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Boistfort Cemetery, Lewis County, WA
Take exit #77 off of interstate 5.Go West on Washington Hwy #6 for 5.4 miles to Curtis Hill Road. Take a left onto Curtis Hill Road and go 3.3 miles to Boistfort Road. Go left on Boistfort Road 4.6 miles. The Boistfort Road changes to the Wildwood Road at the intersection of the Boistfort Road and the Pell-McDonald Road. Go straight ahead on Wildwood Road for 3/10 of a mile. The Boistfort Cemetery is on the right.
    The original Boistfort Burial Grounds is on the left on top of the large mound that you see. Access to it is via a path and steps leading from the pullout on the opposite side of the road from the 1890 cemetery that is used today.
INMAN, CAROLIN D. BORN:02/22/1822 DIED:12/19/1905

Bunker Hill Cemetery - Longview, Cowlitz, WA 98632
SE1/4 - SW1/4, Section 2, T8N-R4W
The Bunker Hill Cemetery is located about 13 miles west of Longview on the north side of Ocean Beach Highway. The first burial with a tombstone is dated 16 July 1877. Currently there are about 485 burials. The land, deeded by William Welborn in February 1890, is surrounded with a fence and is very well cared for by the local community. A new section was recently opened and was still being used as of 1983.
INMAN, Tracy Allen 16 Jun 1957 28 Aug 1974

Catlin Cemetery - Columbia Heights Road, West Kelso, WA 98626
SW1/4-NE1/4, Section 27, T8N-R2W
Set on a steep hillside once called Goat Hill, Catlin Cemetery is located in West Kelso, right above the Weyerhaeuser railroad tracks at the bottom of Columbia Heights Road. The earliest burial date is 1849, making Catlin Cemetery the oldest cemetery still in existence in Cowlitz County. This cemetery has over 150 marked gravesites and numerous unmarked burials, including graves in Indian ancestry in the southwest corner of the cemetery. Catlin Cemetery has a fence surrounding it, but suffers from frequent vandalism.

Colfax Cemetery - Colfax, Whitman, WA View Driving Map to Cemetery
Inman 1856-1935
*Benjamin Franklin Inman 1884-1956
*William Inman b. 4-10-1843 d. 11-23-1893
*Eleanor Inman b. 10-3-1856 d. 9-12-1945 (William's Wife)
*Roy C. Inman b. 11-30-1874 d. 4-2-1917
Sadie B. LaClede Inman - no dates (Roy's wife)
*Frank K. Inman b.5-19-1881 d. 5-19-1927
*William A. Inman b. 1-22-1843 d. 8-11-1924
*Hannah Inman 52 years old d. 1-16-1900 (William's wife)
Mrs. Inman (she is buried next to William A. with no first name or marker)
Ashes of Cook Inman 7-10-1940 (buried on grave of Hannah, no marker)

Creston Cemetery - Creston, Lincoln, WA T26N R34E Section 10
This Lincoln County cemetery is located in the SW 1/4 Sec10 T26N R34EWM. At the West limits of the town of Creston on Highway 2, turn North onto Mountainview Road going .2 miles to the first cemetery entrance on the right hand side of the road. There are two entrances, one at the bottom of the hill and one at the top.
*INMAN, Carrie E. Blk 2 lot 37 Jul 22, 1868-1940 Apr 28 Beloved Father & Mother, s/w William S.
*INMAN, William S. Blk 2 lot 37 Dec 11, 1865-1916 May 14 s/w Carrie E.
*INMAN, Margaret Ruth Blk 1 lot 4 Feb 10, 1897-1899 Oct 22 "Gone to be an angel"

Darrington Cemetery - Snohomish Co., Washington
*David N. Inman, b. May 2, 1885, d. Oct 20, 1962
*Lena E. Inman, b. March 11, 1886, d. Jan. 8, 1967
*Leonidas L. Inman, b. June 25, 1878, d. Aug. 30, 1944
*Flora L. Inman, b. April 22, 1886, d. Aug. 10, 1958 "The Lord Gives His Own Peace"
*Vincent B. Inman, b. May 11, 1911, d. June 17, 1952 "Son"
*Virgil L. Inman, b. 1909, d. 1951
*Howard Willis Inman, b. Sept. 11, 1918, d. June 8, 1992 (MS) PFC U.S. Army WWII
Geraldine Inman, b. Aug. 24, 1933, d. Oct. 3, 1998
(Geraldine may be wife of Howard Willis; Howard may be a son of David Nelson & Lena Inman.)

Dayton Cemetery - Dayton, Columbia, WA
INMAN, Tracy E., age 75, bur. 10/26/1950, b. 07/23/1875, d. 10/22/1950

Ephrata Cemetery - Ephrata, Grant, WA
Inman, Harry, b. Jul 11, 1898, d. Mar 31, 1938, Pvt US Army WWI, Bl-329 Sp-B

Fir Grove Cemetery (Old Lebam Cemetery) - Pacific Co., WA
In 1890 Joe GODDELL named a small community, Lebam, for his daughter, Mabel. The spelling was her name transversed. Lebam is a tiny community set back from the Willapa River on State Highway 6. The cemetery sits alongside the road. In May of 1891 the land was dedicated by James BLAINE, Phillip PATTON, and William F. MELOY. The cemetery wasn't platted, or it wasn't platted well, and makes it difficult to read.
INMAN, Mrs. James d.1910 m/o 5 ch, d/o Mrs. WALKER, several siblings

Forest Grove Cemetery - Tenino, Thurston, WA View Driving Map to Cemetery
This cemetery is located on State Highway 507 between the towns of Tenino and Bucoda.
*HANSEN, Ella Inmon 1911
*HANSEN, J. L. Curly 1907 1988
*INMON, Grant E. 23 Apr 1904 31 Aug 1977

Grandview Cemetery - Grandview, Yakima, WA
Block 3 - Grandview Cemetery is located on Cemetery Rd. (extension of Elm St., Grandview), ca. 1 mi. north of town. [Note: - Grandview records are administered by Grandview City Dept. of Public Works].
Name Birth Death Marriage Blk Row Sp PG # Comments
Inman, Donald 3 30 5FT 52 cremation
Inman, Pearl G. 08/22/1877 06/01/1952 3 30 6 52
Inman, Rolland D. 06/27/1878 02/27/1959 3 30 5 52

Gravel Point Cemetery - Clark Co., WA
It is located approximately one-half mile east of the intersection of Risto Road and Ward Road on 194th, a private drive. It was established in 1893. The transcription includes all burials from 1893-1980, and all marked graves from 1981-2004. Unmarked graves for burials after 1980 are not included.
Inman, Caroll V 08/20/1930 Beloved Mother, In Loving Memory, shares stone with William J
Inman, William J 05/27/1930 05/30/1989 Beloved Father, In Loving Memory, shares stone with Caroll V

Highland / Calvary Cemetery - Colville, Stevens, WA View Driving Map to Cemetery
T35E R39E S10 This cemetery is located on 7th Ave, one block west of Aladdin Road, in Colville WA.
*INMAN, Andrew J., b.1847, d.1919, s/w Jessie
*INMAN, Jessie, b.1861, d.1944, s/w Andrew J.
*INMAN, Minerva C., b.1893, d.1958, s/w Roy S.
*INMAN, Roy S., b.1889, d.1949, s/w Minerva, Masonic emb.

Holy Cross Cemetery - Spokane Co., WA
Inman, Nelle, d. Apr 19, 1998, 104y F, CW-NAN-72/2, Henn-Smith FH
Inman, Roy V, d. Dec 01, 1985, 103y M, CW-NAN-72, Henn-Smith FH
Inmon, William D, b. Sep 08, 1943, d. Apr 17, 2002, Sec. GOP Lot-0-AD Sp-12

I.O.O.F. Cemetery - Elma, Gray's Harbor, WA 

Ilwaco Cemetery - Pacific Co., WA
Inman, Jennie C., b. 1863, d. 1914, w/o Frank
Inman, Maude May, b. 1885, d. 1970, w/o WK
Inman, William Kenneth, b. 28 Feb 1883, d. Apr 1970 Raymond WA , m. 16 Dec 1908
Nolan, Fred W., b. 1913, d. Jan 1988 a doctor, m. 20 Jan 1943
Nolan, Maxine (Inman), b. 1 Dec 1911, d. May 1978 Boise ID, w/o FW

Lone Fir Cemetery (Long Beach Cemetery) - Long Beach, Pacific, WA
Just outside of Long Beach, proper, to the eastern side of the islet, turn eastward from Highway 103 onto Pioneer. At the 'T' (Sandridge), turn right to 85th. Turn left and advance about 1/3 mile.
INMAN, Winton C. 9 Jun 1916 - 19 Sep 1970 Tec4 US Army WWII BSM Star of David

Masonic Memorial Park - Tumwater, Thurston, WA
This is the largest cemetery in Thurston County, and is located at the intersection of North Street and Cleveland Avenue on the south side of Olympia.
*INMAN, Harriet L. 20 Jan 1922 age 72
*INMAN, Henry L. 01 Mar 1925 age 80
*INMAN, Henry L., Capt 12 Mar 1931 age 58
INMAN, Mollie 06 Aug 1881 date interred
INMON, Harold Floyd 11 Mar 1906 31 May 1978 age 72
INMON, Myrtle A. 27 Aug 1906 01 Feb 1972

Meridian Cemetery - King Co., WA
Located on corner of 272nd & 156th in Covington. Behind Edline & Yahn Covington (Funeral Home). Cemetery Sexton is Todd Johnson (425) 432-5599. Small cemetery with no office.
Inman Daniel L. 10 Sep 1941 23 Jun 2003 (ss/wife not engraved yet)

Monroe I.O.O.F. Cemetery - Snohomish Co., WA
*INMAN Etta 8/18/1890 b/Ks 1/8/1971 
*INMAN Joseph E. 1/17/1885 b/Ks. 1/23/1966 h/o Etta

Mountain View Cemetery - Colville, Stevens, WA
Inman, Betty Ann 'Betsy', b. May 18, 1945, d. no date, s/w Danny, m. Mar 28, 1964
Inman, Danny Joe, b. Jan 15, 1937, d. Oct 09, 1999, m. to Betty Mar 28, 1964, 'DJHB'
Inman, Martha 'Iola', b. Oct 14, 1922, d. Oct 02, 1998, Beloved Mother and Grandmother, photo
Inman, Ryan Larry, b. Jul 25, 1977, d. Oct 29, 1982

Napavine Cemetery - Napavine, Lewis, WA
Napavine Cemetery, Lewis County Cemetery District #9. Located at the north end of the city of Napavine at the corner of 4th & Grand.
NW 1/4 Sec26 T13N R2W. Dedicated 5 May 1891. Name derived in 1883 by Scottish immigrant James Urquart, from the Indian word NAPAVOON meaning
small Prairie.
*Innman, Albert M. 03\18\1906 03\15\1948
*Innman, Alfred E. 03\02\1888 01\21\1952 Pfc. Aux. R.M.T. Dept. CMC WW1
*Innman, Carl R. 05\17\1924 03\27\1980
*Innman, Ezekiel R. 1883 1960
*Innman, Fred 1885 1955
*Innman, John 01\29\1801 09\27\1890 with Hannah Innman and Sereness Innman
*Innman, Hannah 11\12\1828 02\04\1890 with John Innman and Sereness Innman
*Innman, Sereness 05\04\1898 09\18\1898 with Hannah Innman and John Innman
Innman, Henry 1889 1921 Brother
Innman, Jack 1885 1967 with Mary F. Innman
Innman, Mary F. 1895 1960 with Jack Innman
Innman, James B.11\18\1917 60 yrs old
*Innman, Lee Roy 1888 1967
*Innman, Ona G. 1893 1953
Innman, Roy baby
*Innman, Mary C. (Lottie) 1860 1954
*Innman, Silas J. 01\05\1888 10\20\1949 Pvt. 319 Engineers 8th. Division WW1
*Innman, Wayne K. 1924 1927
*Innman, William 1861 1945 with Ella Innman
*Innman, Ella 1871 1937 with William Innman
*Innman, Zack 1847 1931 with Rose Innman
*Innman, Rose 1852 1936 with Zack Innman

Oakville Cemetery - Oakville, Grays Harbor, WA
From highway 12 in Oakville turn south onto State street, for 0.5 mile. At the "Y" turn east (left) onto Cemetery Road and travel approximately 0.4 mile. Oakville Cemetery will be on the south side of the road. Original Cemetery, T16N R4W Section 32 New addition, T16N R4W Section 31.
*Inman, Marilda (Chouinard) 3/22/1906 12/13/1988 1st wife of Archie E. Inmon. d/o Joseph & Emily Chouinard. (Whiteside Mortuary)
*Inmon, Archie Eugene 8/13/1902 7/24/1990 s/o William & Amy (Johnson) Inmon. h/o #1 Marilda Chouinard.
#2 Mable ( Erickson) Neeley. (Whiteside Mortuary)

Pines Cemetery - Spokane, Spokane County, WA
T25N R44E Section 21 1402 S. Pines Rd., Spokane, WA 99206 - Phone: 509-926-2753
The cemetery is located about 2 miles south of I-90 (exit #289) on State Route 27.
INMAN, Mildred J., b. 1908, d. 1967
INMAN, Phillip S., b. 24 Jan 1925, d. 17 Mar 1981
INMAN, Roy, b. 1894, d. 1970

Rainier Cemetery - Rainier, Thurston, WA
This cemetery is located on State Highway 507, one mile NE of the town of Rainier, on the right hand side of the highway.
INMAN, Clarice Cowdery 1874 1939
INMAN, Weslie O. 1895 1960
INMAN, William J. 1863 1907

Spokane Memorial Gardens - Spokane, Spokane, WA
/*Inman, Georgia C, b. 1923, d. 1996, s/w Guy E, G-C
\*Inman, Guy E, b. 1926, d. no date, s/w Georgia C, G-C
*Inman, James Paul, b. 1930, d. 2000, G-A John
/Inman, Ophelia N, b. 1913, d. 1985, s/w Port M, G-G-S
\Inman, Port M, b. 1912, d. 1966, s/w Ophelia N, G-G-S
/*Inman, T. Ben, b. 1902, d. 1959, s/w Anna Jane, G-A John
\*Inman, Anna Jane, b. 1901, d. 1959, s/w T. Ben, G-A John

Spring Canyon Cemetery - Lincoln Co., WA
LOCATION: From Grand Coulee take Highway 174 East towards Spokane for 2.8 miles. Exit to the left at the Spring Canyon Campground exit. The cemetery is located 1/4 mile on the left side of the road.
Inman, Mary Jo Pachosa 1940 1966

St. Urban Catholic Cemetery - Winlock, Lewis, WA
Located East of Winlock, Washington on the corner of North Military and Sargent Road.
*Inman, Josephine C. 1916 with Vern L. Inman
*Inman, Vern L. 1913 1985 with Josephine C. Inman

St. Yves Catholic Cemetery - Harmony, Lewis, WA
Inmon, Ralph N. 06/19/1918 10/31/1965

Stevenson IOOF Cemetery - Skamania County, WA
Located at T3N R7.5E Section 36 in Stevenson, Washington (one mile east of Stevenson on Highway 14 on a hill, across the railroad tracks overlooking the Columbia River).
Inman, Lulu, b. 1868, d. 1948
Inman, P. Frank, b. 1856, d. 1950

Sunnyside (Old) Cemetery - Yakima County, WA
Blocks G, H, I - Sunnyside (Old) Cemetery is located on the north side of Van Belle Rd. at Cemetery Rd. ca 1 mile north of Sunnyside. Contains graves from most of Lower Yakima Valley private cemeteries abandoned after it was formed. This cemetery, Sunnyside Memorial Park and Lower Valley Memorial Gardens are operated by the Pierce Group, Inc. The sexton at the three cemeteries is Karen Beaver.
Inman Rolland L. 1918 1920 1920/03 25 G 4 96 infant

Toledo (Lewis City) Cemetery - Lewis Co., WA
Fir Lawn Cemetery, Toledo (combined listing)

Located on 5th Street next to Fir Lawn Funeral Home Toledo, WA. S18 T11 NR1W Block 10.
*Inman, Carole T. 1939-1976
*Inman, Lena 1915-1980 with Harvey F. Clark
Inman, Robert J. 1945-1966
*Innman, Clinton Andrews 09\15\1937 08\28\1965 U. S. Army
*Innman, Ira I. 1934-1964

Tunk Valley Cemetery - Riverside, Okanogan, WA
Inman, Harry, b. 1871, d. 1962, Age: 91, Block-9, Plot-3

Waitsburg City Cemetery - Walla Walla Co., WA
Inman, Thomas, b. no dates, Cpl Co E 1 OR Inf

Woodland Cemetery - Deer Park, Spokane, WA
*Inman, Claud C, b. Aug 11, 1897, d. Mar 12, 1969, Washington Pfc Co B 35th Infantry WWI, S Center
*/Inman, Claud C, b. Aug 11, 1897, d. Mar 12, 1969, s/w Susan E, S Center
*\Inman, Susan E, b. Jul 05, 1899, d. Aug 18, 1990, s/w Claud C, S CenterInman, Jo Ann, b. Feb 19, 1932, d. no date, s/w Norman H, S Center
*Inman, Norman H, b. Oct 09, 1930, d. no date, s/w Jo Ann, USAF Ret, S Center
*Inman, Noreen Suzanne, b. Oct 29, 1957, d. Nov 03, 1980, 2 stones, S Center

Yelm Cemetery - Yelm, Thurston, WA
To reach this cemetery, take State Highway 507 from the town of Yelm toward McKenna 1.6 miles to Vail Road SE. Turn right and go .5 mile to Cook Road SE, turn left .2 mile to Cemetery Road SE.
INMAN, Lisa d. 1981

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