The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 105

Mrs. Mabel Ranney Wheeler.                                                 104559
            Born in Osawatomie, Kans.
    Descendant of Samuel Hall, as follows:
        1. James Knox Polk Ranney (b. 1848) m. 1874 Ida Louise Inman (b. 1857).
        2. William Ranney (1805-88) m. 2nd 1836 Ann Ostrander McCarty (1807-92).
        3. Samuel Hall Ranney (1772-1837) m. Polly Stewart (d. 1850).
        4. George Ranney (1746-1822) m. 1771 Esther Hall (1751-1807).
        5. Samuel Hall m. 1746 Elizabeth Wilcox (1726-99).

    Samuel Hall (1724-1811) was a minute man in the Connecticut militia. He was born and died
in Middletown, Conn.

(Ida Inman is the daughter of John and Hannah Scidmore Inman, grandaughter of Richard and Hannah Spencer Inman.) JAW

Also No. 59915.