The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 77 page 122

Mrs. Carrie M. Inman Wood.                                                         76323
            Born in Amsterdam, N. Y.
        Wife of Ralph A. Wood.

    Descendant of Samuel Hopkins, Capt. Joseph Hopkins, Col. George Irish, Sergt. Benjamin Irish, and William Fairbanks.
        Daughter of Horace Inman (b. 1839) and Elizabeth Joslin (1837-1908), his wife, m. 1859.
        Granddaughter of George S. Joslin (1803-41) and Priscilla Hopkins (1806-40), his wife, m. 1824.
        Gr-granddaughter of James T. Joslin (b. 1783) and Hannah Irish (b. 1780), his wife, m. 1802; Thomas Hopkins (1763-1849) and Mary Fairbanks (1766-1840), his wife.
        Gr-gr-granddaughter of Benjamin Irish and Martha Irish, his wife, m. 1779; Joseph Hopkins and Mary Austin, his wife, m. 1759; William Fairbanks and Priscilla Remington (b. 1741), his wife, m. 1766.
        Gr-gr-gr-granddaughter of George Irish and Sarah Babcock, his wife (parents of Martha); Samuel Hopkins and Honor Brown (b. 1710), his wife, m. 1730.

    Samuel Hopkins (1704-90) served as recruiting officer, 1780. He was born in East Greenwich; died in West Greenwich, R. I.
    Also No. 21333.
    Joseph Hopkins (1736-93) served, 1780, as a captain in Major Samuel Wall's regiment. He was born in Hopkins' Hall; died in Providence, R. I.
    George Irish (1729-1801) served in the Assembly from Newport County and was colonel of militia. He was born and died in Middletown, R. I.
    Also Nos. 58896, 74870.
    Benjamin Irish served, 1776, as sergeant under Colonels Parsons and John Durkee. He was
born, 1753, in South Kensington, R. I.
    William Fairbanks (1744-1828) served, 1777, as a private in Capt. Samuel Weber's company. He was born on the Island of Prudence, R. I.; died in Perth, N. Y.