The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 108 page 230

MRS. LUCILLE JACKSON THOMAS                                107700
            Born in Mediapolis, Iowa.
        Wife of Morris Thomas.

    Descendant of Edward Inman, as follows:
        1. Edward Jackson (b. 1860) m. 1884 Florence Carmean (b. 1858).
        2. James Jackson (1829-1912) m. 1854 Mary Anne McMichael (b. 1829).
        3. William Jackson (1793-1846) m. Jerusha Inman (1796-1862).
        4. Edward Inman m. Jerusha Dilley 91766-1846).

    Edward Inman (1763-1848) served in Sullivan's expedition, 1779, to avenge the Wyoming massacre, where five of his brothers enlisted in the defense of their home. He was born in Connecticut; died in Hanvoer, Pa.
        Also No. 81715.