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Giles County Chancery Files #19 File Box E-4 Case 1632 1859: 

Elias, a person of color (Free) by next friend Quarles T. Mayfield vs Joseph C. Inman 

Elias states that Joseph C. Inman and John C. Inman became the owner of Elias under the last will and testament of Major Joseph Inman, deceased. 

On September 13, 1855 John C. and Joseph C. Inman gave Elias his freedom. This instrument was registered in the Registrar's office. Joseph C. Inman then tried to get Elias back in his possession. John C. Inman died in 1858, leaving a will. It was ruled Elias be sent back to the Western coast of Africa. Thomas M. Jones and Calvin Clack were Elia's attorneys. The case was taken to the Tennessee Supreme Court in Nashville. 

Obituary of Abraham Inman: "Alas! in death's dark chamber hangs the curtain of gloom, but the finger of God will loop it back with a golden crown for the faithful.
    Death's sable wings has again o'erspread our mortal sky, and on his icy plumes has wafted another spirit away.
    Died at the residence of his son, T. R. Inman, Father Abram Inman October 30th, 1884, in the 85th year of his age. Silently the death angel came and harvested the golden sheaf that was only waiting to be gathered into the garner of God. Father Inman has long been a resident of this county, and is widely known as a veteran warrior of Christ. He was one of the founders of Bethlehem church, and 'neath his blazing star of hope doubtless many have been ushered into light. He was a devoted Christian, and with delight he wrought for the Master, ever gathering bright laurels of goodness to entwine o'er the brow of his beloved church.
    Though the lamp of his mortal life is extinguished, there yet radiates o'er the mind of this people the brilliant flame of his ecclesiastical life. For some months past age and affliction have crushed the vitality of his being, and ere long we find his frail body nearing the chilling stream of death. Though his tottering frame was withered with the severing touch of disease yet he bore it with patience and humility and was enabled through it all to enunciate 'Glory.' Softly and sweetly he fell asleep in the arms of Jesus with his heart brightly lighted with the lustrous..." [remainder of clipping was missing]

Source: "History of Obion County, Tennessee, Vol.1, p.204" contains the bio of Abraham Inman as written by a great granddaughter, Iris Wilson Hilliard.

"In the little country cemetery of Bethlehem, halfway between Troy and Obion, lie the last remains of the first Inman, so far as I know, to become a permanent resident of Obion County. He had moved from Marshall County, Mississippi, to Obion County in 1846. His full name was Abraham Inman, his dates 1805-1885, his occupations farmer and blacksmith. He married Melissa [tombstone and family records say 'Malissa'] Branch from Maury County, Tennessee, and they had nine children.

  1. The oldest child was Nicholas Franklin Inman (1830-1896), who married Margaret Sinkler, and they had three children who lived to be grown, Robert, Annie and Naomi. Franklin joined the Confederate Army and went through the stormy scenes of Shiloh, Tupelo, Chattanooga, Knoxville and Murfreesboro. He was a worthy member of the Masonic Fraternity.
  2. Arabella Inman (b. 1834) married J. E. Davidson and had a son, Abraham Davidson. Abraham married Anna Richardson, and their children were Earl, Lena and Lara (twins), and Robert.
  3. J. Fletcher Inman (1835-1894) married Martha Ann Buchanan on November 11, 1858. He was a farmer and a sawmill operator, a member of the Methodist Church South and a Royal Arch Mason.

    A quote from the yellowed page of his obituary says: 'Fletcher Inman was one of the standard landmarks of Obion County. He was a quiet man, his speech was brief and to the point, and he meddled in nobody's business.'

    Fletcher and Martha Ann had seven children: Margaret Isabella (called Belle), Eliza, Roxie, Joseph A., Sallie T., Wade and Abraham. Only two of them had children that lived to be adults. Joseph married Esther Grisham of Newbern, Tennessee, and they had two daughters, Mary and Ruth. Sallie married E. W. (Doc) Wilson, son of William M. Wilson. Their daughter, Iris Wilson Hilliard, is writing this sketch. 
  4. Eliza Ann Inman (b. 1837) married J. E. Hailey. They had two sons, Avery and Manley (Dick).

    Manley married Margaret Brown and had two children, Lottie and Fred.
  5. Thomas R. Inman (b. 1839) married Amanda Boone, and they had four children: John, Birt, Walter and Osro. When Amanda hied, Thomas married the twice-widowed Eliza Hoover Cox Culp, who brought two sons, Will Cox and Tom Culp into the family. 

    Thomas and Eliza had one daughter, Nora.
    Thomas was a Second Lieutenant in the Confederate Army from January 1862 to the end of the Civil War. He was wounded three times. He was a Democrat and a member of the M. E. Church South.
  6. Hezekiah (1840-1868)
  7. Lutie H. (b. 1851) married Dr. S. W. McDaniel, who had wide medical practice both in Obion and Lake counties. They had two sons, Ira and Elmer.
  8. 8. Melissa (b. 1853).
  9. 9. Margaret (b. 1856).
    I think my great-grandfather, Abraham Inman, must have been a good man and a happy one. His epitaph quotes his last word as a joyous 'Hallelujah!'"

Hiwassee Baptist Association Minutes, 1915

Sister Maggie Lee Davis, nee Inman, was born Mar. 12, 1894, died Nov., 1, 1914. Sister Davis made a profession of faith in Christ when about 11 years of age. She joined Fellowship church in Aug. 1914 and on the 16th day of that months she obeyed the command and followed the example of her saviour in the ordinance of baptism. Many who saw her that day will never forget how she rejoiced in a Saviour's love, as she came up from the water. Our visions are too short to comprehend why one so young and so consecrated should be taken from us, but let us always remember that our Heavenly Father knoweth best and let us bow in humble submission to his holy will. Resolved that the church extend her deepest sympathy to the bereaved husband & sorrowing parents, brothers and sisters, and commend them to Jesus who is a refuge and strength in ever time of need. May the family thus broken be one united family around God's throne.

From the Sevier Co., TN Vendicator, date unknown, about 1899

Major Charles Inman

    Died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Nancy Stafford, of Fairgarden, Sunday morning April 9th. He was buried in the family cemetery Monday. Services by Rev. M. A. Rule.
    He was 89 years 1 month and 29 days old. He made a gallant soldier in both the Mexican and Civil Wars. He represented his country in the legislature and was always recognized as an honest hightoned gentleman and a good and upright citizen. He was a member of the M. E. church. He was the father of ten children, six of whom have preceded him to the Spirit land. Truly a good man has gone. His surviving children, his grandchildren and other relatives have our sympathy in this sad bereavement.

James Garner Marbut
    When the sad news was announced Monday, July 1st that J. G. Marbut was dead the entire community joined in one solemn regret. For about forty years or more it was one unchanged custom for the people of south-western part of Giles and the northern part of Limestone County, Alabama, to call on J. G. Marbut for the necessary articles of living, good advice, and their mail. No one ever expected or even feared that if it was necessary to go to his store they would find him away.
    He was always at his post. Marbuts was the place for social chats of the community. On rainy days and at Christmas times the young folks and neighbors would gather at Marbuts to pass the time away and arrange the meetings. At his store, the free and unstinted privileges of harmless social amusement and pastime was accorded his neighbors and friends, and at his comfortable home strangers found a happy and pleasant resting place. From a ten year old boy to the present, it has been the writer's happy privilege to visit Marbut's store, and he voiced the sentiments of the community when he says that J. G. Marbut was a gentlemen. As a merchant he was honest and clever, as a postmaster he was cautious, patient and accurate, as a Mason he was a valued brother, as a Christian he was bright and happy. Always ready to help in any way and any one to advance the good cause.
    He was the main pillow of the Missionary Baptist Church at Minor Hill which he loved and served most faithfully. It was through his untiring efforts that caused Minor Hill to have one of the most comfortable church buildings in the county. It was brother Marbut who saw that the neat belfry was properly constructed. It was he who saw to digging a most needed well on the church ground, and it was he who saw that the Sunday School was supplied with literature. In his death the church sustained a loss that cannot be replaced. He is missed and mourned by each member.
    As a husband and father words are to feeble to express his kindness. He was the proud father of two sons and three daughters. One son, a handsome young fellow, long since preceded his father to the better world, the others survive him. Their loss is great. As a magistrate he was just and popular. As a citizen he was true, patriotic, and neighborly. Thus in those several capacities he quietly, but unseemingly plodded along down the journey of a long and useful life, He lived in what is sometimes called a "back district," but he lived among the happiest and most independent people and their respect and appreciation for a time-honored friend was clearly shown by the concourse of people who gathered at Minor Hill July 2nd, and so carefully cut away the brush from a spot selected by himself, which was kindly donated by a friend and neighbor and tenderly assisted the Masonic Fraternity in making the first and almost scared "mound" in what is to be a beautiful cemetery.
    His Lord said unto him, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things; enter thou into the joy of the Lord."

Pulaski, Giles County, Tennessee dated July 12th, 1901 and


John Ernest INMAN, 59, is stricken Friday night.

    John Ernest INMAN, 59, president of the J. E. INMAN Coal Co. of Nashville, died at 4:45 o'clock Saturday afternoon at his home, 4410 Park Ave, following a very short illness. Mr. INMAN was stricken Friday night with acute indigestion.
    He was born in Nashville and had resided here all his life. He attended Peabody Normal College and later entered the coal business in this city, in which he has been engaged for the past 15 years. Mr. INMAN was a member of the Charlotte Ave. Church of Christ and had always been deeply interested in church affairs.
    He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Annie SELLERS INMAN; two daughters, Miss Ernestine INMAN and Mrs. H. B. WEST of Jacksonville, Fla.; one son, Winston M. INMAN; and three brothers and three sisters.
    Funeral services will be held at the Charlotte Ave. Church of Christ Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock and will be conducted by Elders Horace S. Lipscomb and Guy E. Wallace Jr.
The following will serve as pallbearers: Tom Finn, G. L. ?, W. E. Coe, G. W. Sweeney, C. Hoyt Bradford, W. W. Lovell, Tom Nicks and G. R. Nash.
    Burial will be in Mt. Olivet cemetery.

From The Nashville Tennessean newspaper October 8, 1927

    Funeral services for F. P. Harrison 61, who died suddenly Friday while at work, will be held at 2:30 p.m. Saturday at the chapel of the J. H. Sweeney Funeral home with Elder J. E. Acuff and the Rev. H. H. Wise in charge.  
    Burial will be in Woodlawn Memorial cemetery.
    Mr. Harrison, a life long resident of Nashville had been connected with the Ingram Manufacturing company for the past four years. Previous to that he was associated with J. R. Hale and son for 17 years. He was a member of the Charlotte Avenue Church of Christ. He resided at 609 Shelby Avenue.
    Besides his wife, he is survived by; daughters Mrs. S. R. McGrew, Mrs. Franc Knapp JR., Miss Anna Maxwell Harrison, and Dorothy Harrison; son Frank Harrison Jr.; sisters, Mrs. W. F. Weinke, Tuscumbia, Ala., Mrs. C. T. Jacobs and Mrs. Robert F. Ming, Shelby, Miss. and Mrs. Gertrude Harrison of Nashville; and two grandchildren Sarah Ann and Jack Mabane.
    The following friends will serve as pallbearers, Dan Johnson, A. M. Gordy, Ernest Jones, H. L Garrett, W. F. Knapp Jr., Bob McGrew, Andrew McCandless, Edward Felan and O. B. Greer. 
NOTE*** Errors in obituary
Grandchildren should read, Sarah Ann Knapp and Jack Mebane.
Wife mentioned is 2nd. wife 
Sister Anna Bass was left out of the obituary
He was preceded in death by sister Laura Lee Harrison


    Alma Elizabeth Inman Parker (Nannah) was born July 15, 1875. She was a reporter and women's editor for the Knoxville Sentinel and Knoxville Journal. She edited a page devoted to schools and educational subjects for the Sentinel. Her work in the editorial department of the Journal was devoted to special articles for the advancement of welfare of different institutions and organizations.
    She gave much of her time and talents to the promotion and was the organizer of the City Beautiful League which sponsored the beautification of several parks in Knoxville. When the second Appalachian exposition was held at Chilhowee park, Gen. L. D. Tyson appointed her as secretary of the board. Much of the success of that exposition was due to the administration of the women's board which attracted visitors from all parts of the United States. A silver cup was awarded to her for her efforts by Mrs. Tyson.
    A news story in the Knoxville News Sentinel, April 14,1914, list her as one of the founders of the Knoxville YWCA. She served as business manager. She was active in the promotion of McGhee Tyson Memorial Park, which was given by General Tyson as a memorial to his son who was killed in World War I. The park, now known as Tyson Park, is one of the most used in Knoxville. One of her last active work was as the head of Naveh Cottage for Girls, which she managed until her death.
    Many poor girls were given homes and aided in this cottage. She was an active member of First Baptist church, and had always taken interest in the work of the church. She died at the home of her daughter, Marie, of cancer on April 16, 1934. She is buried in Highland Memorial Cemetery, Knoxville near her daughter Marie.

Source unknown.

    Atha T. Inman 59 member of the City Police and Detective Department since 1920 died in a local infirmary this morning after a brief illness. 
    He had been in falling health for some time but had remained on active duty until two week ago.
    A native of Nashville, Mr. Inman was educated in the public schools here and was engaged in the retail coal business until his appointment to the Police Department.
    He was promoted to the rank of detective in 1929 and served in that capacity until his death. During the past year he had been a member of the bureau's liquor raiding squad, which was recently commended for work in prosecuting illegal whisky traffic here.
    Mr. Inman was a Mason and a member of the Baptist Church. 
    Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon at the Gupton Funeral Home with the Rev. C. F. Clark officiating. Burial will be in Woodlawn Memorial Park.
    Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Florence Gupton Inman; one son, Jack Inman; two daughters, Mrs. Frank Hawkins and Mrs. Rex Gordon; two brothers O. C. Inman and Aleck Inman; and two sisters, Mrs. W. C. Crawford and Mrs. E. C. Roberts.

Nashville Tennessean 1941

    Mrs. Jewell Inman, 44, of LaFollette, died Thursday morning at LaFollette Community Hospital.
    Survivors include her husband, Burgon Inman; her daughter, Bertie Mae Inman; her step-son, J.C. Inman; her mother, Mrs. Artie Blankenblicker; three brothers, Euel Bowling, Robert Steadman, and Logue Shelton; four sisters, Miss Shirley Bowling, Mrs. Mary Love Day, Mrs. Ruby Carson, and Mrs. Adele Shelton.
    Funeral services were held at 2 p.m. Saturday at Cross Chapel by the Rev. Gene Marie and the Rev. Jerry Mallett. Cross Funeral Home, LaFollette, was in charge of arrangements.

From the LaFollette Press, Thursday, March 25, 1971:

    Roy Edward Inman, 66, a retired cook who resided in Union City, died about 9 am Tuesday at Obion County General Hospital. He had been a patient about three weeks.
    Services will be held at 10:30 am Thursday at the White-Mahon Funeral home chapel in Troy, with the Rev. John Colbaugh officiating. Burial will be in Maplelawn Park Cemetery in Paducah. 
    Mr. Inman was born July 8, 1909 in Benton, KY son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Inman. He was employed for a number of years in the Troy and Union City area as a cook and also served as a riverboat cook.
    Survivors include a son, Wayne Edward Inman of Monroe, MI; a brother, Ross R. Inman of Biloxi, MS; a sister, Mrs. Jack Doyle of  Loveland, CO and two grandchildren.

October 15, 1975 - Source unknown

    Inman, Alan Gordon Sr. age 74 of 302 Drive 3 passed away at the home 12:30 p.m. Saturday. Survivors wife Mrs. Martha P. Inman, sons Alan G Inman Jr., Jack Leon Inman, Buddy Wayne Inman and Danny Ray Inman, Bobby Joe Inman, James Edward Inman, all of Knoxville; 13 grandchildren. Services 2 p.m. Monday at Rose Chapel, Rev. Bill Romines officiating. Interment Beech Springs Cemetery. Family will receive friends 7-9 p.m. Sunday at Rose Mortuary.

Knoxville News Sentinel - Nov 18, 1979

Metro Fire Inspector Dies Following Freak Automobile Accident

    A Metro fire inspector died yesterday only hours after a freak incident that sent a Metro car spinning backwards before it crashed into the pumps at a service station and set them on fire.
    Hill Crockett Inman, 67, described by Metro Fire Chief Fred Davis as one of the oldest men in the department, died at his home about 5 p.m. following the 1:30 p.m. accident at 51st Avenue, North, and Charlotte Ave.
    Inman, who had been treated for minor cuts on his head and hands at General Hospital and released, apparently died of a heart attack.
    Police and other fire officials said the bizarre accident occurred after Fire Inspector Joe Walsh stopped his Fire Department car at St. Ann's Catholic Church on 51st Avenue and left Inman in the vehicle while he stepped inside to confer with a priest. They gave this accounting:
    Walsh left the engine running and Inman was sitting on the passenger side of the front seat.
    After Walsh had been inside about 10 minutes, Inman, 67, reached over to blow the car horn.
    After sounding the horn, Inman accidentally hit the gear shift lever on the steering column, engaging the car in reverse.
    Inspectors believe he tried to hit the brakes when the car started rolling backwards toward Charlotte Avenue, but his foot accidentally hit the accelerator instead, sending the car roaring backwards into the Charlotte Avenue intersection.
    Inman then apparently managed to steer the careening car into the Charlotte Avenue Exxon Car Care Center owned by Don Sandler.
    "I saw his car shoot out across the intersection and come into the driveway, but I just thought he had been in a wreck," said gasoline attendant Larry Crisp.
    "But the car kept spinning around and around in a circle and I didn't know what to think."
    Crisp said the backward spinning car made about four circles without hitting anything. But then it ran over a small curb and struck a portable sign used to advertise specials at the station.
    After striking the sign, the car, with Inman pinned against the passenger door, glanced off a nearby light post and headed toward the self-service gas pumps.
    There the car struck a van driven by Danny Drake of Batesville, Miss., before hitting two gas pumps near Drake's van.
    Both gas pumps exploded and caught fire, which caused Crisp to hit the emergency gasoline cut-off switch, stopping the flow of gasoline to the pumps.
    The car continued rolling backward and struck one more gas pump, which did not catch fire, before it finally came to a halt, and Inman fell out of door onto the concrete.
    Following word of Inman's death, Chief Davis said he had known him for about 28 years.
    "He has been a fire inspector for a number of years and is one of the most well known men in the department.
    "You wonder about these things. It's turned out to be a tragedy," Davis said.
    "He was one of these fellows that if you ask for a volunteer, he's the first one. You could always put his name down first because he would be there," the chief added. The owner of the station said about 12,000 gallons of gasoline are stored underground at the station.
    Metro firefighters put out the blaze, and Sadler, surveying the damage to his station, said he had no idea how much it would cost to repair the damages.
    "If the whole thing had exploded it would have been sure ruined this block though," he added.

The Nashville Tennessean - Jan. 23, 1981

Greenwood, Indiana
Retired Office Manager
    Mrs. Sara Harrison McGrew, of Greenwood, Ind., formerly of Nashville, died of a sudden illness Wednesday in Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.
    Services are scheduled for 11:30 a.m. Friday at Wilson-St. Pierre Greenwood Chapel. The Rev. D. Lowell Toussaint will officiate. Burial will be in Greenwood Cemetery.
    Her family was to receive visitors from 3 to 5 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. today at the funeral home.
    Mrs. McGrew was a retired office manager for the Greenwood Plant, Stokley Van Camp Co. She worked for 41 years.
    She was a native of Davidson County and a daughter of the late Frank P. and Sallie Inman Harrsion. She was married to Samuel R. McGrew who died in 1955
    Mrs. McGrew was a member of Greenwood Methodist Church.
    Survivors include a daughter Betty J. Connor of Indianapolis; two sons, James E. (Jack) Inman of Greenwood and S.R. McGrew Jr. of Crawfordville, Ind. three sisters, Ethel Knapp, Maxie Ogles and Dorothy Chastain all of Nashville; 11 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.
    Memorial contributions may be made to the American Heart Association.

Nashville Banner, Jan. 7, 1988

    Roy L. INMAN, Sr. age 82 of Holladay, TN. died June 3,1 993 at HCA Regional Hospital in Jackson, TN. Burial was in Holladay Cemetery with Bro. Arzell DOUGLAS and Bro. Leonard GREER officiating. Roy L. INMAN was born Aug. 10,1910 in Decatur County, TN.
    His parents were Joseph INMAN and Viola KRUSE INMAN. Had a sister named Bertha LEDBETTER, one brother Troy INMAN, and Allen INMAN grandson. Wife of Roy L. INMAN Ocie HATCHELL INMAN, two daughters Tina HOLLAND and Carolyn OATSVALL of Camden, TN. They had 3 sons Roy L. Jr., Brighton, Tennessee, Maxie R., and Bennie Joe of Holladay, TN. Two sisters Lilly KELLY, Camden, TN. Rosie Smith Buena Vista, TN. - 11 stepchildren (9 boys, 2 girls) 13 grandchildren and 22 great grandchildren.
    Roy L. Inman, Sr. was a retired farmer and truck driver. Also a member of Holladay Baptist Church.

Source unknown.

    Martha Pearl (Bobbie) Inman, 75, of Kentucky Avenue, South Clinton, died Wednesday night at the Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge.
    She was born July 31, 1917, to the late Andy and Vergie Marshall Moore.
    She was a member of Bells Campground Baptist Church.
    Mrs. Inman was preceded in death by her husband, Carl Inman, on May 19, 1989; and a son, Carl Andrew Inman. Mr. Inman was a police officer in the City of Oak Ridge.
    Survivors include daughters, Mrs. Cletus (Gail) Harness of Wartburg; Mrs. Gordon (Angela) Hawkins of Clinton; foster son, Larry Maggard of Sevierville; granddaughter, Regina Harness; grandson, David Harness, both of Wartburg; and several nieces and nephews. 
    Services were Friday at Holley-Gamble Funeral Home Chapel with the Rev. Bill Roop and the Rev. Jack Anderson officiating. Burial was Saturday at Bells Campground Cemetery.

Source: Clinton Courier News 4/5 July 1993

    ETHEL KNAPP, 83 services Saturday Mrs. Ethel Harrison Knapp, 83, died Thursday at Tennessee Christian Medical Center in Madison after a brief illness. 
    Services are scheduled for 11 a.m. Saturday at Woodlawn Funeral Home. The Rev. William Q. Williamson and the Rev. Richard Baggett will officiate. Burial will be in Woodlawn Memorial Park. Her family will receive visitors from 5-9 p.m. today.
    Mrs. Knapp was a native of Davidson County and the daughter of the late Frank Payne and Sarah Inman Harrison. She was married to W Franc Knapp Jr., who died in 1984.
    She was a member of Neelys Bend Baptist Church.
    Survivors include a son, W. Franc Knapp III of Mt. Juliet; three daughters, Ann K. Stewart of Goodlettsvile, Frances K. Gutherie of Fort Myers, Fla., and Eleanor R. Ford of Madison: a sister Dorothy Chastain of Nashville: 10 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.

Nashville Banner, Friday November 4, 1994

KEMP, Mary Juanita, 18 Jul 1926 KY-18 Sep 1996 Ky, d/o Claude & Jessie Inman Thomas, sp: Richard Kemp

The Daily Messenger - Union City, Obion County, Tennessee

COLLINS, James H, 7 Feb 1917 KY-26 Oct 1996 KY, s/o Dossie & Thelma Inman Collins

The Daily Messenger - Union City, Obion County, Tennessee

Ella B. Inman
Longtime Oak Ridge resident

    Ella Baugus Inman, 94, of 220 Manhattan Ave., died at 6:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 10, 1997, at Briarcliff Health Care Center.
    A longtime resident of Oak Ridge, Mrs. Inman was a homemaker and enjoyed crocheting, quilting and gardening.
    She was born in Galax, Va., on Aug. 10, 1903, the daughter of Robert Henry Baugus and Molly Gentry Baugus. She was a Baptist.
    Mrs. Inman is survived by her son, Edwin R. Inman and his wife, Jean, of Oak Ridge; and by seven grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren and several great-great-great-grandchildren.
    She was the widow of S.H. Inman, who was retired from Union Carbide Nuclear Division. A daughter, Christine, is also deceased.
    A graveside service will be held at 11 a.m. Friday, Nov. 14, at Oak Ridge Memorial Park.
    The family will receive friends from 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 13, at McCarty-Martin Oak Ridge Funeral Home.

The Oak Ridger Wednesday, November 12, 1997

Gascal Jackson
Former Oak Ridge resident

    Gascal Jackson, 78, of Gallatin, died Wednesday, Aug. 19, 1998, in Gallatin.
Mr. Jackson was a former resident of Oak Ridge and a member of Calvary Baptist Church of Oak Ridge.
    He was also a Mason and a member of the Scottish Rite, the Masonic lodge and the Shriners.
    He was a veteran of World War II and a member of the American Legion.
    Mr. Jackson is survived by his wife, Mildred Crownover Jackson; his daughter, Wanda Jackson of Gallatin; his brother, Mayford Jackson of Crossville; four sisters, Ethelene Brock of Oak Ridge and Odene Collins, Norma Jean Inman and Dellaphine Bolin, all of Crossville; and several nieces and nephews.
    His parents, Kelly and Prietta Barnes Jackson, and another brother, Ralph Jackson, died earlier.
    A graveside service will be held at 11 a.m. Central Time Saturday, Aug. 22, at Crestview Memorial Park in Gallatin with the Rev. Mike Corbin officiating. Mr. Jackson's nephews will serve as pallbearers.
    The family will receive friends from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday, Aug. 21, at Alexander Funeral Home in Gallatin.

The Oak Ridger 1998

Jean Inman
Retired nurse with MMC

    Jean G. Inman, 65, of Oak Ridge, died Friday, June 19, 1998, at her home.
    A nurse, she was retired from Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge.
    Mrs. Inman was a member of First United Methodist Church of Oak Ridge.
    Survivors include her husband, Edwin R. Inman of Oak Ridge; two daughters, Sherry Smiddy of Yorktown, Va., and Melanie Duncan of Clinton; a son, Kurt E. Inman of Braselton, Ga.; and seven grandchildren, Amber, Tara, Jared, Ashleigh, Todd, Kaitlin and Ira.
A graveside service was to be held at 2 this afternoon, June 22, at Oak Ridge Memorial Park. Family and friends were to meet at the cemetery at 1:45 p.m.
    McCarty-Martin Oak Ridge Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

The Oak Ridger 1998

    Jill and Dave Corum of Knoxville announce the birth of a son, Logan Chandler Corum, 7 pounds and 3 ounces, on Thursday, Feb. 26, 1998.
    The grandparents are James and Joyce Corum of Powell, Janice Inman and the late Lloyd Inman.

The Oak Ridger Monday, January 5, 1998

Walter Sherman Hollingsworth
Retired Y-12 Plant machinist

    Walter Sherman Hollingsworth, 82, of Oak Ridge, died Tuesday morning, March 17, 1998, at Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge.
    Mr. Hollingsworth retired from Union Carbide Nuclear Division in April 1980 as a machinist at the Oak Ridge Y-12 Plant.
    He was born in Schoolfield, Va., on April 19, 1915, the son of Jacob Edward and Florence Ewing Hollingsworth.
    Mr. Hollingsworth was a member of the National Guard and the Naval Reserve. He was also a member of Central Baptist Church and the church's Go-Getters Club.
    He and his wife, Miriam Madelyn Inman Hollingsworth, who survives him, came to Oak Ridge in 1943. The couple left in 1945 but moved back to Oak Ridge in 1953. Both enjoyed traveling, and Mr. Hollingsworth also loved gardening and woodworking, his wife said.
    In addition to his wife, Mr. Hollingsworth is survived by two daughters, Betty Jo Chumley of Oak Ridge and Anita Lee Mooty and her husband, Thomas, of Wartburg; four grandchildren, Thomas E. Mooty Jr. of Pryor, Okla., Jolynn M. Doty and her husband, Cal, of Greeneville, Lisa G. Ottinger and her husband, Larry, of Parrotsville, and Rick Davis and his wife, Sherry, of Morrow, Ga.; and by three great-grandchildren, Sean T. Mooty and Caitlin Mooty, both of Pryor, and Charlee Doty of Greeneville.
    The funeral will be held at 8 p.m. Thursday, March 19, in the chapel of Weatherford Mortuary with the Rev. Bob Gray and the Rev. Thomas Mooty officiating.
    A graveside service will be held at 11 a.m. Friday, March 20, at Oak Ridge Memorial Park.
    The family will receive friends from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday at the mortuary.
    The family requests any memorials be in the form of donations to the Building Fund at Central Baptist Church, 130 Providence Road, Oak Ridge, TN 37830.

The Oak Ridger Wednesday, March 18, 1998

Loraine Boshears Golden
North Clinton Baptist member
    Loraine Boshears Golden, 70, of Clinton, died Wednesday morning, April 8, 1998, at her home.
    Mrs. Golden was a homemaker and was a member of North Clinton Baptist Church. She was the widow of Jim Sullivan.
    She was born in Harlan County, Ky., on Sept. 19, 1927, the daughter of George and Eula Mae Smith Boshears, both now deceased.
    Mrs. Golden is survived by a daughter, Jane Altum, and her husband, Robert, of Clinton; and four sons, Ronny Golden, Harold Golden and his wife, Linda, Charles "Rusty" Golden and his wife, Kathy, and Ricky Golden and his fiancée Diane, all of Clinton.
    She is also survived by four sisters, Maude Blanch Patterson and her husband, Edward, of Clinton, Martha Mae Greenwood and her husband, Clovis, of Livingston, Lucy Jean Ballanger and Jewell Dean Jones and her husband, David, all of Kentucky; and by 17 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.
    Denice Inman Golden and Sherry Mingie were considered special friends.
    The funeral will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday, April 11, in the chapel of Anderson County Funeral Home in Clinton with the Rev. Howard Bailey, the Rev. Jack Taylor and the Rev. Michael Leffew officiating.
    Burial will follow at Sunset Cemetery in Clinton.
    The family will receive friends from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday, April 10, at the funeral home.

The Oak Ridger Thursday, April 9, 1998

Willie Avent
    Services for Mrs. Willie E. Avent, 82, of Murfreesboro, who died Friday, May 15, at Baptist Hospital in Nashville after an extended illness, are scheduled for noon Tuesday at Key Memorial United Methodist Church with the Rev. John K. L.
Young officiating. Burial will follow in Evergreen Cemetery.
    Mrs. Avent was the daughter of the late William and Salena Harrison.
    She is survived by three nieces, Elizabeth "Ibby" Hester and Clara Stockard, both of Nashville, and Hilda Inman of 
Camilla, Ga.; and three nephews, Eugene Willis, the Rev. John P. Willis, and Willie Willis, all of Murfreesboro.
    Mrs. Avent was a member of Key Memorial United Methodist Church.
    Visitation with the family is scheduled from 11 a.m. to noon Tuesday at Key Memorial United Methodist Church. 
    Hellum Funeral Home in Murfreesboro is in charge of arrangements.

Daily News Journal May 17, 1998 Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Paul Franklin Bumpus
    Graveside services for Paul Franklin Bumpus, 97, Regency Park Drive, who died Tuesday, May 26, at Middle Tennessee Medical Center, are set for 2 p.m. Thursday in Rose Hill Cemetery, Columbia, with Jim Bill McInteer officiating.
    A native of Mt. Pleasant, his parents were the late John Sidney Bumpus and Annie Nichols Bumpus.
    His first wife, the former Thelma Lee Wallace, died in 1941, and he later married Marie Inman in Feb. 1949.
    He is survived by a daughter, Paula Heise of Smyrna; son, Doyle Franklin of Murfreesboro; and a grandson, Jamie Heise of Smyrna. 
    He was a member of the Forest Hills Church of Christ, Brentwood.
    He was a retired district attorney general for the State of Tennessee and had served as assistant district attorney in Columbia from 1935 to 1942. He served in the U.S. Navy from 1942 to 1944 and returned to Columbia in 1944 to resume his duties as district attorney general until 1950 when he began practicing law in Nashville and served as assistant district attorney there from 1957-1966. He was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 1936 and had authored the book "Carmack," based on the life of U.S. Senator Edward Ward Carmack of Columbia. 
    Visitation will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday at Oakes & Nichols Funeral Home, Columbia.

Daily News Journal May 27, 1998 Murfreesboro, Tenn.


    Jayne Ann Luzadder and Stanley Edgar Long will exchange wedding vows in a ceremony to be held at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, July 18, 1998, at Norris Dam State Park.
    The bride-to-be is the daughter of Kenneth M. and Betty Luzadder of Evergreen, Colo., and the granddaughter of Ruby Inman of Muncie, Ind.
    A graduate of Muncie Central High School, she is also a graduate of Ball State University with a bachelor of arts degree in psychology, and she graduated from the Jacksboro School of Nursing in 1989.
    From 1985 to 1997 she was a volunteer in emergency medical service for the Norris Volunteer Fire Department. She is now manager of medical transcription with Covenant Medical Management and a teacher of adult education at the Anderson County Career and Technical Center.
    The prospective groom is the son of the late Glenn E. and Merrettee Long. He is a graduate of Webster City, Iowa, High School and a graduate of Iowa State University with a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering.
    From 1959 to 1963 he served as a lieutenant in the U.S. Naval Reserve. He is now a systems engineer with Tracor Systems Technologies in Rockville, Md.

The Oak Ridger - Friday, June 5, 1998

The Knoxville News-Sentinel, December 06, 1998

    GOAN, JACK O. - age 76, of Morristown, died Saturday morning, December 5, 1998, at his home. He was preceded in death by: his parents, J. J. and Doris Inman Goan. Mr. Goan worked for South Central Bell and retired after 40 years of service. He was a member of First United Methodist Church. Survivors include: his wife, Christine Reagan Goan; sons and daughters-in-law, Jack and Lynn Goan of Knoxville, and Randy and Kathy Goan of Morristown; daughter, Carla Moses of Conyers, Ga.; brother and sister-in-law, Joe and Betty Goan of Morristown; six grandchildren; one great-grandchild; several nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be 3 p.m., Monday at First United Methodist Church with Rev. Doug Smith officiating. Interment will be 10 a.m., Tuesday in Hamblen Memory Gardens. The family will receive friends 2-3 p.m., prior to the funeral service. Allen Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

The Knoxville News-Sentinel, February 02, 1999

   FORD, MILDRED INMAN - age 70, of Knoxville, passed away February 1, 1999 at her home. Member of Cumberland Baptist Church.
   Preceded in death by parents, Martin and Myra Inman; brothers, Clarence Martin and Louis Inman. Survived by husband, Robert Henry Ford; son and daughter-in-law, Marty and Judy Ford; daughters and sons-in-law, Diane Ford, Kay and Rick Dunn and Tina and Johnny Moon, all of Knoxville; grandchildren, Andrea, Jeremy, Jessica, Victor, Megan, Lindsay, Cody, Samantha and Tayler; great-grandchild, Sydney; sister, Stella Long of Colorado. Funeral service 11 a.m. Thursday at Cumberland Baptist Church, 5600 Western Avenue, Reverends Gene Flemming and Brad Bull officiating. Interment will be in Highland Memorial Cemetery. The family will receive friends 6-8 p.m.
   Wednesday at McCarty Weaver Cumberland Chapel.

The Knoxville News-Sentinel, March 25, 1999

   INMAN, HARRY C., SR. - age 86, of Knoxville, passed away Monday, March 22, 1999, at Fort Sanders Park West Medical Center. He was preceded in death by his parents, Lee and Carrie Inman; infant son, Kenneth Inman; and a brother, Fred Inman of Morristown. He is survived by his wife of 63 years, Mrs. Nora Inman; sons, Harry C. Inman, Jr. and wife, Shirley and Terry Inman; daughters, Charlotte Duggan, Betty Norris and husband, Roy, Edith Hurst and husband, Charles and Dottie Woody and husband, Mike; brothers, Ralph Inman of Florida, Charles Inman of Georgia, and Millard Inman; sister, Lucille Brogdon; 14 grandchildren; six great-grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews. The family will receive friends from 6-8 p.m. Wednesday, March 24, 1999, at Highland West Funeral Home. Family and friends will gather at graveside for funeral service Thursday, March 25, 1999, at 10 a.m. at Highland West Cemetery with Rev. Lynn McClain officiating. In the event of bad weather the funeral service will be conducted inside. Arrangements by Highland West Funeral Home, I-40 at Pellissippi Pkwy. and Sherrill Lane, 693-9547.

The Knoxville News-Sentinel, May 23, 1999

   INMAN, JAMES EDWARD, SR. - age 64, of Knoxville, passed away Saturday morning at his home. He was a member of the Pentecostal faith. Veteran of the Korean War, served in the Marine Corps and the US Army. He was a devoted husband, father and grandfather.
   Survivors: wife, Jody Inman, Knoxville; daughters and sons-in-law, Teresa and Ted Bunch, Caryville, Jamie and Lynn Dinkens, Knoxville, Pam and Barry Kirk, Bossier City, La.; daughter, Kelly Inman, Knoxville; sons, James Inman, Jr., Oklahoma City, Okla., Keith Inman, Knoxville; grandchildren, Adam Vittetoe, Joshua Bunch, Sarah Dinkens, Joseph Dinkens, Bethany Kirk, Jordan Inman, Cory Inman and Victoria Inman; sisters, Barbara Jean James, Knoxville, Rachael Daily, Lenoir City; several nieces and nephews. Funeral service 8 p.m. Monday at Gentry-Griffey Chapel, Rev. John W. Shaw officiating. Friends will meet 10:45 a.m. Tuesday at Mt. Olive Cemetery for graveside service at 11 a.m. Pallbearers will be family members. The family would like to thank Covenant Hospice for Mr. Inman's care and for family support. The family will receive friends 6-8 p.m. Monday at Gentry-Griffey Chapel.

The Knoxville News-Sentinel, August 26, 1998

Inman, Candice Michelle, 13, 3330 Melissa Way, Kodak.

The Knoxville News-Sentinel, September 02, 1998

Inman, Lucille, 7, 321 Mans Hollow Road, Kingston.

The Knoxville News-Sentinel, September 16, 1998

Jimmy Langford, 29, and Tracey Inman, 26, both of Crestview, Fla.

The Knoxville News-Sentinel, September 16, 1998

Paul Inman Jr., 26, and Donya Johnson, 22, both of Conner Drive.

The Knoxville News-Sentinel, November 11, 1998

Seamens, Robyn Lynette, 13, fka Inman, Robyn Lynette, 2332 Rifle Range Road, Knoxville.

The Knoxville News-Sentinel, December 09, 1998

Glenn Inman, 57, and Carla McGinley, 40, both of Louisville.

The Knoxville News-Sentinel, January 06, 1999

Inman, James E., 13, 4311 Buffat Mill Road, Knoxville.

The Knoxville News-Sentinel, January 06, 1999

Inman, Rita S., 13, 4311 Buffat Mill Road, Knoxville.

The Knoxville News-Sentinel, May 26, 1999

James Inman, 64, and Josie Boggs, 60, both of Scheel Lane.

The Knoxville News-Sentinel, July 14, 1999

Inman, Carolyn Sue, 7, 322 Russell Road, Rockford.

The Knoxville News-Sentinel, July 14, 1999

Inman, James Harold, 7, 322 Russell Road, Rockford.

Services for Mrs. Estellene Sircy, 67, of Gallatin are Wednesday, August 25, 1999 at Alexander Funeral Home in Gallatin. Burial follows in Crestview Memorial Park. She died Monday, August 23, 1999. Mrs. Sircy was the daughter of the late Herman and Gracie March Carver. She was a member of Old Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church. Survivors include her husband, Bernest Sircy of Gallatin; two sons, Kenneth Sircy of Springfield and Billy Sircy of Gallatin; a daughter, Debbie Moores of Hendersonville; a sister, Norma Jean Inman of Gallatin and seven grandchildren. I have no further connections to this family or individual. Information taken from "The News Examiner" of Sumner County, TN. (NOTE: This obituary was reprinted courtesy of 'The Gallatin (TN) News Examiner.'

Paul Douglas Inman

Paul Douglas Inman, 91, of Spring City, passed away Monday, Nov. 15, 1999, at his daughter’s residence. 

The Daily Post-Athenian

PINKSTON, LANE COX (L.C.) - age 80 died Fri., March 10, 2000 at his new residence in Albany, Ga. A native of Bulls Gap, Tenn. He lived in the Knoxville/Seymour area for 54 years. He served in the US Navy during WWII 1943-45 aboard LST's in the Pacific. He retired from the Southern Railway System as a Locomotive fireman/engineer after 41 years service during which he survived from a "Jessie Jones" type head-on derailment between a four unit diesel freight train & a steam passenger train while working as a fireman on October 18, 1951 near Craggy, NC. He was a member of Valley Grove Baptist Church in Seymour. Survivors: wife, Laura Ann Pinkston, Albany, Ga.; sons, Donald C. Pinkston, Sulphur, LA., Glen M. Pinkston, Albany, Ga.; five grandchildren; four great grandchildren; brothers, William T. Pinkston, Surfside Beach, SC, Randall J. Pinkston, Boulder, Colo., Guy Jack Pinkston, Ludlow Falls, Ohio; sisters, Mary-Pinkston-Cox-Goodwin-Edwards, Dayton, Ohio, Movaline Pinkston Inman, Newport, Tenn. Funeral services 10 a.m. Sat. at Berry Funeral Home Chapel with Rev. Harry Mynatt officiating. The family will receive friends 6-8 p.m. Fri. and 9-10 a.m. Sat. at Berry Funeral Home, Chapman Hwy.

Source: The Knoxville News, 3/15/2000

Margaret Elizabeth Bowling
    Margaret Elizabeth Bowling, 81, passed away Thursday, January 27, 2000, at the Pemiscot Memorial Hospital in Hayti, (MO.) She was born January 5, 1919, in Waverly, Tenn., the daughter of the late Susan Choate Inmon and Monroe Inmon.
    She attended school in Waverly, Tenn. And was united in marriage to John Evert Bowling on May 3, 1937, in Blytheville, Ark. They were both members of Mary’s Chapel Church in Huffman, Ark.
    She was a merchant, and she and her husband were owners of Bowling’s Grocery in 40 and 8 community in Arkansas and in Caruthersville after 1961. She was preceded in death by her husband, John Evert Bowling, a former Caruthersville City councilman. Her parents, one sister, seven brothers, and one great-grandson. Survivors include two daughters, Jo Ann Steward of Blytheville, Ark., and Becki Pritchard of Caruthersville; eight grandchildren, Johnnie, Lee Ann, Jo Beth, and Ronan Steward of Blytheville, Ark., Laurinda Thrasher, Melanie Speidel, Nicki Collins and Chance Pritchard, all of Caruthersville; 14 great-grandchildren, two of which are Dustin and Franki Thrasher of Caruthersville; and two great-great-grandchildren.
    Services were held Saturday, January 29, 2000, at Cobb Funeral Home Chapel in Blytheville, Ark., with the Rev. Rick Brothers officiating. Interment was in the Elmwood Cemetery. Pallbearers were Dustin Thrasher, Nathan Cole, Ronnie Speidel, Tom Collins, Billy Collins, and Dr. David Boyd. 
    Honorary pallbearers were Chance Pritchard and Kenneth Pritchard.
    Cobb Funeral Home of Blytheville, Ark., was in charge of services. 

Published Democrat Argus, Caruthersville, Mo. Thursday, May 4, 2000.

Virlan Inman, 72, GADSDEN

    Services for Virlan Paul Inman, 72, will be at 2 p.m. Sunday at Ronk Funeral Home in Alamo. Burial will be in the Prospect Cemetery in Holladay.
    Mr. Inman died Friday at Humboldt General Hospital of heart failure.
    He is survived by four sisters and a brother, Freida Bridges and Shirley Banks, both of Humboldt, Marian Williams of Gadsden, Iris Bennett of Okeechobee, Fla., and Rudolph Inman of Leesburg, Ind.
    For more information, call the funeral home at 696-5555.

As reported in The Jackson Sun: 7/29/2000 

   Coker, Rebecca Ruth (Becky) age 36 of Loudon, Formerly of West Knoxville, passed away suddenly Tuesday afternoon October 31, 2000. Becky was of the Baptist faith. Survivors: husband, Ricky Coker of Loudon; sons, Richard Willis of Knoxville and Ricky Lynn Coker of Loudon; parents, Robert C. and Wanda Ruth of Knoxville; sister and brother-in-law, Susan and Alden Inman of Oliver Springs; brother, Robert Edward Ruth of Knoxville; grandmothers, Irene Ruth of Knoxville and Ruby Wilkerson of Chattanooga; mother-in-law, Jean Coker of Loudon; sister-in-law and brother-in-law, Tammy and David Waters of Lenoir City; several aunts and uncles. Family and friends will gather at 11 A.M. Friday at Lake View Cemetery for graveside services with Rev. Chris Stevens officiating. The family will receive friends from 6-8 P.M. Thursday at Click Funeral Home in Lenoir City.

Click Funeral Home records

Sammie Oggs

    SWEETWATER -- Sammie Lee Oggs died Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2000, in an area nursing home. She was 83.
    She was a member of Mount Bethel Baptist Church and the widow of Robert Oggs.
    Survivors include two children, Charlotte Inman and Albert Jones, both of Sweetwater; nieces and nephews. 
    The funeral will be Saturday at 5:30 p.m. at Mount Bethel Baptist Church with the Rev. Douglas Browder officiating.
    Burial will be in Dickey Cemetery in Sweetwater.
    The family will receive friends 30 minutes before the service at the church.
    Arrangements are by M.D. Dotson & Sons Funeral Home, Athens.

Chattanooga Free-Press 11/15/2000

Teen Killed Sunday In Domestic Shooting
By Dewain E. Peek 

    A 17 year-old is dead after a domestic shooting in the Hanging Limb area Sunday night, Dec. 17 (2000). 
    According to reports, Kenneth Rich, 47, was at the home of Lillian Peters when an altercation occurred. The altercation resulted in Rich shooting Greg Inman, Peters' son, in the upper right chest with a 12 gauge shotgun. 
    Peters reportedly began to struggle with Rich for the shotgun. As they struggled, a 14 year-old at the residence shot Rich in the abdomen and the leg with a .410 shotgun, stopping him. 
    Inman died.
    Rich was transported to the University of Tennessee trauma center where he has been upgraded from critical to serious condition.  
    According to Chief Deputy Craig Story of the Overton County Sheriff's Department, domestic disputes have been reported at the residence on other occasions. 
    Assistant District Attorney Owen Burnett said, "If Kenneth Rich survives, he will be the subject of a 1st degree murder charge to be presented for indictment at a special session of the Overton County Grand Jury." 
    The special session will be held Thursday. 
    No charges are expected against the 14 year-old who shot Rich. - 12/20/2000

Gregory Hutson Inman 
    Funeral services for Mr. Gregory Hutson Inman, 17, of Monterey, were conducted at 2 p.m. Friday, December 22, 2000, from the chapel of Speck Funeral Home with Bro. Aron Dillon officiating. Graveside services was at 2 p.m. Saturday, December 23, 2000, at Woodlawn Cemetery in Lafollette with Speck Funeral Home in charge of arrangements. 
    Mr. Inman died December 17, 2000, at Livingston Regional Hospital. He was a student. 
    Born September 30, 1983, in Lincoln Park, MI, he was the son of Larry Inman of Lafollette and Jeanne Stehler Peters of
    Survivors, in addition to his parents, include three brothers, Larry Inman, David Inman, and Timothy Inman, all of Crawford; five aunts, Shirley Rich, Baxter, Linda Horne and Sandy Huddleston, both of Lafollette, Barbara Inman, Clinton, and Brenda Stehler, Fayetteville, NC; six uncles, Willie Rich, Baxter, Skip Stehler, Fayetteville, NC, Ronald Stehler, York, PA, Robert Inman, Clinton, Ronnie Inman and Jerry Inman, both of Lafollette; and a cousin, Seth Drouillard, Crawford.

Overton Co. News Online

Belinda Inman

    POWDER SPRINGS -- Mrs. Belinda Jean Inman, 48, died Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2001.
    Born in Fulton County, Ga., she was a homemaker.
    She is survived by her husband, Doug Inman, of Powder Springs; her daughters, Cheryl Inman of Chattanooga, Tenn., Vanessa Kerley of Jasper, Tenn.; her mother, Mary B. Sowell of Mableton; her sisters, Gale Neal of Hiram, Elaine Mullins Lyle of Marietta, Ga., Sheila Carroll of Lithia Springs, Kathy Stubbs of Mableton; her brother, Charles Moore of Sarasota, Fla.; eight grandchildren.
    Funeral servicies will be held on Saturday at 2 p.m. in the chapel of Bellamy Funeral Home in Hiram, Ga., with Rev. Charles Jenkins officiating.
    Interment will follow in Powder Springs Memorial Gardens.
    The family received friends Thursday and will receive friends today from 2-4 and 6-8 p.m. at the funeral home.
    Arrangements by Bellamy Funeral Home, Hiram.

Times Free Pres - 2/9/2001

 Funeral services for 58-year-old Paul Wesley Inman of Summertown will be held today at 2 o'clock at Liberty Hill Baptist Church with burial in Liberty Hill Cemetery…..Mr. Inman died Friday at Maury Regional Hospital…..He is survived by his wife, Merry Ellen Calton Inman of Summertown; six daughters, Barbara Ward and Anita Sandusky, both of Ethridge, Beverly of Summertown, Rhonda Adams and Christy Adams, both of Five Points, and Donna Pellicer of Waynesboro……A brother Virgil Inman of Columbia, and a sister, Nadine Luffman of Summertown, also survive along with 12 grandchildren, one great-grandchild, and several nieces and nephews……Neal Funeral Home is in charge…. (Funeral 4/7/2001)

Source unknown.

Esther Inman, 92, CAMDEN

    Services for Esther Tommy Allen Inman, 92, will be held at 11 a.m. Wednesday at Stockdale-Malin Funeral Chapel. Burial will follow in Warren Cemetery in Waverly.
    Mrs. Inman died Sunday of heart failure at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Huntingdon. She was preceded in death by her husband, William Clyde Inman.
    Survivors include three daughters, Sarah Williams of Camden, Shirley Thorn of Kenosha, Wis., and betty Inman of Palatine, Ill.; three sons, James Inman of Camden, W.C. Inman Jr. of Antioch, Ill., and R.C. Inman of Corinth, Miss.; and a sister, Bessie Peach of Camden.
    For more information, call the funeral home at (731) 584-8282.

As reported in The Jackson Sun: 5/14/2001 

CLEVELAND - Robert Ellis Cox, 53, dispatcher for Cleveland Police Department, husband of Judy Inman Cox, died of cancer Wednesday at his home. - 6/28/2001


    Glenn Edward (Eddie) Inman 52 of Friendsville passed away Friday June 28, 2002 at Blount Memorial Hospital. He was preceded in death by his Parents:
Glenn & Dorothy Jenkins Inman, Grandparents: Decater & Rose Jenkins, Uncle: Don Jenkins, Aunts: Joyce Brown, and Sharon Young, Grandson: Reed.

    He is survived by his wife: Nancy Emert Inman; daughter, Shanda Emert; Sons and Daughter in law: Glenn Inman Jr., David Glenn Inman, Tommy and Amber
Fife, Brothers and Sisters in law: Leonard and Louise McGill, Jimmy and Carolyn Inman, Johnny McGill, Timmy Inman, Donna Inman, Lynn McGill, Sister and Brother in law: Betty and Eddie Cogburn, Two Aunts, Six Grandchildren, Several Nieces and Nephews. 

    Funeral services will be at 7:30 Sunday at William Blount Praise and Worship Center with Rev. Wayne Baker, Rev. Rex Everett, Rev. Phil Henderson officiating. The family will receive friends from 6:00 to 7:30 P.M. Sunday at the church. Family and friends will meet at Memorial Funeral Home at 10:15 A.M.
Monday to proceed to the Russell Family Cemetery for a 11:00 A.M. Graveside Service. In Lieu of flowers the family request donations be made to help with the funeral expenses. Condolences may be E-mailed to

Source: - 07/01/2001

Nellie Louise Inman, 59, ADAMSVILLE

    Services for Nellie Louise Inman, will be 1:00 P.M. Wednesday, August 22, 2001 at Shackelford Chapel in Adamsville. Burial will follow in Good Hope Cemetery. Mrs. Inman died on August 20, 2001 at Tri-County Convalescent Home. Survivors are sister Patsy Stricklin and brothers, Alfred Inman and James Gentry, all of Adamsville. Shackelford Funeral Directors, 731-645-3481.

As reported in The Jackson Sun: 8/22/2001 

Clarence Inman, LEXINGTON

    Funeral services for Clarence Inman, 81, will be held at 11:00 a.m. Thursday, October 18, 2001, at the Chapel of Pafford Funeral Home. Burial will follow in Lexington Cemetery.
    Mr. Inman, a brick mason, died Tuesday, October 16, 2001, at Lexington Methodist Hospital.
    Survivors include his wife, Maydell Inman of Lexington, TN; three daughters, Jeanette Anderson, Jane Davis, both of Lexington, TN and Joyce Sparks of Aloha, OR; a son, Joe Inman of Parsons, TN; a stepson, Jerry Wright of Lexington, TN; two half-sisters, Peggy Garner and Mary Nelle Richardson, both of Jackson; eleven grandchildren and twenty great grandchildren.
    He was preceded in death by one son, Jimmy Inman.

As reported in The Jackson Sun: 10/17/2001 

Ernest D. Inman, SELMER

    Funeral services for Ernest D. Inman will be held at 1:30 A.M. Friday, October 26, 2001 at Shackelford Chapel in Selmer with burial in Bethesda Cemetery. He died Wednesday, October 24, 2001 at Tri County Convalescent Home in Adamsville, Tn.

Survivors includes a sister Marie Baker and a brother, Robert E. Inman. Call Shackelford Funeral Directors at 731-645-3481.

As reported in The Jackson Sun: 10/25/2001 

Joel Howard Inman (01/09/02)

Joel Howard Inman, 66, of Dyersburg, died Monday, Jan. 7, 2002 at Methodist Healthcare-Dyersburg Hospital. He was a factory worker

Fred Inman, Jr., 59, PARSONS

    Services for Fred Inman, Jr., of 59, will be Today at 4:00 p.m. at Parsons Mortuary Chapel with burial to follow in Prospect Cemetery. Survivors are Mother, Ethel Inman of Parsons and son Joshua Smothers Inman of Camden. For more info., call Parsons Mortuary. 731-847-3441 or Obit Line 731-845-1980

As reported in The Jackson Sun: 7/10/2002 

Minnie Burlene Inman, SELMER

    Services are 3:00 p.m. Today at Shackelford Chapel with burial in West Shiloh Cemetery. Mrs. Inman died Tuesday at Methodist Healthcare McNairy. She is survived by her husband, Loyce Inman; daughter, Janice Moore; sister, Ludeen Moffett and two brothers, G. C. Shelton and Troy Shelton. For more info., call Shackelford Funeral Directors 731-645-3481.

As reported in The Jackson Sun: 10/9/2002 

Loyd James Allen Inman, 83, DECATURVILLE

    Services will be at 2:00 p.m. today, December 22, 2002 at Parsons Mortuary Chapel with burial in Inman Cemetery. Survivors: wife, Myrtle Inman; daughter, Jean Cordle; sons, Ricky Inman, Dee Inman & Larry Inman; sister, Lena Keymon; brother, Floyd Inman; 15 grandchildren; 15 great-grandchildren. Parsons Mortuary 731-847-3441.

As reported in The Jackson Sun: 12/22/2002 

age 85 
Antioch, TN.
went to be with her Lord and Savior July 2, 2002. Preceded in death by her husband, Rex Gordon; and daughter , Linda Gordon Davis. She is survived by her daughter and son-in-law, Carol and Wayne (Stan) Broyles: son-in-law, Bart Davis Sr.; grandchildren, Sherry and Steve Givens, Lisa Slate, Bart and Tanya Davis, Stanley Broyles Jr.; great-grandchildren, Tyler and Ryan Givens, Michael, Zoe and Madi Davis; adopted brother Jack Inman. A life long resident of the Sylvan Park area of West Nashville, she was a member of Park Avenue Baptist Church for 70 years. In 1996, she went to live with her surviving daughter and became a member of the Hickory Hollow Baptist Church. For the last year she had been a member of LaVergne First Baptist Church. She was known and loved for her smiling face and loved to quote, "A smile is something nice to see, it does not cost a cent."
    Funeral services will be conducted at Woodlawn Funeral Home on Friday July 5, 2002 at 2:30 pm., by Brother Milton Hicks. Internment will follow in Woodlawn Memorial Park. Visitation with the family will be Friday, 10 am. until time of service, at WOODLAWN FUNERAL HOME 660 Thompson Lane, Nashville, TN. 615-383-4754 A Dignity Memorial Provider.

Nashville Tennessean July 2, 2002

Fred Inman 59 PARSONS

    Funeral Services for Fred Inman, Jr., 59, of Parsons, will be July 10, 2002 at 4:00 p.m. at Parsons Mortuary Chapel with burial to follow in Prospect Cemetery. Survivors are Mother, Ethel Inman of Parsons and son Joshua Smothers Inman of Camden. F or more info., call Parsons Mortuary. 731-847-3441 or Obit Line 731-845-1980 7/10/02


Floyd Inman, TREZEVANT

    Services for Floyd Inman, 81, will be today at 2:00 p.m. at Bodkin Funeral Home with burial to follow in Trezevant Cemetery.
    Mr. Inman, a retired Milan Arsenal Employee, member of Trezevant United Methodist Church and World War II US Army Veteran, died January 3, 2003 at Milan General Hospital.
    He is survived by his wife, Peggy Inman of Trezevant, TN; daughter, Deborah Sullivan of McKenzie, TN; one son, Keith Inman of Trezevant, TN; one sister, Lena Keymon of Nashville, TN; five grandchildren and one great grandchild.
    The family requests that memorials de directed to Gideons International.
    Bodkin Funeral Home 731-686-3111

As reported in The Jackson Sun: 01/05/2003 

Mary Maxine Macon Inman

Mary Maxine Macon Inman, 76, of Sweetwater, died Thursday, Feb. 13, 2003, in a Knoxville hospital. 

The Daily Post-Athenian

Ronald W. Inman, 55, BIG SANDY

    Funeral services for Ronald W. Inman, 55, will be held at 7:00 PM, Thursday, February 20, 2003 at Stockdale-Malin Chapel. Cremation will follow. He died Saturday at his residence.
    Survivors include two sons, Ronald and Christopher Inman; a sister, Janice Denny; and five grandchildren. For more information, call Stockdale-Malin Funeral Home at 731-593-3731.

As reported in The Jackson Sun: 02/19/2003 

James Millard Inman, 82,

    Services for James Millard Inman will be Saturday, February 22, 2003 at 11:00 a.m. at Harrod Bros. Memorial Chapel with burial in Frankfort Cemetery. Survivors are sons, Jackie and James Inman; daughters, Dolly F. and Mary I. Manley; sisters, Delphia Inman, Lennie Brooks; seven grandchildren and five great grandchildren. For more info., call Harrod Brothers Funeral Home 502-227-4526

As reported in The Jackson Sun: 02/21/2003 

Ralph Lewis Inman

Ralph Lewis Inman, 70, of Etowah, died Thursday, June 5, 2003, in Cleveland. 

The Daily Post-Athenian

Mitchell Inman

Mitchell Inman, 34, of Etowah, died Monday, July 7, 2003, in a Chattanooga hospital. 

The Daily Post-Athenian

Floyd Inman 1921-2003
    TREZEVANT: Services for Floyd Inman, 81, were at 2:00 p.m. Sunday, January 5 at Bodkin Funeral Home with burial in Trezevant Cemetery.
Mr. Inman, a retired Milan Arsenal employee, member of the Trezevant United Methodist Church and World War II U.S. Army veteran, died on Friday, January 3 at Milan General Hospital.
    Survivors include his wife, Peggy Inman of Trezevant; one daughter, Deborah Sullivan of McKenzie; one son, Keith Inman of Trezevant; one sister, Lena Keymon of Nashville; five grandchildren and one great-grandchild.
    The family requests that memorials be directed to Gideon's International.

Mc Kenzie Banner (Nov/1/2003)


    Services for Edna E. Inman, age 75, will be 3:00 p.m. today, November 15, 2003 at Shackelford Collinwood Chapel in Collinwood, TN. Burial will follow in Collinwood Memorial Gardens.
    Mrs. Inman, a resident of Waynesboro, TN, died Tuesday, November 11, 2003 at St. Francis Hospital in Memphis, TN. She was a self-employed Beautician for 43 years and also worked with Redken as a Tri State Clinician.
    She is survived by her husband, Curtis Inman of Waynesboro, TN; daughter, Rhonda Butler of Savannah, TN; sons, Randy Smith and Michael Smith, both of Adamsville, TN; 6 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.
    Shackelford Funeral Directors 731-925-4000
As reported in The Jackson Sun: 11/15/2003 

    Davis Murphey Inman, 70, of Cedar Hill, died at Gateway Medical Center on Monday, Jan. 26, 2004. He is retired from the maintenance department with
Caterpillar. He was born in Robertson County on Jan. 21, 1934, to the late Wiley Buchanon and Gertrude Murphey Inman.
    He is also preceded in death by his first wife, Nancy Green Inman, and a sister, Ruth Winters.
    His wife, Janie Williams Inman of Cedar Hill, sons and daughter-in-law Ronnie and Tethi Inman of Lebanon, Todd and Angie Inman of Springfield, stepson
Wendy and Billy Duvall of Clarksville, stepdaughter Teresa and Johnny Riggins of Clarksville, brother Wiley B. Inman Jr. of Bon Aqua and sister Louise
Collins of Chicago survive him. He also leaves nine grandchildren.
    Services will be held on Thursday, Jan. 29, at 10 a.m. in the chapel of the Austin and Bell Funeral Home in Springfield with Bro. Johnny Carver and Bro.
Daryl Hooper officiating. Internment will be in the Memorial Gardens in Springfield. Visitation with the family will be Wednesday, Jan. 28 from 4-8 p.m.
    Austin and Bell Funeral Homes are in charge of these arrangements

Robertson County Times, Robertson Co., TN


    Paul V. Inman, 77, of Memphis, retired salesman for Nixon Lumber Co. after 40 years, died Wednesday, April 7, 2004 at his home.
    Services were held April 9 at Forest Hill Funeral Home East with burial in Forest Hill Cemetery East. He was a World War II Army veteran.
    Mr. Inman, the husband of Warene Tant Inman, also leaves a son, Reaume Inman of Bartlett; three stepchildren; a sister, Lillian Neal of Water Valley, Miss.; two brothers, Gene Inman of San Diego and Robert Inman of Arlington, six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. The family requests that any memorials be sent to the American Cancer Society.

Bartlett Express (Apr/16/2004)

Neoma Hardy Inmon, 86, of Water Valley. Services at 2 p.m. today at Seven Oaks Funeral Home. - 4/30/2004

INMAN, JACK H., age 75, passed away peacefully Saturday, July 10, 2004 at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital in Salinas, Calif. A memorial service will be 2 p.m. Friday, July 16 at True Life Church, 1104 East Highway 11E, across from Alpha-Talbott Utilities, Jefferson City. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be sent to Veterans of Foreign Wars, 2503 E. Andrew Johnson Highway, Morristown, TN 37814.

INMAN, JACK H., age 75, passed away peacefully Saturday, July 10, 2004 at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital in Salinas, Calif. He was born Nov. 17, 1928 in Morristown. Mr. Inman retired from 20 years in the U.S. Army to Salinas in 1967. He was a pioneer in satellite communications and started his satellite communications career tracking the Pioneer satellite in 1957; and during the war in Vietnam, where he established the first strategic satellite communications station in 1964. His motto in that combat zone was "Have station, will travel." He also contributed 19 years to commercial satellite communications with Comsat Corp. as the station manager in Carmel, Calif. He was a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 5266 in Morristown. He was a dedicated family man who will be missed by all. He was preceded in death by his parents, Mollie and Ralph Inman and sisters, Jenna Lee Hendrick and Helen McDonald. Mr. Inman is survived by his wife of 57 years, Imo Evelyn Inman of Salinas; his four sons, Jack Tyler Inman of Tigard, Ore., Ronald Lee Inman of Santa Barbara, Calif., Ralph Edgar Inman of Fremont, Calif. and Kenneth Wayne Inman of Oakland, Calif.; three daughters, Linda Darlene King of Salinas, Marian Alice Sandoval of San Juan Bautista, Calif. and Janet Marie Cauntay of Salinas; three brothers, Bill, Jerry and Jim Inman, all of Morristown; one sister, Anne Shockley-James of Morristown; 17 grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be 10 a.m. Friday, July 16 at Struve and Laporte Chapel in Salinas. Burial with full military honors will follow at Garden of Memories Cemetery in Salinas. The family will receive friends 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and 7-9 p.m. Thursday, July 15 at Struve and Laporte Chapel in Salinas. Memorials may be sent to Veterans of Foreign Wars, 2503 E. Andrew Johnson Highway, Morristown, TN 37814. Arrangements by Struve and Laporte Funeral Chapel in Salinas, Calif. 

Citizen Tribune - 07/16/2004

Jessie Inman Jr.
Died: 08-12-2004

    Jessie Inman Jr., 56, died Thursday, Aug. 12, 2004, at Sweetwater Hospital.
    Funeral arrangements are incomplete and will be announced later by M.D. Dotson & Sons Funeral Home of Athens. 

The Daily Post-Athenian, (Aug/14/2004)

Lloyd Inman

    MCKENZIE, Tenn. -- Funeral services for Lloyd S. Inman, 82, are set for 3:30 p.m. today at Shackelford Funeral Directors of Selmer, Tenn., with Lynn Stapleton and Ray Burks officiating. Burial will be in Good Hope Cemetery in Adamsville, Tenn.
    Mr. Inman died Friday, Oct. 22, 2004, at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Huntingdon, Tenn.
    Visitation will continue from 9 a.m. until service time today at Shackelford Funeral Directors of Selmer.

The Daily Corinthian, (Oct/25/2004)

Lloyd S. Inman, 82, MCKENZIE

    Services for Lloyd S. Inman, 82, will be 3:30 p.m., today, at Shackelford Funeral Home, Selmer; burial in Good Hope Cemetery. He died Fri. Oct. 22, 2004. He was preceded by his wife Shirley Inman. Survivors: Daughter, Elaine Smith; sisters, Marie Shelton, Dorothy Nichols; brothers, Loyce, Thomas, J.D., Jerry & Larry Inman. Shackelford Funeral Home, 731-645-3481.

As reported in The Jackson Sun on 10/24/2004 

Roba Inman, HOLLADAY

    Services for Mr. Roba Inman, 86 of Holladay will be held at 2:00 p.m. Sunday, November 21, 2004 at Parsons Mortuary Chapel with Bro. Lavaughn Moody officiating. Interment will follow in the New Prospect Cemetery. Parsons Mortuary is in charge of arrangements.
    Roba died on Thursday, November 18, 2004 at Decatur County General Hospital of a sudden death. He was a retired store owner, farmer and former Decatur County Commissioner.
    He is survived by one daughter, Claudean (Cleo) Rhodes of Holladay; brother, J. W. Inman of Parsons; two sisters, Naomi Jarrett and Irene Wood, both of Lexington; two grandchildren, Michelle (John) Wyatt of Jackson and Keith (Bull) Rhodes of Holladay; four great-grandchildren, Jennifer, April, Jessica and Justin Wyatt.
    He was preceded in death by his wife Mable Inman; brother, Goldie Inman and a great-granddaughter, Jillian Grace Wyatt.
    Parsons Mortuary 731-847-3441

The Jackson Sun: 11/20/2004

Genevieve L. Inmon

    Services for Genevieve L. Inmon, 66, of Antioch, who died Sunday, will be 1 p.m. Wednesday at Woodfin Chapel, Smyrna, with burial in Mapleview Cemetery.
    A native of Lancaster, N.Y., she was the daughter of the late Joseph and Josephine Weslowski Kornacki.
    She is survived by husband Bobby Inmon Sr.; sons Kevin Inmon Sr., of Jacksonville, Fla., Bobby Inmon Jr., of Antioch, Douglas Inmon and Daniel Inmon, both of Murfreesboro, and Richard Inmon, of Courtland, Ala.; brothers Joseph III, Daniel, Eugene and Raymond Kornacki, of Lancaster, N.Y.; sisters Dorothy Prusak, of Warsaw, N.Y., Eileen Burch, of Salt Lake City, Utah.
    Visitation will be from 4-8 p.m. today at Woodfin Chapel, Smyrna. 459-3254.

The Daily News Journal, Dec. 21, 2004

William Dean "Bill" Inman

Died: 08-23-2006 William Dean "Bill" Inman passed away on August 23rd, 2006 at James Quillen V. A. Medical Center in Johnson City, Tennessee. He was a member of True Life Church of Jefferson City. He was preceded in death by his mother and father, Mollie and Ralph Inman; sisters, Jenna Hedrick and Helen McDonald; and brother, Jack Inman. Survivors include ex-wife and dear friend, Betty Inman; daughter, Nancy Marie Maas and husband Richard of Baltimore, Maryland, Carol Ann Couch and husband Bobby of Morristown; sons, Michael D. Inman and wife Theresa of Morristown, and David H. Inman and wife Pam of Damascus, Maryland; granddaughters, Christina and Chelsea; grandsons, Michael D. Jr., Joseph, Allen, Blake, Joey, Dylan, and Ricky; great-grandsons, Tristen, Bryson, and Seth; great-granddaughters, Shalyn and Sydney; sister, Anne Shockley James; brothers, Jerry and Jim Inman; and many nieces, nephews and friends. Bill was retired from American Enka/BASF. He was a member of the Morristown Rescue Squad for 17 years. He served in the Big Red I Division in Europe from 1954 to 1955 and retired from the Army Reserves, 844th Engineering Battalion, in Greeneville. Bill was a member of the VFW Color Guard. Most of all, Bill was a loving family man whose memory will linger with us and remain a part of our lives forever. The family will receive friends on Saturday, August 26th, from 6-9 p.m., at Westside Chapel Funeral Home. Funeral services will be held at Westside Chapel at 2 p.m. on Sunday with Rev. Jimmy Inman officiating with a military service and burial to follow at Hamblen Memory Gardens. Arrangements by Westside Chapel Funeral Home in Morristown.

Newport Plain Talk (Aug/28/2006)

    INMAN, ESTELENE HOOPER - age 82 of South Knoxville, went to be with the Lord Sunday, October 22, 2006 at Baptist Hospital. Preceded in death by: her parents, Nancy and Johnson Hooper; husband, Ray Inman; son, A. J. Godsey. She is survived by: son, Roy Godsey; daughter and son-in-law, Sarah and Jr. Clark; daughter, Nancy Claxton; grandchildren, Tommy, Johnny, Billy, Dena, Shane, Christy and Michael; 9 great-grandchildren; 1 great great grandchild; sister-in-law, Sue Godsy. Funeral service will be 8:00 p.m. Tuesday in the chapel of Berry Funeral Home, Pastor Carl Gibson officiating. Family and friends will meet at Hillcrest Cemetery in Dandridge at 3:00 p.m. Wednesday for interment services. Pallbearers will be: Tommy, Billy, Shane, Johnny, Michael and Robert. Family will receive friends Tuesday from 6-8 p.m. prior to the service in the chapel of Berry Funeral Home, Chapman Hwy.

Published in the Knoxville News Sentinel from 10/23/2006 - 10/24/2006.

Burnette Inman

    INMAN, MR. BURNETTE - age 84 of Knoxville, passed away Sunday, December 24, 2006 at NHC Health Care in Knoxville. He was born in Newport, TN on November 11, 1922 to James and Mary C. Inman. He remained in Newport for 25 years before relocating to Knoxville to work and rear his family. Mr. Inman retired from Swans Bakery after 37 1/2 years of employment. He was a graduate of Tennessee Institute of Electronics and he was of the Baptist faith. Preceding him in death were: parents, James and Mary Cureton Inman; brothers, Garland and Mack Inman. Survivors include: wife, Viola Inman, of the home; children, Burney Inman and wife Kay of Knoxville, Darlene Woods and husband Thurman of Jasper, TN, Sandra Inman of Knoxville, Glenda Inman of Media, PA, Willie Inman and wife Bobbie of Knoxville, Edwinnia Allen of Knoxville, Brian Inman and wife Karen of Knoxville; grandchildren, Keisha, Bobby, Lucy, Billy, Keith, Jacob, Kristan, Bethany, Beth, Alicia and Marista; great grandchildren, David, Billy, Haley, Keith, Ashlyn and Brendan. Funeral services will be held 2:00 p.m. Thursday, December 28, 2006 at the Costner-Maloy Funeral Home Chapel with Rev. Phillip Murphy officiating. Interment will follow in the Open Door Church Cemetery. Grandsons will serve as pallbearers. The family will receive friends from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. Thursday afternoon at Costner-Maloy Funeral Home prior to the funeral service. Arrangements by Costner-Maloy Funeral Home, Newport.

Published in the Knoxville News Sentinel on 12/27/2006.

Emily Taylor Inmon

    Oxford - EMILY TAYLOR INMON, 97, died Monday, January 8, 2007. Visitation is from 4-6 p.m. Thursday, January 11 at Waller Funeral Home. Funeral is 2 p.m. Friday, January 12 at First Baptist Church of Oxford.Burial is in St. Peter's Cemetery. Waller Funeral Home 662-234-7971

Published in The Commercial Appeal on 1/10/2007.

INMAN, KAREN ELIZABETH (BROWN) - age 41 of Kodak, passed away Tuesday, March 27, 2007, after a three-month stay at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville. She was preceded in death by grandparents Raymond and Mina Brown; father Raymond Brown, Jr.; grandparents Retha and Thomas Smith, and father-in-law Burnett Inman. Survivors: husband, Brian Inman; daughters, Beth Duckett, Alicia and Marissa Inman; mother, Ann Brown; sister, Sharon Adkins; brother, Raymond Brown, III; mother-in-law: Viola Inman; Several nieces and nephews. Funeral service 7 PM Friday in the West Chapel of Atchley Funeral Home with Rev. Mike Vincent officiating. Interment 11 AM Saturday in New Salem Cemetery in Kodak. The family will receive friends 5-7 PM Friday at Atchley Funeral Home, Sevierville. (

Published in the Knoxville News Sentinel on 3/30/2007.


    Robert E. "Bob" Inman, 54, of Newport went to be with the Lord on Saturday, October 6, 2007 at Johnson City Medical Center. He was an avid fisherman and hunter, loving father, loyal son and a generous friend to everyone he met. He was a member of Northport Baptist Church and was employed as a driver for Funtime Trolley in Sevier County and Rocky Top Tours.
    He is survived by his parents, Clarence and Movaline Inman; daughters, Deanna and Shea Inman; brother and sister-in-law, Tom and Karen Inman; sister and brother-in-law, Candy and Gary Kolar; niece and nephew, Mandy and Will Chagnon; niece, Cierra Inman, Kenzie Inman, Kari Ann Moore; great-nephews, Cole and Ryan Chagnon; special friends, Sharon and Russell Ottinger, Tim and Bobbie Foster and many close relatives and friends.
    The family will receive friends 5-7 p.m. Monday, October 8, 2007 at Northport Baptist Church with funeral service to follow at 7 p.m. Graveside service will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday, October 9, 2007 at McCollough Cemetery in Bulls Gap.
    Arrangements by Brown Funeral Home in Newport.

Tullahoma News - (Oct/7/2007) 

Mae Bell Mingie Inman

    INMAN, MAE BELL MINGIE - age 96 of Knoxville passed on Friday, November 23, 2007 at Brakebill Nursing Home. She was a member of North Knoxville Church of God. Preceded in death by husbands Floyd Leslie Mingie, and James S. Inman. Survived by children; William Joe Mingie, Leslie Leroy Mingie, Shirely Ann Webb, Fred Mingie, David Franklin Mingie, Brenda Lou Bridgeman, Jerry Wayne Mingie, Sandra Deleanu and Susie Galye Wilson. Mrs. Inman had 26 grandchildren, several great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. Funeral Services will be Monday November 26, 2007 at Weaver's Chapel at 1 PM with burial following at Mount Hermon Cemetery with Rev. George Pressley officiating. Family will receive friends Sunday November 25, 2007 from 6 to 8 at Weaver Funeral Home 588-3868.

Published in the Knoxville News Sentinel from 11/24/2007 - 11/25/2007.

Mahlon Inman

    INMAN, Mahlon Age 85 of Nashville. December 21, 2007. A retired Assistant Principal from John Overton High School in 1990. Survived by spouse, Emma Jean Inman; daughters, Claudia (Alvin) Brown and Amber Quarles; grandchildren, Jeanna (Euphoya) Comer, Steffany (Orenthal) Simpkins, Stanley, Christina and Sara Quarles and Alvin Brown, Jr.; great grandchildren, Stacy and Xavier Comer; sisters-in-law, Christine Kennis and Agnes Vaughn; nieces, nephews, cousins, other relatives and friends. Family visitation on Saturday, December 29, 2007 from 10:30 till 11:00 a.m. in the Robert E. Lewis Chapel with funeral to follow. Interment Greenwood Cemetery. LEWIS & WRIGHT FUNERAL DIRECTORS, 2500 Clarksville Hwy., (615) 255-2371, Richard A. Lewis and Michael A. Lewis, Directors

Published in The Tennessean on 12/28/2007.

Phillip L. Inman

    INMAN, Phillip L. Age 46 of Nashville. January 5, 2008. Arrangements to be announced later by HOLMES FUNERAL HOME, (615) 329-2596

Published in The Tennessean on 1/7/2008.

    INMAN, Phillip Lamont January 5, 2007. Survived by son, Jason Sterling Inman; father, James Scott; siblings, Rev. Rita Joel Stephens, Willer (Don) Gordon, Jesse (Wendolyn) Inman, Jonathan Wendell Phillips; nephews & nieces, Tracy Inman, Margienetta (Lamont) Ramsey, Jennifer (Hinton) Horn, David Inman, Cherita Winfield, Jonathan Wendell Phillips II, Jamario Smith Phillips; numerous cousins; devoted friends, Wayne & William, and the Greater St. John Baptist Church Family. Visitation will be Thursday, January 10, 2008 at Gordon Memorial United Methodist Church, 2334 Herman Street, at the 6 p.m. hour. Funeral immediately following with The Rev- Daniel M. Hayes, Senior Pastor, officiating. Interment Greenwood Main Cemetery Friday, January 11, 2008 at 11 a.m.. HOLMES FUNERAL HOME, 1408 Jo Johnston Ave., (615) 329-2596; Ronald (Bo-Boy) Smith, Director.

Published in The Tennessean on 1/9/2008.

Mildred Inman
Columbia, Tenn.

    Mildred Virginia Ford Inman, 80, resident of Columbia, Tenn., died Monday, Jan. 14, 2008, at Maury Regional Hospital in Columbia.
    A graveside service will be conducted at 2 p.m. Wednesday at Polk Memorial Gardens with Ed Gossett officiating. The family will visit with friends Wednesday from noon until 1:30 p.m. at Oakes & Nichols Funeral Home. Notes of sympathy may be sent to the family at
    The Williamson County, Tenn., native was the daughter of the late Willie Wade Ford and Mary Lillian Sawyer Ford. On March 23, 1949, she married Thomas Joseph Inman, who preceded herein death on Dec. 18, 1974. She was a retired cafeteria worker with the Maury County School System.
    Survivors include one son and daughter-in-law, William Thomas "Tommy" and Sherrie Jean Massey Inman of Decatur; two grandsons, Christopher Thomas Inman and Austin Blake Inman, both of Decatur; and several nieces and nephews.

Published in the Decatur Daily on 1/15/2008.