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Carlton Grady INMAN 3298 Martin Rd., Lumberton, NC 28358 - (910) 738-1361
Descends from James INMAN, Hardy, James, Henry, William Riley, Drizle Riely, Luther William, Grady Drizle, Carlton Grady INMAN. From VA to NC, FL, GA, NC.

Dewey Daniel INMAN 3012 Grassland Meadows Ct., Gallatin, TN 37066 - 
(615) 824-5027
Descends from Ezekial INMAN, Ezekial, Meshach, Samuel Ezekial, Ezekial, Samuel E., James Lafate, Charlie Lee, Dewey Daniel INMAN. From VA/NC to TN.

Cleamon Ralph INMAN P.O.Box 125, Brownsville, IN 47325 - 
(765) 827-4204
Descends from Elisha INMAN, William, Andrew Craig, Will, Cleamon Ralph INMAN. From VA to KY, OH, IN.

Lynn PARSONS 212 Haverford Dr., Nashville, TN 37205 
Descends from Ezekial INMAN, Lazarus, John W., David Henry, John C., Sarah Jane married ROLFE, Jessie Eugenia married SHRIVER, Evelyn Elizabeth married BLAIR, Anne Elizabeth married BOND, Evelyn Melissa married PARSONS. From VA to TN.

Kate Keller BOURLAND 808 Shenandoah Ave., Effingham, IL 62401 - (217) 342-3709
Descends from John INMAN, Elisha, Thomas E., Charity Alice married FISH, Willis Berlin, Beatrice Bellma married KELLER, Kathleen J. KELLER married BOURLAND. From VA to KY, IN and IL.

Ernest INMAN 5455 County Rd. 82, Coffeyville, MS 38922 - (662) 675-2103
Descends from Ezekial INMAN, Ezekial, Shadrach, John, John, William, Christopher, Hooper, Ernest INMAN. From VA, NC to TN.

Dawn Inman DYSON 105 Trails End Lane, Whiteville, NC 28472 - (910) 914-0123
Descends from Robert INMAN, Robert, James, Silas, William Aires, Robert Franklin, Austin Thomas, Heustess Ayres, Heather Dawn married DYSON. From VA to NC.

Patricia KESTERSON 139 Keith Rd., Umpire, AR 71971 - (870) 583-6102
Descends from Elisha INMAN, Elisha, Willoughby, Abraham, James Henry, Henrietta married KESTERSON, Patricia married CLAMPET. From VA to KY, AR.

Jenny French LaMORE 9525 Donalds Ct., St. Louis, MO 63126 - (314) 843-9346
Descends from William INMAN, Edmond, Pernecia married SMITH, Sarah Lavinia married TALIAFERRO, Pernecia married FARLEY, Dorothy Dean married FRENCE, Jenny married LaMORE. From VA to KY.

William LaFayette INMAN, Jr 997 Cedar Pines St., Henderson, NV 89015
(702) 433-4859
Descends from Robert INMAN Sr, Robert Jr., Robert III, James, Silas, John Alexander Gilmore, Jefferson LaFayette, William LaFayette, Sr., William LaFayette INMAN, Jr. From VA to NC.

Mary Jo MARTIN 3740 Habberline St., Wilmington, NC 28412
Descends from John Ezekial INMAN, William Sr., William Jr., Henry, Ira, William H., Ira Zebedee, Della Mae married JACKSON, Mary Jo married MARTIN. From VA to NC. See her family's charts on her home page: My genealogy research page is: www.familytreemaker.com/users/m/a/r/Mary--J-Martin/index.html

Cheryl Lynn DAVIS OK - (918) 438-4122
Descends from Ezekial INMAN, Ezekial, William, Edmond, Andrew Jackson, Lewis J., Thomas Henry, Foster, Pauline married ENYART, Loretta Lucille married WOODS, Cheryl Lynn married DAVIS. From VA to NC, AR, MO, OK.

Ruth McINTIRE 305 Jay Trail, Murfreesboro, NC 27855 - (252) 396-0402
Descends from "Robin the Bold" INMAN, Charles, Robert, Ezekial, Ezekial, William, Edmond, Jeremiah Vardiman, Uriah Montgomery, Charles Henry, Vada Irene, Ruth INMAN married McINTIRE. From VA, WV, TN, KY

Angela M. FISCHER 8112 E. County Rd. 600 S., Coatesville, IN 46121 -
(765) 526-2047
Descends from Elisha INMAN, Elisha, Lettice married SUTTON, Horace, William Nelson, Billie Mae married BURRELLO, Angela Marie married FISCHER. Fram VA to IN.

Mark P. BENNETT 1145 CR 154, Egbert, WY 82053
Descends from William INMAN, Edmond, Jeremiah Vardiman, Mariah who married Thomas Jefferson GROGAN. From VA to MO.

Barbara WILLIAMS Schaumburg, IL
Descends from Elisha INMAN, John I., William, Cash, Gracie Lee married PRYOR, Barbara married WILLIAMS. From VA to KY, IN, IL.

Sue Beck CARTER 5517 N.E. 62nd St, Kansas City, MO 64119
Descends from William INMAN, William, Edmond, Jeremiah Vardiman, Martha Ann married CURTIS, Mary Rebecca married GROSE, Lotha Susan married BECK, Mary Sue married CARTER. From KY to MO.

Descends from Elisha INMAN, John, Elisha George, William Caloway, Nancy Emma married McCREA, Jennie married HOLLAND, Robert L. Garry HOLLAND. From VA to KY, IN, MN, OR, WA.

Doris Inman GREEN 2547 Dora Ct., Pinole, CA 64564
Descends from Elisha INMAN, Elisha, Willoughby, Abraham, Joseph Franklin, Merle Raymond, Doris June married GREEN. From VA to NC, KY, CO.

Susan INMAN 268 Green, Park Forest, IL 60466
Descends from William INMAN, Shadrack, James, Hardester, John Taylor, Leland, John INMAN (married Susan REESER). From VA to KY, IL.

William INMAN 1205 DeBoy Street, Raleigh, NC 27606
Descends from Elisha INMAN, Elisha, Willoughby, Elisha L., Abraham B., William Hoyt, William Charles INMAN. From VA to NC, TN, KY.

Travis W. INMAN 8890 S. FM 670, Colorado City, TX 79512 - (915) 728-3593
Descends from William INMAN, Edmond, Jesse Clark, Jerry Wesley, William Philemon, Travis Boyd, Wyndell Boyd, Travis W. INMAN. From VA to KY & TX.

Joe FREEMAN 1604 57th St., Lubbock, TX 79412 - (806)744-5796
Descends from William INMAN, Edmond, Jesse Clark, Jerry Wesley, William Philemon, Florence Emma married COWAN, Billie Jo married FREEMAN, Joe FREEMAN. From VA to KY & TX.

Donna STEELY 2248 Carol St., Modesto, CA 95354
Descends from Elisha INMAN, Elijah, Sarah Jane married STEELY, William Nelson, Benjamin H., Fred married Donna HOWELL. From VA to KY.

Martha BERNHARDT 107 Spokane Ave., Victoria, TX 77904 - (316) 578-3190
Descends from William INMAN, Henry, William H., Pleasant W., William Price, Grace Mansfield married BOOTH, Martha S. married BERNHARDT. Of VA to KY & TX.

Deborah SMITH 1782 Evergreen Ave., Juneau, AK 99801 - (907) 586-1175
Descends from William INMAN, Henry, Willis H., Pleasant W., Sallie P. married WALKER, Charlotte married POSEY, Joyce married BISHOP, Deborah married SMITH. From Pittsylvania Co., VA.

Bess COPELAND 539 Potosi Dr., Bismarck, MO 63624 - (573) 734-2249
Descends from William INMAN, Edmond, Jeremiah Vardiman, Jesse Franklin, William Frederick, Bess married COPELAND. From VA to KY and MO.

Gloria INCIONG 145 Mano Drive, Kula, HI 96790
Descends from Ezekial INMAN?, William, Edmund, Jeremiah Vardeman, Maria married GROGAN, Charles Henry, Virgie married INCIONG, Gloria INCIONG. From VA to KY and MO.

Donald F. INMAN 1680 Anson Rd., Melbourne, FL 32934 - (407) 254-3548
Descends from John INMAN?, Robert?, Robert?, James, Alfred, Thomas Beaty, Walton Wade, Donald F. INMAN. From VA to NC and SC.

Timothy R. INMAN 1265 Emerald Mountain Parkway, Wetumpka, AL 36093 - (334) 514-9738
Descends from James INMAN, Hardy, Robert, Allen, Robert, Joel Berry, Joseph Raymond, Robert David, Timothy Raymond INMAN. From VA, NC.

Mr. Thomas S. INMAN CT
Descends from Robert INMAN (head of VA line), Robert, John, Isham, Isham, Jr., Francis William, William Francis, Joseph Francis, Joseph Francis, Jr., Thomas INMAN.

Mrs. Diane GEORGE 12010 SW Conestoga, Beaverton, OR 97008 - (503) 524-5846
Descends from John INMAN of VA, James, John, Prior Huston, Mary Elizabeth married MAZINGO, GREY, BOLLE. Of VA & TN & OR.

Mrs. Doris SMITH 369A Paseo Quinta, Green Valley, AZ 85614
Descends from John INMANof VA, James, John, James, Lavinia married KENOYER, SMITH. Of VA & TN. Parts of this family to IL, MO and OR.

Mrs. Joyce THOMAS 1809 1st Street S., Great Falls, MT 59405 - (406) 453-7323
Daughter of Doris SMITH. See above.

Mrs. Barbara HENRY P. O. Box 148, Oakville, WA 98568 - (360) 273-5524
Descends from John INMAN, son of Robert, head of VA line of family.

Full Name Unknown
Descends from William INMAN and Mary, of Pittsylvania Co., VA.

Mr. Henry Jeff BECK 205 Jamerson Rd., Danville, VA 24540 - (804) 799-8154
Descends from William INMAN, Henry, Willis (William) H., Martha Jane married HARVEY, Ida D. married BECK, Robert J., Henry J. BECK. From VA.

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