The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 105

Mrs. Rosira Lawrence Snelling.                                          104830
            Born in Providence, R. I.
        Wife of John F. Snelling.
Descendant of John Usher, as follows:
        1. Jason E. Lawrence (1828-1902) m. 1850 Rosira Inman (b. 1829).
        2. Valentine Inman (1791-1863) m. 1815 Delia Usher (1800-63).
        3. John Usher m. 1st Freelove Luther (1752-1815).

    John Usher (1736-1837) was placed on the pension roll of Providence County, 1818, for service as private, Rhode Island Continental Line. He was born in Smithfield; died in Gloucester, R. I.

Also No. 28786.