The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 82 page 303

Mrs. Abby Gertrude McCardell.                                                 81806
            Born in Pittsburgh, Pa.
        Wife of Edgar Stonebraker McCardell.

    Descendant of Peter Barnes, Moses Scott, and Jonathan Finney.
        Daughter of Elmore Alfonso Barnes (1845-1909) and Abby Luella Fisher (1849-1902), his wife, m.
        Granddaughter of William Barnes (1820-93) and Ph?be Bouton (1824-94), his wife, m. 1845; Roswell Harris Fisher (1819-69) and Laura Diaffa Scott (1821-99), his wife, m. 1847.
        Gr-granddaughter of Robert Barnes (1780-1862) and Agnes Graham (1785-1875), his wife; Solomon Scott (1792-1842) and Diaffa Andrews (1798-1846), his wife, m. 1817; Stephen Bouton (b. 1787) and Polly Finney (b. 1792), his wife, m. 1810.
        Gr-gr-granddaughter of Peter Barnes and Sophia Inman (b. 1753), his wife; Moses Scott and Eunice Woods (1763-1847), his wife, m. 1782; Jonathan Finney and Sarah Treadway (b. 1767), his wife, m. 1789.
    Peter Barnes (1744-1814) was a private in the 4th regiment, New York Line, under Captain Ambrose Horton and Col. James Holmes. He died near Wooster, Ohio.
    Moses Scott (1749-1817) enlisted from Glastonbury, Conn., 1775, in Capt. John Chester's company, Col. Samuel Wyllys's regiment, Connecticut line; engaged in the battle of Bunker Hill. In 1838 he applied for a pension which was allowed. He died in Gill, Mass.
    Jonathan Finney (1759-1843) served several enlistments, 1775-81, under different commands,
Massachusetts troops. In 1818 he applied for a pension. His claim was allowed. He died in Delhi, NY