The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 113

Mrs. Harriet Ann Estes Whitney.                                          112925
            Born in Richmond, Mass.
        Wife of Merrill H. Whitney.

    Descendant of Samuel Estes, as follows:
        1. William Henry Estes (1833-1904) m. 1853 Elizabeth Wilbur (1827-92).
        2. Silas Estes, Jr. (1803-64), m. Phebe Cronkhite (d. 1882).
        3. Silas Estes (1776-1840) m. 1800 Mary Ann Peters (1784-1853).
        4. Samuel Estes m. Elizabeth Inman (b. 1744).

    Samuel Estes served as private in the 2nd company, Cumberland Rhode Island militia, 1775-77. He was born in Cumberland, R. I., where he died.