The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 81

Mrs. Cora Leonard Underwood.                                                 80713
            Born in Plymouth City, Ind.
        Wife of Arthur Thompson Underwood.

    Descendant of Gamaliel Leonard.
        Daughter of William E. Leonard (b. 1849) and Estella A. Nichols (1854-1904), his wife, m. 1873.
        Granddaughter of John W. Leonard (1814-55) and Julia Inman (1818-96), his wife, m. 1837.
        Gr-granddaughter of Charles Leonard (1787-1854) and Betsey Colburn, his wife.
        Gr-gr-granddaughter of Gamaliel Leonard and Anna Witherell (1758-1830), his wife, m. 1783.

    Gamaliel Leonard (1757-1827) was a private in Capt. Philip King's company, Col. George Williams' 3rd Bristol County regiment, 1776. He was born in Raynham, Mass.; died in Fair Haven, Vt.