The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 15

Miss Jennie Inman.                                                                     14509
            Born in Tennessee.
    Descendant of Capt. William Christian and of Capt. Andrew Russell, of Virginia.
        Daughter of Shadrach Walker Inman and Jane Martin, his wife.
        Granddaughter of Hugh Martin and Sarah Russell, his wife (b. 1789).
        Gr.-granddaughter of Andrew Russell and Margaret Christian, his wife.
        Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of William Christian and Mary Campbell, his wife.
    Andrew Russell was captain of the Fifth Virginia Regiment, 1776. He was born in Augusta county, Va., 1738, and died in Jefferson county, Tenn.
    William Christian commanded a company, 1776, from Augusta county under Col. William Christian against the Indians at Long Island Flats. He died 1779.

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