The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 48

Mrs. Bessie L. Cook Wentworth.                                           47580
            Born in Galesburg, Ill.
        Wife of Frank Wentworth.

    Descendant of Sergt. Jonathan Collins.
        Daughter of Forrest F. Cooke and Sarah Louise Collins, his wife.
        Granddaughter of Bryan Ransome Collins and Elizabeth M. Inman, his wife.
        Gr-granddaughter of Selden Collins and Mary Murdock, his wife.
        Gr-gr-granddaughter of Jonathan Collins and Sarah Coach, his wife.

    Jonathan Collins (1755-1845) was placed on the pension roll of Lewis County, N. Y., 1831, for service as private, fifer and sergeant, Connecticut militia. He was born in Wallingford, Conn.; died in West Turin, N. Y.

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