Contract between George Inman and Sarah Odell

Filed in the Recorders Office, Martin Co., Courthouse, Shoals, IN. under Misc. Book #3, pages 176 and 177. Book dates, Nov 1869 to Dec 1883.

This induction this day made and entered into by and between George Inman of the first part of Martin County and Sarah Odell of the second part of Greene County and both of the state of Indiana Witnesseth [That the said parties have this day entered into a contract of marriage and whereas we are both the owner of property in our own right and whereas we both have children by a former marriage it is therefore agreed between us that such property as each of us may have at the time said marriage contract as above stated is consummated shall be and remain their separate property the same as if no such marriage had ever taken place and that upon the death of either of said parties to this contract the property which belongs to the deceased or which may be acquired by either of said parties hereto by decent or otherwise shall decent to the heirs of the deceased the same as if no such marriage had ever taken place but is further specially agreed by on the part of the said George Inman that in the event that said Sarah Odell out live the said George Inman that she shall take of his said estate the sum of one thousand dollars and the said Sarah Odell in consideration of said marriage contract and the said sum of one thousand dollars does hereby specially promise and agree and does hereby renounce all right to claim any further interest in any estate the said George Inman may die seized of other than the one thousand dollars above mentioned and she hereby accepts the same in full for all rights which would decend to her as his widow in case she should survive him and it is hereby specially agreed by and between the parties hereto that in consideration of said promise of marriage that each shall accept and 

(NOTE - this ends the first copied page by the Recorder and I think she missed a line. I'll check the next time I'm in Shoals. The second, and last, copied page is listed below.)

of the terms of the foregoing contract. The said Sarah Odell in consideration of the matters herein set forth agrees that in case the said George Inman should make any sale of any of his Real Estate that she shall and will join with him in said conveyance or conveyances. It is further agreed between the parties hereto that when the said one thousand dollars shall become due to the said Sarah Odell that the same may be taken by her in personal property as appraised by the executor or administrator of the said George Inman at its appraised value. Or she may take the same in cash to be paid to her on the final settlement of said Inman's estate. Signed and executed by us this 18 day March A.D. 1878 

George x Inman - seal

made Her
Sarah x Odell - seal

Witnessed by
James G. Hert
Ale Hatfield

Rec'd for Record Ap'l 2nd 1878 at 2 P.M.

David A. Norcross
Recorder Martin County Ind.

All spelling and punctuation are as on the original document.

Submitted by Joe Smiddie