Inman Cemetery - Fenner, Madison Co., NY

(this cemetery not recorded before)
Field Checked and compiled by Daniel H. Weiskotten, April 19, 1994
MNI = 25, names = 18, 1834 - 1912
No old lists exist for this cemetery posted 7/19/1999
This material was prepared by, and reprinted with permission of, Daniel H. Weiskotten.

        "I found the Inman Cemetery several years ago and have been unable to find any previous record of it.  It is located on the hill above Cody Corners in the town of Fenner and the west part of it is on the property of Carl Schnitzler and the east (and larger) part on the property of Robert Wilkinson.  The cemetery straddles a hedge row along the east side of the Schnitzler's board-fenced horse pasture several hundred feet south of their house.
        "The two stones (John and Jerusha Whipple) (the McEvers Cemetery) which are to be seen in a hedge row several thousand feet to the west of this cemetery are not from this cemetery.
        "The Inman cemetery is situated about 1000 feet south of Cody Road but a road once led to near the site.  The road shows on historic maps leading to a house occupied by the Inman family.  Two rows of large maple trees are still to be seen along the old road and a house foundation is located at the end of the western row.  The cemetery is about 400 feet southeast of this house site.
        "The cemetery is 75 feet east to west (the western 20 feet being on Schnitzler's property) and 45 feet north to south.  It is situated on a slight rise the east end of which might be artificially built up to make it level.  All but one of the names in this cemetery are related to the Inman family, that of Freelove Laird who lived in the immediate vicinity being the exception.  Five monuments are lined along the western edge of the cemetery with footstones marking the location of the individual graves.  18 names are known from stones but 5 graves are noted by sunken areas and 2 graves (one being an infant's) are marked by unmarked field stones.  There is an excellent view to the northeast and the site of the Faulkner Cemetery is just out of sight in that direction.  The land to the south and southwest is of very unique geological form, being an area of glacial outwash and terminal glaciation.
  "Those buried in the Inman Cemetery include:

Hollenbeck, M______ A______ (Mary Ann?), daughter of (Lawrin) and Zeruah Hollenbeck, died ______ __, _18__, age 3 years 9 months __ days, (stone broken and very rotten, footstone "M.A.H.").
Hollenbeck, Zeruah, wife of Lawrin Hollenbeck, died September 1, 1853, age 32 years.
Inman, Alvarado, born June 11, 1876, died February 22, 1903, age not given.
Inman, Artemas (1), died November 2, 1847, age 73 years.
Inman, Artimas (2), died January 14, 1882, age 66 years 6 months.
Inman, Artemus (3), born February 1, 1838, died October 2, 1912, age not given.
Inman, Bartlet, son of Artemas (1) and Chloe Inman, died September 29, 1835, age 23 years 1 month 20 days.
Inman, Chloe, wife of A(rtemas) Inman (1), died March 15, 1834, age 52 years 8 months.
Inman, Eunice, wife of Lyman Inman (1), died February 5, 1857, age 45 years 3 months 28 days.
Inman, Eunice C., died August 26, 1901, age 61 years 5 months 2 days.
Inman, Lucinda, wife of Artemas Inman (2), died August 17, 1898, age 81 years 8 months 3 days.
Inman, Lyman (1), died February 26, 1881, age 75 years 11 months 24 days.
Inman, Lyman (2), son of Lyman (1) and Eunice Inman, died December 8, 1847, age 1 year 8 months 8 days.
Inman, Orlando A., son of George and Helen Inman, died October 16, 1877, age 14 years 8 months.
Inman, Ruth (1), died May 12, 1855, age 52 years.
Inman, Ruth (2), died January 29, 1892, age 56 years 2 months 13 days.
Inman, Zeruah, wife of Artemus Inman (3), born September 23, 1847, died June 18, 1889, age not given.
Laird, Freelove, wife of Albert Laird, died October 16, 1868, age 67 years 8 months."     

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