The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 110

Mrs. Marie Spain Stubbs.                                                     109073
            Born in Quitman, Ga.
        Wife of Herbert William Stubbs.

    Descendant of James Jones, Daniel Inman and John Stapler, as follows:
        1. Frances Jones Spain (1847-1906) m. 1874 Lizzie Stapler (1852-1904).
        2. John William Spain (1818-70) m. 1840 Elizabeth Young (1822-85);  John Richard Stapler (1819-76) m. 1844 Caroline Postell (1819-1900).
        3. John Stapler, Jr. (1790-1840), m. 1810 Polly V. Woolfolk 1794-1847); James Young (b. 1784) m. 1811 Lavinia Jones (b. 1795); Levi Spain (d. 1826) m. 1814 Rachel Inman (b. 1797).
        4. John Stapler m. Jean Welch (d. 1822); James Jones m. 1791 Elizabeth Mills (1774-1836); Daniel Inman m. 1st Ava Allen (d. 1837).

    James Jones served as a private in the Georgia Line. He was born, 1764, in South Carolina; died in Screven County, Ga.
    John Stapler (1758-94) was a private under Col. Greenberry Lee, Georgia troops. He died in Columbia County, Ga.
    Daniel Inman served during the Revolution and his name is found in the list of Georgia soldiers. He was born in North Carolina; died, 1837, in Burke County, Ga.

Also No. 37224.