Researched and written for one of their sons, 

B I L L Y  F L O Y D  B R O W N

by alice faye weaver brown

JOEL WILSON & MARY _________

_____ INNMAN & MARTHA _____ (WILSON ?)



1. _?_ WILSON - _?_  _?_











After the death of MARY FRANCES CARDEN, FINLEY GLOVER INMAN married MARY LOUISA WILSON, daughter of FRANCIS P. and NANCY ANN (INMAN) WILSON. When his daughter, SARAH ELIZABETH INMAN married it was to the brother of MARY L. (WILSON) INMAN, the son of FRANCIS P. and NANCY ANN WILSON.

JOEL and MARY WILSON Family, ELKANAH D. and SARAH INMAN (sometimes spelled INNMON, INNMAN, INMON, INMAN) Family and MARTHA INMAN were in Giles Co., Tenn. 1830, 1840 and 1850 ELKANAH and SARAH INMAN and FRANCIS P. and NANCY A. WILSON and their families were in Christian Co., Mo. in 1860. In 1870 SARAH INMAN and NANCY A. WILSON were widows living in Christian Co., Mo. with children still at home. FINLEY GLOVER INMAN was in California, living with his wife and daughter in 1870 and with his widowed mother-in-law and her children who were still at home in 1880. He was a widower and his daughter, SARAH ELIZABETH INMAN was boarding with a neighborhood family named NAILOR. SARAH INMAN, widow of ELKANAH INMAN and NANCY A. WILSON, widow of FRANCIS P. WILSON were living in Christian Co., Mo. in 1880.


JOEL WILSON and MARY ________

1830 Federal Census Giles Co., Tenn. #212, sixth family:

JOEL WILSON 2111001000000 1111010000000 [11]

My speculation:

- (son)
- (son)
- (son?)
- (son?)
- (son?)
- himself
- (daughter ?)
- (daughter)
- (daughter)
- (daughter)
- his wife

1840 Giles Co., Tenn, Schedule: Division allotted to THOMAS W. GRUBBS
by the Middle District (or Territory) of Tenn 159, #4, Page 107, Family 27:

JOEL WILSON 1310100100000 0010001000000 [9] (5 in Agri.)

My speculation:

- (son)
- (son)
- (son)
- (son?)
- (son?)
- (son?)
- himself
- (daughter ?)
- his wife

1850 Giles Co., Tenn., 10 October 1850, 705, 353, Line 27, 
Dwelling 168, Family 168:

JOEL WILSON 65 M Farmer b. N.C.


FRANCIS P. 19 M "    b. Tenn.
DANIEL W. 16 M "   


JOEL A. 13 M "    "   

***Additional INMAN WILSON CARDEN information***

SEE 1860 Porter Township, Christian Co., Mo. census.

This is the first census that F. P. WILSON and NANCY A. INMON (INMAN) WILSON are shown after their marriage and with their family. They were married 20 July 1854, Greene Co., Missouri. (Recorded Book B, Page 8.)

Their second son and third child is WILLIAM DANIEL WILSON who became the husband of SARAH ELIZABETH INMAN. On the census he is listed as D. W. and he is six months old.

You will notice that the next family is that of ELKANAH and SARAH MOORE INMON. Their son JAMES L., 22, and the 17 year old MARY V. INMON were married 26 January 1860, Christian County and her maiden name was WILSON. (Her middle initial is sometimes "N". This couple signed documents necessary for Nancy A. Inmon Wilson in her application for pension after Francis P. Wilson died in 1864.

In 1866 FINLEY GLOVER INMAN was a member of the Christian County Militia, 15th. Regiment, Enrolled 1866. His enrollment was #564; he was listed as 18 years old, 5'0" tall, having dark hair, blue eyes and fair complexion. He was unmarried and a farmer. (INMAN kinsmen of Finley Glover were also members, one of them being NICHOLAS A. INMAN for whom the town of Nixa, Christian Co., Mo. was named.)

WILLIAM DANIEL WILSON was sentenced to ten years imprisonment in the State Penitentiary, Jefferson City, Mo. for the crime of murder-second degree in August 1883. (The crime was to have happened when he and two young male relatives were out together, according to family tradition, and the victim was the "philandering husband" of William Daniel's cousin. The dead man's name was Daniel Stephenson. (I do not have documentation of the trial, but I do have the document where Governor David R. FRANCIS "do hereby pardon, release, discharge and forever set free and I do hereby entitle the said WILLIAM D. WILSON to all the rights, privileges, and immunities which by law attach to and result from the operation of these presents...." This was done 20 August, 1890.

He was inmate #3802, 23, born Missouri, farmer, 5'7", his foot length 9 and 1/2 inches, dark hair, blue eyes, light complexioned. His religion was listed as Cambellite, his "habits of life" - intemperate, his education, reads and writes, no former imprisonment. The information says that his mother lives in Nixa, Christian Co., Mo., he is unmarried, has scar on left knee cap, scar over right eye, weight 145 pounds. The charge was murder second degree, in Christian County, 10 years from Sept. 8, 1883. His full term would have been to Sept. 8, 1893. Three-fourths time would have been March 8, 1891, but he was pardoned by the governor on August 21, 1890 his information on the inmate roll says, so he probably left the day after his pardon was signed.

This all happened almost two years before SARAH ELIZABETH INMAN and he were married on 27 May 1892.

NANCY ANN INMAN WILSON and her children (including WILLIAM DANIEL WILSON) were in Christian Co., Mo in 1870. I never recognized them for several viewings of that film because that census is really full of errors and I did not know enough about the family to realize their identity.

SARAH ELIZABETH INMAN WILSON died in Drumright, Creek County, Okla. 14 December 1920 at 8:00 p.m. at the age of fifty years. The cause of death shown on her death certificate was pneumonia. She is buried in the Masonic Cemetery at Drumright and her grandson, BILLY FLOYD BROWN and his wife, ALICE FAYE WEAVER BROWN made a cement marker about nine inches by sixteen inches in the summer of 1990 and another grandson, WAYNE D. SIKES set the stone.

The Browns also made and set stones for WILLIAM DANIEL WILSON, NANCY ANN INMON WILSON, LIZZIE INMON SANDERS, all buried in Garden Grove Cemetery, southwest of Prague in Pottawatomie County. (WILLIAM DANIEL died on the same day of the same month that his father, FRANCIS P. WILSON had died many years before in 1864. Wm. Daniel died February 23, 1913 at 8:00 a.m.) The Garden Grove Cemetery is across the road north of the Garden Grove Missionary Baptist Church where the family attended while they lived in that area.

MARY LOUISA WILSON INMAN, second wife of FINLEY GLOVER INMAN died on July 28, 1921 at Covington, Okla. at 12:35 a.m. from influenza. She is buried in the Covington Community Cemetery at that town in Garfield County, beside her husband FINLEY GLOVER INMAN and a double stone of rose colored marble marks their burial sites.

FINLEY GLOVER INMAN survived his wife by a little over a year. He died at Covington on 24 October 1922 from an obstruction of the bowels, according to the record of his death certificate. His final illness was of ten day's duration.

His daughter by his second wife, a half-sister to SARAH ELIZABETH INMAN WILSON, MAY INMAN ROBISON, died at the young age of 47 years, in Oklahoma City on May 16, 1931. May's death certificate shows the cause of death to be pellegra of about two months and ten days duration with contributory causes of Bronchitis - Acute (Pneumonia?) sic. May was buried next to her parents on lot 23 of the Church addition of the cemetery and a rose colored marble stone, similar to the double marker on her parents', marks the site of her burial.

THOMAS ROBISON, husband of MAY INMAN ROBISON remarried and lived in California at the time of his death in 1955.

FINLEY GLOVER INMAN'S son, WALTER never married and he died, I am pretty sure, in Creek County at Drumright between 1915 and 1917, but I have been unable to discover his burial site. Granddaughters of Finley Glover Inman still living do not know where Walter is buried, but they believe he died at Drumright and is buried at the "old cemetery" there. (Both cemeteries at Drumright are old and have many, many unmarked graves.


Federal Censuses

1840 Giles Co., Tenn., Division allotted to THOMAS W. GRUBBS
by the Middle District (or Territory) of Tenn. 159:

E. D. INNMAN 2000100000000 0002000100000 [6] [1 in Agri.]

My speculation is son
Head of family
a sister ?
mother ?

- SARAH (maiden name MOORE)
- MARTHA INMAN (maiden name WILSON ?)

1850 District #5 - Giles Co., Tenn. 1 November 1850
Line 31 Dwelling 164 Family 164

ELKANAH D. INNMAN 36 M Farmer b. Tenn.
SARAH 35 F "
JAMES 13 M "
PORTER 11 M " Att. school
JOHN   9 M " "
ANDREW J.   7 M " "
FINDLEY G.    2 M " "

1860 Porter Township, Christian Co., Mo. 12 July 1860 
Page 61, Line 12, Dwelling 416, Family 416

    *** (I include this family here because it is my speculation that MARTHA INMON is the mother of NANCY A. INMON WILSON and it is from this family that FINLEY GLOVER INMAN marries his second wife.. ..and into this family that his daughter, SARAH ELIZABETH INMAN WILSON marries and be comes the grandmother of my husband, his siblings and their cousins.)

F. P. WILSON 29 M Farmer R. E. $250 Per. $215 b. Tenn.


JAMES   4 M b. Mo.
LOUISA   2 F "
D. W. 6/12 M "

[FRANCIS P. WILSON and NANCY ANN INMON were married 20 July 1854, Greene Co., Mo. Recorded in Book 5, Page 8.]

*This is a census error. MARTHA (WILSON ?) INMON was born in N.C. according to the federal census 1850 Giles Co., Tenn. where she is enumerated with ELIZA GLOVER and both are widows.

***Notice that the family here is located exactly next to the WILSON FAMILY. My speculation is that MARTHA INMON living with the Wilsons is the mother of NANCY ANN INMON WILSON and of ELKANAH INMON.

Page 61, Line 18, Dwelling 417, Family 417:

ELKAH INMON 45 M Farmer   Per. $4600 b. Tn.
SARAH 42 F "
JAMES L. 22 M Farm laborer R. E $400 "
JOSHUA P. 20 M " "
JNO. W. 18 M "

Attends School

ANDREW J. 16 M " " "
MARTHA 13 F " "
FINLEY G. 11 M " "
DAVID   7 M " b. Mo.
SARAH   4 F "
MARY V. 17 F b. Tn.

[MARY V. INMON (maiden name WILSON and middle initial sometimes N instead of V) and JAMES L. INMON were married 26 January 1860, Christian Co., Mo. She was one of four daughters of JAMES H. and SARAH WILSON who had also lived in Giles To., Tenn. Two of her sisters married brothers of JAMES L. INMON - JOSEPH PORTER INMON, here named as JOSHUA PORTER INMON married SARAH CATHERINE WILSON 5 March 1871 and JOHN W. (Wesley) INMON and NANCY LAVANDA WILSON married about 1865, but after the courthouse fire in which many records were destroyed this couple did not re-register their marriage date and information as many others did.]

***JNO W. INMON was a member of the Christian County Militia, 15th Regiment. His enrollment number was #451; he was 24 years old; his height was 5'6"; he had auburn hair, blue eyes, fair complexion, was married and a farmer. Also, this is apparently the son through whom SARAH INMAN drew a pension as the mother of a Civil War soldier. He and his brothers were Union sympathizers.

****ANDREW J. INMAN was also a member and his enrollment number was #461, but I have found no further information about him. Notice that his name is spelled INMAN here.

*****FINLEY GLOVER INMAN was also a member enrolling in 1866; his enrollment number #564; his age 18; he was 5'0" tall and had dark hair, blue eyes, fair complexion, was unmarried and a farmer.

******NICHOLAS A. INMAN was #493. He was a kinsman of this family and the one for whom the town of Nixa, Christian Co., Mo. was named. He was 35 years old, 5'11", had black hair, "black dark" eyes, was married and was a blacksmith.

*******DAVID INMON had a great-grandson living in Claremore, Okla., Jim and Wanda Faye Inman in the 1990s.

In the years between the 1860 and 1870 censuses events had occurred in the lives of the INMAN and WILSON Families that brought changes in their living localities.

On August 9, 1862, just five days after the birth of MARTHA ANNA FRANCES WILSON, FRANCIS P. WILSON was enrolled and mustered into Co. D 8th Regiment of Missouri Cavalry Volunteers at its beginning in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri.

He died February 23, 1864 at Duvall's Bluff in the state of Arkansas in the Regimental Hospital of pneumonia and chronic diarrhea, disease contracted by exposure in the line of his duty in the service of the U.S. Government.

Private FRANCIS P. WILSON was thirty-one years old. He was born in Giles, County, Tennessee, was 5'8" tall, fair complexion, hazel eyes, dark hair and was by occupation, a farmer.

ELKANAH D. INMON and JAMES L. INMON were present and signed as witnesses for NANCY ANN WILSON that on 20 July 1854, in Greene Co., Mo. by BRYAN T. NOWLIN, a minister of the gospel, she married FRANCIS P. WILSON; that they had four children and had lived together as husband and wife and she had remained a widow after his death.. This was on 18 April 1864 and was for her application for a pension. Her address was listed as Ozark, Christian Co., Mo.

By 1870 SARAH MOORE INMAN was also a widow, her husband ELKANAH D. INMAN having died.

1870 Porter Township, Christian Co., Mo., P. O. Ozark, 
FRANCES M. GIDEON, enumerator, 12 July 1870.
Page 24, Line 20, Dwelling 177, Family 179:

INMAN, SARAH 48 F W  Keeping house  R. E.$800 b. Tenn.
DAVID 17 M W At home b. Mo.
ANNA 14 F W b. Mo.

(Under Remarks I have written 300 Real Estate. ! do not now recall why. Perhaps the 800 was not really clear enough to definitely identify. On this census it indicates that none of the three could read or write.)

****SARAH INMAN is the widow of ELKANAH D. who died between summer of 1865 and November of 1867 when SARAH began receiving a pension as the mother of a Civil War soldier. She got $8 per month. She bought the property they are living on at this census on January 21 1869 from a man named A. P. Hemphill.

1880 Porter Township, Christian Co., Mo., Free Inhabitants, 
SD #4, Call #23, June 9 and 10 1880. Page 15, Dwelling 128:

INMAN, JOHN W. W M 36 Farmer b. Tenn. Fb. Tenn. Mb. Tenn.
NANCY L. W F 34 Wife b . Mo. " "
S. JANE W F 13 Dau " " "
FINLEY G. W M 11 Son " " "
JOHN G. W M   6 " " " "

[NANCY L. INMAN is the daughter of JOEL and MARY WILSON, a sister to FRANCIS P. WILSON, and also a sister to JOEL living with them. I believe this Joel to be the 13 year old JOEL A. WILSON, under 5 in 1840, 13 in 1850, both in Giles Co., Tenn. censuses with JOEL WILSON b. N.C. and his wife MARY WILSON, also b. N.C., as their son.
 ***In this census S. JANE and FINLEY G. are listed as "at school". JOHN G. is listed as "insane" and WILSON, JOEL is listed as "idiot" and "insane" and he cannot read or write.]

Dwelling 129 (next door):

WILSON, NANCY A. W F 58 Widow b. Tenn    
MARY L. W F 22 Dau b. Mo. Fb. Tenn. Mb. Tenn.
WM. D. W M 20 Son " " "
TYLER, JAMES I. W M 11 Orphan " " "

 (NANCY A.'s occupation is listed as housekeeping and JAMES I. is listed as at school. MARY L. and WM. D. are both listed as single.)

Dwelling 130 (next door) 

INMAN, DAVID W M 27 Farmer b. Mo. Fb. Tenn. Mb. Tenn.


21 Wife La. " "
IVER E. W M 4 Son b. Mo. Mo. La.
WM. J. W M 3 " " " "
JOHN G. W M 5/12 " " " "
SARRAH W F 63 Mother b. Tenn.

(SINTHA is listed as keeping house and unable to read and write. SARRAH is listed as widowed and although her age here does not agree with the 1870 census, it does agree with all previous census records within a year, so I believe that the 1870 census is inaccurate by about four years.... The 1870 Christian Co., Mo. census is full of errors.]

Dwelling 131 (next door)

INMAN, AND. J. W M 34 Married b.Tenn. Fb.Tenn. Mb.Tenn.
MARY W F 33 Wife Ark. Ala. Ala.

(X indicates direct lineage)
married February 1843
daughter of X_____ COKER and MARY FRANCES _____
in Arkansas, possibly Carroll Co.

1850 Crooked Creek Township, Carroll Co., Ark. 
11 Oct., Page 61 index, Dwelling 537, Family 537:

X THOMAS CARDEN 45 b. Ga. Farmer
GEORGE W. 1/12

Also in Crooked Creek Township:

J. C. COKER & family 33 b. N.C. and includes

1870 Visalia Township, Tulare Co., Ca., 
18 Aug., Visalia P.O., Dwelling 59, Family 56:

X THOMAS CARDEN 65 b. Ga.  Farmer
SARAH J. 23 Ark.
WILLIAM 21 " Farm laborer
GEORGE W. 19 "   "          "
JOHN F.   8 "

Dwelling 60, Family 57 (next door):

X GLOVER INMAN 21  b. Tenn.  Farm laborer
X MARY F. 25 Ark.
X FANNY 1/12 Ca.

[SARAH ELIZABETH INMAN WILSON born Aug. 1870. See 1900 census. probably called Fanny as a nickname after her mother and her mother's grandmother, MARY FRANCES CARDEN INMAN and FRANCES COKER.]

Dwelling 61, Family 58 (next door):

EUGENE ROZ 47  b. France Miner

**** X THOMAS JEFFERSON CARDEN died August 1871 in Tulare Co., Ca. ****t***

*** X MARY FRANCIS CARDEN INMAN died 4 March, 1876, 32 years, 1 month, 9 days. Buried Weldon Cemetery, Kern Co., Ca.

1880 Kern Co., Ca. census, p.539 index, Green Horn and Mammoth [crossed out]
Enumerator was JESSE L. BENNETT, much beloved Methodist minister for the mountain area. Many errors. Should have been:

X E. W. CARDEN b. N.C. Fb.   Mb. Va.
E. VICKERS Dau " " "
ROBERT L. VICKERS G'son Ca. Il. Ark.
HARRIET E. G'dau " " "
J. F. CARDEN Son Ark. Ga. N. C.
X F. G. INMAN Son-in-law Tenn. Tenn. Tenn.
X F. COKER Mother Va.

X E. INMAN b. Ca. Fb. Tenn. Mb. Ark. Boarding with the NAILOR FAMILY

*** X ELIZABETH WARREN COKER CARDEN died 28 March 1887, age 65 years, buried Weldon Cemetery, Kern County, Ca.

*** X MARY F. COKER died on South Fork, at the home of her grandchildren, the CARDENS, 27 January 1889 at the age of 96 years and six months. Buried Weldon Cemetery, Kern County, Ca.

Brothers of MARY FRANCES CARDEN INMAN and uncles of SARAH ELIZABETH INMAN WILSON as described in the Great Register, Kern Co., Ca. 1892-93:

    WILLIAM MORRIS CARDEN, 42, 519 3/411, fair complexion, blue eyes, dark hair, a farmer, born in Ark., Weldon precinct, Weldon residence, Weldon P. O., regis May 7, 1892.

    JOHN FRANKLIN CARDEN, 30, 61111, light complexion, blue eyes, dark hair, a farmer, born in Ark., Weldon precinct, Weldon residence, Weldon P. O., regis May 7, 1892.

In 1881 in Christian County, Missouri on 6 February
were married by G. W. NOKES, Justice of the Peace. The
marriage was recorded on 8 February 1881
by J.C. ROGERS, Clerk.

1900 Christian County, Missouri, Porter Township, 
SD #8, Ed. #19, Sheet 4B, Line 68, June 11, Dwelling 66, Family 68:

INMON, GLOVER Head W M 52 b. Oct. 1847 b. Tn. Fb. Tn. Mb. Tn.
MARY L. Wife W F 42 Mar. 1856 Mo. " "
MAY Dau W F 16 Apr. 1884 " " Mo.
WALTER Son W M 9 Sep. 1890 " " "
SANDERS, ELIZA Aunt W F 86 Dec. 1813 Tn.   Tn. Tn.

[GLOVER INMAN AND MARY L. are listed as having been married 19 years and she as having given birth to 3 children, 2 of whom are alive. His occupation is listed Farmer, they rent a farm, F61. They both read, write and speak English as does their daughter, MAY. Both children attend school. WALTER does not yet read and write. The record indicates that Aunt ELIZA SANDERS gave birth to no children.]

1910 Craig Co., Okla., Township 8, 4 May, Dist. 186, 
SD #3, ED #37, 7306 A, Sheet 4, Dwelling house 62, Family 62:

ROBISON, THOMAS Head M W 29 b. Ill. Fb. Ill. Mb. Ill.
MAY Wife F W 26 Mo. Tenn. Mo.
GOLDY Dau FW 3 Okla. Ill. Mo.
NEOMA   " FW 1 " " "
INMAN, FINLEY G. F. in law M W 61  Tenn. Tenn. Tenn.
MARY L. M. in law F W 56 Mo. Ill. "
WALTER Bro. in law M W 19 " Tenn. Mo.
SANDERS, LOUISA Aunt in law F W 100  Tenn. " Tenn.
[Everyone on the census does speak English and they all can read and write. The men are all listed as farmers, the women as occupations "none". THOMAS ROBISON and FINLEY G. INMAN are shown as working at "Gen. Farm", WALTER INMAN shown as "Home Farm". The first two men are shown as working on their "own account" or OA, Walter as W where it indicates if one is an employer, employee or working own account. They are renting a farm, F53.

MARY L. INMAN'S parents were both born in Tennessee, not as shown on this record.

This census indicates that MAY INMAN ROBISON has given birth to two children, both living, and shows the same for MARY L. WILSON INMAN. It says that LOUISA SANDERS is a widow.]

On the pension application of NANCY ANN INMON WILSON after FRANCIS P. WILSON died at Duvall's Bluff at a military hospital on 22** February 1864 during the Civil War, ELKANAH D. INMON signed his name as one of the witnesses to her signature. She signed the document Nancy An Wilson. (**Documents give his death date as 23 February.)

On one of the affidavits that NANCY A. INMON WILSON had to submit as proof of her children's births, their dates of birth and of her marriage to FRANCIS P. WILSON, ELKANAH D. INMON and JAMES L. INMON are both listed as witnesses and as having "personally appeared" to witness her signature.

MARY N. INMON and R. H. WILLIAMS were also witnesses to the fact that she was the wife and mother that she claimed to be and SARAH INMON, 47, ..... "By profession a midwife and personally knew well FRANCIS P. WILSON late a private of Co. D 8th Regiment Mo Caval Volunteers; and also well knows NANCY A WILSON his wife." She signed, with her mark, testimony that she was present, did assist and attend the said NANCY A WILSON at the birth of MARY L. WILSON on or about the 20th day of March 1858, WILLIAM D. WILSON on or about the 15th of December 1859, and also "on the 4th of August 1862 when MARTHA A F WILSON was bornd and acted as above state". (sic)

There is a copy of a document in the records of FRANCIS P. WILSON dated Feb 4 1916 that reads:

To the Chief, Finance Division:
    You are hereby notified that check #9686188 for $36.00 dated Feb 4, 1916, in favor of
            post-office     NANCY ANN WILSON
            Certificate #     Earlsboro     Okla
Class.. Civil War             46178     C     W     WID

Section 5 has been returned to this office by the Postmaster with the information that the pensioner died Nov. 12, 1915 and said check has this day been canceled.

In a rural area southwest of Prague, Lincoln County, Okla. and northeast of Shawnee, Pottawatomie County, Okla. near Earlsboro there is a cemetery called the Garden Grove Cemetery. It is across the country road north of the Garden Grove Missionary Baptist Church. The families attended the church while they lived in that area and NANCY ANN INMON WILSON, WILLIAM DANIEL WILSON, ELIZA INMON SANDERS are buried in the Garden Grove Cemetery along with other family members. Their graves are marked with engraved stones of cement made by BILLY FLOYD BROWN and his wife, ALICE FAYE WEAVER BROWN. The stones were set by BILLY F. BROWN and his son, BILLY MICHAEL BROWN during the summer of 1990.

WILLIAM DANIEL WILSON died on the same date, Feb. 23, 1913 as had his father FRANCIS P. WILSON forty-nine years earlier.

After their deaths SARAH ELIZABETH INMAN WILSON moved to Drumright, Creek County, Okla., probably to be near her father FINLEY GLOVER INMAN and MARY L. WILSON INMAN and the THOMAS ROBISON FAMILY. In Drumright she ran a boarding house until her death on 14 December 1920. When she died she had two children at home. (I have an idea that she provided room and board for crews who worked for and with THOMAS ROBISON who was at that time building oil derricks. I have only circumstantial evidence for this conclusion.]

She is buried in the old Masonic Cemetery at Drumright and her gravesite is marked with a cement tombstone made by her grandson, BILLY FLOYD BROWN and his wife, ALICE FAYE WEAVER BROWN. Another grandson, WAYNE D. SIKES set the stone in late summer or very early fall 1990.

Of WILLIAM DANIEL and SARAH ELIZABETH WILSON'S children, their youngest daughter, SYLVIA WILSON married FLOYD JAMES BROWN and they had four children: OPAL FAY died in infancy and is buried in Garden Grove Cemetery; FREDA JUNE BROWN married EARL RAY CARTER; BILLY FLOYD BROWN, already mentioned; and CARROL GENE BROWN who married MAZIE JOAN McCULLOUGH.

WALTER INMAN, it is believed, died and is buried at Drumright, but it has thus far been impossible to obtain a death certificate or to find his burial site.

MARY LOUISA WILSON INMAN died on July 28, 1921 at Covington, Garfield Co., Okla. at 12:35 a.m. from influenza and is buried in Covington Community Cemetery beside her husband. Their graves are marked with a double stone.

FINLEY GLOVER INMAN survived his wife by a little over a year. He died at Covington on 24 October 1922 from an obstruction of the bowels and died after an illness of about ten days.

MAY INMAN ROBISON and THOMAS ROBISON had several children, the oldest two being girls, GOLDY and ULA NEOMA. NEOMA married GLENN PERRIN who is buried in the Covington, Okla. Community Cemetery. NEOMA retired after many years as the postmistress of Covington and now (1990-1991) resides in Tyler, Tex. There are another one or two of their children still living, one a daughter in California.

MAY died at home in Oklahoma City in 1931 from pellagra with complications from bronchitis and acute pneumonia may have contributed to her demise. She is buried In the Covington Community Cemetery next to her parents, FINLEY GLOVER INMAN and MARY L. WILSON INMAN. Their graves all have rose colored engraved marble stones provided by THOMAS ROBISON who moved to California where he died and is buried in 1955. He did remarry after MAY's death.


WILLIAM DANIEL WILSON married SARAH ELIZABETH INMAN, the daughter of FINLEY GLOVER INMAN and MARY FRANCES CARDEN INMAN. GLOVER INMAN and Will were brothers-in-law (if not cousins, as I believe them to be) because Glover's second wife, MARY LOUISA WILSON INMAN was Will's sister.....But, they knew each other long before that because the two families had for many years been closely intertwined from very early days in Giles County, Tenn. and made their migration to Missouri together....

And several years before the wedding date of WILLIAM DANIEL WILSON to GLOVER's daughter, Will was convicted of second degree murder in the death of Glover's brother-in- law, the philandering husband of his sister, SARAH ANN, DANIEL STEPHENSON. This is according to family and neighborhood lore and the reason for the killing might have been attributable to any one of a number of things Perhaps be cause of his "stepping out" on his wife .... or maybe because his escapades might have been with someone else's wife or sweetheart .... or it might have even been over old Civil War grudges .... or something else no one at this late date could ever guess.

For whatever reason the story goes that the victim was out that night with his brother-in-law, JACK INMAN and WILL WILSON, along with at least one other man when the killing took place. Two men, according to the story, tied Daniel to a team of horses, whipped them and let the horses drag him over a field of "new ground" having a number of tree stumps until he died.

After Will's conviction in Christian County Circuit Court in August 1883 he was sentenced to ten years in the Missouri State Penitentiary at Jefferson City. He was twenty-three years old, single, a farmer, had dark hair, blue eyes, light complexion and was clean shaven. He was 5'4" tall, weighed 145 pounds and had a 9 1/2" foot. He had scars on his left knee cap and over his right eye, according to his prison records.

Will had no previous criminal record, could read and write, and gave his religious affiliation as "Campbellite" which would undoubtedly be in opposition to Stephenson's beliefs because he was an officer in the Union forces. The INMAN brothers were in sympathy with the Union, maybe because their religious background was mostly Methodist while Campbellites in Greene and surrounding counties in Missouri held to the belief that slavery was blessed by God and that certain scriptures taught that to be true. In that area it is said that Civil War grudges lasted for many years afterwards.

Probably a more logical explanation would be that, on his prison record, under the column "Habits of Life", Will's record has one word ... "Intemperate" ... He drank to excess, a habit he continued to a certain degree throughout his life, it is believed. (Also, his father had been a Union soldier and had died in the latter part of the Civil War at Duvall's Bluff in Arkansas.)

Will entered prison on September 10, 1883 and would have been eligible for parole under Missouri law at that time by March 8, 1891. He was released August 20, 1890. On that date Governor DAVID R. FRANCIS "pardoned, released and restored his citizenship rights". (The only relative of Will mentioned on his record is his mother, a widow, living in Nixa, Mo.)

WILLIAM DANIEL WILSON and SARAH ELIZABETH INMAN were married on 29 May, 1892 in the office of M. R. Sellars, Justice of the Peace. They purchased their license in Ozark, Mo. on 27 May 1892. Both are listed as residents of Nixa, Christian County.

1900 Christian Co., Mo., Porter Township, 
ED #19, SD #8, Vol. 27, Sheet 4, Line 73, Dwelling 67, Family 69:

WILSON, WILL Head M W 40 b. Mo. Dec 1859 Fb. Tn. Mb. Tn.
SARAH E. Wife F W 28 b. Ca. Aug 1871 " "
MARTHA A. Dau F W 8 Mo. Apr 1892 Mo. Ca.
HARVY D. Son M W 5 " May 1895 " "
ARTELIA Dau F W 3 " Feb 1897 " "
LESLIE Son M W 9/12 " Aug 1889 " "
WILSON, NANCY Mother F W 79 " Oct 1820
TYLER,  JAMES Boarder M W 31 " Feb 1869 Ark. Ark.

1900 Dwelling 66, Family 68 (next door):

INMON, GLOVER 52 Farmer Tn. Tn. Tn.
MARY L. 42 Wife Mo. Tn. Tn.
MAY 16 Dau Mo. Tn. Mo.
WALTER   9 Son Mo. Tn. Mo.
SANDERS, ELIZA 86 Aunt Tn. Tn. Tn.

(I've abbreviated a little with this record of the INMON Family because I have already shown it in previous pages.)

1910 Craig County, Okla., SD #3, ED #37, Sheet 4, Line 40, Dwelling 69, Family 69, 
(Seven dwellings from where FINLEY GLOVER INMAN and MARY LOUISA WILSON INMAN live with their children....record shown on earlier page.)

WILLSON, WILL Head W M 50 b. Mo. Fb. Tenn. Mb. Tenn.
SARRAH E. Wife W F 39 Ca. " "
ANNA Dau. W F 17 Mo. Mo. Ca.
HARVEY D. Son W M 14 " " "
ARTA Dau. W F 13 " " "
LESLIE Son W M 11 " " "
LILLY Dau. W F 7 " " "
SILVY Dau. W F 2 " " "
NANCIE A. Mother W F 80 Tenn. Tenn. Tenn.
COHER, WILLIAM M. Boarder W M 28 Mo. U. S. U. S.

[I copied this last name with the letter "h" several years ago when I first began researching this family. Now I believe that the letter should be "k" .... COKER because of the frequency of finding COKER FAMILIES near WILSON and INMAN FAMILIES, but probably more significantly, MARY FRANCES CARDEN, first wife of FINLEY GLOVER INMAN, and mother of SARAH ELIZABETH INMAN WILSON, was the daughter of ELIZABETH WARREN COKER CARDEN, COKER being her maiden name.]

This census indicates that SARAH ELIZABETH and WILLIAM DANIEL WILSON have been married 18 years, that she has borne 8 children, of whom 6 are living. All of the family speaks English. The first five listed can all read and write and the three oldest children attend school. WILLIAM DANIEL WILSON is listed as Farmer Own Account; HARVEY D. as Farmer at Home; and WILLIAM M. COHER as General Farmer. It says that HARVEY D. was not out of work any this year, meaning, I guess, that he farmed even during school term, since no comment is written about the other two who are farming, too. They rent a farm, F58.

NANCIE A. WILSON's age should be 90 according to previous year's census records.

Full Name of Husband:


Places of Residence:
Mother's Maiden Name:

Wife's Full Maiden Name:

Places of Residence:
Mother's Maiden Name:

15 December 1859 Christian Co., Mo.
29 May 1892 Ozark, Christian Co., Mo.
In his office by M. R. SELLARS, J.P.
23 February 1913 Pottawatomie Co., Ok.
Garden Grove Cemetery, Pottawatomie Co., Ok.

Missouri, Indian Territory, Oklahoma

__ August 1871 California
14 Dec. 1920 Drumright, Creek Co.
Old Masonic Cemetery, Drumright, Creek Co., Ok.

Ca., Mo., I.T., Oklahoma

F l MARTHA ANNA FRANCES b. 1 April 1892 Nixa, Christian Co., Mo.
    (2) Drumright, Creek Co., Ok. [1st spouse
    named COLE]
d.7 April 1961, San Diego, Calif.
b. Ft. Rosecrans, San Diego, Calif.
M 2 HARVEY DANIEL b. May 1895 Nixa, Christian Co.,Mo.
m. LUCY BROWN, Oklahoma (1) (Div.)
d. California
b. California
F 3 ARTELIA b. 5 Feb.1897 Nixa, Christian Co., Mo.
m.25 Dec.1913 LESTER SIKES, Okla.
d. 7 Mar.1950 Oklahoma City, Okla.
b. 10 Mar.1950 Garden Grove Cemetery,
    Pottawatomie Co., Ok.
M 4 LESTER FINLEY b. 28 Aug.1899 Nixa Christian Co., MO.
d. 2 Oct.1957, St. John's Hospital,
    Tulsa, Tulsa Co., Okla.
b. 5 Oct. 1957 Woodlawn Cemetery,
    Claremore, Rogers Co., Okla.
F 5 LILLIE MAE b. 24 July 1902, Nixa, Christian Co., Mo.
m. 13 Sept. 1922 JESS THOMPSON,
    Drumright, Creek Co., Okla. (*Not first
    marriage. First spouse's name was
d. 20 May 1975, Bakersfield, Kern Co., Ca.
b. 22 May 1975 Hillcrest Mem., 
    Bakersfield, Kern Co., Ca.
F 6 SYLVIA b. 28 Sept. 1907 Big Cabin, Craig Co., Ok.
m. 12 Dec. 1927 FLOYD JAMES BROWN,
    Holdenville, Hughes Co., Ok.
d. 26 June 1972 Stroud Hospital, 
    Lincoln County, Oklahoma
b. 27 June 1972 Stroud Cemetery, 
    Lincoln County, Oklahoma
M 7 ROY ALVA b. 9 Sept. 1911 Big Cabin, Craig Co., Ok.
m. 13 April 1937 RUTH EVALINA
    SEATON, Okemah, Oklahoma
d. 17 June 1975 South Community Hospital,
    Oklahoma City, Okla.
b. 19 June 1975 Sunnylane Cemetery, 
    Oklahoma City, Okla.

I am sure this contains errors in my interpretation of records or in copying them from my original documents to the pages of this family history of my husband's family.

The INMAN, CARDEN and WILSON FAMILIES include those who made their way from North Carolina to Tennessee to Arkansas to Missouri to California to Missouri to Indian Territory to Oklahoma to make the way in the master plan of life in preparation for the time in history for his birth when the time was right in the right place of his FAMILY HISTORY for him to take his place and carry on as he lives preparing for those whom he has known and loved and those who will come after that he will not see, having gone on leaving them free to do their appointed tasks in their continuity of the FAMILY HISTORY.

I will appreciate any additions or corrections to information about these families.


-alice faye weaver brown