The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 72

Mrs. Minnie F. Veness.                                                                 71720
            Born in Smithfield, R. I.
        Wife of Alfred E. Veness.

    Descendant of Elijah Smith.
        Daughter of Daniel Smith (1826-61) and Minerva Mowry (b. 1835), his wife, m. 1853.
        Granddaughter of Ephraim Smith (1790-1854) and Elizabeth Inman (1789-1849), his wife.
        Gr-granddaughter of Elijah Smith and Mary Smith (1769-1826), his wife.

    Elijah Smith (1761-1852) enlisted, 1776, and served until 1780 under different commands. He was engaged in the expedition to Rhode Island. His claim for pension, executed in 1833, was allowed. He was born and died in Rhode Island.