The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 84

Mrs. Lillie Louise Inman Raymond.                                       83531
            Born in Cedar Falls, Iowa.
        Wife of Alva Wing Raymond.

    Descendant of Benjamin Gray, as follows:
        1. John Wesley Inman (1820-84), m. 1854, Mary Louise Viers (b. 1832).
        2. Thomas Dixon Viers (1800-38), m. 1822, Surviah Gray (1794-1869).
        3. Thomas Baxter Gray (1769-1830), m., 2nd, 1790, Keturah Stanton (1772-1855).
        4. Benjamin Gray (1740-1813), m. 1764, Temperance Baxter (d. 1811).

    Benjamin Gray (1740-1813) enlisted, 1775, in Capt. Abel Spier's 10th company, Col. Samuel Holden Parson's 6th Connecticut Continental regiment. He was born and died in Groton, Conn.