    Bailey    (m) Age 5 b. MISS
    Martha    (f) Age 2 b. MISS
    Nancy M. Clusky    (f) Age 5 b. MISS

Cross County, Arkansas, Brushylake Township
Post Office Wittsburg, Family *48:

Blackston, J. H. (m) Age 33 b. TENN Blacksmith
    L. M. (f) Age 32 b. GA
    J. H. (m) Age 12 b. ARK

Saline County, Arkansas
Post Office Benton, Family *95:

Inman, Charles    (m) Age 60 b. SC Farm laborer
    Nancy    (f) Age 38 b. TENN Keeping house
    Alex    (m) Age 18 b. ALA Farm hand
    Adaline    (f) Age 16 b. MISS Unoccupied
    Delia R.    (f) Age 14 b. MISS
    Martha J.    (f) Age 12 b. MISS
    Delilah E.    (f) Age 7 b. MISS
    Shermace    (f) Age 5 b. MISS

Marion E. Green, age 28, and Miss. Rebecca Jane Inman, age 18, both of Hurricane Township, Saline County, married September 29, 1878. H. P. Green - Security.

Lonoke County, Richwoods Township, Dwelling *77:

Orr, J. Age 42 b. GA Overseer
Barentine, H. M. Age 30 b. GA Physician
Blackston, J. H. Age 44 b. SC Farmer
(Backstone) Mary (wife) Age 43 b. GA Housekeeper
    Martha (dau) Age 9 b. ARK
    William (son) Age 7 b. ARK
    William (orphan) Age 7 b. GA
    Sallie (orphan) Age 5 b. GA
Maze, Walter (orphan) Age 17 b. TENN
Ball, Cora (orphan) Age 9 b. ARK

Saline County, Hurricane Township, Family #242:

Green, Marion E. (head) Age 30 b. GA Farmer
    Rebecca J. (wife) Age 20 b. ALA Keeping house
    Sarah A. F. (dau) Age 11 b. ALA
    Martha V. (dau) Age 9/12 b. ARK b. July
Inman, Dilla (sil) Age 13 b. MISS

Saline County, Shaw Township, Family *171:

Inman, Charles * (head)    Age 70 b. SC Farmer
    Reuben * (son)    Age 41 b. SC Farmer
    Adaline (dau)    Age 16 b. MISS Keeping house
    Jamess (gd son)    Age 8 b. ARK *widower

A. Carter, age 22, of Shaw, Saline County, and Miss. Martha J. Inman1 age 23, of Nuna, Saline County, married January 1, 1885. Isaac Carter - Security.

John Green, age 31, and Miss. Dillie Innman, age 20, both of Nuna, Saline County, wed March 11, 1886. M. E. Green - Security.

Reubin Innman, age 40?*, and Miss. Nettie Green, age 19. both of Nuna, Saline County, married February 17, 1887. J. H. Danham, Minister of the Gospel. *age questionable on license.

Wm. M. Galloway, age 32, and Miss. Sarah B. Blackston, age 17, both of Bryant, Saline County, married December 3, 1891. J. W. Bass - Security.

J. R. Inman, age 26, and Mrs. Permelia Henry, age 35, both of Nuna, Saline County, wed February 4, 1895. J. J. Neal - Security.

Grant County, Dekalb Township, Family #179:

Carter, Allen    (head)    Dec 1860 Age 39     b. FLA Farmer
    Martha J.    (wife)    Aug 1861 Age 38     b. MISS
    Grover    (son)    Dec 1885 Age 14     b. ARK    Farm lab
    Charles    (son)    May 1888 Age 11     b. ARK    Farm lab
    Fostina        (dau)     Aug 1889 Age 10    b. ARK    School
    Sim        (son)     Dec 1890 Age 9    b. ARK   
    Allen *        (son)     June 1891 Age 8    b. ARK School
    Ella M.    (dau)    Mar 1894 Age 6     b. ARK School
    Teddie    (son)    Mar 1895 Age 5     b. ARK
    Isaac    (son)    June 1896 Age 4     b. ARK
    Opie    (son)    June 1899     Age 11/12 b. ARK
    Isaac    (fa)    Oct 1833     Age 66 b. ALA
    * mistake on census; should have been Lovie Allen (dau).

Yell County, Lower Lafava Township, Family #257:

Inman, Rubin (head) Mar 1833 Age 67 b. SC
    Jeanttie (wife) Sept 1867 Age 32 b. ALA
    Leanor I. (dau) Feb 1891 Age 9 b. ARK
    Dovie M. (dau) Aug 1899 Age 10/12 b. ARK

Grant County, Sulphur (Simpson) Township, Family *108:

Inman, James (head) Mar 1870 Age 30 b. ARK Farmer
    Nealy (wife) Jan 1851 Age 49 b. GA H. keeper
Williams, Henry F.* (gd son) Dec 1886 Age 13 b. ARK Farm lab
    Adline (gd dau) Jan 1888 Age 12 b. ARK H&F work
* Letter of Administration (Grant Co. Dec. 1948) indicates the name should be William F. Henry.

Perry County, Howell Township, Family #9:

Green, Marion E. (head) Nov 1849 Age 50 b. GA Farmer
    Rebekah (wife) May 1860 Age 40 b. GA
    Sallie P. (niece) Mar 1882 Age 18 b. ARK
Nations, Amanda E. (lodger) Nov 1883 Age 16 b. ARK
Kizger, Nuton (boarder) Mar 1883 Age 17 b. ARK

Saline County, Kentucky Township, Dwelling #26:

Wright, Christopher C. (head) Jan 1851 Age 49 b. ALA
    Elizabeth (wife) Dec 1852 Age 47 b. SC
    Madison L. (son)Oct 1883 Age 16 b. ALA
    Estella (dau) Mar 1886 Age 14 b. TEX
    Mabelle (dau) Mar 1886 Age 14 b. TEX
    Jania E. (dau) June 1889 Age 10 b. ARK
    John W. (son) Dec 1892 Age 7 b. ARK
    William J. (son) Dec 1895 Age 4 b. ARK

Saline County, Saline Township
Post Office Benton, Family *329

Galloway, Sallie B.* (widow) July 1874 Age 25 b. ARK
(Galaway) William P. (son) Sept 1892 Age 7 b. ARK
    Fredie C. (son) Sept 1894 Age 5 b. ARK
    Robert L. (son) Sept 1899 Age 9/12 b. ARK
    * Wash woman

Saline County, Saline Township, Post Office Benton
Boarder enumerated with John G. White, Family *432:

Inman, Elix R. (widower) Aug 1852 Age 47 b. ALA Farm lab


A. R. Inman, age 46, and Mrs. Sallie Galloway, age 26, both of Benton, Saline County, married July 22, 1900. E. Y. Stinson -Security.

Saline County, Shaw Township, Family *111:

Carter, Allen (head) Age 49 b. FLA Farmer
    Martha J. (wife) Age 49 b. MISS None
    Sim 0. (son) Age 18 b. ARK Farm laborer
    Lovie A. (dau) Age 17 b. ARK Farm laborer
    Ella M. (dau) Age 16 b. ARK Farm laborer
    Teddie (son) Age 14 b. ARK Farm laborer
    Isaac (son) Age 13 b. ARK Farm laborer
    Opie (son) Age 11 b. ARK Farm laborer

Grant County, Simpson Township, Family #28:

Inman, Jim A. (head) Age 42 b. ARK Farmer *
    Pemelia (wife) Age 56 b. GA
    Married 16 yrs.

Saline County, Kentucky Township, Family *27:

Wright, Christopher (head) Age 59 b. ALA Farmer *
    Elizabeth (wife) Age 51 b SC None
    John Westly (son) Age 17 b. ARK Farm Lab
    William Jackson (son) Age 13 b. ARK Farm Lab
    Married 26 years; this was his 2nd. marriage.

Saline County, Kentucky Township
Boarder enumerated with Clabe B. Dodson, Family *97:

Galloway, Fred (single) Age 16 b. ARK Laborer

Saline County, Kentucky Township, Family *110:

Inman, Alexander R (head) Age 58 b. ALA Farming
    Sallie B. (wife) Age 37 b. ARK none
    Robert L. (son) Age 10 b. ARK
    Gertrude M. (dau) Age 8 b. ARK
    Sarrah (dau) Age 5 b. ARK
    Dewell G. (son) Age 3 b. ARK
    Frances M. (dau) Age 9/12 b. ARK

Yell County, Lower Lafava Township, Family #409:

Green, Marion E. (head) Age 60 b. ALA Perryville Rd.
    Rebecca J. (wife) Age 50 b. GA
Innmon, May (niece) Age 11 b. ARK

    Rev. W. A. Steele went to Sharon Monday morning where he conducted the funeral of a Mrs. Iman (sic), who died near that place.

    Mrs. Sallie Inman, or near Sharon died on January 16th, aged forty-one years. She was buried at Sharon Cemetery Monday. Rev. W. A. Steele of the Benton Methodist Church, conducting the funeral services. Her husband and five children survive her.

January 21, 1915

Robt. L. Galloway, age 20, and Miss. Sarah E. Hambric, age 19, both of Detonti, Grant County, married July 3, 1919. W. M. DuVall, J.P.

Grant County, Simpson Township, Family *53:

Inman, J. A. (head) Age 56 b. ARK Farmer
    Melia (wife) Age 65 b. GA

Saline County, Haskill Township, Family *45:

Wright, Little (head) Age 38 b. ALA Tower leverman
    Ella (wife) Age 38 b. ARK
Gladden, Hubert (stp son) Age 16 b. ARK Labor road
    Enid (dau) Age 10 b. ARK
    Edith (dau) Age 7 b. ARK
    Flory (dau) Age 5/12 b. ARK
    William (bro) Age 24 b. ARK Labor Steam Ry W
Davis, W.A (mil) Age 62 b. ALA Widower
Wright, Elizabeth (mother) Age 67 b. SC Widow

Saline County, Bauxite Township
Battle Row Rd., Family *244:

Mize, Thomas (head) Age 46 b. GA Carpenter
    Sarah (wife) Age 39 b. ALA (Bauxite plant)
    Vera (dau) Age 19 b. ARK
    Mary (dau) Age 7 b. ARK
Colison, Ernest (boarder) Age 25 b. ARK Bauxite mill
    Ida (boarder) Age 26 b. ARK Saleswoman
Herring, Lee (boarder) Age 27 b. ARK Brakeman B&N RR
Lonnius, John (boarder) Age 20 b. ARK Machinist
Lonnius, Ernest (boarder) Age 18 b. ARK Mine labor

Saline County, Bauxite Township, Family *523:

Galloway, Lee (head) Age 22 b. ARK Laborer
    Etta (wife) Age 19 b. ARK (Bauxite Mine)

Saline County, Hurricane Township
Bauxite Rd., Family #72:

Nickleson, G. W. (head) Age 62 b. KY
    Emly (wife) Age 54 b. ARK
Mordin, Jamie (dil) Age 25 b. ARK
Innman, Duell (boarder) Age 11 b. ARK

Saline County, Saline Township
Popular Ave., Family *653:

Hyten, Lee (head) Age 49 b. IA Tower tender RR
    Gladys (wife) Age 19 b. ARK
    Monica (dau) Age 1/12 b. ARK
Inman, Lizzie (servant) Age 15 b. ARK


William J. Wright, age 23, of Haskill, Saline County, and Miss. Elizabeth Inman, age 18, of Benton, Saline County, married March 14, 1920.

Fred Carl Galloway, age 26, and Miss. Sallie Edna Wilson, age 18, both of Malvern, Hot Spring County, married June 8, 1920.

Bill Galloway, age 29, and Mrs. Lydia Lester, age 22, both of Malvern, Hot Spring County, married June 13, 1922.

Crawford County, Vine Prairie Township, Family *323:

Wiley, Sarah C. (head) Age 24 b. TEX Farm Laborer
Wily, Willie A. (son) Age 8 b. ARK
    Eliza Jane (mother) Age 53 b. MISS

Franklin, County, Miller Township, Family #13:

Inman, Sarah (head) Nov 1855 Age 44 b. TEX Farmer
    Charles R. (son) Nov 1882 Age 17 b. ARK Farm Lab
    Martha A. (dau) Sept 1884 Age 15 b. ARK Farm Lab
    James A. (son) Aug 1886 Age 13 b. ARK Farm Lab
    Octavia J. (dau) June 1888 Age 11 b. ARK Farm Lab
    Mary C. (dau) June 1890 Age 9 b. ARK
    Widowed, divorced; six children, six living.

Crawford County, Arkansas
Sand Point Township, Family #39:

Evans, Thomas (head) Age 31 b. ARK Farmer
    Martha (wife) Age 23 b. ARK
    Sam W. (son) Age 7 b. ARK
    Henry C. (son) Age 4 b. ARK
    Dorathy W. (dau) Age 3 b. ARK
    John (son) Age 6/12 b. ARK
    Married eight years; five children, four living.

Franklin County, Arkansas
Black Oak Township, Family #22:

Inman, Sarah C. (mother) Age 57 b. TEX None
    Charles R. (son) Age 26 b. ARK Farmer
    Divorced; 6children, 6 living.

Sequoyah County, Oklahoma
Hanson Township, Family #34:

Inman, James A. (head) Age 23 b. ARK Farmer
    May (wife) Age 17 b. ARK
    John (son) Age 1 b. OKLA
    Married 2 years; 1 child, 1 living.

Crawford County, Arkansas
Sand Point Township, Family #7:

Evans, Thomas (head) Age 40 b. ARK Farmer
    Martha A. (wife) Age 35 b. ARK
    Henry C. (son) Age 14 b. ARK
    Dortha W. (dau) Age 12 b. ARK
    John (son) Age 10 b. ARK
    Jerrie P. (dau) Age 8 b. ARK
    Nellie M. (dau) Age 4 b. ARK

Franklin County, Arkansas
Black Oak Township, Family #22:

Inman, Charlie R. (head) Age 37 b. ARK Farmer
    Ada (wife) Age 27 b. ARK
    Edna J. (dau) Age 5 b. ARK
    Minnie M. (dau) Age 2 b. ARK
    Sarah C. (mother) Age 65 b. TEX

Sequoyah County, Oklahoma
McKey Township, Family *100:

Inman, Arch (head) Age 34 b. ARK Farmer
Inman, May (wife) Age 27 b. ARK
    John (son) Age 11 b. OKLA
    Alford (son) Age 9 b. OKLA
    Eva (dau) Age 7 b. ARK
    Virgil (son) Age 6 b. ARK
    Watie (son) Age 4-11/12 b. ARK
    Lived on Buff ington Road.

C. R. Inman

    C.R. Inman of Star Route, Mountainburg, died Tuesday night at his home in the Shores Lake Community.
    Other details and a list of survivors were not available at press-time.
    Arrangements will be announced by Greer Funeral Home.

The Spectator Ozark, Arkansas
January 14, 1971; pg. 1

C.R. Inman
    Funeral services for Charles Rube Inman, 89, of Route 1, Mountainburg were conducted at 3 p. m. Saturday at Fern church near Shores Lake. Burial was at Brewer cemetery by Greer Funeral Service.
    Mr. Inman, a retired timber worker, died Tuesday night, January 12 at his home in the Fern community. A native of Crawford county, he was the son of Alic and Cathryn Wiley Inman.
    Survivors include his wife, Ada; one daughter1 Mrs. Edna Reeves of Mountainburg; two
grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

The Spectator Ozark, Arkansas
January 21, 1971; pg. 2


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6. This was the old Boardsville house which stood on the site of the present day Edison Miller house.

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9. Although her gravestone and obituary give Martha's birth date as August 14, 1861, she was listed as age two on the 1860 Census and age 12 on the 1870 Census. Perhaps, she was sensitive about being older than her husband! There is a discrepancy in the children's names (and in one case sex) between the 1860 and 1870 Censuses. Unless they switched from their first to their middle names, I have no clue as to the reason.

10. Dictionary of American Regional English; Vol. I, Intro. and A-C, edited by Frederic G. Cassidy, (Cambridge, Mass.), p.259, defines "Black Dutch" as "A dark-eomplexioned people of uncertain origin."

11. Charles left the hog trough when he and his wife Estelle moved from the farm to their present home, but he still has the mole trap. The cow bell, minus the clapper, is in the possession of Martha and Allen Carter's granddaughter Virgie Carter DuVall of Tull.

12. Sarah's headstone shows her year of birth as 1848, but the 1881 Certificate of Marriage and the 1880, 1900, and 1920 Censuses indicate it should be 1855.