The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 128 page 226

MRS. KATIE McNUTT JOHNSON                                   127706
            Born in Knoxville, Tenn.
        Wife of R. P. Johnson.

Descendant of Capt. James White, George McNutt amd Shadrach Inman, as follows:
        1. William J. McNutt (d. 1914) m. 1872 Katie Welcker (1851-72).
        2. Albert G. Welcker (1823-68) m. 1847 Nancy White (1828-98); Robert Houston McNutt (1819-85) m. 1839 Mary J. McFarland (1820-1916).
        George McNutt White (1800-84) m. 1827 Sophia Moody Park (1809-94); George Anderson McNutt (1798-1825) m. Melinda Houston 91797-1848); John Henry Welcker (1776-1838) m. 1805 Elizabeth Inman (1790-1840).
        4. Moses White (b. 1775) m. 1797 Isabella McNutt 9b. 1780); George McNutt m. 3d, 1797, Ginny Anderson; Shadrach Inman m. 1767 Mary Jane McPhetters (1749-1830).
        5. James White m. 1770 Mary Lawson.

    James White (1747-1821) commanded a company in the North Carolina militia until 1781. He was born in Iredell County, N. C.; died in Knoxville, Tenn.
    George McNutt (1751-1823) was a soldier from Rockbridge County, Va., serving at Kings Mountain. he was also a sailor. He was born in Ireland; died in Knox County, Tenn.
    Shadrach Inman (1747-1831) took the Oath of Allegiance in Rowan County, N. C. He was born in North Carolina; died in Jefferson County, Tenn.