The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 104 page 185

Miss Franc M. Jones.                                                        103605
            Born in Wenona, Ill.
Descendant of Joseph Warner, Jacob Minthorn, and Sergt. John Stitt, as follows:
      1. Zenas R. Jones (1831-1915) m. 1854 Julia E. Stitt (1828-97).
        2. Justus Jones (1798-1849) m. 1820 Sally Warner Conley (1791-1845); Andrew Stitt (1789-1870) m. 1812 Rhoda Inman (1795-1835).

    See No. 103604.
      3. Daniel Jones (1776-1814) m. 1797 Elizabeth Minthorn; John Stitt m. 1778 Mary Mackey (1758-1836).
        4. Jacob Minthorn m. 1776 Abigail Bonnell (b. 1754).

    Jacob Minthorn (1754-1817) served as a private in Capt. Israel Ward's Company, Col. Silvanus Seely's eastern battalion, 1778, Morris County, New Jersey militia. He was born in Morris County, New Jersey; died in Champaign County, Ohio.
    John Stitt (1752-1814) enlisted, 1776, as corporal and was promoted sergeant, 1778, serving in Capt. Israel Smith's company, Col. Harry Livingston's regiment, New York Continental Line. He was born in Ireland; died in New York.