The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 94 page 83

Mrs. Mabel M. Alburn Rucker.                                         93260
            Born in Des Moines, Ia.
        Wife of Early Dabney Rucker.

    Descendant of Joseph Streeter, as follows:
        1. Charles William Alburn (b. 1849) m. 1872 Harriet Amanda Streeter (b. 1856).
        2. Russell Mason Streeter (1826-1901) m. 1847 Charlotte Strickland (b. 1830).
        3. Mason Streeter (1799-1891) m. 1st 1817 Elizabeth Wilcox.
        4. Johnson Streeter (1761-1824) m. 1782 Lydia Mason (b. 1762).
        5. Joseph Streeter m. 1752 Mary Inman.

    Joseph Streeter (1719-77) was a private in Capt. Lewis Tower's company, Rhode Island Line.
He died in Rhode Island.