The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 112

Mrs. Rossie Smith Hand.                                                             111676
            Born in Quincy, Fla.
        Wife of Dr. Joseph H. Hand.

    Descendant of John Allen, as follows:
        1. Thomas Young Smith (1838-1912) m. 1865 Julia Auriett (1840-1903).
        2. Thomas Richard Smith (1814-78) m. 1834 Eliza Allen (1815-89).
        3. John Allen, Jr. (1785-1861) m. 1812 Mary Young (1794-1850).
        4. John Allen m. 1779 Elizabeth Inman (b. 1762).

    John Allen (1760-1828) served as a private in the Revolution from Georgia. He was born in Burke County, Ga.; died in Georgia.