The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 95 page 144

MRS. ELIZABETH CLEAGE DUMAS                                  94461
            Born in Chattanooga, Tenn.
        Wife of Robert Eugene Dumas.

    Descendant of Lieut. Issac Lane, Joseph Bennett Bradford, Benjamin MacFarland, Lieut. Andrew Henderson, and Abednego Inman, as follows:
        1. John Henry Cleage (b. 1846) m. 1875 Elizabeth Tipton Bradford (1858-91).
        2. Alexander Cleage (1801-74) m. 1832 Jemima Hurst 91813-96); William Bradford (1827-95) m. 1846 Elizabeth Keys Inman (1829-1903).
        3. Elijah Hurst (b. 1785) m. 1808 Mary Lane (b. 1789); Henry Bradford 91776-1871) m. 1799 Rachel MacFarland 91783-1852); Shadrach Inman 91793-1852) m. 1819 Sarah Keys Henderson 91798-1841).
        4. Isaac Lane m. 1782 Sarah Russell (1760-1854); Joseph Bennett Bradford m. 2nd 1762 Margaret Wilson (1742-1832); Benjamin MacFarland m. 1777 Mary Blackburn (1758-1820); Abednego Inman m. 1778 Mary Ritcie (1757-1836); Andrew Henderson m. Nancy Keys.

    Isaac Lane (1759-1851) was placed on the pension roll of McMinn County, Tenn., 1831, for service as private, Virginia Line. he served as lieutenant at the battle of King's Mountain. He was born in North Carolina; died in McMinn County, Tenn.
        Also No. 75177.
    Joseph Bennett Bradford (1738-1828) served as orderly to Gen. Thomas Sumter at the battle of Guilford Court House. He was born in Fauquier County, Va.; died in Burke County, N. C.
        Also No. 71231.
    Benjamin MacFarland (1747-1823) was private in the 3rd Virginia regiment. He was bord in Bedford County, Va., died in jefferson County, Tenn.
        Also No. 83227.
    Andrew Henderson (1758-1831) served as lieutenant in 4th Pennsylvania regiment. He was born in Augusta County, Va.; died in Monroe County, Tenn.
    Abednego Inman (1752-1831) served as a private and carried scars to his death of Indian and border warfare. He died in Dandridge, Tenn.
        Also No. 54050.