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    On October 23, 1841, Lydia E. Bigbee was born in the state of Ohio, where the years of her childhood and girlhood were spent. In 1800 she came to Milledgeville, Ill., which proved to be her home during the remaining part of her earthly life.
    She was united in marriage to Mr. Whitney Inman on October 22, 1862; and to this union five children were born, all of whom survive the parents as follows: Byron, of Chicago, Ill., Mrs. Effie Gault and Mrs. Nelie Robinson, of Milledgeville, Ill., Frank, of Amarillo, Texas, and Mrs. Ruth Durstine, Milledgeville, Ill.
    For a number of years Mr. and Mrs. Inman lived on a farm near Milledgeville, but moved to town in 1893. Mr. Inman's death occurred in 1915. Mrs. Inman departed this life May 20, 1917, aged 75 years, 6 months and 28 days. For many years preceding her death she was a faithful member of the Baptist church, and she leaves as a priceless legacy to those who survive her the sacred memories of the virtues and good deeds of a well spent Christian life.
    The funeral services were conducted in the home by Rev. Miles J. Snyder, who used as a text for a brief message the word, "I know that Thou wilt bring me to death, and to the house appointed for all living." Interment was in Bethel cemetery.
    Mesdames Maud Schell and Ethel Straka sang appropriate selections, with Mrs. Elizabeth Overholser as piano accompanist.
    The pallbearers were Messrs. O. M. Meyers, George Olmsted, John Bracken, Frank Snell, D.O. Warehime and W.F. Sunderland.

Source unknown.

"Other early settlers in Mulberry Grove Precinct were Richard MOODY, James DUNAWAY, James SPRADLING, Mark DUNAWAY, Joseph ARMSTRONG, Bennett SEAGRAVES, Arthur SHERARD, Drury PETTY, DURHAM, Henry INMAN, John PERKINS and others. DURHAM settled on Section 12, and was from Tennessee. He has a son and a daughter living in Fayette County. INMAN settled on Section 1, about the year 1830; PERKINS, about the same year, settled on Section 10, and has several sons living in the county. MOODY settled on Owl Creek, and was from the southern part of the State; the DUNAWAYs settled east of MOODY; also, PETTY. The latter sold out to SPRADLING about 1830. ARMSTRONG was a Tennessean, and bought out Mark DUNAWAY. SHERARD was also from Tennessee, and settled on Section 36, in 1833. In illustration of the healthfulness of the neighborhood, Mr. WOOLARD says that the first fifteen years he lived there, he did not pay $15 in doctors' bills, and although more than twenty different families have lived on the farm at different times, there has never been but one death on it since it was settled. "

"History of Bond & Montgomery Counties IL 1882" 


Inman Olive Matilda Apr 13 1880 44-5-26 Oswego Cemetery

Death again invaded the home of Mr. Drew Inman last Sunday [June 13], and took from it the baby girl, Ellabruce, aged eighteen months.

Clinton Public, DeWitt County, Illinois - Friday, June 18, 1886

Oscar INMAN died at Hot Springs, Ark., last Tuesday, and his body was brought back to St. Louis for interment. He was twenty-nine years old. He leaves a wife but no children. The deceased was the brother of Drew and Alto INMAN of this city, and about three years ago he lived here for a few months. He was engaged in business in St. Louis. Mr. Drew Inman went to St. Louis to attend the funeral.

Clinton Public, DeWitt County, Illinois March 15, 1889

The managers of the corset factory have matters in such shape that within the next few days the machinery will be set in motion and Clinton will be ready to supply the ladies of the land with the finest corsets ever manufactured. It is slow work fitting up a new factory as there are so many minor details that must be attended to in getting machinery ready to work. The Clinton members of the board of managers are Judge G. K. INGHAM, Mr. Drew INMAN and Captain CONKLIN, and the stockholders may have perfect confidence that every interest will be carefully guarded. Already a number of orders have been sent in for a supply of corsets, and the indications are that the force of hands will be kept busy from the start. 

Clinton Public , DeWitt County, Illinois Friday, September 6, 1889 

(Less than one year later… An excerpt from a long article.) 

“We started a corset factory here once. We put in a good deal of money, but it died. For awhile we thought it would be a home for women who had to support
themselves. We thought it would be a sort of ‘Palace of Delight,’ such as Walter Besant pictures in that impossible novel of his, ‘All Sorts and Conditions of
Men.’ But nobody connected with the enterprise knew nothing about a corset, and the enterprise went to pieces.” 

Clinton Public, DeWitt County, Illinois Friday, August 22, 1890 

During the past week there have been several serious cases of la grippe in Clinton, and so bad were some of the patients that for a time fatal results were feared. Mrs. W. A. WHEELER, Mrs. S. K. CARTER and Mrs. A. H. ISBELL had severe attacks of pneumonia resulting from an attack of la grippe, but this morning we are glad to learn that all three are somewhat better. John W. DAY, Drew INMAN, A. D. McHENRY, Dr. HYDE, and Master-in-Chancery GAMBREL have been seriously sick. Mr. Gambrel and Dr. Hyde are the only ones that are now considered dangerous. The above cases are the worst reported, though it is safe to say that there are not less than four hundred persons afflicted this morning in Clinton.

Clinton Public, DeWitt County, Illinois January 31, 1890

Mr. Drew INMAN is still confined to his bed, but his family hope to see him up in a few days. His case is not serious, but he has been very much prostrated.

Clinton Public, DeWitt County, Illinois February 7, 1890

“Home Sweet Home.”

These words have a new meaning to Fred L. Harpster since his return from Montana. Last Summer Fred went out to Montana with Drew Inman on a prospecting tour, and going at the season they did, everything looked inviting. Both of the gentlemen came home filled with the beauties of the Montana country and the glowing prospects for business, and then and there they decided that it should be their future home. They saw wealth galore in its vast plains, which could be used in the cattle and sheep business, and the town of Great Falls seemed to be such a grand field for all kinds of enterprises that it was only a wonder to them that everybody in DeWitt county was not ready to start for Great Falls and Montana. They saw the bright side of the picture then, for it was summer time and everything was life and animation. But Fred saw the other side of the picture within the past few weeks. In the latter part of January he left this city again for Montana, this time with the intention of remaining and investing in business. He went out as a sort of John the Baptist to prepare the way for the coming of his family. In passing through Dakota the train he was on struck on of those mild blizzards for which Dakota is famous and this chilled his heart and made him long for his home in Clinton. Arriving at Montana, he found the place dull and cheerless, and a dozen men ready for every business opening or job. A man with small capital could find no place there, for every business seemed to be controlled by rings and syndicates. A man with large capital might make money in stock raising, but one who would try farming would starve to death. Fred shook the snow and mud of Great Falls off his feet as speedily as possible and visited other towns and localities, but the same state of things existed every where. Disgusted and weary he turned his back on Montana and his face toward God’s country, and last Monday morning there was not a happier man in Clinton than Fred Harpster as he stepped off the train and was once more at “home, sweet home.” Fred will remain in Illinois, and we hope that he will find some business opening that will decide him to remain in this city.

Clinton Public, DeWitt County, Illinois February 28, 1890

Drew Inman has decided to remain in Clinton. Along in the latter part of last summer he decided to close out his stock of goods, sell his property, and move to Montana. Circumstances have changed his determination. Two of his children lie buried in Woodlawn and his wife could not bear the idea of going away and leaving her precious dead. Last week Drew went to Chicago and bought a large stock of goods and he is determined to become a fixture in Clinton. All of his friends rejoice that he has come to this conclusion. Today he makes announcement of his new stock of goods in THE PUBLIC, and invites his old customers and new ones to call and see him.

Clinton Public, DeWitt County, Illinois March 7, 1890

Mr. Drew Inman was in Chicago this week adding to his spring stock of dry goods and novelties. The ladies should call and see his new goods.

Clinton Public, DeWitt County, Illinois March 13, 1891

The 21st of March will soon be here, which the almanacs tell us will be the opening day of spring. The weather of the past two or three weeks has been anything but springy, yet it has not deterred our Clinton merchants from getting ready for the spring business. This week Drew INMAN has been in Chicago looking over the piles of goods in the wholesale dry goods houses, and as has been his custom he always comes home loaded with bargains. The ladies of this county will find it
profitable to call at Inman’s dry goods store and see his elegant stock of goods and the prices at which he has them marked. Mrs. Inman has been so long in business in this city that he understands what dry goods customers want.

Clinton Public, DeWitt County, Illinois March 13, 1891

Death of Guy Inman

Guy INMAN, son of Drew INMAN, a merchant of this city, came to an untimely end Monday night [Oct. 14] about 6 o'clock. He was on train No. 13 with Conductor James McCUNE and Engineer HEDIGER, and it is thought while passing through the Vernon bridge or the old Wilson bridge near Sandoval he was struck in the head by the timbers and laid senseless on the top of the car. He was discovered, after being missed, lying dead in that position. His father and mother are in great distress, Mrs. INMAN being almost frantic with grief. Guy Inman was a most exemplary, industrious boy, about 19 years of age, and well liked. This was but his second trip on the road. He had quite an ambition to become a railroad man but his death was a terrible sacrifice to his ambition. The conductor protested on the trip against the young man being sent, but it is thought his close attention to business made him oblivious to the dangerous bridge which caused his death. The K. of P. [Knights of Pythias], of whom Mr. Inman, the father, is a member, took charge of the remains, bringing them home. The funeral occurred on Wednesday afternoon at two o'clock, the Rev. Horace REED of the M. E. Church delivering a peculiarly appropriate and impressive discourse, at the family residence on Madison street, from which the lengthy cortege filed mournfully to the shades of Woodlawn.

Mr. Guy Inman was a great favorite among his associate young men, was of a pleasant disposition, and readily made a friend of an acquaintance. He was irrepressibly industrious and ambitious. The confinement of his father's business in the store did not afford him activity enough and with the reluctant consent of his parents he entered the railroad service, and thus came on the second trip out to his most dreadful and untimely fate.

The news of Guy's death was a shock to the whole community and doubly distressing to his parents. Mrs. Inman had just returned from St. Louis elated with the memories of her visit to feel with tender nerves the heartless force of this awful blow.

Mr. Drew Inman is a member of the present Grand Lodge of Knights of Pythias in session in Chicago, and as soon as the news reached them of his bereavement they telegraphed him the unanimous condolence of the body. The pall bearers were selected from the young friends of Guy among the Clinton boys and added impressiveness to the ceremonies.

Source Unknown - Clinton Public, DeWitt County, Illinois - Friday, October 18, 1889

INMAN Family of Dayton
Bio from: Historical Gazetteer and Biographical Memorial of Cattaraugus Co. NY, pub 1893
History of the Town of Dayton – Chapter XXIII (23), Page 539

Harvey INMAN came to Dayton with James CALDWELL and married Betsey C., daughter of William and Susan BLAIR. His father, Peleg, served in the War of 1812. Harvey INMAN removed to Illinois, but returned after a few years to Dayton and enlisted in the late war and served until its close, being captured at Chancellorsville and incarcerated in Libby prison for a time. He died in Dayton, May 24, 1891. His wife survives him and resides with their daughter at Cottage, where also live two sons, Henry and Orris. Lowell D. INMAN, born in Illinois, Dec. 13, 1854, married Alia RANDALL, and resides at Cottage. H. Burt INMAN, son of Harvey, was born in Dayton, May 16, 1842, married Harriet, daughter of John and Philena HOOKER, and has six children. He served three years in Co. H, 44th N. Y. Vols., in the Civil war.

Commits Suicide, David Inman, Crazed By a Fall Takes His Life

    David Inman of Highland Park who fell from a bicycle a few weeks ago and demented by the fall, committed suicide last Saturday afternoon in a most cruel and barbarous manner. Deprived of all weapons, he took the neck of a beer bottle, broke the bottle, and pulling the sharp jagged glass across the neck succeeded in severing the jugular vein. Mr. Inman was in business with his brother at Highwood. He had formerly been employed as a news agent on an afternoon train from Chicago.

    It was reported that he has been drinking in solitude much of the last month. Saturday afternoon he was in a very quarrelsome mood. He managed to get into a fight with a bystander and, fearing arrest, he jumped into his victim’s buggy and drove down the street at a gallop. An officer gave chase on horseback. Inman, when he feared that his pursuer was gaining on him, reached for a beer bottle that he had with him, striking the neck off the wheel, and drew the glass across his neck. When the officers came up, blood was pouring in all directions. He died in a short time.

Following item appeared in the 85th Anniversary Report 
May 21, 1981 Lake Forest News A Pioneer Press Newspaper
August 6, 1896 as it appeared in the Lake Forester

Biographical Record of Whiteside County, Illinois 1900, p. 64.

    MERIL MEAD, deceased, was for many years prominently identified with the business interests of Morrison and also bore an important part in public affairs. He was born in Clark county, Ohio, December 18, 1820, a son of Allen and Sally (Scarlett) Mead, natives of New York and Vermont, respectively. The father served as a soldier of the war of 1812, under General Winfield Scott, and during the last twenty-eight years of his life was a minister of the Free Will Baptist church. He also followed farming. In his family were ten children of whom Merril was the second in order of birth.
    The early education of our subject was acquired in the public schools of his native county, after which he attended college at Springfield, Ohio. On the completion of his education he engaged in teaching school for some time in Harmony, Clark county. There he was married, September 30, 1847, to Miss Harriet Newlove, who was born in Harmony township, Clark county, Ohio, April 3, 1830, about two and a half miles from the Mead homestead in Springfield township, Clark county, Ohio. Her parents, Labourn and Elizabeth (Inman) Newlove, were both natives of England, the mother being from Yorkshire, and the latter was a daughter of Matthew and Ellen (Chapman) Inman, farming people of that country, in whose family were six children, five sons and one daughter. Mrs. Mead’s paternal grandparents were Joseph and Ann (Brown) Newlove, natives of the north of England. There the grandfather was quite extensively and successfully engaged in farming until 1820, when he came to the United States, accompanied by his wife and family, and settled in Clark county, Ohio, where he purchased a large farm and where he continued to make his home throughout the remainder of
his life. Matthew Inman, Mrs. Mead’s maternal grandfather, also came to America and bought a farm in Clark county, Ohio, on which he made his home until death. Laybourn Newlove was the third in order of birth in a family of seven children. In early life he learned the blacksmith’s trade, and upon his farm conducted a shop, while he also extensively engaged in agricultural pursuits. The town of Harmony was laid out upon his farm.
    There he died October 21, 1865, and his wife passed away May 10, 1859. They were consistent members of the Methodist Protestant church, and were held in high regard by all who knew them. In their family were four children, namely: John, who died at the age of two years; Harriet, now Mrs. Mead; Joseph, who married Sarah Lindell, has four children living, and makes his home near Columbus, Ohio, and Ellen widow of John Kier, by whom she had four children now living and makes her home in Unionville, Whiteside county, Illinois.
    To Mr. and Mrs. Mead were born six children: Elizabeth died at the age of thirteen years. Rilla S. died at the age of twenty-eight years. Meril Inman, who is engaged in the coal, ice, wood and feed business in Clinton, Iowa, married Amelia Sherwin, and they have seven children, all living, namely: Edwin H., Meril S., Maude E., Mary Eva, Jonathan B., Mildred and Rilla M. Prior to going to Clinton he was a farmer in Union Grove township, Whiteside county, Illinois. Ellen died at the age of twenty-one years. Harriet and Eliza, twins, live with their mother in Morrison, both being graduates of the Morrison high school.
    After his marriage Mr. Mead continued his residence in Clark county, Ohio, while he taught school in Harmony, until 1855, when he came to Whiteside county, Illinois, and took up land in Ustick township on a land warrant which was given to his mother for services rendered by his father in the war of 1812. There our subject engaged in farming until 1865, when he removed to Morrison, purchasing a farm of eighty acres, sixteen acres of which were within the corporate limits of the city. After locating here he engaged in the real estate and insurance business in connection with farming, representing the Oriental, Northwestern, and quite a number of
large and reliable insurance companies. In business he prospered, and besides the valuable property he owned in this county, he had farms in Iowa and other parts of Illinois.
    Politically he was a Whig in early life and later a Republican. While a resident of Ustick township he served as justice of the peace for seven years, and held the office of assessor of Harmony township, Clark county, Ohio, for ten consecutive years. He was also deputy United States marshal in that county during President Taylor’s administration, and for one term was coroner of Whiteside county, and justice of the peace in Morrison for nine years. He was always found true to every trust reposed in him, either in public or private life, and his official
duties were discharged in a most commendable manner. Socially he was a member of the Odd Fellows lodge, No. 257, of Morrison, and religiously belonged to the Methodist church. He died of heart trouble, August 16, 1891, honored and respected by all who knew him. Mrs. Mead is an estimable lady of many sterling qualities, who was formerly a member of the Methodist Protestant church, but at the present time there is no church of that denomination in Morrison.

Highland Park News
Highland Park IL Dec. 18, 1896

Mrs. David Inman’s new house on Second street is nearly enclosed. It promises to be a fine house.

Highland Park News
Jan 29, 1897
Vol I No. 9

Mrs. David Inman’s house is rapidly approaching completion and she expects to occupy same about a month hence.

Highland Park News
April 2, 1897
Vol I No. 18

Mrs. David Inman has been in her new home on Second street just below Laurel avenue a couple of months and already she is having the usual experience of people who own a fine home with all the modern improvements, of large light and airy chambers, bath room, city water, and good sewerage, people want her to open her home to roomers and boarders. We don’t ask anything for our judicial opinion, but we will say to Mrs. Inman you will come to it: it is inevitable, that has been our experience; such choice accommodations are scare. Our advice to those seeking a good place to go there at once. Be sure you get good boarders, Mrs. Inman, and then be sure of your pay, there are some dead beat abroad, some quite fashionable ones, too.

Highland Park News
May 7, 1897
Vol I No. 23

Waterman Inman has moved into his house on Railroad avenue. It has been thoroughly overhauled and is now being painted.

MARY (INMAN) EASTABROOKS - April 26, 1831, Mrs. L. F. (Levi Frisbie) Eastabooke was born in Luzerne county, Pennsylvania and died Friday evening, December 21, 1900, at seven thirty o'clock aged 69 years, 7 months and 25 days. She was the daughter of John F. and Mary Inman. In 1856 she came west with her parents and settled on the farm east of Milledgeville, now occupied by Thomas Schell. On the First of January, 1860 she was united in marriage to L. F. Eastabrooks and they moved immediately to the farm three miles north of town, where she lived until about three years ago when she moved to Milledgeville occupying one of the most handsome residences in town, Last June she was ill with a severe cough and since that time she had been troubled with it at times. Recently bronchitis also attacked her and although she had a number of very hard coughing spells her illness was not considered necessarily serious. It was proposed a few weeks ago to take her to another climate but she improved to such an extent that this thought was abandoned. Last Friday afternoon it was noticed by the children that she was rapidly failing and in the evening she passed away. The funeral was held from the house at ten o'clock, Rev. C. A. Gage officiating. He took for his text Psalms 17th chapter, 15th verse. As for me I shall be satisfied when I awake with thy likeness." ............ The burial took place at the South Elkhorn cemetery. Mrs. Eastabrooks was patient during her illness. She was very much attached to her family. She was sociable and there are hundreds in this vicinity who can remember how well they were entertained at her home. Besides her husband she leaves six children as follows: G. I. from east of town; M. F., who lives on the old homestead; Hattie F. now Mrs. M. V. O'Shea of Madison, Wis., Edna C, and Mollie H., who live at home.... One child died in its infancy and Carrie B. and Allie B. who died at the ages of eleven and thirteen years. She was of a family of eight, two brothers, Levi Inman of Clinton, Wis., and Whitney Inman of this city surviving her. Her brothers and all her children were present at the funeral. Those from a distance who attended were; Mrs. Chas. Frank and daughter, Crissie, of Lanark; R. G. Shumway of Polo and John W. Miller of Lanark. The Tri-County Free Press with the entire community extend sympathy to the bereaved family.

LEVI FRISBEE EASTABROOKS - On Sunday morning May 11 occurred the death of Mr. Levi Frisbee Eastabrooks an old and respected settler of this county. Mr. Eastabrooks had been ailing for the past three years until Sabbath morning, when death came to relieve him of his pain and suffering. Mr. Eastabrooks was well known throughout this section of the country being an early settler coming west with his parents about 1838 settling in DeKalb county, later coming to this vicinity where he spent his remaining days. He began life with health and a chance to make himself rich and at the time of his death was comfortably circumstanced owning one thousand acres of fine farming land besides a large personal property. He was one of the most successful farmers and stock raisers of Carroll county. He was married to Miss Mary Inman in January 1860. She preceding him to the grave in December 1900. Eight children were born to them, six of whom live to mourn his death viz. George and M. F., Miss Edna and Mollie of Milledgeville, Mrs. M. V. O'Shea of Madison and Mrs. Ruth Kilbourn of Chicago. Two daughters having died in early youth. On account of poor health Mr. Eastabrooks and family moved from their home three miles north to Milledgeville. About three years ago he suffered from a stroke of apoplexy but partially recovered. But for the past two years he has gradually failed until so feeble that he became helpless. The funeral services were conducted at the home under the direction of the Masonic Lodge of which he was a charter member. Interment was made at South Elkhorn.
Note: Born 6 August 1822 he died 11 May 1902, the son of Abel & Catharine (Frisbee) Eastabrooks.

 Martha F. Inman

Died, at her residence in Anna, Illinois , Friday, November 14, 1902, Mrs. Martha F. Inman, wife of M. M. Inman, aged 68 years, 6 months and 21 days. The funeral services were held at the M. E. Church at 2:30 p.m., Sunday, November 16, and were conducted by the pastor, Rev. L. Smith. The remains were interred in the Anna Cemetery. 

Mrs. Inman had been a sufferer for years, but bore it patiently. She was a good Christian woman. She joined the Baptist church in 1850, but later joined the Methodist Episcopal church, of which she remained a consistent member until her death. 

Martha Francis McCurdy was born April 23, 1834, in Newton county, GA. She was married to Murphy M. Inman near Dalton, Georgia, July 9, 1850. She removed, with husband and three children, to Anna, June 30, 1856, where she resided until the day of her death. She was the mother of twelve children, six sons and six daughters. All of the daughters and one son have preceded here to the great beyond. The surviving sons are Iva F. Inman, of Denver, Col, now at Santa Monica, Calif. Isaac Irwin, of Pyramid, Col.; David H. H. at Yuma, Arizona; Dr. M. M. Inman, of Quitman, Ark., and C. Ira Inman, of Whiting, Ind. 

The two latter were present at the funeral. She also leaves two sisters, Mrs. Susan A. Goddard, of Murphysboro, Ill., and Mrs. Sarah J. Head, of Rose Bud, Ark. 

Letters were received from David H. and Iva F. Inman by the father stating their inability to get home in time for the funeral, and expressing deep sorrow at the loss of a beloved mother.


The Decomposed Body Found in A Barrel Of Water in Her Bedroom Four Days Later.

    Mrs. Samantha A. Wolf, aged about sixty years and an early settler of this section, took her own life in a peculiar way at her home in the south part of the village of Walnut Thursday evening of last week, as near as can be ascertained, and the fact was not known until Monday afternoon of this week. Her near neighbor, Mrs. S. M. Watkins, from whom Mrs. Wolf obtained milk every evening and who were intimate friends, was the first to miss her.
    Mrs. Wolf went after the milk as usual Thursday evening, but Friday evening she did not appear. Saturday Mrs. Watkins called at the home and found everything locked, even to the coal and woodhouses, and she supposed Mrs. Wolf had gone away to visit a sister residing at Sublette or another at Deer Grove and let the matter rest, but when she did not return Monday from either way, as she knew Mrs. Wolf did not visit long at one place, she concluded there was something wrong and accompanied by a lady relative they went to the house at about half past four o'clock Monday afternoon and forced up a window of the bedroom and to their horror saw the protruding head and shoulders of Mrs. Wolf from a barrel. Mrs. Watkins gave a loud call to neighbors and telephone messages sent up street. Soon there was a crowd upon the horrible scene. The door was forced open and the stench was found to be almost unbearable. Blankets were thrown over the protruding form and ropes placed around the barrel and thus dragged out into the yard, where the difficult task of placing the badly decayed remains in a coffin was accomplished.
    Coroner A. H. Malm of Princeton was notified and the conditions of the body described and he advised immediate burial. After brief services the remains were taken to Walnut cemetery and buried by the side of those of her first husband.
    When the house had been given an airing Mrs. Watkins found two letters of considerable length written by Mrs. Wolf, one addressed to her and the other to her old neighbors and friends, which fully explains the reason for the rash act and designating the manner and place of burial, also where her body would be found. The letters were read at the inquisition by Bert Montgomery, a nephew, but are not of sufficient significance to the public for publication. Her principal reasons for committing the rash act were ill health and the fear of insanity.
    Tuesday morning the coroner arrived and impaneled a jury which viewed the premises and then came to the village hall where the inquisition was held.
    Several witnesses were summoned, the principal one being Mrs. Watkins, who testified substantially as follows:
    That she knew Mrs. Samantha Wolf, the suicide, all her life. She was about sixty years of age. Came here with her parents when a little girl from the state of Ohio. Her health was not very good. She was a widow. About a year ago, when sick, I cared for her and she expressed the desire to live at least ten years more. To my knowledge she did not take any drug. [Mrs. Watkins produced the letters left by the deceased. They were read to the jury. Myself and Mrs. Charley Clark were the first persons to discover her dead body in a barrel in her bedroom. We pried open a window. I ran to the street and hollered for the neighbors. They heard my call and came. I believe Mrs. Wolf was not in her right mind when she committed the rash act.
    Undertaker Luther testified that he resided in Walnut. Was acquainted with Mrs. Wolf. Was called to take care of the body. Found body in a barrel of water in bed room. Had on her ordinary clothes. Took barrel out into the yard and removed the body. She must have been dead three or four days. Last seen Thursday afternoon, June 13, 1907. Think she took her own life. The body was placed in a casket and buried in Walnut cemetery.
    Mr. Mason testified that he was a member of the Medical Board of Health. Almost a year ago I [?????] Mrs. Wolf two professional [????]. Her condition was [?????? ???? ???????] trouble. Was well aquatinted with her and saw her frequently. I think the cause of death was drowning. I think her mind was affected.
    John Meisenheimer testified that he was a resident of Walnut. Went to the house with Dr. Mason and we found the body of Mrs. Wolf in the barrel in the bedroom on Monday afternoon about five o'clock, June 17, 1907. Was acquainted with Mrs. Wolf and recognized the dead body. The cause of death in my opinion was drowning. Saw her last Thursday evening, June 13, 1907. I am a near neighbor and pass the house daily.
    After a short deliberation the jury returned the following verdict:

Village of Walnut }

    In the matter of the Inquisition on the body of Mrs. Samantha A. Wolf, deceased, held at Walnut, on the 18th day of June, A. D. 1907.
    We, the undersigned jurors, sworn to inquire into the death of Mrs. Samantha P. Wolf, on oath do find that she came to her death by drowning with suffering from mental trouble and despondency.

H. U. RAILEY, Forman.
    Samantha P. Hastings was born near Streator, LaSalle Co., Ill., Nov. 10, 1845. She lived in LaSalle county until she was about 12 years of age and then moved into Bureau Co. and soon after was taken sick with a very hard spell of typhoid fever from which she never seemed to fully recover, though she grew to womanhood she was more or less afflicted.
    In 1863 she was married to E. S. Bard and to them were born two children a son and a daughter, Mrs. Cora A. Langford, deceased, and Merritt W. Bard, who lives in Aurora.
    E. S. Bard died in 1872 and in 1873 she was married to Christian Wolf who died in the early spring of 1896. Since then she has always seemed rather unsteady and unhappy.
    Our sister has always seemed unfortunate. When her son was but a babe she lost her right arm by an accidental discharge of a gun. We might mention many other afflictions she has suffered, but her constant prayer was "God be merciful." Is it any wonder her poor, tired brain was overcome by this wave of despondency? We all know her energetic independence.
    She leaves her son M. W. Bard and wife and family of three daughters of Aurora, two grand-daughters and one grand son of her daughters children, four sisters in the deepest grief, six half sisters, two half brothers and many other members of the family who were very dear to her.
    She was well known in Walnut. O, how we shall miss her. SISTER.

Source: from the Walnut Leader, 21 June 1907

Charles Withington Inman

    Charles Withington Inman was born in Janesville, Wisconsin, June 8, 1855, the son of Peter (Himmelreich) and Elizabeth (Merry) Inman. He was reared in his native community, and when seventeen years of age, came with his parents to Highland Park, IL. Here the departed made his home for the rest of his days. Here also he was married July 21, 1880 to Catherine M. Recktenwald. Three children blessed their union. They are Mrs. Maud Hutter and Herbert and Josephine. Mr. Inman was engaged in business in our city for some years, but for many years, was employed with the Daily News in Chicago. He toiled incessantly and wearedly for his loved ones these many years. The past year his strength seemed on the wane, but he followed his chosen occupation with unremitting devotion until nature called a complete halt. He desired earnestly to get well and care still further for his family, but our Father thought otherwise.

    The departed was a kind and indulgent husband and father and a much respected neighbor and friend. He loved his home devotedly. It was the chief delight of his heart and the anchorage of his life. The gay frivolities of the world weighed nothing in his estimation compared with the rest and love that came to him in his home. Thus he pursued the quiet, even tenor of his way until about six weeks ago when disease laid him low. Three weeks later he was removed for special treatment to the Presbyterian hospital in Chicago, but his ailment was beyond the reach of earthly help, and after much suffering departed this life Monday afternoon at one o’clock,…..(rest is missing)

Obituary appeared in the North Shore Newsletter, April 9, 1910.

Mr. Herbert Inman will leave Friday for Memphis, Tenn., where he will visit his sister and brother-in-law, Mr. And Mrs. Warren Harrison.

The Highland Park Press, Local and Personal News, August 20, 1914

    GEORGE L. INMAN was for many years a business man of power and influence in Champaign County. He was accustomed to handling large things in a large way, and besides the New Inman Hotel at Champaign, citizens of the county have reason to remember him for many other influences and activities.

    Mr. Inman was born in Erie County, Pennsylvania, March 8, 1867, and was only a little past his fiftieth birthday when he died April 5, 1917. His death occurred at Cramer, Indiana, but he was laid to rest at Champaign, where he had his home for over a quarter of a century. Mr. Inman's mother, Emily DRAKE, was a direct descendant of the great English admiral, Sir Francis DRAKE. Mr. Inman was the youngest of six children, the others being: Mrs. Dora ORTON, of Erie, Pennsylvania; Sylvester C., of Erie; Fred, of Erie; Herbert and Emily, both deceased.

    George L. Inman grew up in Erie County, Pennsylvania, where his father was a lawyer, and he studied law under his father's direction as part of a liberal education, not for the purpose of practicing. His first important enterprise was promoting the publication of a paper called the Farmers Ledger, located at Danville, Illinois. In the interests of that publication he traveled extensively throughout the Middle West. About 1891, Mr. Inman came to Champaign and engaged in the real estate and farm mortgage business. Mr. Inman is remembered by all with whom he came in contact as a man of great magnetism and personality. He had a host of friends, and also an extended business acquaintance. He did much to develop Champaign County. In Champaign he erected a large brick building at the corner of University Avenue and Market Street, and in 1915 he built the splendid six-story brick hotel known as the New Inman House, where he had his home and where his widow still resides. This hotel is at the corner of University Avenue and Walnut Street. Mr. Inman was independent in politics, and never found time for clubs or for church affairs.

    His first wife was Minnie SWEARINGEN, of St. Joseph, Champaign County. She died in 1899. On May 13, 1900, Mr. Inman married Nora Trumbull STEVENSON. By her first marriage to Elijah Stevenson, Mrs. Inman had two children: Arthur G., who lives at St. Louis, Missouri, and by his marriage to Madeline Fuller, a native of Erie, Pennsylvania, there are three children, Arthur G., Robert L. and Madeline. Mrs. Inman's second child, Elizabeth, is the wife of Jay C. TAYLOR of Champaign, Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. Taylor have a child, Croydon Stevenson, born September 6, 1916.

Reprinted with permission by Celia G. Snyder.

MONTRAVILLE FARNUM EASTABROOKS, son of Montraville F. and Margaret Farnum Eastabrooks was born March 9, 1899, and passed out of this life November 29, 1916 at the age of 17 years, 8 months and 20 days. He grew in strength and loveliness of character, as he grew in stature, and took great delight in intellectual pursuits. His real joy was in the great out of doors, and he loved the beautiful and good. He learned to know the birds by name, and could distinguish each by its song notes. He loved his garden, taking special care of many individual plants and trees, among his favorite, being shrubs, pinks, hibiscus, rosemary, mint, while the pansies and roses were his dear and choicest flowers. His great love for his home was his supreme interest. He was a dutiful and loving son and brother and was ever grateful for the home protection, and the love and sympathy expressed toward him. Farnum graduated from the Milledgeville high school in June 1916. The warm hearted sympathy of his classmate's and teachers cheered his heart and helped him thru very trying hours. He was anxious to have his friends know of his appreciation for their loving kindnesses. When it became apparent that all was not well with him and that he had to be sent among strangers for treatment, he went bravely , tho at times feeling great discouragement. Toward the last of his illness his thoughts turned toward the spiritual. He asked to have his bible sent to him and he spent many hours reading it, growing in ability to express his inner most thoughts, and to realize that Gods power is supreme. He gave his life into the hand of Him Who said "I am the way; the truth, and the life." He was laid to rest in the Elkhorn cemetery beside his mother. In his death Milledgeville losses one of its most promising young men, and the sympathy of the entire community is extended to the family. The funeral services were held at the home Friday, Dec. 1, where he first saw the light of day, and where all the activities of his life were centered. Rev. Geo. W. Welch officiated and the graduating class of which he was a member acted as Pall bearers, viz., Lyle Wetzell, Haro1d Eastabrooks Melville and Walter McKean and Willard and Walter Weaver who graduated this year; honorary pall bearers, Mabelle Todd, Ruby Deets, Ora Chambers, Helen McKean, Hazel Meyers. Emily Spanogle was unable to be present. Rev. Welch took for his texts from Jeremiah 48-17 All ye that are about him bemoan him; and all ye that know his name, say, How is the strong staff broken and the beautiful rod! Miss Pearl Wolber sang "O'er Waiting Harpstrings of the Mind" and "In Thee, Oh Spirit, True and Kind". Mrs. J. D. Overholser accompanist. " The floral tributes were many and beautiful. Relatives from out of town attending were Mrs. Kilbourn and son Frederick of Chicago and Mrs. O'Shea of Madison Wisc.

Miscellaneous death notices and burial permit listings  from the St. Louis Post Dispatch newspaper archives. 

Burial Permits:

Death Notices:

   WALTER M. INMAN, for over twenty-five years circulation manager of the Chicago Daily News, died Saturday night in Los Angeles. His wife, Mrs. Nell Inman, reached the bedside hardly an hour before the end came. Mr. Inman was 62 years old. He came to Chicago nearly fifty years ago. The widow and five children survive him.

July 7, 1921: - The town of Kinmundy received a shock on Monday morning hearing that Job INMAN was dead. He had been in good health, and on Sunday night after his wife heard an unusual noise from his room, she found him lying unconscious in his room. Apoplexy was given as the cause of death. He was born May 18, 1866 in Logan Co., the son of Ezekiel and Bridget INMAN, and died July 4, 1921 in Kinmundy. On June 1, 1901 he married Susan D. EVANS. He spent most of his life in this community, and leaves a wife, son, and daughter. Burial in Sandy Branch Cemetery.

Nov. 17, 1921 - Last Sunday in Salem, Miss Rochelle INMAN of this city married Mr. Hollis BAKER, son of L. B. BAKER, a farmer near Omega. The bride is a graduate of Kinmundy High School and has been employed as a teacher, which work she will discontinue. The groom has a number of good dairy cows and expects to make dairying his chief part of farming.

Gleanings from "The Kinmundy Express" 1921

The residence of Mrs. Susan D. INMAN, located in the east part of town, was completely destroyed by fire Monday evening. The cause of the fire is unknown. Mrs. INMAN was just ready to leave for Salem to visit when the fire was discovered. Most of the contents were saved. The insufficient water supply let the fire get such a headway that it was impossible to extinguish it.

Gleanings from "The Kinmundy Express" March 15, 1934

The trial of Mrs. Susan D. INMAN for arson was held yesterday and there were about 50 people from Kinmundy who had a "special invitation" to attend the trial, although there were only about 10 used as witnesses. The trial was the outgrowth of Mrs. INMAN’s home-burning last March. After the case went to jury, it was out in a very short time, and returned a verdict of not guilty.

Gleanings from "The Kinmundy Express" October 18, 1934

    Sister Rachel Sturgill, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Williams was born near Wolrab Mills December 29, 1856, departed this life at her home near Eichorn, Illinois November 22, 1927, age 70 years, 10 months and 24 days old.
    She was first married to James Twitchell of Saline County. After his death she was married to Jack Inman, of Saline County and in the year 1905 she was again united in marriage to W.R. Sturgill, February 27th by Rev. Hickman Joiner.
    Sister Sturgill professed faith in Christ at an early age and lived a noble Christian until death.
    She leaves to mourn her loss a kind and loving companion, four step-children, two brothers, D. W. Williams of Elizabethtown and Tom Williams of Oakland, Cal. and one sister Mrs. Harrison Ferrell of Elizabethtown.
    On Wednesday November 23 rd. after funeral services by Rev. T. S. Rector of the Christian Church of Sturgill Chapel, her remains were laid away in Jennings cemetery where the sad looks were rendered by the living to the dead as she was deposited in that cemetery standing within the shadows of the hills she loved so well.
    Written by her niece Nora Williams

Hardin County Independent -  29 Dec 1927

September 27, 1928 - Source unknown

    John Wesley Brown, son of John and Uta Brown, was born in Liberty township on September 13, 1854, and passed away at his home in Kinderhook Township Thursday morning, December 27, 1928. Mr. Brown was married to Miss Emma Allen on September 26, 1876. To this union were born ten children, two preceded him in death while infants. Mr. Brown is survived by his widow, four daughters: Mrs. Ella Timmons of Hull, Il., Mrs. Nettie Johnson of Kinderhook, Mrs. Ivah Inman of Kinderhook township, and Mrs. Edith Martin of Shidles, Ok.: four sons, Elmer of Richfield, Il., Everett and Clarence Hull, and Arthur, at home; seventeen grandchildren and two great grandchildren; three brothers, Grant, George and Lee all of Clayton. Funeral services were held by Rev. W. B. Williams in the home of the deceased near Seehorn, after which the body was interred in the Kinderhook cemetery.

Services Held Yesterday for Mrs. David (M.) Inman

    Funeral services for Mrs. David Inman, who died Monday, February 3, (1936), at the Highland Park Hospital after a lingering illness, were held from her home on Wednesday, February 12 at 2:30. Interment is to be at Nevada, Iowa.
    Besides one son, David Inman, Jr., she is survived by one sister, Mrs. Sadie Schrecengost and three brothers, Charles, William and Mont Hanson.

Obituary appeared in the Highland Park Press, Thursday, February 6, 1936

Mrs. Rosana Passes Away February 18

    Mrs. Adelaid Inman Rosana was born in London, England, on February 20, 1861. She passed away on Friday, Feb. 18, following a brief illness. She lacked two days of being able to celebrate her 78th birthday. She came to Chicago at the age of 13. In the year 1878 she came to Highland Park and has spent the past 61 years in our city. She has seen Highland Park develop from that of a mere village to its present status. Those surviving her are her companion, Casper Rosana, one daughter, Mrs. Adelaide Green of Gray Avenue, Highland Park, three sons, David (M.) Inman of Deerfield Road, Deerfield, Ellsworth Inman of Ridgewood Drive, and Everett O. Inman of Glenview Avenue, both of Highland Park.
    Funeral services were conducted on Monday at 10 a.m. at the home, 135 Second Street. Rev. H.F. Siemsen officiated, and Mr. H. F. Kelley in charge. Interment took place at Rosehill.

Obituary from the Highland Park Press, February 23, 1939

Newspaper Unknown (Vermilion Co., IL), Date: 1942


    Mr. and Mrs. Clayton FAIRCHILD of Armstrong announce the marriage of their second daughter, Margery F. FAIRCHILD, to Harold L. INMAN, son of Mr. and Mrs. John INMAN of Penfield, at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 17, 1942.
    The single ring ceremony was performed by the Rev. O. E. Creech at the Methodist Parsonage in Gifford.
    Attendants were Mr. and Mrs. Robert DORAN of Armstrong, brother-in-law and sister of the bride.
    The bride wore a street-length dress of dusty rose silk with brown accessories and a corsage of gardenias.
    Her jewelry was a single strand of pearls, gift from the bridegroom. Her attendant wore a street-length dress of teal blue with black accessories and a corsage of talisman roses.
    Both Mr. and Mrs. INMAN were graduated from Armstrong High School; she in 1940 and Mr. INMAN in 1931.
    After a short wedding trip, they returned to home of his parents where they will make their home for the present.
    Mr. INMAN is employed as a stock clerk at the post exchange at Chanute Field, Rantoul.

Highland Park News March 9,1944, Page 6

David M. Inman Passes Away In Local Hospital

    David M. Inman, painter and decorator, passed away Tuesday morning in the local hospital, after an illness of three months.
    Born in Highland Park 53 years ago, he is survived by his wife, Anita, a son, Lt. David Inman, stationed in New York, two brothers, Ellsworth and Everett, and a sister, Mrs. Adelaide Greene, all of Highland Park.
    He was a member of the Masonic lodge and of the Deerfield Chamber of Commerce

Highland Park Press March 9, 1944, Page 6

D. M. Inman, Contractor For Many Years, Dies

    David M. Inman, 53, of 308 Deerfield road, Deerfield, for years a painting and decorating contractor, died Tuesday morning in the Highland Park hospital after an illness of three months.
    Born in Highland Park, he had lived in Deerfield for the past 15 years. He leaves his wife, Anita Timm, and a son, Lt. David, stationed with the army at a New York base; two brothers: Ellsworth and Everett, both of Highland Park: and a sister, Mrs. Adelaide Greene of Highland Park.
    He was a member of the Highland Park Masonic order and the Deerfield Chamber of Commerce.
    No arrangements have been made for the funeral services.


(This is the son of Darwin Inman who is the grandson son of David C/E Inman)

Richard Ellsworth Inman, 10, 504 Gray avenue, died Saturday night in Evanston hospital of bulbar poliomyelitis, Highland Park’s second polio victim this year. The son of Park Board Commissioner and Mrs. Darwin E. Inman, Richard became ill the preceding Wednesday, complaining of an upset stomach and sore throat. He ran a low temperature. By Saturday morning his temperature had soared and he began to suffer from chest pains. At Highland Park hospital his illness was diagnosed as polio and he was transferred to Evanston where he died that night.

Richard was to enter the fifth grade at Lincoln school this fall. He was a Cub scout and considered an outstanding athlete. In addition to his parents, a brother Tom, 6, survives. Paternal grandparents are Mr. & Mrs. Ellsworth Inman, 135 South Second street.

Funeral services were Tuesday from the Kelley and Spalding mortuary with burial at North Shore Garden of Memories.

Highland Park had four cases of polio to date . . .

Highland Park News, 1949 August 11 Page 3

Highland Park Press, page 6
Mar 15, 1951

Note: This is Josephine Inman Harrison. This is her second husband. He was married to her sister, Helen Maud Inman Hutter.
    Word has been received from California of the death of Mrs. Josephine Harrison Hutter of Chicago, most of her life a Highland Parker. She and her husband had been in California for the winter visiting her daughter. She passed away at a Los Angeles hospital on Saturday, March 3. Funeral services were conducted in Los Angeles on Monday, March 5.
    Born in Highland Park about sixty years ago, she was married two years ago to George Hutter, also former Highland Parker.
    Besides her husband, she is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Virginia Harrison Edwards; three grandchildren, all of Los Angeles; and a brother, Herbert Inman of Chicago. Mr. Inman, who was also wintering in California, attended the funeral.

   Mrs. Nellie Gwaltney Inman Succumbs in Quincy Home; Rites Here.
   Mrs. Nellie Gwaltney Inman, a former local resident, died this morning at 1 o'clock in her residence at 230 Indian Hills, Quincy.  She had been in failing health for the past three years.  The body is being brought to the Winterrowd funeral home.  Funeral  services at the present, are incomplete.
   The deceased, the daughter of Samuel and Susan Muck, was born Jan. 17, 1886 in Burnt Prairie.  She was united in marriage with Harvey Gwaltney in 1904 and the couple became the parents of 11 children.  Mr. Gwaltney died in 1935.  In April 1945 she became the wife of Leon Inman.
   The Gwaltney family moved to Streator in 1922 from Southern Illinois and the deceased made her home here until approximately 10 years ago when she moved to Quincy.
   She was a member of the Salvation Army of Quincy, The Townsend Club and was formerly affiliated with the Streator War Mothers.
   In addition to her husband she is survived by Mrs. Earl (Irene) Fairall, Mrs. William (Reba) Burkett, Mrs. Gene (Jean) Dallas, Mrs. William (Martha) Day, Ralph, Charles and Zeanas, all of Streator, Homer of Birnamwood, Wis., Otis, of South Gate, Calif., Donald in the U. S. Navy at Oakland, Calif., and Walter in the U. S. Army in Germany.
   A brother, Elmer Muck of Torrence, Calif., one step-sister, Mrs. Nancy Russelot of Norris City, 27 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren are also left.
   A Grandson, Richard Fairall, is deceased.

Streator Daily Times-Press (LaSalle County, Illinois) - Wednesday, March 2, 1955

Highland Park News
June 5, 1958, Page 50

Ellsworth Inman

Funeral services for Ellsworth Inman, 66, 1665 Second St., were held at 2 p.m. Saturday in the funeral home at 1913 Sheridan Rd. Burial was in Northshore Garden of Memories. Mr. Inman died May 24 in Evanston Hospital, after an illness of six weeks.

Mr. Inman was born Sept. 1, 1891 in Highland Park and had resided here all his life. He was a painting and decorating contractor, owner of the Inman Pain Spot in Highland Park.

BROWN, Elmer A.

    Elmer A. Brown 83, of 401 Locust died Wednesday morning at 4:05 in the Parker nursing home.
    Mr. Brown was born at Fishhook Dec. 27, 1877, a son of John and Emma Allen Brown. He was married to Catherine Belcher May 5, 1902, at Pittsfield. She died April, 1951. A resident here since 1943, he was formerly a power saw operator at Gardner-Denver. Surviving are a son, Claude C. Brown of Quincy; three sisters, Mrs. Ivah Inman of Quincy, Mrs. Mattie Johnson of Kinderhook, and Mrs. Smith Edith Southards of Hutchinson, Ks; a granddaughter, Mrs. Robert Cramsey, and two great grandchildren, Cathy and Robie Cramsey of Quincy. He was preceded in death by an infant son, Truman; three brothers, Everett, Arthur and Clarence, and a twin sister, Mrs. Ella Timmons.

Quincy HERALD-WHIG, Wednesday 3/29/1961

Euell (Red) Inman

    Euell C.(Red) Inman. 57, former Peoria resident for over 40 years, was found dead at 11:30 a.m., yesterday in his car at Huntsville, MO, where he
had lived for the past 10 years.
    Born at Paris Feb. 19, 1910, he was the son of C.C. and Kathryn M. Mize Inman. Formerly in the automotive service and repair business here, he had
farmed since moving to Huntsville, MO. He was a member of Arcadia Avenue Presbyterian Church of Peoria and a former member of Joseph Robbins Lodge
930, AF&AM, having transferred his membership to the lodge in Missouri.
    Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Esther Inman, whom he married in Peoria in 1930: his Father; one daughter, Mrs. Carole L. Henry of Washington; two
brothers, William H. Inman of Albuquerque, N.M., and John H. Inman of Peoria, and four grandchildren.
    Services will be here at 2:30 p.m. Monday at Wilton Mortuary with the Rev. Douglas P. Oyan of Arcadia Avenue Presbyterian Church officating. Burial
will be in Swan Lake Cemetry.
    Friends may call at the mortuary from 6 to 8 p.m. Sunday.

Obituary Peoria Journal Star

Funeral rites tentatively set for Peter Inman

    Funeral services for Peter H. Inman, 83, of 2060 36th St., rock Island, who died yesterday at the Franciscan Medical Center, tentatively have been set for 10 a.m. Monday at the Hood Funeral Home, Durango, Colo., with burial in the Greenmount Cemetery, Durango. Visitation will be held from 7 to 9 tonight at the Knox Lartson Funeral Home, rock Island.
    Mr. Inman was born April 25, 1890, in Bucklin, Kan. the son of Eugene and Judith Cook Inman and spent most of his life as a farmer and rancher in Durango, moving to Rock Island in 1972.
    He married Pearl V. Kettering in 1911 in Kansas. She died April 25, 1950. He later married Dulcy Montgomery in Albuquerque, N.M. She died in November 1963.
    Mr. Inman was a member of the First United Methodist Church, Durango.
    Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Davie M. Maltsburger, Rock Island, with whom he resided, and Mrs. Claude Burk, Rawlins, Wyo., a son Roy Inman, Onalaska, Wash., nine grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren, five great-great-grandchildren, and five step children. He was preceded in death by three daughters and four sons.

Source: Rock Island (IL) Argus - April 18, 1974

Carroll Inman, Retired Exec, Dies At Age 93

    Carroll C. Inman, 93, of 5512 N. Knoxville, retired executive of Illinois Mutual Insurance Co., died at 11:25 a. m. yesterday in Americana Healthcare
Center, where he was admitted Friday.
    Mr. Inman was associated with the insurance firm since 1927. At the time of his retirement in 1957 he was executive vice president.
    He was a member of Arcadia Avenue Presbyterian Church, numerous insurance organizations, Peoria Lodge 15, AF&AM, Mohammed Temple Shrine.
He also was a member of Peoria Consistory, Peoria Lodge 20, B.P.O.E. and the Peoria Association of Commerce.
    A Peoria resident over 70 years, he was born Jan. 15, 1885 in Laurens, S.C., a son of Henderson and Laura Willis Inman. He married Katherine Mize
July 25, 1908 in Bowling Green, Ky. She died in Peoria Dec. 13, 1918.
    Surviving are his wife, Lena Furst Inman; one son John H. of Peoria; seven grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild.
Two sons, William H. and Euell C. Inman, preceded him in death as did one brother and one sister.
    Services will be at 1 p.m. Wednesday at Wilton Mortuary, where friends may call one hour earlier.
    Peoria Lodge, AF&AM, will conduct services and burial will be in Springdale Cemetery.

Peoria Journal Star

John Inman

    John H. Inman, 64, of 1429 E. London died Saturday morning on a business trip in Leesburg, Fla.
    Born Sept. 25, 1918, in Peoria Heights, he was the son of Carroll C. and Katherine Mize Inman. He married Jane Harper March 30, 1939, in St. Louis.
    He is survived by his wife; a son Michael P. of Peoria; two daughters, Mrs. Gordon (Sue) Smith and Penny Ohrt, both of Peoria; five grandchildren;
and a great-grandchild.
    He was preceded in death by two brothers.
    He was a police officer for the Peoria Police Department 20 years, the last five years as a sergeant in charge of the communication division. He retired from the department in 1974. For the last six years he was a security chief at Springdale Cemetery. He was a member of the Illinois Lodge No. 263 AF&AM, the Peoria Consistory and the National Police Officers.
    Visitation will be from 6 to 9 p.m. tomorrow at Wilton Mortuary.
    Cremation rites will be accorded. A private entombment in Springdale Mausoleum will be Thursday.
    Memorials may be made to the Heart Fund.

Peoria Journal Star - about 11/13/1984

McCOY, William Russell "Russ" 
Born: 16 May 1909 in Macon County, IL 
Died: 26 Mar 1985 in Decatur, Macon County, IL 
Buried: Graceland Cemetery, Decatur, Macon County, IL 
Parents: George Edward McCoy and Mary Etta Davis 
Married: Gladys Marie Inman on 13 May 1930 in Decatur, Macon County, IL 
Married: Pauline Rose Lewellen, Kathryn Bernice Ross, Joann ? 
Children: George and Larry McCoy, Jeff and Larry Jenkins, Catherine McCoy and Dolly Bobbitt 

Source unknown.

Publication Date: September 02, 1991 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: C8

    Lonnie B. Casey, 52, of 3616 NE Monroe died at 6:41 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 31, 1991, in the emergency room at Methodist Medical Center.
    Born April 2, 1939, in Partheon, Ark., to Bascum and Leola Harris Casey, he married Shirley Moody on Feb. 18, 1957, in Peoria. She survives.
    Also surviving are his mother and stepfather, Fred and Leola Inman of Seymour, Mo.; one son, Lonnie E. of Peoria; two daughters, Dianne Casey of Farmington and Mrs. Neil (Tammy) Mentz of Charleston, S.C.; four brothers, Lendus and Robert, both of Peoria Heights, and Orlin and Jimmie, both of Peoria; and six grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his father and one sister.
He had been working as a carpenter at Peoria Kitchen Top for the past 23 years, and was a member of Carpenters Union Local 183.
    He also was a member of the Pekin Loyal Order of Moose Lodge 916 and Hamm's Holiday Harbor Boat Club in Chillicothe.
    Services will be at 1 p.m. Wednesday at Wilton Mortuary, the Rev. Jack Beaird officiating. Visitation will be from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday at the mortuary. Burial will be in Lutheran Cemetery.
Memorials may be made to the American Heart Association.

Publication Date: February 28, 1992 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: C10

LINCOLN -- Donald E. Phillips, 73, of rural Aledo, formerly of Lincoln, died at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 26, 1992, at Franciscan Medical Center in Rock Island.
    Born April 12, 1918, in Lincoln to Fred and Grace Irvin Phillips, he married Bertha Eileen Inman on Nov. 18, 1983, in Gladstone.
    She survives along with one son, Donald E.; one daughter, Lena G. Smith; one stepdaughter, Pat Swank of New Windsor; two stepsons, Harvey Smith of Mannon and Dave Mills of Aledo; one sister, Dorothy Mullins of Lincoln; one brother, Fred of Dade City, Fla.; 14 stepgrandchildren; and 18 stepgreat-grandchildren.
    He was a World War II veteran and a prisoner of war.
    He worked at the former Galesburg Brickyard Co. and later worked on a farm in Mercer County.
    He was a member of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1571 of Aledo and Aledo Moose Lodge 2204.
    Services will be at 1:30 p.m. Saturday at Fippinger Funeral Home in Aledo, the Rev. Charles Reynolds officiating. Visitation will be from noon until service time on Saturday at the funeral home. Burial will be in Greenmound Cemetery in Keithsburg, with military rites conducted by the VFW.

Publication Date: June 16, 1992 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: D6

MACOMB -- Laura Inman, 80, of 400 W. Grant died at 7:40 p.m. Sunday, May 14, 1992, at McDonough District Hospital.
    Born April 3, 1912, in Staunton to Dan and Alyce Currans, she married Glen D. Inman on July 9, 1945. He died July 6, 1969. She also was preceded in death by three sisters.
    She is survived by one son, Dan L. of Oregon; one daughter, Vicky Brattain of Macomb; one stepdaughter, Alyce Matthews of Dallas, Texas; one sister, Maye Runkle of Macomb; six grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.
    A Macomb resident most of her life, she worked as a cook for several fraternities and sororities at Western Illinois University.
    Graveside services will be at 11 a.m. Wednesday at Oakwood Cemetery in Macomb. Dan Rebman will officiate. There will be no visitation. Dodsworth-Piper-Wallen Funeral Home in Macomb is in charge of arrangements.

Publication Date: July 01, 1992 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: D7

ARMINGTON -- Ruby M. Cates, 89, of Armington died at 4:35 p.m. Tuesday, June 30, 1992, at Bartmann Health Care Center in rural Atlanta.
    Born April 13, 1903, in Poplar Grove to John and Christina Johnson Taylor, she married William G. Cates on June 28, 1934, in Bloomington. He died April 7, 1962. One son, two brothers and one grandson also preceded her in death.
    Surviving are one daughter, Marjorie Smith of McLean; two sisters, Alice Inman of Dallas and Iva Taylor of Roscoe; two grandchildren; and two great- grandchildren.
    She graduated from Northwestern University in Evanston and taught school until retiring in 1970.
    She was a member of Armington Christian Church, Armington Womens Club and Armington American Legion Auxiliary.
    Services will be at 2 p.m. Thursday at Quiram Funeral Home in Atlanta, Ill. The Rev. Harold Williamson will officiate. Visitation will be one hour before services at the funeral home. Burial will be in Oak View Cemetery in rural Armington.
    Memorials may be made to Armington Rescue Squad, her church, Bartmann Health Care Center or any charity.

Publication Date: July 31, 1992 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: C10

    Dr. William Wilder Hounshell, 31, of Peoria died at 5:50 p.m. Wednesday, July 29, 1992, at his residence.
    Born Oct. 18, 1960, in South Bend, Ind., to William H. and Carolyn Wilder Hounshell, he married Julie E. Reynolds. She survives.
    Also surviving are his parents of Groveland; a grandmother, Lela Mae Wilder of Oakland City, Ind.; a grandfather, Robert A. Hounshell of Pekin; and one sister, Mrs. Mike (Susan) Inman of Hudson, Wis. He was preceded in death by one grandfather and one grandmother.
    He graduated from East Peoria High School with honors in 1978. In 1982, he graduated from the University of Illinois with a bachelor's degree in liberal arts and sciences and a bachelor's degree in science in dentistry.
    He obtained his doctorate in dental surgery at the University of Illinois Dental School in Chicago. His practice was at 1215 N. North St.
    Graveside services will be at 10 a.m. Saturday at Parkview Cemetery in Peoria. The Rev. Gary Ingold will officiate. Visitation will be from 6 to 8 tonight at Wilton Mortuary.
Memorials may be made to the American Cancer Society for Melanoma Research.

Publication Date: August 18, 1992 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: D6

BUSHNELL -- Esther H. Ogle Gardner, 88, formerly of Bushnell, died at 8:55 a.m. Monday, Aug. 17, 1992, at Prairie City Nursing Center.
    Born July 10, 1904, in Williams, Ind., to Ernest and Alma Inman Moore, she married John M. Ogle on Sept. 20, 1924, in Bushnell. He died May 25, 1971. She married Earnest Gardner on Dec. 3, 1972, in Bushnell. He died July 16, 1974. Two sisters, one brother and two grandsons also preceded her in death.
    Surviving are three sons, Charles E. of rural Avon, J. Robert of Bushnell and David W. Macomb; one sister, Crystal Stoddard of Bushnell; one brother, Marvin Moore of Cordell, Okla.; seven grandchildren; and nine great-grandchildren.
    She was a member of Bushnell United Methodist Church, Bushnell Grandmothers Club and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1422 of Bushnell. She formerly was a member of Western Chimes Chorus.
    Services will be at 11 a.m. Wednesday at her church. The Rev. Robert O. Skinner will officiate. Friends may call after 2 p.m. today, and visitation will be from 7 to 9 tonight, at Martin-Hollis    Funeral Home in Bushnell. Burial will be in Bushnell Cemetery.
    Memorials may be made to her church.

Publication Date: August 19, 1992 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: D5

BUSHNELL -- Esther H. Ogle Gardner, 88, of Prairie City Nursing Center, formerly of Bushnell, died at 8:55 a.m. Monday, Aug. 17, 1992, at the nursing center.
    Born July 10, 1904, in Williams, Ind., to Ernest and Alma Inman Moore, she married John M. Ogle on Sept. 20, 1924, in Bushnell. He died May 25, 1971. She later married Earnest Gardner on Dec. 3, 1972, in Bushnell. He died July 16, 1974. She also was preceded in death by two grandsons, two sisters and one brother.
    Surviving are three sons, Charles E. of rural Avon, J. Robert of Bushnell and David W. of Macomb; one sister, Crystal Stoddard of Bushnell; one brother, Marvin Moore of Cordell, Okla.; seven grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren; and one great-great-grandchild.
    She was a member of Bushnell United Methodist Church, Bushnell Grandmother's Club and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1422 Auxiliary in Bushnell. She was a former member of the Western Chimes Chorus.
    Services will be at 11 a.m. today at her church. The Rev. Robert O. Skinner will officiate. Burial will be in Bushnell Cemetery. Martin-Hollis Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.
    Memorials may be made to her church.

Publication Date: August 23, 1992 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: C14

GOOD HOPE -- Patricia A. Ellis, 61, of rural Good Hope died at 3:05 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 22, 1992, at McDonough District Hospital in Macomb.
    Born July 28, 1931, in Ipava to Ghlee and Margaret Inman Rockwell, she married Louis Keith Ellis in 1949 in Macomb.
    He survives, along with two sons, Steven L. of Macomb and Terry W. of Colchester; two brothers, Ralph of Moline and Charles of Colchester; and three grandchildren. She was preceded in death by one sister.
    She had lived in Macomb for many years and moved to Good Hope in 1969.
    She worked at Cooper Industries in Macomb for many years before retiring.
Memorial services will be at 10 a.m. Monday at Clugston- Tibbitts Funeral Home in Macomb. The Rev. Mary Kathryn Pearce will officiate. Cremation rites have been accorded. Private burial of ashes will be in Good Hope Cemetery at a later date.
    Memorials may be made to the McDonough District Hospital Hospice Program.

Publication Date: September 17, 1992 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: C7

    Dale B. Milliman, 73, of 5219 N. Charter Oak Lane died at 11:04 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 15, 1992, at Proctor Hospital.
    Born Nov. 8, 1918, in Perrysville, Ind., to Henry and Ida Self Milliman, he married Lena May Inman on April 13, 1946, in Peoria. She survives.
    Also surviving are three sons, John V. and Charles H., both of Peoria, and Michael L. of Oklahoma City; two daughters, Peggy A. Nordstrom of Peoria and Sally Lynne Milliman; three sisters, Virginia Stewart of Myrtle Beach, S.C., Thelma Cleaver of Floral City, Fla., and Pauline Milliman of Peoria; and 13 grandchildren. Two brothers preceded him in death.
    He was a carpenter through Carpenters Local Union 183 in Peoria, retiring in 1979.
    A World War II Army veteran, he was a life member of American Legion Post 2 and a member of First Baptist Church in Floral City.
    Services will be at 2 p.m. Friday at Davison-Fulton Western Chapel. The Rev. James E. Donahue will officiate. Visitation will be from 6 to 8 tonight at the chapel. Burial will be in Smithville Cemetery in Smithville.
    Memorials may be made to the American Heart Association or any charity.

Publication Date: October 20, 1992 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: D5

MACOMB -- Alametis F. Inman, 94, of Macomb died at 7:35 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 18, 1992, at Macomb Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Macomb.
    Born Dec. 18, 1897, in Ocean Springs, Miss., to James F. and Ida Mae Brown Flowers, she married Clarence J. Inman in October 1918 in Montgomery, Ala. He died April 26, 1980. She also was preceded in death by three sons, Kenneth, Richard and Robert, five sisters, two grandsons and two granddaughters.
    Surviving are six sons, Clarence J. Jr. of St. Louis, Arthur of Colton, Calif., Thomas of Granite City, Gerald of Fullerton, Calif., and Eugene and Fred D., both of Englewood, Colo.; 30 grandchildren; 32 great-grandchildren; four daughters, Mrs. Roland (Betty) Harrison of Peoria, Mrs. Duane (Rose Mary) Lester of Good Hope, Mrs. Robert (Katherine) Galloway of Long Island, N.Y., and Mrs. Craig (Marilyn) Lamporte of Hamilton; and three sisters, Cleo Jackson of Lake San Marcos, Calif., Maude Griffith of Mobile, Ala., and Lena Frentz of Biloxi, Miss.
    She had been a resident of Macomb for more than 60 years, and was of the Protestant faith.
Services will be at 10:30 a.m. Thursday at Lamporte Funeral Home in Hamilton. The Rev. Dwain N. DePew will officiate. Calling hours will be after 4 p.m. Wednesday at the funeral home, where the family will meet with friends from 7 to 9 p.m. Burial will be at 1:30 p.m. Thursday in Good Hope City Cemetery in Good Hope.

Publication Date: January 24, 1993 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: C14

BEARDSTOWN -- Donald F. Shinall, 54, of Beardstown died at 4:17 p.m. Friday, Jan. 22, 1993, at his residence.
    Born March 1, 1938, in Beardstown to Floyd and Flossy Inman Shinall, he married Shirley Kramer on May 3, 1990, in Virginia, Ill. She survives.
    Also surviving are three sisters, Janet McCombs and Ola Mae Martin, both of Beardstown, and Fae Jenkins of Independence, Mo.
    He attended Beardstown schools and worked for Caterpillar Inc. in Peoria for 12 years. At the time of his death he was employed by Elm City Rehabilitation Center in Jacksonville.
    Services will be at 2 p.m. Monday at Sager Funeral Home in Beardstown. The Rev. Charles Barnes will officiate. Visitation will be from 6 to 8 tonight at the funeral home. Burial will be in Fairview Cemetery in Mason County.

Publication Date: February 03, 1993 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: C4

MACOMB -- Leland L. Amons, 71, of 715 Crawford St., Warsaw, died at 6 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 2, 1993, at Suncoast Hospital in Clearwater, Fla.
    Born July 26, 1921, in Warsaw to Homer and Martha Ralph Amons, he married Betty Lou Inman on June 7, 1946, in Macomb. She survives.
    Also surviving are one son, Leland R. of Tampa, Fla.; two sisters, Beulah Rife and Ethel Wisslead, both of Warsaw; and four brothers, Ted of Keokuk, Iowa, Earl of Pocatello, Idaho, Dale of Wichita Falls, Texas, and Carl of LaPine, Ore. He was preceded in death by three brothers.
He taught school in Prophetstown and Delavan for four years and later was superintendent of schools in Scales Mound. He was business administrator for Kewanee public schools, Hennepin and then Putnam County Unit District. He also was high school principal for Putnam County. He retired in 1983.
    He was a member of the National Education Association and a life member of the Illinois Education Association and the Illinois Association of School Administrators. A World War II Navy veteran and a Korean War Army veteran, he was a member of Clinton Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Disabled American Veterans.
    He received his bachelor's and master's degrees in education from Western Illinois University.
Services will be at 11 a.m. Friday at Clugston-Tibbitts Funeral Home in Macomb. Calling hours will be after 5 p.m. Thursday, and family visitation will be one hour before services, both at the funeral home. Burial will be in Oakwood Cemetery in Macomb with military rites by the Macomb VFW.
Memorials may be made to any charity.

Publication Date: March 08, 1993 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: C7

    Virgil Dale Inman, 71, of 2601 W. Reservoir died at 6:34 a.m. Sunday, March 7, 1993, at Methodist Medical Center.
    Born March 19, 1921, in Hull to William and Iva Brown Inman, he married Irene Schaefer on July 27, 1940, in Palmyra, Mo. She survives.
    Also surviving are four sons, Rick R. of Bartonville, Randy of Marquette Heights, Ronald of McLean and Terry of Peoria; one daughter, Marty Weber of Peoria; 10 grandchildren; and two great-granddaughters. Three brothers preceded him in death.
    He worked for Celotex for 40 years before retiring in 1983.
    He was a World War II Army veteran.
    Memorial services will be at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Davison-Fulton, Woodland Chapel. The Rev. Vernon Bettermann will officiate. The family will receive friends two hours before services at the chapel. Cremation will be accorded.
    Memorials may be made to American Cancer Society.

Publication Date: April 28, 1993 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: D7

EMDEN -- Champ C. Plank, 87, of Emden was pronounced dead at 12:15 p.m. Monday, April 26, 1993, at his home.
    Born May 29, 1905, in Salem, Mo., to Morgan and Clara Inman Plank, he married Bertie Watkins on Feb. 5, 1930, in Salem. She died Oct. 27, 1977. He also was preceded in death by one brother and one sister.
    Surviving are one son, C. Wayne of Delavan; one daughter, Mrs. Harry (Louise) Thompson of Remington, Ind.; three grandchildren; and one brother, Levi of Salem.
    He farmed in the San Jose area until 1952 and then was a carpenter for Emden Lumber Co. until he retired.
    He was a member of Emden Christian Church, where services will be at 1:30 p.m. Thursday. The Rev. Fred Leeds will officiate. Visitation will be one hour before services at the church. Burial will be in Glendale Memorial Gardens in Pekin. Davis Mortuary in Hopedale is in charge of arrangements.
    Memorials may be made to his church.

The State Journal-Register Springfield, IL, November 13, 1993, Page: 16
    PANA -- Margaret A. White, 65, of Pana died at 6:17 p.m. Thursday at Pana Community Hospital. Services will be at 11 a.m. Monday at McCracken Funeral Home in Pana. Burial will be in Mound Cemetery. Surviving are her husband, Robert "Bob"; son, John White of Pana; two daughters, Kathy Taylor of Caraway, Ark., and Mrs. Phil (Linda) Dressen of Pana; nine grandchildren; six great-grandchildren; two sisters, Janie Meachum of Pana and Martha DeLuke of Nokomis; and a brother, Jim Inman of Pana.

Publication Date: January 04, 1994 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: D5

CUBA -- Donald K. "Pete" James, 70, of 827 E. Polk died at 12:33 a.m. Monday, Jan. 3, 1994, at Graham Hospital in Canton.
    Born April 16, 1923, in Rend City to Theodore and Marjorie Inman James, he married Dorothy M. Iunghuhn on June 4, 1948, in Cuba. She died Jan. 25, 1986. One sister also preceded him in death.
    Surviving are two sons, Gordon James of Canton and Jerry Popleston of Farmington; one daughter, Lynn Clayberg of Charleston; and one grandson.
    He was a foreman at Freeman United Coal Co. for more than 40 years, retiring in 1985. He worked at Cuba and Buckheart mines.
    He served on the Cuba City Council and was a volunteer fireman for the Cuba Fire Department for many years.
    A Korean War-era Army veteran serving in Germany, he was a member of Cuba American Legion Post, where he served as past commander, and Lewistown Veterans of Foreign Wars Post.
Graveside services will be at 10:30 a.m. Thursday at Cuba Cemetery. The Rev. Craig Sweet will officiate. Military rites will be conducted by his American Legion and VFW posts. Visitation will be from 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday at Henry Memorial Home in Cuba.
    Memorials may be made to Cass-Putnam Rescue Squad or to Clayberg Nursing Home in Cuba.

Publication Date: January 30, 1994 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: C14

    Lanny D. Garrett, 51, of 1501 Doverbay Drive, Clive, Iowa, formerly of Peoria, died Friday, Jan. 28, 1994, at his residence.
    Born Aug. 18, 1942, in Peoria to Theodore and Lorene South Garrett, he married Marilyn Sue Inman. She survives.
    Also surviving are his mother and stepfather, Lorene and Berent Vangsness of Spokane, Wash.; two daughters, Lisa Garrett of Enfield, Conn., and Brooke Schulte of Des Moines, Iowa; one son, Dan of Chicago; and two sisters, Judy Adams of Peoria and Keela Bishop of Atlanta.
    He was an account executive for Montgomery Insurance Service in Des Moines.
    A Vietnam War Army veteran, he was a member of Gnemeth Masonic Lodge 577 of West Des Moines and Downtown Kiwanis in Des Moines.
    He was a member of Basilica of St. John Catholic Church in Des Moines.
    Services will be at 10 a.m. Tuesday at his church. Friends may call after 1 p.m. Monday at Dunn's Funeral Home in Des Moines, where visitation will be from 5 to 8 p.m. Cremation will be accorded.
    Memorials may be made to his church.

Publication Date: March 03, 1994 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: D5

CANTON -- Charles Dudley "Andy" Anderson, 81, of Ocean Springs, Miss., formerly of Canton, died Wednesday, Feb. 16, 1994, at a personal care home in Ocean Springs.
    Born Feb. 15, 1913, in Cuba to William and Lorene Inman Anderson, he married Dorothy Rutledge on Oct. 2, 1938, in Canton. She died Oct. 6, 1989.
    Surviving is one son, Larry, whose address is unknown.
    A Caterpillar Inc. employee, he worked in East Peoria and later at the York, Pa., plant, where he retired as a shop superintendent in 1973.
    He was a member of First United Methodist Church in Dunedin, Fla. He was a lifetime member of Cuba Masonic Lodge 534, AF&AM.
    Cremation was accorded by Bradford-O'Keefe Funeral Home in Biloxi, Miss. Burial of ashes was in Curlew Hills Memory Gardens in Palm Harbor, Fla.
    Memorials may be made to the Alzheimer's Association.

The Herald Rock Hill, SC - March 07, 1994, Page: 6a
    DILLON - Mrs. Lila Lockridge Camp, 86, died Friday, March 4, 1994, at Sunny Acres Nursing Home.
    The funeral will be 11 a.m. today at the chapel of Cooper Funeral Home. Burial will be at 4 p.m. at the Greenlawn Cemetery in Great Falls.
    Mrs. Camp was a member of Mount Dearborn Methodist Church and was a member of the Order of the Eastern Star.
    Surviving are her son, J.P. Camp of Dillon; her daugher, Merle Drawdy of Darlington; her half brother, J.P. Lockridge of Rodeo, Calif.; her half-sister, Sadie Lockridge Inman of Sharon; and 10 grandchildren.
    Memorials may be made to St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, 616 East Cleveland St., Dillon, S.C. 29536.

The State Journal-Register Springfield, IL - March 12, 1994, Page: 5
    WHITE HALL -- James L. Inman, 78, of White Hall died Firday at Boyd Memorial Hospital in Carrollton.
    Graveside services will be at 3 p.m. Monday at White Hall Cemetery. Airsman-Hires Funeral Home in White Hall is in charge of arrangements. Surviving are his wife, Joyce Newman; six daughters, Mrs. Don (Shirley) Klaas of Hardin, Josephine Petty of Derby, England, Mrs. Mike (Carol Ann) Ballinger of Perry, Rita Chestmore of Winchester, Mrs. Greg (Jewel) Palmer of Alsey, and Starr Inman at home; two stepdaughters, Peggy Newman and Ja-net Stanley, both of Rock Falls; three sons, James Inman Jr. and Joseph Inman, both of Rock Falls, and Chris Inman of Alsey; a step-son, John Carroll of Mt. Carroll; 18 grandchildren; five step-grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

The Herald Rock Hill, SC - March 30, 1994
    YORK - Mrs. Ethel Aline Wallace Childers, 65, of 33 Railroad Ave., died Monday, March 28, 1994, at Carolinas Medical Center.
    The funeral will be 2 p.m. Wednesday at Midway Baptist Church, with the Revs. James Ellis and Phil Haynes officiating. Burial will be at Bullocks Creek Presbyterian Church cemetery.
    Mrs. Childers was the widow of Mr. Ellie Childers.
    Surviving are four sons, David Daniels and James William Daniels, both of York, Donald Daniels of Irmo, and Earl Childers of Columbia; five daughters, Ethel Brandon of Lake Wylie, Mary Brakefield and Shelia Childers, both of York, Nancy Gable of West Columbia and Nellie Brakefield of Las Vegas; two brothers, John James Wallace of York and J.P. Lockridge of Vallejo, Calif.; her sister, Saddie Inman of Sharon; 26 grandchildren; and 11 great-grandchildren.
    The family will receive friends at the home of David Daniels, 1931 Apple Blossom Road, York.
M.L. Ford & Sons Funeral Home is in charge.

Lillian Brown

    MACOMB -- Lillian Brown, 91, of 400 W. Grant St. died at 4:25 p.m. Thursday, March 31, 1994, at Sprucewood Healthcare Center in Macomb. 
    Born Sept. 8, 1902, in Kansas to Francis and Mary Olive Smith Rice, she married Everett Brown on Sept. 21, 1921, in Macomb. He died Nov. 15, 1978. She also was preceded in death by two sons, Jesse and Jerome Brown; two daughters, Vivian Woods and Vera Ervin; three brothers; and two sisters. 
    Surviving are one daughter, Phyllis Anderson of Macomb; 11 grandchildren; and one sister, Mildred Inman of Bushnell. 
    She was a cook at the former Phelps Hospital for several years. 
    She was a member of First Christian Church in Macomb. 
    Graveside services will be at 2 p.m. today at Good Hope Cemetery. 
    The Rev. James Stovall will officiate. Visitation will be one hour before services at Dodsworth-Piper-Wallen Funeral Home. 
    Memorials may be made to the Sprucewood Healthcare Center staff.

Publication Date: April 13, 1994 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: D7

PEORIA -- Irene Mildred Inman, 73, formerly of 2601 W. Reservoir, died at 6:15 a.m. Tuesday, April 12, 1994, at Bel- Wood Nursing Home in Peoria County.
    Born May 18, 1920, in Quincy to Fred and Pearl Vaught Schaefer, she married Virgil Dale Inman on July 27, 1940, in Palmyra, Mo. He died March 7, 1993, in Peoria. Two brothers and one sister also preceded her in death.
    Surviving are one daughter, Marty Weber of Peoria; four sons, Rick and Terry, both of Peoria, Randy of Marquette Heights and Ronald of McLean; 10 grandchildren; and two great-granddaughters.
    Cremation will be accorded. Memorial services will be at 8 tonight at Davison-Fulton Woodland Chapel. The Rev. Vernon Bettermann will officiate. The family will meet with friends two hours before the service at the chapel.
    Memorials may be made to the Susan G. Komen Breast Center.

The Herald Rock Hill, SC - April 26, 1994, Page: 8A
    YORK - Mr. Richard "Dick" Laurence Baker, 63, a teacher and active member of local citizens groups, died Sunday.
    Mr. Baker of 2025 Somerdale Road, Rock Hill, died Sunday, April 24, 1994, at Piedmont Medical Center.
    A computer electronics teacher with Rock Hill Career Development Center, he was a founding member of Citizens for Clean Air and Water, a Rock Hill group fighting to close down the ThermalKEM Inc. incinerator.
    Mr. Baker, a U.S. Air Force veteran and member of First Presbyterian Church in York, closely
monitored a number of government agencies, including the Rock Hill school board and the York
County Council. He also was a member of the statewide group, Citizens Local Environmental Action Network, and helped lobby for environmental legislation at the state and local level.
The funeral will be 3:30 p.m. Wednesday at First Presbyterian Church in York, with the Rev. David O. Coffey officiating and the Rev. John Henry Bailey assisting. Burial will be at Rose Hill Cemetery.
Surviving are his wife, Addie Forster Baker; two sons, Richard L. Baker II of Charleston and Robert M. Baker of Rock Hill; two daughters, Anne B. Inman and Beverly B. Padgett, both of Rock Hill; his mother, Gladys B. Baker of York; his brother, Keith Baker of Altamonte Springs, Fla.; two sisters, Anne B. Wood of York and Mary Sur B. Jones of Charlotte; and five grandchildren.
    The family will receive friends from 7 to 9 tonight at Gillespie House at First Presbyterian Church,
    Memorials may be made to First Presbyterian Church, 10 W. Liberty St., York, SC 29745; Pilgrims' Inn, 414 E. Main St., Rock Hill, SC 20730; or to the charity of one's choice.
    York Funeral Home is in charge.

The Herald Rock Hill, SC - July 08, 1994, Page: 4B
    SHARON - Mrs. Martha Lou Inman Canupp, 62, of 8625 Oak Tree Road, died Thursday, July 7, 1994, at her home.
    The funeral will be 3 p.m. Sunday at Bullock's Creek Presbyterian Church, with the Revs. Arnold Johnson and George Bush officiating. Burial will be at the church cemetery.
    Born in Kelton, Mrs. Canupp was retired from Oxford Plant in Hickory Grove and was a member of Bullock's Creek Presbyerian Church.
    Surviving are her husband, Marion F. Canupp; two sons, Jim Canupp of Sharon and John Canupp of the home; three daughters, Shirley McDaniel of Hickory Grove, Betty Blackwell of Smyrna and Ann Cromer of Lockhart; seven brothers, Tiny Inman and Arthur Inman, both of Sevierville, Tenn., Charlie Inman of Hendersonville, N.C., Sam Inman of Union, Ray Inman of Chester, Willie Inman of Orangeburg and Henry Inman of Raleigh, N.C.; eight sisters, Bertha Vernon of Belmont, N.C., Mary Inman of Greenwood, Barbara Casselman of Andrews, Jeannette Inman of Gaffney, Carrie Inman of Union, Sallie Millwood of Athens, Ga., Daisy Whitty of Sevierville and Sadie Inman of Virginia; and eight grandchildren.
    The body will be at the home after 3 p.m. today. The body will be taken to the church at 2 p.m.
    S.R. Holcombe Funeral Home of Union is in charge. Betty Catoe Homemaker

Publication Date: July 11, 1994 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: D6

BERWICK -- Lyman J. Inman, 87, of Berwick died at 8:05 a.m. Sunday, July 10, 1994, at the Care Center of Abingdon.
    Born June 25, 1907, in Batchtown to Allen and Ida Smith Inman, he married Ruth L. Pistole on Aug. 2, 1930, in Monmouth. She survives.
    Also surviving are one son, Larry Allen of Paxton; two daughters, Joan H. McVey and Betty "Jeanette" Jared, both of Berwick; three half brothers, Robert Sawyer and Jim Inman, both of California, and Jack Inman of Carrollton; nine grandchildren; 16 great-grandchildren; and one great-great- grandchild. Four half brothers, one half sister and one great- grandson preceded him in death.
    He was a farmer, a coal miner and a Fishing, Trapping and Hunting Conservation Officer. He also was a singer and guitarist for radio stations WIL in St. Louis and WCAD in Carthage and Muscatine, Iowa.
    He later was a security guard at Gale Manufacturing, Butler Manufacturing and Admiral Manufacturing in Galesburg. He also was a road commissioner and trustee of Berwick Township.
Services will be at 11 a.m. Wednesday at Berwick Baptist Church, where visitation will be one hour before services. Burial will be in Berwick Cemetery. Corman Memorial Home in Roseville is in charge of arrangements.
    Memorials may be made to Berwick Baptist Church.

The State Journal-Register Springfield, IL - July 28, 1994, Page: 23
    Robert Edward Leach, 76, of Pana died at 2:38 p.m. Tuesday at Pana Community Hospital.
    He was born Sept. 12, 1917, in Ramsey, the son of Charles E. and Susan D. Cook Leach. He was preceded in death by two brothers and a sister. Mr. Leach was a retired farm laborer.
    Surviving are three sisters, Lois Burton of Pana, Javais Baker of Springfield and Pearl Inman of Witt. Services will be at 10 a.m. Saturday at McCracken Funeral Home in Pana, with the Rev. Lawrence Gibson officiating. Burial will be in Linwood Cemetery.

Publication Date: January 14, 1995 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: D9

PEORIA -- Lois J. Inman, 73, of 1429 E. London died at 5:40 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 12, 1995, at Proctor Hospital.
    Born June 11, 1921, in Peoria to Louis and Naomi Lewis Harper, she married John H. Inman on March 30, 1939, in St. Louis. He died Nov. 13, 1982. One grandchild also preceded her in death.
Surviving are one son, Michael of Peoria; two daughters, Penny Gudeman of Peoria and Sue Smith of Estes Park, Colo.; one sister, Phyllis Harmison of Bartonville; five grandchildren; and 14 great-grandchildren.
    She was a secretary at Hawk Insurance. She was a member of First United Methodist Church in Peoria.
    Services will be at 10:30 a.m. today at Wilton Mortuary. The Rev. John H. Stanley will officiate. Visitation will be one hour before services at the mortuary. Entombment will be in Springdale Mausoleum.
    Memorials may be made to any charity.

Publication Date: January 16, 1995 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: A8

BLANDINSVILLE -- Ray W. Deener, 92, of Blandinsville died at 5:10 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 14, 1995, at Argyle Lake Nursing Center in Colchester.
    Born July 9, 1902, in Emmett Township, McDonough County, to Dale and Alta Gibbs Deener, he married Vonna M. Anderson on June 10, 1934, in Bloomington. She survives.
    Also surviving are several nieces and nephews, including Travis Inman, who made his home with him for many years. Two brothers and one sister preceded him in death.
    He farmed in the Hire Town ship, McDonough County, area all his life.
    He was past president of Blandinsville Gun Club and Blandin House Museum.
    Services will be at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday at Jones Mortuary in Colchester. The Rev. Lee Unger will officiate. Visitation will be from 6:30 to 8 tonight at the mortuary. Burial will be in Mount Auburn Cemetery in Colchester.
    Memorials may be made to Blandin House Museum or to Blandinsville Senior Citizens.

The Herald Rock Hill, SC - March 24, 1995, Page: 4b
    ROCK HILL - Mrs. Hazel Inman Meredith, 88, of 1915 Ebenezer Road, died Thursday, March 23, 1995 at White Oak Manor. Greene Funeral Home is in charge.

The Herald Rock Hill, SC - March 26, 1995, Page: 4B
    Mrs. Hazel Marie Inman Merideth, 88, of 1915 Ebenezer Road, died Thursday, March 23, 1995, at White Oak Manor.
    The funeral will be 11 a.m. Tuesday at Wildwood Baptist Church in East Moline, Ill. with the Ron May officiating. Burial will be at Greenview Memorial Gardens in East Moline.
    A native of Bladdinsville, Ill., Mrs. Merideth was a homemaker.
    Mrs. Merideth was a member of Wildwood Baptist Church in East Molin and the Pride of the Valley Lodge. She was also a member of the Home and Mission Guild.
    Surviving are her sons, Donald C. Merideth of East Moline and Ronald E. Merideth of Silvis, Ill.; her brother, Cecil Myers of Decatur, Ill.; six grandchildren, including Dawn Francies of Rock Hill who cared for her while she lived in Rock Hill; and six great great-grandchilden.
    The family will receive friends from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday at Sullivan-Phillips Funeral Home.
Memorials may be made to Wildwood Baptist Church, 18717 Hubbard Road, East Moline, Ill. 61244.

The State Journal-Register Springfield, IL - August 19, 1995, Page: 26
    PANA -- Lois Burton, 68, of Pana died Thursday at her home.
    Survivors: a son, James Edward Burton Sr. of Pana; a daughter, Mrs. Robert (Jenny Sue) Moore of Pana; three stepdaughters, Mrs. Dennis (Berenice) Greenwalt of Edinburg, Mrs. Carl (Dorothy)
Coultas of Taylorville and Mrs. Kenneth (Ellamae) McCaslin of Morrisonville; five grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; nine stepgrandchildren; 12 step-great-grandchildren; and two sisters, Javais Baker of Springfield and Pearl Inman of Witt. Services: 11 a.m. Monday, McCracken Funeral Home, Pana.
    Burial: Linwood Cemetery, Pana.

Publication Date: September 26, 1995 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: D6

PEORIA -- Betty J. Pickens, 65, of 1610 S. Stanley died at 8:43 a.m. Monday, Sept. 25, 1995, in the Saint Francis Medical Center emergency room.
    Born Nov. 26, 1929, in Westfield to Ernest and Cecelia Mae Weaver Sloniker, she married Merwin Pickens on Dec. 21, 1947, in Louisville, Ill. He survives.
    Also surviving are six daughters, Mrs. Curtis (Diana) Burdette, Teresa Pickens, Jeanne Pickens, Mrs. Larry (Shannon) Mitchell and Coral Pickens, all of Peoria, and Mrs. Chester (Lisa) Mackey of Washington, Ill.; three sons, Tommy of Peoria, Danny of Morton and Curtis of Washington; 18 grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; two sisters, Clara Inman and Retha Scott, both of DeKalb; and one brother, Ernest Sloniker Jr. of Sycamore.
    She was preceded in death by one sister.
    Services will be at 10 a.m. Friday at Endsley & Son Funeral Home in Peoria. The Revs. Chester Mackey and Stanley Svetich will officiate. Visitation will be from 5 to 7 p.m. Thursday at the funeral home. Burial will be in Swan Lake Memory Gardens in Peoria.
    Memorials may be made to the American Cancer Society.

The Herald Rock Hill, SC - September 24, 1995, Page: 4b
    CLOVER - Graveside services for Mrs. Tommie Lucille Nicholson Belk, 53, of 2870 Red Pawn Drive, who died Sunday, Sept. 24, 1995, at Haywood County Hospital in Clyde, N.C., will be 2 p.m. Wednesday at Unity Cemetery in Fort Mill, with the Rev. Jack Norris officiating.
    Mrs. Belk was a homemaker and was of the Baptist faith.
    Surviving are her husband, Jerry Vann Belk; three sons, Carl Belk of Pineville, N.C., Ken Belk of York and Curtis Belk of Clover; her parents, Thomas and Ollie Baker Nicholson of Pineville; two brothers, Chauncey Nicholson of Fort Mill and Hazel Nicholson of Indian Land; four sisters, Nell Norris and Terry Inman, both of Pineville, N.C., Becky McCarver and Violet Moore, both of Indian Land; and two grandchildren.
    The family will receive friends from 7 to 8:30 tonight at Whitesell-Wolfe Funeral Home in Fort Mill.
    Memorials may be made to Home Health Care, 1668 Ebenezer Ave., Rock Hill, SC 29730.

Publication Date: October 26, 1995 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: D7

BARTONVILLE -- Raymond E. Phillips, 82, of White Hall, formerly of Bartonville, died Tuesday, Oct. 24, 1995, at Passavant Area Hospital in Jacksonville.
    Born Aug. 19, 1913, in Ceres to William J. and Etta B. Daughtery Phillips, he married Susie M. Inman on June 21, 1941, in Louisiana, Mo. She survives.
    Also surviving are one son, Larry of Bartonville; two daughters, Sharon Elayne Brown of Pekin and Mrs. Jerry (Debra Sue) West of Groveland; two brothers, Floyd "Shorty" of Peoria and Everett H. "Peck" of Tulsa, Okla.; eight grandchildren; and six great- grandchildren. Two brothers, two sisters, one half brother and one half sister preceded him in death.
    He was a farmer and a road construction worker. He worked at Keystone Steel & Wire Co. as a crane repairman, retiring in 1979.
    He was a former member of Oak Grove Baptist Church in rural Roodhouse and was a member of Calvary Baptist Church in White Hall.
    Services will be at 1 p.m. Friday at Calvary Baptist church in White Hall. Calling hours will be after 2 p.m. today at Mackey-Daws Funeral Home in Roodhouse, with the family meeting friends from 5 to 8 p.m. Additional visitation will be one hour before services at the church. Burial will be in Richwoods Cemetery in Roodhouse.

The State Journal-Register Springfield, IL - January 02, 1996, Page: 7
    Arnold G. Creasey, 85, of Chatham died Sunday at Memorial Medical Center. He was born Sept. 25, 1910, in Colchester, the son of Burd and Lillian Inman Creasey. He married Emma L. Bryant in 1931; she died in 1995. Mr. Creasey was manager of Ideal Creamery in Springfield for many years.
    He later was a bus driver and maintenance man for the Ball-Chatham School District. He was a member of the Chatham Baptist Church. Survivors: two daughters, Mrs. Sid (Beverly) Arnold of Chatham and Mrs. William (Barbara) Driver of Chatham; five grandchildren; and 12 great-grandchildren.
    Services: 10:30 a.m. Thursday, Chatham Baptist Church, Chatham, the Rev. Donald D. Mayberry officiating. Burial: Chatham Cemetery. Berry Funeral Home in Auburn is in charge of arrangements.

Publication Date: January 23, 1996 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: D5

GALESBURG -- Beverly N. Patton, 54, of 529 Scotch Elm Lane died at 10:57 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 20, 1996, at Galesburg Cottage Hospital.
    Born April 15, 1941, in Galesburg to Vergil and Dorothy Norris White, she married Michael J. T. Patton on Sept. 19, 1963, in Coldbrook Township, Warren County. He survives.
    Also surviving are one son, Michael J.P. of Nashville, Tenn.; three brothers, Daryl White and R. Quentin White, both of Galesburg, and John White of San Jose, Calif.; and two sisters, Mary Kenney of Wataga and Mercedes Inman of Bloomington.
    She worked in retail and was a homemaker.
    Services will be at 11 a.m. Wednesday at Hinchliff-Pearson-West Galesburg Chapel. The Rev. Jeff Barclay will officiate. Visitation will be from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday at the chapel. Burial will be in Memorial Park Cemetery.
    Memorials may be made to the Knox County Humane Society on any charity.

Publication Date: November 18, 1996 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: D7

SMITHFIELD -- Marla J. Howerter, 67, of 351 W. Oak St. died at 8:55 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 16, 1996, at her residence.
    Born Jan. 20, 1929, in Alexandria, Neb., to William L. and Irma B. Pigg Sherwood, she married Glen L. Howerter on Sept. 25, 1948, in Santa Ana, Calif. He survives.
    Also surviving are one son, Larry E. of Peoria; one daughter, Mrs. Randy (Debbi) Inman of Marquette Heights; one brother, Gail Sherwood of Santa Ana; three sisters, Mrs. Delbert (Idonna) Wright of Canton, Mrs. Thomas (Elanor) Bowman of Santa Ana and Orla Eickmann of Hemet, Calif.; six grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren. Two brothers preceded her in death.
    She was a member of St. Peter's Lutheran Church in East Peoria.
    Services will be at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at Henry Memorial Home in Lewistown. The Rev. Vernon Betterman will officiate. Visitation will be from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday at the memorial home. Burial will be in Baughman Cemetery in rural Smithfield.

The State Journal-Register Springfield, IL - November 24, 1996, Page: 12
    WHITE HALL -- Julia Ann "Annie" Jackson, 91, of White Hall died Saturday at North American Health Care Center in White Hall.
    Survivors: eight daughters, Mrs. Keith (Dorothy) Cox, Pearl Vanmeter, Mrs. Russell (Louise) Alred, Rosie Lee and Mrs. William (Alice) Inman, all of White Hall, Betty Williams of Roodhouse, Rebecca Taylor of Franklin and Barbara Yaste of Carrollton; six sons, Charles Jr. and Bob Jackson and Robert Cox, all of White Hall, Lloyd Jackson and Dan Cox, both of Murphysboro, and Frankie Cox of Roodhouse; 43 grandchildren; 78 great-grandchildren; three great-great-grandchildren; and two sisters, Mary Vinson of Alton and Pearl Overby of Roodhouse. Services: 2 p.m. Tuesday at Airsman-Hires Funeral Home in White Hall. Burial: White Hall Cemetery.

Publication Date: January 02, 1997 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: D9

BUSHNELL -- Larry Howard Inman, 45, of 207 W. Hall St. died at 6:50 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 31, 1996, at his home.
    He was born Sept. 23, 1951, in Aledo to Paul and Florence Martin Inman.
    Surviving are his father of Bushnell; one brother, Lawrence of Springfield; three sisters, Sandra Walker of Bushnell and Peggy Mason and Joslyn McNeil, both of LaGrange, Mo. He was preceded in death by his mother.
    He was a resident of Bushnell Bethphage and had worked at Brideway in Macomb. He was a member of the Bushnell Baptist Church.
    Services will be at 10 a.m. Saturday at Jones Mortuary, Colchester. Visitation will be from 7 to 8 p.m. Friday at the mortuary. Friends may call at the mortuary after 6 p.m. Friday. The Rev. Larry Abbot will officiate, and burial will be in Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Colchester.
    Memorials may be made to Bushnell Bethphage.

Headline: Former policeman William Inman, 57
Publication Date: January 30, 1997 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: B5

PEORIA -- A memorial service for William Dean Inman, 57, of Salmon, Idaho, formerly of Peoria, will be at 7:30 p.m. Friday at Glen Oak Christian Church in Peoria.
    He is presumed dead after failing to return Jan. 18 from flying a type of ultralight aircraft. He had been searching for the body of an 18-month- old child who reportedly drowned in the Salmon River on Dec. 22.
    Born Aug. 12, 1939, in Hannibal, Mo., to William and Jessie Inman, he married Donna Martin on July 30, 1995, in Idaho. She survives.
    Also surviving are his mother, Jessie Friedrick of Peoria; one daughter, Maria Inman of Peoria; one son, Tracey Gillaspy of Wichita, Kan.; one stepson, Jeffery Martin, and one stepdaughter, Jennifer Martin, both of Peoria; two sisters, Marilyn Garrot of Albuquerque, N.M., and Anita Crane of Champaign; two stepsisters, Sue Linares of Miami and Leslyle Friedrick of Austin, Texas; and one stepbrother, Fred Friedrick of Sarasota, Fla.
    He attended Western Illinois University in Macomb and the University of Alaska. While in Alaska, he was a protection officer for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. He was an Army veteran, serving in Korea as a military police officer.
    He was a city patrol officer in East Peoria from 1965 to 1966 and served with the Peoria Police Department from 1966 to 1990.
    In 1970, he earned his degree in applied science and police science from Illinois Central College. He earned his bachelor's degree in criminal justice from Bradley University in 1973. He taught law enforcement courses at ICC from 1971 to 1990. He was an Illinois State certified police firearms instructor and an emergency medical technician.
    He attended the Smith and Wesson Police Armorer School and the Ruger Police Armorer School.
    He was a charter and life member of the Police Marksman Association, Brotherhood of Protective Order of Elks and a life member of the National Rifle Association.
    He received the Distinguished Police Duty Award awarded by the Hornors Board of Officers for distinguished and exceptional performance of duty.
    After retiring, he served as chief of police in Farmington and retired to Salmon in 1990. In 1993, he received the Citizen of the Year Award from the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. He had worked for the Lemhi County Sheriff's Department in Salmon as a detention deputy/dispatcher since October 1995.
    Memorials may be made to the Bill Inman Memorial Fund for Salmon Search and Rescue Specialized Equipment in care of Salmon Search and Rescue, First Security Bank, Bill Inman Memorial Fund, Specialized Equipment, Box 810, Salmon, Idaho 83467.

Publication Date: March 04, 1997 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: D6

PEORIA -- JoAnne S. Roberts, 54, of Naperville, formerly of Peoria, died at 4:58 a.m. Friday, Feb. 28, 1997, at her home.
    She was born June 10, 1942, in Peoria to Joseph M. and Anabel P. Moore Seamon.
    Surviving are her mother, Anabel M. Northrop of Peoria; one son, Michael Roberts of Naperville; one daughter, Mrs. Josh (Susan) Fischer of Naperville; one grandchild; and one brother, John J. Seamon of Peoria. She was preceded in death by her father in 1960.
    She was the owner and operator of Precious Heirlooms, a giftware and decorative accessories store in Naperville.
    She attended DePauw University in Greencastle, Ind., where she was a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. She received her master's of business from the Illinois Benedictine College in Lisle.
    She was a member of the P.E.O. Sisterhood.
    She was a member of Community United Methodist Church in Naperville, where memorial services will be at 11 a.m. Wednesday. The Revs. Thomas Babier and LeeAnn Inman will officiate. Visitation will be from 4 to 9 p.m. today at Friedrich-Jones Funeral Home in Naperville. Burial of cremains will be in Peoria at a later date.
    Memorials may be made to the American Cancer Society, DuPage Area Office, 999 N. Main St., Glenellyn, Ill. 60137.

Carman 03/17/97
    Lottie Mae Carman, 90, died Mar. 17, 1997, in Wood River Township Hospital. Her husband, Caleb, preceded her in death. Surviving are a daughter, Mary Gibbons of Bethalto; a sister, Irene Inman of Midland, Tx.; five grandchildren and seven great grandsons. Services were in Elias-Smith in Bethalto. Memorials may be given to the Bethalto Fire Department and Wood River Township Hospice.

Publication Date: April 01, 1997 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: D7

MORTON -- Agnes A. Reilly, 89, of the Apostolic Christian Restmor died there at 1:25 p.m. Saturday, March 29, 1997.
    Born Sept. 10, 1907, in Keokuk, Iowa, to John and Kathryn Smith Inman, she married William A. Reilly on Jan. 1, 1926, in Peoria. He died Jan. 2, 1976. She also was preceded in death by one son, Donald L., one brother and one sister.
    Surviving are one son, Richard J. of Morton; four grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren.
    She worked on the line at Libby's for several years and later worked at Millers Bakery for 15 years. She ran the cafeteria at Grundy School from 1956 until she retired in 1960. She was a volunteer at Apostolic Christian Restmor for 14 years.
    She was a Gold Star Mother and a member of American Legion Post 318 Auxiliary and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5921 Auxiliary.
    She was a member of Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church and its Altar and Rosary Society.
    Services will be at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at her church. The Rev. Eugene Finnell will officiate. Visitation will be from 5 to 6:30 p.m. today at Ludwig-Rohrschneider Mortuary, with a prayer service at 6:30 tonight. Visitation also will be one hour before services at the church. Burial will be in Glendale Memorial Gardens in Pekin.
    Memorials may be made to the Apostolic Christian Restmor, 935 E. Jefferson St., Morton, Ill. 61550 or Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, 261 E. Greenwood, Morton, Ill. 61550.

Publication Date: May 01, 1997 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: D7

BLANDINSVILLE -- Travis F. Inman, 66, of 600 E. Washington St. died at 9:07 p.m. Tuesday, April 29, 1997, at McDonough District Hospital in Macomb.
    He was born Oct. 16, 1930, in Bloomington to Frank W. and Vada E. Anderson Inman.
    Surviving are one brother, Richard of Earlville; and one aunt, Vonna Deener of Colchester, for whom he was caretaker.
    An Army veteran of the Korean War, he was a member of Blandinsville American Legion and Macomb Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1921.
    He was a retired farmer and a janitor for Northwestern School District 175.
    He was a scorekeeper for Western Illinois University basketball and football teams for many years.     He was a member of the Illinois Coaches Hall of Fame and was a Friends of Basketball member.
    Services will be at 1 p.m. Saturday at Jones Mortuary in Colchester. The Rev. Lee Unger will officiate. Visitation will be from 4 to 8 p.m. Friday at Clugston-Tibbitts Funeral Home in Blandinsville. Burial will be Mount Auburn Cemetery in Colchester.
    Memorials may be made to Future Farmers of America or Northwestern School District athletic department.

Publication Date: August 14, 1997 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: D7

EAST PEORIA -- Robert Fletcher, 65, of Perris, Calif., formerly of East Peoria, died Friday, Aug. 1, 1997, at his home.
    Born June 29, 1932, in Dows, Iowa, to Charles and Louise Rech Fletcher, he married Shirley Jean Harkness in 1953. He later married Billie Inman in 1990. She survives.
    Also surviving are his mother and stepfather, Louise and Ed Gratton of Peoria; two sons, Steve of Perris and Mike of Fountain Valley, Calif.; one daughter, Becky Fletcher of Kent, Wash.; two stepsons; two stepbrothers; one stepsister; and one grandchild. His father and one brother preceded him in death.
    He graduated from Bradley University. He worked for Beckman Medical Instruments in Missouri and California, retiring in 1977.
    He was a veteran of the Korean War.
    Memorial services were in California. Burial of remains was in Riverside National Cemetery in Riverside, Calif. Information was provided by Remmert Funeral Home, East Peoria.
    Memorials may be made to the American Cancer Society.

Publication Date: September 12, 1997 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page: C11

GALESBURG -- Vesper K. "Becky" Gardner, 71, of 1700 Beecher Ave. died at 3 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 11, 1997, at Heartland Health Care Center.
    Born Sept. 24, 1925, in Knoxville to Harry and Mary Allen Sexton, she married Kenneth L. Gardner on July 25, 1941, in Memphis, Mo. He survives.
    Also surviving are three daughters, Sharon Stanard of Princeton, Janice Inman of Cobden and Teri Lee Abel of Three Rivers, Mich.; six grandchildren; 10 great-grandchildren; two brothers, Beecher Sexton of Galesburg and Charles Sexton of Sparks, Nev.; and two sisters, Fern Hogan and Goldie Higgins, both of Galesburg. She was preceded in death by two brothers.
    She was a waitress at Deluxe Cafe in Galesburg for 21 years. She was supervisor of housekeeping at Marigold Health Care Center, retiring in 1983.
    There will be no services. Cremation will be accorded. Watson Funeral Home in Galesburg is in charge of arrangements.

Baldwin, Richard
    Services for Richard Monroe Baldwin, of Waverly, will be held at 2 p.m. Friday in Youngblood Baptist Church in Nortonville. Burial will be in Youngblood Cemetery. Neece Funeral Home in Franklin is in charge of arrangements. Mr. Baldwin died Monday, June 29, 1998, at Lake Lou Yaeger, Litchfield. He was 37 years old on December 3. He was born in Jacksonville, a son of James and Betty Louise Hauenstein Baldwin. His wife, the former Vicky Inman, survives. Surviving also are sons, Richard and Jessie and a daughter, Sharon Baldwin, all at home in Waverly; his mother, Betty Baldwin of Glenwood Springs, Colo.; brother, Timothy Hal Bartz of Arlington, Texas; sister, Mary Marie McCoy-Smith of The Colony, Texas; and grandparents, Richard and Marie Neal of Waverly.

Litchfield News Herald

Ida `Louise' Lightbody

    Services for Ida `Louise' Lightbody, 68, of Mundelein, will be held at 2 p.m.Tuesday, at Burnett-Dane Funeral Home, 120 W. Park Ave., Libertyville. 
Born Oct. 29, 1998 (1930?), in Libertyville, she passed away suddenly, Thursday, Aug. 6, 1998, at her home. Interment will follow the services, in Highland Memorial Park. 
    Miss Lightbody had formerly lived in Libertyville for many years.She was a 1947 graduate of Libertyville High School and a member of the United Methodist Church in Libertyville.A former employee of Marshall Fields in thefood service department, she was soon to retire from the food service department of Condell Medical Center. 
    Surviving are her brother, William (Jo Ann) Lightbody of Crystal Lake; sisters, Mary Helen Moist of Mundelein, Mabel Sutton of Kenosha, Wis.,Charlene (Orin) Hapke and Paulette (Charles) Peters, both of Libertyville, Dorothy `Bibs' (Bud) Miller of Mundelein, Alice (Francis) Driggers of Wallace, S.C., Frances Inman of Zion, Margaret (Thomas) Bowie of Ingleside and Nancy (Robert) Remeika of Buena Park, Calif.; and many nieces and nephews. 
    She was preceded in death by her parents, William and Mary Lightbody; and brother, Bob Lightbody. 
    Friends of the family may call from 4 to 8 p.m. Monday, at the funeral home. 
    Memorial contributions in Miss Lightbody's name may be made to Save-A-Pet, 31664 N. Fairfield Road, Grayslake, IL 60030. 
    For information, (847) 362-3009. 

Publication Date: August 26, 1998 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page:  

COLCHESTER -- Lois I. Miller, 79, of 413 W. South St. died at 4:20 p.m. Monday, Aug. 24, 1998, at 515 E. Grant St., Macomb.
    Born May 16, 1919, in Macomb to Ernest and Emma Murfin Rigg, she married Howard Inman in 1938. He died in 1944. She married Elmer Litchfield in 1945. She later married Lowell Reed in 1948. He died in 1983. She married Robert Miller on Aug. 29, 1997. He survives.
    Also surviving are two sons, Larry Inman of Table Grove and Lee Litchfield of Port Byron; five grandchildren, including Lois Hart of Macomb, whom she raised; and eight great-grandchildren.
    Two grandchildren, two sisters and one brother preceded her in death.
    She was a member of the National Wildlife Federation and Colchester Senior Citizens Center.
    Graveside services will be at 11 a.m. Thursday at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Macomb. The Revs. Dave Carnine and Don Nedza will officiate. Friends may call after 10 a.m. today at Jones Mortuary in Colchester.
    Memorials may be made to the National Wildlife Federation.

Headline: Howard Dralle
Publication Date: September 15, 1998 Source: Peoria Journal Star Page:  

    Also surviving are two daughters, Debra Dralle of Los Angeles and Donna Dralle of Minneapolis; one grandson; one brother, Dick of Geneseo; and one sister, Helen Inman of Galesburg.
    He worked as the accounts payable supervisor for the Admiral Corp. for 29 years, retiring Sept. 15, 1979. He was a former secretary for the Midwest Credit Union.
    A World War II Army Air Forces veteran, he served in England and was awarded the Purple Heart in 1943. He was a member of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2257 and American Legion Post 285.
    He was a member of First Church of the Nazarene.
    Services will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday at Hinchliff-Pearson-West Galesburg Chapel. The Rev. Wayland Stewart will officiate.
    Visitation will be from 6:30 to 8:30 tonight at the chapel. Burial will be in Memorial Park Cemetery, where military honors will be accorded by his American Legion Post.
    Memorials may be made to the First Church of the Nazarene Building Fund.

Patricia Inman

    MILFORD - Visitation for Patricia Ann Inman, 60, of Milford, will be from 4-8 p.m. Thursday at Knapp Funeral Home, Milford, where services will be at 10 a.m. Friday. The Rev. Neil Larimore will officiate.
    Burial will be in Iroquois Memorial Park, Watseka.
    Memorials may be made to Milford Christian Church, where he was a member, to the Iroquois Memorial Hospice or to the donor's choice.
    Mrs. Inman died Tuesday (Jan. 26, 1999) at her home.
    She was born Jan. 18, 1939 in Watseka, the daughter of Francis and Bertha Bernice Pew Giroux, who are deceased.
    Her husband, Leroy Inman, whom she married Nov. 10, 1957 in Watseka, died Aug. 28, 1980.
    Surviving are three daughters and one son-in-law, Rhonda Longest, Renee and Ronnie Edwards and Rebecca Inman, all of Milford; two sons and one daughter-in-law, Russell and Serese Inman of Cherryville, N.C., and Ryan Inman of Milford; four sisters, Judith Bryant, Geri Foley and Linda McCann, all of Milford, and Nancy Hull of Watseka; one brother, Richard Giroux of Watseka; a half- brother, Vernon Giroux of Onarga; a half-sister, Elaine Henderson of Riverside, Calif.; 10 grandchildren; one great-grandchild; and two step- grandchildren.
    Deceased are one brother, two sons and two daughters. 

Ellis Berry

    RAPID CITY, S.D. - Ellis Y. Berry, 96, of Rapid City, S.D., father of Kankakee resident, died Thursday (April 1, 1999) at West Hills Village, Rapid City after a short illness.
    Visitation will be from 3-7 p.m. Tuesday at the Osheim-Catron Funeral Home, Rapid City.
    Services will be held at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at the First Congregational Church. The Rev. Ted Huffman will officiate.
    Burial will be in Mt. View Cemetery.
    Memorials may be made to the First Congregational Church or to the E. Y. Berry Learning Center at Black Hills State University in Spearfish, S.D.
    He was born Oct. 6, 1902, in Larchwood, Iowa.
    His wife, the former Rose Hartinger, whom he married March 4, 1928, died Feb. 3, 1999.
    Surviving are one son and daughter-in-law, Robert and Marilyn Berry of Alexandria, Va.; one daughter and son-in-law, Nila and John McCracken of Kankakee; one brother, Bill Berry of Darnestown, Md.; four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews.
    Deceased are two sisters, Gladys Inman and Ida Anderson; and one brother Carl Berry.
    He graduated from the University of South Dakota law school in 1927.
    During the 1930's he served as Corson County states attorney and county judge. In 1938, Mr. Berry and his wife purchased the McLaughlin Messenger which they published until he was elected to Congress in 1950. He later purchased the Corson County News of McIntosh and the Morristown World. He was president of the South Dakota press association, an oranization of weekly and daily newspaper editors for two years 1943-44. From 1938 until 1950, he served as editor fo the Douth Dakota Bar Journal. He also served as mayor of McLaughlin.
    He served on the House Interior and Insular Affairs and the Foreign Affairs Committees.
    In 1938 and 1940, he was elected to represent Corson, Dewey, and Ziebach counties in the state senate. In 1944, he was appointed to serve on the Missouri River States Committee. In 1947, he was appointed to the State Board of Regents of Education by Gov. George T. Mickelson from which he resigned upon his election to congress.
    Mr. Berry served longer in the U.S. House of Representaives than any other member from South Dakota. He retired from Congress in January 1971. 

Peoria Journal Star, February 07, 1999

    INDUSTRY -- Carrol Mayes, 57, of 209 McGowan died at 6:45 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 4, 1999, at his residence.
    Born Sept. 13, 1941, in Carthage to Jesse and Mary Inman Mayes, he married Geneva Ussery on April 6, 1968, in Plymouth. She survives.
    Also surviving are his parents of Odessa, Texas; two sons, Gregory of Lincoln and Steven of Macomb; one daughter, Kim Mayes of Industry; and one brother, Kenny of Odessa. One infant sister preceded him in death. He last worked for Haeger Pottery in Macomb.
    He attended the Assembly of God Church in Plymouth. Graveside services will be at 1:30 p.m. Monday at Forest Lawn Memory Gardens in Macomb. The Rev. Ernest Louderman will officiate. There will be no visitation. Clugston-Tibbitts Funeral Home in Macomb is in charge of arrangements.

Raymond L. Armstrong
    PALESTINE, Ill. Raymond L. Armstrong, 57, rural Oblong, was killed in an auto accident at 6:07 p.m. CST Friday, March 26, 1999, in rural Champaign County.
    Born March 10, 1942, in Palestine, he was the son of Henry and Catherine (Inmon) Armstrong.
    Armstrong had been employed as a machine operator with the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad for more than 28 years.
    Survivors include his wife, Beverly (Wilder) Armstrong, whom he married June 5, 1963; a daughter, Michelle Grayble of Marshall; three sons, Jerry Armstrong of Palestine, Stacey Armstrong of Oblong and Tom Armstrong of Flat Rock; a sister, Hazel of Ottawa; three brothers, George Armstrong of Palestine, Willie Armstrong of Indianapolis and Bobby Armstrong of Fort Washington, Va.; and four grandchildren.
    The funeral will be at 10 a.m. CST Tuesday at the Goodwine Funeral Home in Palestine, with the Rev. John Brand officiating. Burial will be in Palestine Cemetery.
    Visitation will be from 5 to 8 p.m. CST Monday at the funeral home.

Source Unknown

4/3/1999 Danville Commercial News obit. 

Dianna Elaine Inman Richards, 50, of Westville died 4/1 1999 at her home. B 2/16 1949 in Danville d/o Harold and Elnora May Johnson Inman. M Jack Dean Richards 12/26 1993 in Westville, he survives. Burial Greenwood Cemetery.

Michael L. Pelton

    "Mike" Age 47. Suddenly Saturday, May 8, 1999 at his late residence as a result of a heart attack.
    Born in Joliet and a lifelong Joliet area resident. A graduate of Joliet West High School. Employed at Caterpillar Inc. for over 26 years.
    Survived by his loving wife, Joanne M. (nee Whitmer) Pelton; two daughters, Sarah Lynn Pelton and Roseanne Pelton; two sons, Gary Michael (Fiancee Heather Surdey) Pelton, and Vicent Dale Pelton; his mother, Annabelle Pelton; two grandchildren, Felicity and Jasmine, all of Joliet; two sisters, Debra (Earl) Gunter of Rockdale, Tina Castillo; one uncle, Charles (Shirley) Inman all of Joliet, numerous nieces, nephews, and cousins also survive.
    Preceded by his father, Henry Pelton; one grandson, Keith Pelton.
    Funeral services for Michael L. Pelton will be Tuesday, May 11, 1999 at 9:15 am from the West Chapel to St. Patrick's Catholic Church for a Mass of Christian Burial to be celebrated at 10 am. Interment Elmhurst Cemetery. Visitation Monday 2-4 and 7-9 pm.

Source: The Herald News, May 9, 1999

Peoria Journal Star, June 02, 1999

    CREVE COEUR -- Ethel McQuiston, 71, of 260 Ehrett St. died 8:41 a.m. Sunday, May 30, 1999, at Methodist Medical Center in Peoria.
   Born Oct. 22, 1927, in Scottsboro, Ala., to Samuel and Rachel McClanahan Kirby, she married Walter J. McQuiston on Dec. 21, 1945, in Huntsville, Ala. He died Feb. 2, 1995, in Pekin. One granddaughter, four brothers and three sisters also preceded her in death.
   Surviving are five daughters, June Hicks of Creve Coeur, Barbara Bowers of Mapleton, Patricia "Sissy" Inman of Decaturville, Tenn., and Linda Hastings and Bertha Alexander, both of Sanford, Fla.; four sons, Walter Jr. and Sam, both of Creve Coeur, Wayne of Sanford and Mike of Washington; 18 grandchildren; and nine great-grandchildren. She was a member of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4835 Ladies Auxiliary.
   Services will be 10 a.m. Thursday at Woolsey Funeral Home in Pekin. The Rev. Terry Edele will officiate. Visitation will be from 6 to 8 tonight at the funeral home. Burial will be in Lakeview Cemetery in Pekin.

Peoria Journal Star, June 12, 1999

    TREMONT -- Esther M. Inman, 87, of 21482 Connell Road died at 3:20 p.m. Thursday, June 10, 1999, at Hopedale Medical Complex in Hopedale. Born Aug. 24, 1911, in Keokuk, Iowa, to William C. and Lilly Mae Hoover Jobe, she married Euell Inman on June 14, 1931, in Peoria. He died in April 1967. She also was preceded in death by three sisters. Surviving are one daughter, Mrs. Bill (Carole) Henry of Tremont; five grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren; and two sisters, Helen Seaman of Peoria and Eve Wysong of St. Louis. For 13 years, she worked for the Ramada Inn and Howard Johnson Lodge, both in Peoria, retiring in 1980. She was of the Presbyterian faith. Services will be at 1:30 p.m. today at Noel-Henderson Funeral Home in Pekin, where visitation will be one hour before services. Burial will be in Swan Lake Memory Gardens in Peoria. Memorials may be made to Tremont Rescue 702.

Peoria Journal Star, June 14, 1999

    ABINGDON -- Harry "Lyle" Swank, 74, of 1756 Berwick Road died at 12:15 p.m. Saturday, June 12, 1999, at Galesburg Cottage Hospital in Galesburg.
   Born Jan. 20, 1925, in Warren County to Harry Homer and Margaret McGee Swank, he married Virginia Derry on Nov. 3, 1942, in Kahoka, Mo. She survives. Also surviving are two sons, Duane Swank of Galesburg and Lyle Eugene Swank of Abingdon; one daughter, Jane Cirrincione of Long Beach, Calif.; one brother, Lloyd Swank of Galesburg; three sisters, Alyce Barbero and Marie Wilson of Galesburg and Ruth Inman of Berwick; eight grandchildren; and 19 great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by one son, two brothers and two great- grandchildren.
   He worked at Abingdon Pottery for 42 years and farmed near Abingdon for several years. He was a member of Berwick Baptist Church, where he served as a deacon. Services will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday at his church. The Rev. J. Cowell will officiate. Visitation will be from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday at Hinchliff-Pearson-West Abingdon Chapel. Burial will be in Oak Lawn Memorial Gardens in Galesburg. Memorials may be made to his church or any charity.

Naville 07/13/99

    Mildred L. Naville, 80, of Wood River, died July 13, 1999, in V.I.P. Manor. Her husband, Delbert, survives. Also surviving are daughters, Phyllis Inman, Alice Verdun, Janice Walsh, Mary Elledge and Franny Russell, all of Wood River, and Sally Smith of Dow. Services were in Staten Funeral Home in Alton. Memorials may be given to St. Bernard's School in Wood River.

Grace I. (Miller) Inman 1903-1999, of Mendota, IL. Died Thursday, Sept. 30, 1999. 

The Daily Times online - 9/1999

FIEDLER, Judith Inman 

    Fiedler, died suddenly on Saturday, January 29, 2000 in Sanibel, Florida. Judy was the daughter of Harold and Jo Inman of Jefferson, Ohio; the wife of John Fiedler of Chicago, Illinois; mother and mother-in-law of Mike and Barb Fiedler of Raleigh, North Carolina, Jill and Jim Fischer and Caroline and Allen Fruth, both of Dallas, Texas. She was beloved Grammy to Andrew, Mark and Thomas Fiedler of Raleigh, North Carolina. Judith was 60 years old and had traveled the  world extensively, despite suffering from Multiple Sclerosis for more than 15 years. Judy and her husband John lived in many places in this world during their 40 year marriage. She especially enjoyed Hudson, Ohio; Akron, Ohio; Cumberland, Maryland; Dallas; Boston; Chicago; and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her many friends and relatives will miss her engaging smile, optimistic attitude and fierce determination. The Judith Inman Fiedler Scholarship at Kent State University provides
full support for Ashtabula Branch students wishing to complete their degree at Kent State University. In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to your local chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society or to Kent State University. A memorial service will be held at Fleming Funeral Home, 49 W. Jefferson Street, Jefferson, Ohio on Saturday, February 5, 2000 at 10 a.m.

Source: The Chicago Tribune

Era M. "Granny" Cox

    Era M. "Granny" Cox, 96, of Zion, died Friday, February 11, 2000 at Rolling Hills Manor Nursing Home, Zion.
    Granny was born August 24, 1903 in Benton County, Camden, Tennessee, and came to Zion in 1950. She was a member of the Church of God of Prophecy of Zion where she taught Sunday School to young children, was a member of the Dorcas Club and did missionary work. She was also an avid Gardner, known for her flowers and vegetables.
    Survivors include her children, Elbert (Deen) Cox, Martha Pafford and Nadean Stone, all of Camden, Tennessee, E.G. (Coralie) Cox of Zion and Earline (Wayne) Thorn of Tupelo, Mississippi; 17 grandchildren; 27 great grandchildren; 22 great great grandchildren and two sisters, Tommie Inman and Bessie Peach, both of Camden, Tennessee. She was preceded in death by her husband, Erie G. Cox in 1981; one infant daughter, Bonnie and by one brother and one sister.
    Funeral services will be held on Monday, February 14th, 2000 at 10 a.m. at the CONGDON FUNERAL HOME, 3012 Sheridan Rd., Zion, with Pastor John Davis of the Church of God of Prophecy of Zion officiating.
    Visitation will be Sunday from 6 to 9 p.m. at the funeral home.

Source: The News Sun

    SMITH, PAUL W, Age 63 June 22. Beloved husband of Regina. Dear father of Christopher (Cathy), Stacy Cubbler and Darcy (Dan) Towns. Step-father of Michael (Justine) Inman. Brother of Elaine (Ray) Kuykendall, and Diana (William) Schoof. Leaves 4 grandchildren. Services Wed 11AM at Sawyer-Fuller Funeral Home 2125 W. 12 Mile Road (2 Blk. W of Woodward) Visitation Tues 1-9. Family suggest contributions to Leukemia Foundation or Michigan Humane Society.

Detroit News - June 27, 2000 

    Mrs. G. Marie Wilson, 71, of 956 McClure St. Galesburg, IL, died at 11:20 AM, Sunday at Knox County Nursing Home, Knoxville, IL. Funeral services will be at 10:00 AM Friday August 18, 2000 at the Hinchliff-Pearson-West Galesburg Chapel with Rev. Ron Scarlet, of the First Church of the Nazarene in Galesburg, officiating. Burial will be in East Linwood Cemetery, Galesburg. Friends may call from 9:00AM to 10:00 AM on Friday August 18, 2000. Memorials may be made to the American Cancer Society or Community Hospices of America. She was born on March 1, 1929 in Berwick IL to Harry H and Margaret J. (McGee) Swank. She married Charles T. Wilson in Galesburg on December 9, 1961. He preceded her in death on February 17, 1996. She worked in the Department of Employment Security for the State of Illinois, retiring in 1990. 
    Survivors include one son, John Fike of Las Vegas, NV; two daughters, Penny Grady of Galesburg, IL and Peggy Hightower of Hollywood, FL; two sisters, Alyce Barbero of Galesburg, IL and Ruth Inman of Berwick, IL; one brother, Lloyd Swank of Galesburg, IL; four grandchildren and one great grandchild. One brother and one sister preceded her in death.

Source unknown.

Geneva Elizabeth Inman

    Mrs. Geneva Elizabeth Inman, 84, Paris, died at 10 a.m. Thursday (Nov. 23, 2000) at the Paris Community Hospital. She was a retired owner and operated of Paris restaurants. Funeral
services will be held at 10 a.m. Monday at Sutton and Son Funeral Home. Burial will follow in Edgar Cemetery. Friends may call from 1-3 p.m. Sunday at the funeral home.
    Mrs. Inman was born April 6, 1916, in Paris, the daughter of Frank Stuck and Maude Davis Stuck. She married Harvey R. Inman on April 14, 1936, in Charleston. He died on Aug. 11, 1998. Survivors include: two sons, Raymond H. Inman of Paris and Harvey J. Inman of Belleville, Ind.; five grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren. She was also preceded in death by one son, one grandson, six brothers and one sister.

The Paris Beacon 11/24/00

Stutz 12/07/00
    Walter L. Stutz, 80, died Dec. 7, 2000, in Alton Memorial Hospital. He married Mary Meisenheimer, who survives. Also surviving are sons, Michael of Rockbridge, and David of Brighton; daughters, Phyllis Milford and Anita Coughlin, both of Alton; Carol Webber and Mary Inman, both of East Alton, and Doris Jackson of Cottage Hills; a brother, John of Alton; and sisters, Adelaide Brooks of Alton, Marie Meyer of Bethalto, and Viola Davenport of Godfrey. Services were through Paynic Home for Funerals in Rosewood Heights. Memorials may be given for Suddes Hall at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Alton, and the Alzheimer’s Association.

Robert H. Bailey - Founded milk distribution company

    Robert H. Bailey, 72, of Oak Lawn, died Tuesday in Palos Heights.
    A funeral mass will be said at 10 a.m. today at St. Linus Church, 10300 S. Lawler Ave., Oak Lawn.
    Burial will be private.
    Mr. Bailey was born on Oct. 8, 1928, in Chicago. He was a milk distributor and the founder of Clover Leaf Farms Milk Distributors, Crestwood. He retired in 1995.
    He was a past president of the Highland Ridge Sertoma in Chicago Ridge.
    He is survived by his wife, Betty Bailey; two daughters, Betty Steinberg of Merrionette Park and Barbara Berryman of Oak Lawn; two sons, Michael Bailey of Orland Park and Robert Bailey of Joliet; two sisters, Jeanne Inman of New York and Mary Lou Post of Oak Lawn; a brother, John Bailey; nine grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.
    Arrangements were made by Blake-Lamb Funeral Homes in Oak Lawn.

The Daily Southtown - Thursday, December 21, 2000

Effie M. Karr
    Late of Symerton, IL, passed away at her home, Sunday, December 24, 2000. Age 96 years.
    Born April 15, 1904 in Ramsey, IL to the late William and Minnie Kelly.
    A loving mother and grandmother, she is survived by three sons, George (Denise) of Fairview Hts., IL, Jim (Evelyn) of Symerton, IL, Keith (Dianna) of Normal, IL. Five daughters, Maxine Acup (Bill-deceased) of Symerton, Shirley (Maurice) Wright of New Mexico, Donna Meadows (Chuck-deceased) of New Mexico, Mildred (Larry) Scott of Colorado, Linda (Bill) Hastings of Elk Grove Village, IL. 37 grandchildren; 61 great grandchildren; and 13 great great grandchildren.
    Preceded in death by her parents, husband Robert, three sons, Eldon, Herbert, and Hubert.
    Visitation at the Reeves Funeral Home, Wilmington, on Wednesday, December 27 from 4-7 p.m.
    Funeral services to be held on Thursday, December 28 at 10:00 a.m. at the Funeral Home. Rev. Kevin Comfort officiating.
    Interment Oakwood Cemetery, Wilmington, IL.
    In lieu of flowers, Memorials to Joliet Area Hospice appreciated.


    Terry L. Inman, 51, 2816 Tamala Terrace, Quincy, died Tuesday, January 9, 2001 at 4:30pm in his home.
    He was born November 1, 1949 in Quincy, Illinois, the son of Walt and Lena Mary Kattelman Inman, Sr.
    He was a 1967 Quincy High School graduate. He served in the US Army as a medic in Vietnam. He was employed by
Knapheide Mfg. in the Quality Assurance Department.
    He is survived by his mother Lena Mary Vollbracht, Quincy, his father Walt Inman, Sr., Havana, IL; his three sisters Phyllis Otten and her husband Ron, Sally L. Barger and her husband John, Sue Robertson, all of Quincy; one brother Walt Inman, Jr. and his wife Betty, Quincy; adopted sister Darla Ohnemus and her husband Sarge, Quincy, and several nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his stepfather Dale Vollbracht.
    Funeral Services will be 11:00 am Saturday, January 13, at the Hansen-Spear Funeral Home, Rev. Roger Grimmett
officiating. Burial in Greenmount Cemetery, Quincy, Illinois. The family will receive friends from 4pm-7pm Friday at the Hansen-Spear Funeral Home. Memorial contributions may be made to The American Cancer Society and\or Blessing Foundation for Hospice.

Source Unknown

Goldie "Betty" Walker

    Goldie Elizabeth "Betty" Walker, age 69, of Mattoon, passed away at 12:45 p.m. on Sunday, February 25, 2001, at her daughter's residence.Funeral services celebrating her life will begin at 2:00 p.m. Today at the Schilling Funeral Home with the Reverend Steve Massengill officiating. Burial will be in the Dodge Grove Cemetery. Visitation will be from noon until service time Today at the funeral home.Betty was born October 2, 1931, in Chesterville, a daughter of Cecil and Gladys Scott Ealy. She married Clarence R. Walker on May 15, 1948, in Coles County. He passed away on January 2, 1994. She was also preceded in death by her father.Survivors include two son, Clarence R. Walker Jr. and wife Brenda of Charleston and Troy A. Walker of Tinsley Park; three daughters, Vicki D. Archer and husband Larry of Bradenton, Fla., Doris C. Winkleblack and husband Ernie of Mattoon and Becky A. Inman and husband Chuck of Bradenton, Fla.; her mother and stepfather, Gladys Turner and husband Rob of Princeton, Ind.; one brother, Everett Ealy and wife Pat of Watseka; five sisters, Edith Fransler and husband Everett of Cerro Gordo, Shirley Spence and husband O. C., Lois Robb and husband Roy, and Donna Bullock and husband Dean, all of Princeton, Ind., and Sandy Wright and husband Bill of Patoka, Ind.; nine grandchildren, Jack Gardner, Angela Carr and husband Dennis, Amanda Winkleblack, Nathan Winkleblack, Casey Herschberger, Charles Mason, Jason Walker, Jeremy Smith and Tyler Winkleblack; and three great-grandchildren.Mrs. Walker was a homemaker.

Lena Kathryn "Katie" Inman of Jonesboro died on June 17, 2001 at the age of 81. - June 2001

Ruth Cornell

    SPENCER GROVE, Ind. - Ruth Ann Cornell, 65, of Spencer, Ind., died Friday (June 8, 2001) at St. Francis Specialty Hospital in Beech Grove, Ind.
    The funeral will be 6 p.m. Tuesday at the West & Parish & Pedigo Funeral Home in Spencer, Ind., with Pastor Stewart Overmiller officiating. Burial will be1 p.m. Wednesday in Rest Haven Memorial Gardens. Visitation will be 3 to 6 p.m. Tuesday at the funeral home.
    She was born Aug. 31, 1935, in Owen County, the daughter of Leroy and Edna Ruth Wallace Bault. She married Richard E. Cornell; he died in 1991.
    Surviving are two daughters, Louella Totten in Spencer, Ind., and Virginia Ferguson in Charleston; one son, Richard E. Cornell Jr. of Spencer, Ind.; three sisters, Esther Belcher of Dade City, Fla., Christene Hinton of Patricksburg, Ind., and Martha Inman of West Lafayette, Ind.; four brothers, Tom Bault of Spencer, Ind., Roy Bault of Greencastle, Ind., Paul Bault of Freedom, Ind., and David Bault of Cloverdale, Ind.; one stepbrother, Al Mardis of San Jose, Ind.; and one stepsister, Bonnie Mardis of Canada.
    She was also preceded in death by one brother, her stepmother and one stepsister.
     Mrs. Cornell was a homemaker and member of the Maranatha Baptist Church.
    Memorials may be made to the American Diabetes Association. 

JUANITA EATON, Oct. 23, 2001

    SULLIVAN - Juanita Morgan Eaton, 76, of Sullivan, went home to be with the Lord in the presence of her family Sunday morning October 21, 2001, at 8:30 a.m. in her home.
    Funeral services will be Wednesday, October 24, 2001, at 2:00 p.m. in the McMullin-Young Funeral Home, Sullivan. Visitation will be Tuesday, October 23, 2001, from 5:00-8:00 p.m. at the funeral home. Burial will be in the Turner Cemetery. Lovington. Memorials: Southern Baptist Church, Sullivan, or the Moultrie County Chapter American Cancer Society.
    Mrs. Eaton was born on June 1, 1925, in Lovington, the daughter of Lewis "Pete" and Carrie Ann Eskridge Morgan. She was retired from Brown Shoe Company and K-Mart. She was a member of the Sullivan Southern Baptist Church, "Sullivan Spot Coffee Club." She married Delure Lee "Lum" Eaton on September 21, 1946, in Glasgow, KY, he passed away on June 1, 1986.
    Surviving is a son, Allen Lee Eaton and wife Debbie of Sullivan; daughter, Linda Sutton and husband Ron of Sullivan; grandchildren, Derik Eaton and wife Michelle, Ron Sutton Jr. and wife Annette, Tony Isaacs all of Sullivan, Lisa Moritz and husband Roger of Mattoon, Jill Inman and husband Joe of Sullivan, Holly Eaton of St. Joseph, Sarah Eaton of Sullivan; 7 great-grandchildren; sister, Mrs. Rose Ann Clements of Lovington.
    She was preceded in death by her husband, parents and nephew Reese.
    Juanita will be missed by her loving family and those whose lives she touched. 

Robin G. Grimes

    Robin G. Grimes, 38, of Pana died Saturday, October 12, 2002 at 5:48 p.m. in Pana Community Hospital. 
    Funeral services will be Wednesday, October 16, 2002 in First Church of the Nazarene at 1 p.m. with Rev. Allen Ebbler officiating. Burial will be in Price Cemetery, Oconee. Visitation will be from noon until the time of service. Arrangements are by McCracken-Dean Funeral Home, Pana. Memorials may be made to the Robin G. Grimes Memorial Fund c/o Peoples Bank and Trust or Donor's Choice.
    Mrs. Grimes was born August 22, 1964 in Pana, the daughter of Marion and Gloria McNutt Bryson. She was a graduate of the Pana High School Class of 1982 and affiliated with the Pana First Church of the Nazarene. Robin was a stay at home mom.
    She married Stephen Grimes on November 7, 1981 in Pana.
    Surviving are her husband Steven Grimes of Pana, parents Marion and Debbie Bryson of Mt. Zion and Howard and Gloria Buerk of Pana; daughters Elizabeth Grimes, Jessicah Grimes and Sarah Grimes all at home; brothers Robert Bryson and wife Shelly of Pana IL; Gene Buerk and wife Shanda of Tower Hill and Ernie Bryson of Mt. Zion, IL; sisters, Leslie Inman of Mt. Zion and Jo Wilkerson and husband Mike of Vandalia; grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Forbes of Tower Hill; mothers and fathers in law Betty and Jim Grimes, and Frank and Patty Grimes of Pana; 24 nieces and nephews and five great-nieces and nephews. 
She was preceded in death by her sister Shadena Bryson, Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. Everett Bryson, Mr. and Mrs. Harold McNutt and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Buerk. 

Imalee Hicks (Inman)
    Age 94, of Brownsville, KY and formerly Wilmington, IL, passed away Saturday, October 25, 2003 in Kokomo, IN.
    Born January 21, 1909 in Pineville, KY to the late George and Nancy Creekmore-Inman. Imalee was a member of the Baptist Church and loved to crochet and quilt.
    She is survived by two sons: Ron (Paula) of Kentucky and David of Indiana. Five daughters: Glenna Harris of Kentucky, Vivian (Buster) Harris of Texas, Sarah Ward of Coal City, Carol (Gene) Scott of Indiana and Nancy (Frank) Haynie of Nevada. One daughter-in-law Martha (the late Larry) of Custer Park, 53 grandchildren, 65 great grandchildren and ten great-great grandchildren, as well as numerous nieces, nephews and cousins.
    Imalee is preceded in death by her parents, husband Lawrence, and son Larry.
    The family will receive friends at Reeves Funeral Home in Wilmington on Tuesday, October 28, 2003 from 12 noon until time of funeral services 3 p.m. Rev. Ron Taylor will officiate and burial will follow in Oakwood Cemetery in Wilmington.
    Memorials may be made as gifts in Imalee's name to The Island City Baptist Church in Wilmington.

The Herald News Online Obituaries - 10-27-2003

Raymond G. Inman, 75, of Oak Terrace, Monmouth, died at 4:55 p.m. Wednesday, January 14, 2004, at Community Medical Center, Monmouth. Cremation will be accorded and no local services are planned at this time. Interment of cremations will be in Oklahoma. Hoover-Hall Memorial Chapel, Monmouth, is in charge of arrangements.

Daily Review Atlas (Jan/17/2004)

Ruth L. Inman

    Ruth L. Inman, 90, Berwick, died at 4:25 a.m. Monday, April 12, 2004, at Care Center of Abingdon.
    She was born March 22, 1914, in Conran, Mo., the daughter of Asa R. And Margaret (McGee) Pistole. She married Lyman J. Inman Aug. 2, 1930, in Monmouth. He died July 10, 1994.
    In addition to her husband, she was also preceded in death by two half sisters, three half brothers and one grandson.
    She is survived by: one son, Larry (Betty) Inman, Urbana; two daughters, Joan McVey and Jeanette Jared, both of Berwick; nine grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren; three step-great-grandchildren; six great-great grandchildren; six half brothers, Lloyd Swank, Galesburg, Douglas Pistole and Asa Pistole, both of Mississippi, Augusta Pistole, Oklahoma, Charles Pistole, Florida; and Jack Pistole, Missouri; and one half sister, Alyce Barbero, Galesburg.
    She was a member of the Berwick Baptist Church.
    Funeral services were held at 11 a.m. at the Berwick Baptist Church Wednesday, April 14, with the Rev. Melody Andrews officiating. Burial was in Berwick Cemetery.
    Memorials may be made to her church or to Care Center of Abingdon.
    Corman Memorial Home, Roseville, was in charge of arrangements.

Blandinsville Star-Gazette (Apr/25/2004)

Betty Inman

GRAND CHAIN -- Betty Inman, 83, died at 8:10 a.m. Sunday, June 6, 2004, at Western Hospital in Paducah.Arrangements are incomplete at Wilson Funeral Home in Karnak.

Southern Illinoisan (Jun/15/2004)

Ruth Elizabeth "Betty" (Mitchell) Inman

    KARNAK -- Ruth Elizabeth "Betty" (Mitchell) Inman was called home on June 6, 2004 at 8:10 am.
    Betty was born in Evanston on June 25, 1920 to Henry and Matilda (Wittbold) Mitchell. She was raised in Corinth. Upon graduation from Johnston City HS, she attended the University of Illinois at Champaign. There she was very active in the Wesley Foundation, The Beta House, the Ag College Council and she served as President for the Glee Club. She graduated with her bachelor's degree in Home Economics in 1942.
    On August 2, 1943 she married Russell James Inman of Grand Chain. During WWII, Betty worked in research and development at Texas A&M in College Station, Texas, while her husband served in the US Army Air Force at Bryan Field, Texas. After the war the couple assumed ownership of Inman Hatchery.
    Betty also held various teaching positions at U of I, Johnston City and Pulaski County schools including Grand Chain, Karnak, and Ullin Elementary, Ullin High School, and Century Elementary. She retired from teaching after 23 years.
    Betty was very active as a member of Karnak United Methodist Church. She served as a Sunday school teacher for many years and established a branch of the Shawnee library system at KUMC. She also was involved with the United Methodist Women, Eastern Star, Delta Kappa Gamma, AARP, Illinois Retired Teachers Association, the Pulaski/Alexander Co. Homemakers Group, the 4-H Club, and Scouting.
    Betty loved flowers, birds and gardening, working in the community, helping with the farming, and being with her family. Many of her family were present for her and Russell's recent 60th wedding anniversary and all were present at Christmas 2003.
    She was preceded in death by her parents and her brother, Robert Mitchell of Corinth.
    She is survived by her husband Russell J. Inman, three children; Dean and Teresa Inman of Charlottesville, Va., Barbara Burchfield of Cobden,, and Carl and Debbie Inman of Glen Carbon. She is also survived by nine grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. She will be greatly missed.
    The visitation for Betty will be held at Wilson's Funeral Home in Karnak, June 8, 2004, family is welcome to come at 5 pm, public at 6 pm. The funeral will be held at 11 am, June 9, 2004, at the Karnak United Methodist Church, Pastor Steve Heisner presiding.
    In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to: Karnak United Methodist Church, Building Fund, P.O. Box 346, Karnak, IL 62956.

The Marion Daily Republican, 6/9/2004

Dec. 17, 1910--June 9, 2004

    Helen Grace Inman, 93, of Davenport, Iowa, formerly a longtime resident of Hamilton, died Wednesday, June 9, 2004, at Genesis West, Davenport, Iowa. She was born on Dec. 17, 1910, in Sutter, a daughter of Fredrick and Maud Launer Buckert. On Oct. 17, 1938, in Kahoka, Mo., she married Thomas H. Inman. He died on July 19, 1976.
    She is survived by a daughter, Rosemary (Bill) Churchill of Davenport; a brother, Harold (Marilyn) Buckert of Carthage; five grandchildren, Nichole Churchill of Phoenix, Ariz., Gretchen Churchill of Centreville, Va., Bret Churchill of New York, N.Y., Zachary Churchill of Chicago, and Teri Inman of Tioga; and four great grandchildren.
    She was preceded in death by her parents; her husband; one son, William Terry Inman on March 13, 1995; two sisters, Betty Eagerton and Evelyn Spencer; and four brothers, Russell, James and Robert Buckert, and a brother in infancy.
    Helen graduated from Warsaw High School in 1930. She lived in Hamilton all of her married life and until May 1998, when she moved to Clarissa C. Cook Home in Davenport. She and her husband owned and operated Tommy's in Hamilton until 1975. She was a member of the First Christian Church of Hamilton and was active in Christian Women's Fellowship and King's Daughters. She was a life member of Carthage V.F.W. Post #5117 Auxiliary, Hamilton American Legion Auxiliary, Hancock County Home Extension and Hamilton Business and Professional Women. She volunteered as a 4-H leader, Girl Scout leader and at Hamilton Senior Citizens. She remained active with her many interests and hobbies which included music, dancing, sewing, reading, crafting, crocheting, ceramics, cards, dominos and traveling. While in Davenport, Helen enjoyed activities at CASI.
    Services were held Saturday, June 12, at Lamporte Funeral Home of Hamilton with Rev. Paul M. Smith officiating. Burial was in Oakwood Cemetery in Hamilton. Taps was played at the graveside in memory of Helen's son, Terry, and her affiliation with the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion.
    Memorials may be made to Clarissa C. Cook Home, 100 S. Pine Street, Davenport, IA 52802.
    Lamporte Funeral Home of Hamilton in charge of arrangements.

Hancock County Journal (Jun/22/2004)

Inman, Barbara V. (Horvath) 
    Barbara V. Inman, nee Horvath, beloved wife of the late Lyle; dear sister of Alex (Bunny) Horvath and the late William, Joseph and Frank Horvath; and many loving nieces, nephews and friends. Member of the Itasca Seniors Club. Visitation from 3 to 9 p.m. on Thursday at Grove Memorial Chapel, 1199 Arlington Heights Rd., Elk Grove Village. Funeral Mass 10 a.m. Friday at St. Peter Church, Itasca. Interment St. Joseph Cemetery. 847-640-0566.
Published in the Chicago Tribune on 8/25/2004.

Linda Elizabeth Anne Inman 

    Linda Elizabeth Anne Inman, nee Carpenter, 50, of Lake Forest, formerly of Aurora, Ontario and Shawinigan, Quebec. Passed away in Bermuda, October 14, 2004, as a result of an accident. She worked at District 67 of Lake Forest and Highland Park High School. Wife of George; mother of Mark and Brittany; daughter of Keith and the late Dorothy Inman of Shawinigan, Quebec; sister of James Carpenter of Ottawa, Ontario; daughter-in-law of Dorothy Inman of Summerside, Prince Edward Island; sister-in-law of Jerry (Cheryl) Inman of Bedford, Nova Scotia; aunt of Andrew and Jessica of Bedford, Nova Scotia. Visitation 5 to 8 p.m. Friday at Wenban Funeral Home, 320 E. Vine Ave., Lake Forest. Funeral Service 11 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 23, 2004, at the First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest, 700 N. Sheridan Rd., Lake Forest. Interment private. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to Big Brothers and Big Sisters Organization (in the United States 1-888-412-2447 or in Canada 1-800-263-9133). Linda enjoyed her family and friends to the fullest. For service info: 847-234-0022.

Published in the Chicago Tribune on 10/21/2004.

Lillie M. Inman, 81

Loving mother, grandmother and great-grandmother

    ROCKFORD -- Lillie M. Inman, 81, of Rockford passed away at 12:55 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2004, in OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center. Born Jan. 17, 1923, in Philadelphia, Tenn., the daughter of Amos and Cora (Robinson) Miller. Lillie married Robert Inman May 4, 1946, in Georgia; he died in 1983. She was employed at Newell Corp., formerly the Bearly Co., for more than 30 years. She was a member of Family Worship Center, and a former member of Blackhawk Trail Blazer's and Ken-Rock Women's Club. Survivors include her daughter, Margaret (John) Poshka; grandchildren, Rhonda (Roger) Gates and Robert (Linda) Poshka; great-grandchildren, Jacob, Andrew and Nicholas Poshka; sister, Mamie Webb; sisters-in-law, June Inman, Shirley (Earl) Guthrie and Voncile Miller; brother-in-law, Roy (Gale) Inman; and many nieces and nephews who were all very special to her and she to them. Also predeceased by parents; brothers, Clarence, Arthur, Clyde, Amos and Sam Miller; sisters, Goldie Kirby, Helen Miller, Edith Webb, Ethel Webb and Bee Webb. Her life was devoted to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
    Service at 10 a.m. Friday, Dec. 3, in Family Worship Center, 1559 S. Mulford Road, with visitation from 9 a.m. to service; the Rev. David Harris will be officiating. Private burial in Willwood Burial Park. In lieu of flowers memorials to Family Worship Center or Bethlehem Lutheran Church. Lil's family would like to thank the staff at OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center and Nelson Debes Subacute Care Complex for their care, prayers and concern. A special thank you to Dr. O'Malley. 

Rockford Register Star - 12/02/2004

Michael J. Inman

    Dec. 6 - Michael J. Inman, 25, of Amboy died Dec. 4, 2004 at Mendota Community Hospital.
    Funeral services will be held at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 7 at the Mihm-Jones Funeral Home, Amboy. Burial will be at St. Michael Sandy Hill Cemetery, Amboy. Visitation will be held from 4-8 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 6 at the funeral home.
    Mr. Inman was born May 26, 1979 in Joliet to Michael and Diana (Tollard) Inman.
    Survivors include his mother of Amboy; three sisters, Loreen Inman of Amboy, Stacy Lydon of Bolingbrook and Jennifer Inman of Darien; and one niece, Aurora Siron of Amboy.
    He was preceded in death by his father.

Mendota Reporter (Dec/7/2004)


    DANVILLE — Charlotte J. Inman, 58, of Danville, died at 12:40 a.m. Sunday, July 9, 2006, at Carle Foundation Hospital in Urbana.
    She was born Oct. 21, 1947, in Danville, the daughter of Charles Albert and Barbara Jean (Kittell) Hardesty. She married Robert Inman Sr. on April 2, 1966, in Danville. They later divorced.
    She is survived by her father, Charles; one daughter, Lisa McCorkle of Danville; two sons, Robert (Heather) Inman Jr. of Covington, Ind., and Dwight Inman of Lafayette, Ind.; one brother, Gary Hardesty of Ridge Farm; two sisters, Cynthia E. Pratt and Sandra Best, both of Danville; and 14 grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her mother, three brothers and one sister.
    Charlotte worked as a sales associate for Target for more than 20 years. She collected clowns, loved sewing and cooking, and was an avid fan of Bobby Knight and Indiana University basketball.
    A celebration of the life of Charlotte Inman will be at 10 a.m. Tuesday, July 11, 2006, at Sunset Funeral Home and Cremation Center of Danville. Visitation will be from 9-10 a.m. Tuesday, July 11, 2006, at the funeral home. Memorials may be made in Charlotte's name to Sunset Funeral Home for a memorial marker.
    E-mail condolences may be sent to Charlotte's family at

Commercial-News - Published: July 10, 2006

Kay E. Inman

    Sept. 28 - Kay E. Inman, 68, of rural Mendota died Sept. 27, 2006 at her residence.
    Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 30 at First Presbyterian Church, Mendota with Dr. Dale Dykstra officiating. Burial will be at Troy Grove Cemetery, Troy Grove. Visitation will be from 4-8 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 29 at the Merritt Funeral Home, Mendota.
    Mrs. Inman was born July 14, 1938 in Des Moines, Iowa to Richard and Mabel (Smith) Johnson. She married Gordon Inman on Dec. 26, 1959 in Mendota.
Survivors include her husband of Mendota; two daughters, Jil (Leo) Reasor of Troy Grove and Vicki (Dale) Mann of Mendota; two sons, Mark (Deborah) Inman and Doug (Paula) Inman, both of Mendota; eight grandchildren; and one brother, Ken (Marsha) Johnson of Des Moines, Iowa.
    She was preceded in death by her parents and one brother, Ron.
    Mrs. Inman graduated from Des Moines East High School in 1956 and was engaged in farming with her husband in Troy Grove Township. She was a member of the First Presbyterian Church, Mendota. She loved crafts, travel, her family and life.
    Memorials may be directed to the First Presbyterian Church, Illinois Valley Hospice or the donor's choice.

Mendota Reporter (Sep/29/2006)


    Kenneth ?Cherry Cheeks? Inman, 72, of Hoopeston, died at 4:26 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 21, 2006, at his residence.
    He was born May 24, 1934, in Hoopeston, the son of William Lester Inman and Ruby Pearl Fesimere.
    Survivors include: three sons, Donald Inman (Laurie Wooten), Stanley (Terri Jo) Inman and Bruce Inman (Charlene Slaughter), all of Hoopeston; and two daughters, Sherrill (Eleazar) Contreras of Alamo, Texas, and Debbie (Joe) Castillo of Hoopeston. He is also survived by 18 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren and many nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents, one brother and two sisters.
    Mr. Inman was a Teamster?s Union truck driver for 43 years. After retirement, he worked as a driver for Royal Buick Pontiac in Danville. Mr. Inman attended Hoopeston Community Church of the Nazarene. He enjoyed watching his grandchildren play sports. He also enjoyed playing bunco, bingo, watching auto racing and spending time with his family.
    Funeral services: 11 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 26, 2006, at Anderson Funeral Home, 427 E. Main St. in Hoopeston; Officiating: Rev. Frank Laci; Burial: Floral Hill Cemetery in Hoopeston; Visitation: 4-8 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 25, at the funeral home; Memorials: Carle Hospice.

Commercial-News (Oct/24/2006)

Steven H. Inman

    COBDEN - Steven Hillard "Red" Inman, 65, died at 10:30 p.m. Sunday, May 20, 2007, at his home in Cobden.
    He was born Jan. 3, 1942, in Anna, the son of Forrest H. "Bud" and Geraldine (Fisher) Inman.
    He worked as a construction laborer in the Local Union Hall and was a retired bartender.
    He is survived by his friends and companion of 28 years, Alice "Mary Ann" Myke of Cobden; a son and daughter-in-law, Steven "Tales" and Dianna Inman of Cobden; three grandchildren, Carlie Joe, Clinton and Dane Winchester Inman; two brothers, Pat Inman and wife, Sharon, of Blanco, Texas, Jan Inman and Janice Inman of Cobden; a sister, Maribeth Smith and husband, Donovan, of Cobden; sister-in-law, Melba Inman of Cobden; and nieces, nephews, other relatives and many friends.
    He was preceded in death by his parents; a brother, Mike Inman; and a nephew, Jeffrey Inman.
    Services will be at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 23, 2007, in Lutz and Rendleman Funeral Home in Cobden, with the Rev. Davy Miller officiating. Burial will be in Cobden Cemetery at a later date. Friends may call from 5:30 until 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 23, 2007, at the funeral home.
    Memorials may be made to TIP Hospice. Envelopes will be available at the funeral home.

Published in The Southern Illinoisan on 5/22/2007.

Max Hargis

    George “Max” Hargis, 73, of Robinson, IL, died at 8:30 a.m. Thursday, July 26, 2007 at Ridgeview Care Center, Oblong. IL. He was born January 3, 1934 in Crawford County, IL, the son of George Hargis, Jr. and Elsie Curtis Hargis. He served in the U. S. Army during the Korean War. He worked at Marathon for 30 years. He was a member of the Moose Lodge #1369, Robinson, Elks Lodge #1188, Robinson, American Legion Post #69, Robinson, Palestine Eagles, Crawford County Shrine Club, and a life member of the V. F. W. Post #4549, Robinson.
    He married Dana Whitehead on December 13, 1966 and she preceded him in death on November 8, 2005. He was also preceded in death by his parents.
    He is survived by his daughter and son-in-law, Jan and Charles Miller, Oblong; 2 grandsons, Justin and his wife, Amanda Miller, Oblong and Travis K. Miller, Oblong; his sister and brother-in-law, Louise and Gene Purcell, Oblong; 2 sisters-in-law and a brother-in-law, Doris and Ed Moyer, Fishers, IN and Fran Seaney, Flower Mound, TX.
    Private family services will be held Monday, July 30, 2007 at the Cumberland Cemetery, Casey, IL. The Goodwine Funeral Home, Robinson is in charge of arrangements. Memorials may be made to the V. F. W. Post #4549 Museum or to Lincolnland Hospice with envelopes available at the funeral home.

Source: Goodwine Funeral Homes

Sandra K. Inman

    SULLIVAN - Sandra K. Inman, 60, of Sullivan, died 12:19 a.m. Thursday (November 22, 2007) in St. Mary's Hospital, Decatur. Celebration of Life Services will be 10:30 a.m. Monday in the Reed Funeral Home, Sullivan, with the Rev. Ron Barrick officiating. Visitation will be 2-4 p.m. Sunday. Burial will be in the Greenhill Cemetery, Sullivan. Memorials are suggested to the family for a education fund for her grandchildren. Condolences may be sent to the family at Sandra was born August 26, 1947 in Decatur. She was a retired schoolteacher, a member of the Bethany United Methodist Church and was very involved in the activities of the church including the women's group and the DOVE mission at church and was a certified lay minister. She was also a very talented artist. Sandra married Michael P. Inman on August 17, 1966 in Decatur. Surviving are her husband Mike of Sullivan; children, Shelly Burkett (Vernon) of Xenia, Illinois, Joe Inman (Jill) and Susan Richards (Kyle) both of Sullivan; parents, Fred and Doris Moeller of Decatur; brother, Steven Runion (Brenda) of Decatur; sister, Judy Brownsfield (Craig) of Mahomet; grandchildren, Elizabeth Inman, Audrey Inman, Brandon Burkett and Matthew Ray. She was preceded in death by her grandmother, Catherine Ellsworth. Sandra was very devoted to Jesus Christ and loved her family very much. To sign the online guestbook, go to and click on obituaries.

Published in the Journal Gazette & Times-Courier from 11/22/2007 - 11/23/2007.

Mary Inman
BATCHTOWN - October 7, 2007 - 6:26PM

    Mary L. “Teddi” Inman, 81, died at 12:10 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 6, 2007, at Calhoun Nursing and Rehab in Hardin.
    A daughter of Glen A. and Wilhemina (Yocum) Barrer, she was born Nov. 23, 1925, in Evanston, Ill.
    On Oct. 18, 1957, she married Merle T. Inman in St. Louis. He survives.
    In addition to her husband, the homemaker is survived by numerous nieces and nephews.
    She was preceded in death by her parents and a brother, Don Barrer.
    Visitation will be from 10 a.m. until time of services at noon Wednesday at Hanks-Gress Funeral Home in Hardin. The Rev. Paul D. Frazier will officiate.
Burial will be in Wilson Cemetery in Batchtown.
    Memorials may be made to Calhoun Ambulance Service or a charity of one’s choice.

The Telegraph - (Oct/8/2007) 

Gary L. Inman

    Gary L. Inman, 54 years old, of Antioch, IL passed away Friday, January 18, 2008 suddenly. He was born August 18, 1953 in Waukegan, IL the son of W. C. Junior and Jewell Marie (Bates) Inman and has been a life long resident of the area.
    Gary enjoyed playing golf and was a perishable manager for Jewel Foods where he worked for 39 years in various stores.
    Survivors are his former wife, Mary; his daughter, Kelly; his son, Jeff; and his Mother, Jewell Marie Inman, all of Antioch; a brother, Rodney Inman of Wauconda, IL; a sister, Karen (Jim) Grube of Powers Lake, WI; his sister-in-law, Nancy Inman; and nephew, Jonathan Inman; and many many friends.
    He was preceded in death by his father, W. C. Junior Inman; and brother, Jesse Inman.
    Funeral Services will be held at 10:00 AM Thursday, January 24, 2008 at the STRANG FUNERAL HOME OF ANTIOCH, 1055 Main St. (Rte 83), with burial to follow in Hillside Cemetery, Antioch. Visitation will be from 4 until 8 PM Wednesday. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to a family memorial.
    Info 847-395-4000. Please sign our guest book for Gary at

Published in the News Sun on 1/21/2008.

Martha "May" Inman

    DECATUR - Martha "May" Inman, 87, Decatur, died Monday (Jan. 21, 2008). Graveside services: 1 p.m. Thursday, Graceland Cemetery. Arrangements by: Graceland/Fairlawn Funeral Home. Memorials: St. Paul's Lutheran Church. Send condolences:

Published in the Decatur Herald & Review on 1/23/2008.

HERMAN CLAIR CURTIS 85 Quincy, Illinois
VISITATION: 1 - 3 P.M. Saturday March 15, 2008
FUNERAL: 3 P.M. Saturday March 15, 2008 Pulliam Funeral Home –Oblong, IL
MILITARY RITES: At the funeral home by Oblong American Legion Post #219

    Herman Clair Curtis, 85, of Quincy, Illinois formerly of Oblong, Illinois passed away at 11:05 A.M. Wednesday March 12, 2008 at Blessing Hospital in Quincy, Illinois. Clair was the born in Oblong on November 15, 1922 and was the only child of Roy Ray Curtis and Ruby Fern (Smith) Curtis. He was a self employed contractor installing windows, siding and insulation. Clair was a veteran of WWII serving in the United States Army Air Corp as a Staff Sergeant in the 8th Bomber Group. He was a member of the Oblong American Legion Post #219; member with United Commercial Travel Insurance; as well as a Mason and Shrine. Clair enjoyed fishing.
    He is survived by a daughter and so n-in-law Debbie & Gary Tenbusch; two grandchildren Mark & Audrey Tenbusch and Michelle & Brian Kelley; as well as five great grandchildren
    His parents preceded him in death.
In accordance with Clair's wishes, his body will be cremated after the service and his remains will be buried in Oblong Cemetery.

Nancy H Inman

    JOHNSBURG – Nancy H. Inman, 58, of Johnsburg, died Monday, Jan. 5, 2009, at Froedert Hospital in Milwaukee.
    She was born Nov. 12, 1950, in Woodstock, to Joseph and Marie (Diedrich) Sompel.
    On Oct. 11, 1980, she married Jesse W. Inman in St. John Baptist Church in Johnsburg.
    She was a member of St. Peter's Church in Spring Grove. She served as treasurer of the Christian Mothers of St. Peter's Church and was a leader of the Little Sisters of St. Therese. She also served as a sacristan and enjoyed helping in any way at the church.
    Survivors include her son, Jonathan of Johnsburg; her sisters and brothers, Dan Sompel of Johnsburg, Betty Sompel of Johnsburg, Louise Flood of Crystal Lake, Carol (Matthew) Scholle of Antioch and Rick (Deborah) Sompel of Johnsburg; her in-laws, Rod Inman of Wauconda, Karen (Jim) Grube of Wisconsin and Mary Inman of Antioch; her nieces, Kelly Inman and Angie (Mark) Ward; and her nephews, Jeff Inman, and Scott and Kevin Sompel.
    She was preceded in death by her parents; her husband; and a brother-in-law, Gary Inman.
    The visitation will be from 3 to 8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 9, at Colonial Funeral Home, 591 Ridgeview Drive, McHenry. Prayers will be said at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 10, at the funeral home, proceeding to St. Peter's Church in Spring Grove for the funeral Mass to be celebrated at 10:30 a.m. Interment will be in St. Peter's Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, Mass intentions would be preferred or the recitation of the Rosary.
    For information, call the funeral home at 815-385-0063.

Published in the Northwest Herald from 1/7/2009 - 1/10/2009