The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 30

Miss Bessie Hinman.                                                          29134
            Born in Fall Brook, Pennsylvania.
    Descendant of Lieut. Theodore Catlin, Joseph Streeter and Josiah Hinman.
        Daughter of John Hinman and Ada Gibson, his wife.
        Granddaughter of Guy Catlin Hinman and Phebe Sherwood, his wife; Dr. Otis L. Gibson and Emmeline Barton Parsons, his wife.
        Gr.-granddaughter of Elijah S. Hinman and Anne Catlin, his wife; Capt. Luke Parsons and Nancy Streeter, his wife.
        Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Josiah Hinman and Phebe Summers, his wife; Theodore Catlin and Mary Goodwin, his wife; Johnson Streeter and Lydia Mason, his wife.
        Gr.-gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Joseph Streeter and Mary Inman, his wife.
    Theodore Catlin, (1734-1824), was appointed second lieutenant, 1776, in Col. Samuel Whiting's
regiment for service in New York. He was born in Connecticut; died in Catharine, N. Y.
    Joseph Streeter, (1719-78), served on the alarm list of Cumberland, Rhode Island.
    Josiah Hinman, (1747-1818), served at the Danbury raid, 1777, from Trumbull, Conn.