McEvers Cemetery - Fenner, Madison Co., NY

(aka Whipple, Cody Road, Cody Hill)
Field Checked and compiled by Daniel H. Weiskotten, May 18, 1994
MNI = 2, names = 2, 1844 - 1951 posted 7/19/1999
This material was prepared by, and reprinted with permission of, Daniel H. Weiskotten.

          "I have named this "cemetery" for Archie and Betty McEvers who live on Cody Road near the cemetery site.  I could find no other suitable name for the cemetery as Cody Road Cemetery would confuse it with the Wilson Cemetery, Cody Hill Cemetery would confuse it with the Inman Cemetery, and Whipple Cemetery would confuse it with the existing Whipple Cemetery on Ridge Road in Cazenovia.
        "This cemetery, if it can be called that, contains only two marble headstones and is situated on a hedgerow that forms the center (north-south) line of lot 40 of the 3rd Allotment New Petersburg.  They are about 750 feet from Fenner Road.  The atypical location on a hedge row with no other delineation of a plot indicates that the stones originally stood somewhere else (the stones are also so close together that they nearly touch.)  When I asked Archie McEvers about the stones he said that indeed they had been moved to the hedge row from a spot in the field about 100 feet to the west.  There is no particular land form at that location to indicate where the cemetery had been located, but his estimate of distance may not be correct.  He said that it was many years ago (I gathered the 1930s or so) that the stones were moved and their location may show on early aerial photos.  A peculiar feature that may be the cemetery location was found on a narrow peninsula of land in the brushy area west of the field.  This spot has disturbed soil, wood chuck holes, and an iron pipe in the ground and is in the center of the Whipple property.  Why the stones would have been removed from this location to the spot where they are now found is not known.
        "The west half of the lot is shown on historic maps as being owned and occupied by members of the Whipple family and other members lived in the immediate vicinity.  The 1854 map shows Michael Whipple living in the house that formerly stood just east of the McEvers' former house (on the north side of Fenner Road,) and an Elisha Whipple lived on the Nelson-Fenner Road.  In 1859 M. Whipple is at the same place and E. Whipple is shown twice on the Nelson-Fenner Road.  The 1875 map shows A. Whipple's residence on the Nelson-Fenner Road and the name appears again on Wyss Road.
        "Michael Whipple is buried in the Needham Cemetery, and a search of other cemetery records shows one Jerusha A. Whipple, died 1878 at age 78, is buried in Evergreen Cemetery (Interment #1639, sect. C-442).  The relationship to the Jerusha Whipple of this cemetery is not known.  She is buried with Eunice Whipple Sanford (#1636), Mariah J. Whipple (1637), Sophia White Whipple (#1638), Jeremiah Whipple (#1640), and Maria S. Whipple (#2852).
  "Those buried in the McEvers Cemetery include:

Whipple, Jerusha, wife of John Whipple, died July 21, 1844, age 70 years. (She is an Inman)
Whipple, John, died January 18, 1851, age 79 years 4 months 8 days."

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