The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 110 page 139

MRS. RUTH HARRIS LYLE                                                 109450
            Born in Dandridge, Tenn.
        Wife of William Alexander Lyle.

    Descendant of Lieut. Andrew Henderson and of Abednego Inman, as follows:
        1. William Franklin Harris (1840-70) m. 1868 Margaret Malzena Elliott (1846-1909).
        2. William Harris (1814-84) m. 1839 Harriet Malinda Inman (1824-91).
        3. Shadrach Inman (1793-1852) m. 1819 Sarah Keys Henderson (1798-1841).
        4. Andrew Henderson m. 1783 Nancy Keys (b. 1762); Abednego Inman m. 1777 Mary Ritchie (1757-1836).

    Andrew Henderson (1758-1831) served as lieutenant in 4th Pennsylvania regiment. He was born in Augusta County, Va.; died in Monroe County, Tenn.
    Abednego Inman (1752-1831) served as a private and bore scars received in Indian and border warfare. he died in Dandridge, Tenn.
        Also No. 94461.