The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 40 page 280

MRS. LUCY HALE GOFORTH                                             39764
            Born in Newport, Tennessee.
        Wife of Hugh Goforth.

    Descendant of Abednego Inman.
        Daughter of James M. Hale and Laura Baer, his wife.
        Granddaughter of Hardin Baer and Mary wilson, his wife.
        Gr.-granddaughter pf John Baer and Polly Inman, his wife.
        Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Shadrach Inamn and Sarah Henderson (1798-1844), his wife.
        Gr.-gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Abednego Inman and Mary Ritchie (1757-1836), his wife.
    Abednego Inman, (1752-1831), served as a soldier and carried scars to his death of Indian and border warfare. He died in Dandridge, Tenn.
        Also Nos. 16654, 24409.