The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 88

Mrs. Ide Miller Kaster.                                                             87703
            Born in Des Moines, Iowa.
        Wife of J. P. Kaster.

    Descendant of Lieut. George Espy, as follows:
        1. Levi M. Miller (1828-92) m., 1851, Priscilla Espy (1827-1910).
        2. John Espy (1779-1843) m., 1809, Lovenia Inman (1787-1874).
        3. George Espy m., 1776, Mary Stewart (b. 1739).

    George Espy (1749-1814) served as lieutenant in the Northumberland County Associators. He was born in Hanover; died in Newport, Pa.

Also No. 75619.