The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 114

Mrs. Lena Inman Samuels.                                             113272
            Born in Elmira, N. Y.
    Descendant of Capt. Garret Ackerson, as follows:
        1. Lafayette Inman (b. 1847) m. 1871 Cornelia Brown (b. 1850).
        2. Louis Brown (1821-93) m. 1842 Martha Lugneer Hyatte (1821-99).
        3. James Hyatte m. Mary Ackerson (1799-1871).
        4. John Ackerson (b. 1765) m. Hannah —.
        5. Garret Ackerson m. Dorcas Springsteen.

    Garret Ackerson (1743-1811) was lieutenant and captain under Col. Ann Hawks Hay, New York Line. He was born in Rockland County; died in Warwick, N. Y.

Also No. 95006.