The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 14 page 355

MRS. MAY INMAN GRAY.                                              13957
             Born in Georgia.
         Wife of James Richard Gray.

    Descendant of Abednego Inman, Capt. Samuel McSpadden and Adam Peck, of Tennessee.
       Daughter of Walker Patterson Inman and Harriet Cordelia Dick, his wife.
        Granddaughter of Henry Jackson Dick and Sarah Ann Peck, his wife; John Ritchie Inman and Jane Walker, his wife.
        Gr.-granddaughter of Benjamin Peck and Keziah McSpadden, his wife; Abednego Inman and Mary Ritchie, his wife.
        Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Samuel McSpadden and Sally Keyes, his wife; Adam Peck and Elizabeth Sharkey, his wife.

    Abednego Inman, (1752-1831), carried scars to his grave as a soldier of the Revolution. He died at Dandridge, Tenn.
    Adam Peck, (1753-1817), served in the Maryland Line during the war. He was born in Frederick county, Md., and died at Mossy Creek,Tenn.