The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 110 page 275

MRS. AGNES INMAN BEAMER                                     109871
            Born in   Grant, Iowa.
        Wife of Edward Beamer.

    Descendant of Capt. Peter Withington and of Richard Inman, as follows:
        1. Peter Inman (b. 1846) m. 1876 Mary Kenworthy (b. 1850).
        2. Richard Spencer Inman (1809-83) m. 1833 Delilah Applegate (1814-1902).
        3. Israel Inman (1779-1861) m. 1803 Sarah Himmelreich (1784-1866).
        4. Richard Inman m. 1778 Hannah Spencer (1763-1835); Peter Himmelreich m. 1783 Mary Withington (1765-1823).
        5. Peter Withington m. 1759 Eve Albert Schepler.

    Peter Withington (1777-1844) was commissioned captain, 1776, in Col. William Cooke's regiment. He contracted camp fever and died at Reading, Pa. He was born in England.
        Also No. 61476.
    Richard Inman (1751-1831) served as private in a company of soldiers raised to protect the settlers of Pennsylvania in the Wyoming Massacre. He was born in Conn.; died in Hanover, Pa.