The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 95

Mrs. Emma B. Du Bose Chamberlin.                                      94552
        Wife of Harry Chamberlin.
    Descendant of Samuel McSpadden, as follows:
        1. Edwin Rembert Du Bose m. Ella Inman.
        2. Shadrack W. Inman m. Katherine Lea.
        3. Preston Jarnigan Lea m. Mary Peck.
        4. Benjamin Peck m. Keziah McSpadden (b. 1792).
        5. Samuel McSpadden m. 1st Sally Keyes (d. 1798).

    Samuel McSpadden (1756-1844) served as private in Captain Campbell's company, Colonel Dickerson's Virginia regiment. He was born in Virginia; died in Jefferson County, Tenn.