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Arlington National Cemetery - Arlington, Arlington County, VA
Inman, Dorothy Andre, b. 03/29/1926, d. 05/30/1957, US Navy, PHM2, Res: Washington, DC, Plot: 31 0 5915, bur. 06/05/1957, [VA]
Inman, Luther Wilton, b. 06/03/1925, d. 12/05/1999, US Navy, S1, Res: Fosston, MN, Plot: 31 0 5915, bur. 01/11/2000, [VA]

Culpeper National Cemetery - Culpeper, Culpeper, VA
Taylor, Ada Inman, b. 01/04/1912, d. 06/02/1994, Res: Culpeper, VA, Plot: L 0 33, bur. 06/06/1994

Danville National Cemetery - Danville, VA
Inman, George , d. 02/24/1865, PVT A 10 N J INF, Feb 24 1865, Plot: A 124

Holt Family Cemetery - Claudville, Patrick, VA
Go north on 103, take a right when you come to the T in the road (Donna Fargos house) go east a few miles, till you cross a creek, turn left onto dirt road, take a left off dirt road which is the only road and is very short, it turns into a drive way. Mitchell Mill is on the right. This could be the name of the road. You follow this road up the hill you'll come to a curve and there will be an old Tobacco barn and a trailer house turn left and your there. I'm thinking that when the road curves it's called Dry Pond RD.
Holt, Amanda, b. 1901, d. 1929, w/o Robert Holt, d/o James Inman & Nancy Towman
Holt, Hover, b. Mar 1929, d. Mar 1929, s/o Robert Holt & Amanda Inman
Holt, Jessie, b. 1923, d. 1948, s/o Robert Holt & Amanda Inman

Quantico National Cemetery - Triangle, Prince William, VA
*Inman, Joseph Francis Jr, b. 05/22/1954?, d. 12/10/1993, US Marine Corps, CPT, Res: Seminole, FL, Plot: 7 0 1226, bur. 01/07/1994
Inman, Max L, b. 02/21/1938, d. 03/21/1992, US Marine Corps, CPL, Res: Alexandria, VA, Plot: 23 0 185, bur. 03/25/1992
Inman, Max Lewis, b. 02/21/1938, d. 03/21/1992, CPL U SM C, Plot: 23 185, bur. 03/25/1992, *
Inman, Michael A, b. 05/29/1966, d. 04/22/1987, US Marine Corps, CPL, Res: Alexandria, VA, Plot: 23 0 185, bur. 04/24/1987

Stuart Cemetery - Patrick Co., VA
Martin, Daisy Bowman Inman, b. 3-6-1898, d. 1-13-1972

Winchester National Cemetery - Winchester, VA
Inman, A H, d. 11/13/1864, E 18 IND INF, Orig Bur Meth Gr Yd, Va, Plot: 3663