The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 97 page 154

Miss Ida May Wilson.                                                                 96490
            Born in Cedar Falls, Iowa.
    Descendant of Ebenezer Britton, as follows:
        1. James H. Wilson (1826-1905) m. 1867 Clara E. Britain (b. 1842).
        2. George Washington Britain (1803-62) m. 1840 Sylvania Inman (1821-95).
        3. Calvin Britain (b. 1771) m. 2nd Mary Cole (b. 1779).    
        4. Ebenezer Britton m. 2nd Sarah Bullock.

    Ebenezer Britton (1715-88) was on the Committee of Safety of Westmoreland. He was born in
Raynham, Mass.; died in Westmoreland, N. H.

Also Nos. 25705, 85498.