The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 165

Mrs. Dorothy C. Keith Inman.                                                     164575
            Born in Farmington, Mo.
        Wife of Chelsea Inman.

    Descendant of Maj. John Stagg, as follows:
        1. Frank Lee Keith (b. 1860) m. 1883 Mary Frances DeLisser (b. 1855).
        2. Richard Linde DeLisser (1820-87) m. 1845 Elizabeth Mary Puffer (1825-94).
        3. George Shelford Puffer (b. 1800) m. 1824 Cornelia Stagg (1803-33).
        4. John Stagg m. 2d 1788 Margaret DePeyster (1767-1846).

    John Stagg (1758-1803) served as major in the Continental line and as private secretary to George Washington. He was born and died in New York City.

Also No. 153552.