The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 38 page 330

            Born in Wysoc, Illinois
        Wife of Prof. M. Vincent O'Shea.
    Descendant of Lieut. Aaron Gaylord, Levi Frisbie and Edward Inman.
        Daughter of Levi Frisbie Eastabrooks and Mary Inamn, his wife.
        Granddaughter of Abiel Eastabrooks and Catherine Gaylord Frisbie, his wife; John E. Inman and Mary Hannis, his wife.
        Gr.-granddaughter of Levi Frisbie and Phebe Gaylord, his wife; Edward Inman and Jerusha Dilley, his wife.
Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Aaron Gaylord and Katherine Cole, his wife.

    Aaron Gaylord, (1745-78), fell at the battle of Forty Fort and his name is on the monument at Wyoming. He was born in Bristol, Connecticut.
    Also Nos. 5972, 15411.
    Levi Frisbie, (1758-1842), served as a private in the Connecticut militia. He was born in Bristol, Connecticut and died in Orwell, Pennsylvania.
        Also No. 2727.
    Edward Inman, (1763-1848), served in Sullivan's expedition 1779 to avenge the Wyoming massacre, where five of his brothers enlisted in defense of their home. Elijah and Israel were killed at Wyoming. David and Isaac fell the same year. He died in Hanover, Pennsylvania.
        Also No. 16475.