The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 159 page 291

MRS. VIOLA INMAN BRADFORD MILLIGAN                   158981
            Born in New York City.
        Wife of Max Milligan.

    Descendant of Joseph Bennett Bradford, Abednego Inman, John McFarland, Benjamin McFarland, Lieut. Andrew Henderson and Andrew Blackburn, as follows:
        1. Henry James Bradford (b. 1855) m. 1884 Florence Frost (1855-1903).
        2. William M. Bradford (1827-95) m. 1846 Elizabeth Keys Inman 91829-1903).
        3. Henry Bradford (1776-1870) m. 1799 Rachel McFarland (1783-1852); Shadrach Inman (1793-1852) m. 1819 Sarah Keyes Henderson (1798-1841).
        4. Joseph Bennett Bradford m. 2d Margaret Wilson (b. 1742); Abednego Inman m. 1777 Mary Ritchie (1757-1836); Benjamin McFarland m. 1777 Mary Blackburn (1758-1820); Andrew Henderson m. (Mary Agnes) Nancy Keys.
        5. John McFarland m. 1728 Mary Montgomery (b. 1712); Andrew Blackburn m. Virginia Anne Wilson (b. 1730).

    Joseph Bennett Bradford (1738-1822) served as orderly to General Sumter at the Battle of Guilford Court House. He was born in Fauquier County, Va.; died in Burke County, N. C.
        Also No. 140231.
Abednego Inman (1752-1831) served as private in the Georgia militia. He was born in England; died in Dandridge, Tenn.
        Also No. 144440.
    John McFarland (1708-84) and Andrew Blackburn (1728-85) took the Oath of Allegiance to the State of Virginia, 1777. They were born in Scotland; died in Bedford County, Va.
        Also No. 131881.
Benjamin McFarland (1747-1823) served as private in the 3d Virginia regiment. He was born in Bedford County, Va.; died in Jefferson County, Tenn.
        Also No. 155060.