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Valerie Frances McCLUNG 12 Belmont Circle, Hampton, NH 03842
Descends from Elizabeth INMAN married McCULLOUGH, Sylvester McCULLICK, Clyde Theron, Donald Dean, Valerie Frances McCULLICK married McCLUNG. From ME to OH.

Virginia WALLMAN 2008 Marge Lane, Sulphur, LA 70663 - (337) 625-7851
Descends from Matilda Harriet INMAN married WADE, James Monroe, Alma Marie married SMITH, Virginia SMITH m,arried WILLMAN. From TN to TX.

Danette Inman HAYNES 1450 Hurricane Rd., Cottondale, AL 35453 - (205) 553-2087
Descends from Samuel INMAN, Millard Asbarry, Donald Asbarry, Danette INMAN married HAYNES. From AL.

Billie KALE 3725 Anthony Pl., Sparks, NV 89433
Descends from Robert Howard Inman, Billie INMAN married KALE.

Juanita Beatrice GARRINGER 20 Wallis Dr., Highland Home, AL 36041 - (334) 537-4326
Descends from Henry Vance INMAN, Homer Douglas, Juanita Beatrice INMAN married GARRINGER. From TN. AL

JoAnna RUSHTON 1830 Chili Ave., Rochester, NY 14642
Descends from Mervin INMAN, Geraldine married DOWLAND, JoAnna married RUSHTON. From MI.

Joan COLLIER 314 Sena Drive, Metairie, LA 70005 - (504) 833-1738
Descends from Meshac INMAN, William, Nancy married POWELL, Ellen married SYLVESTER, Maud married WESTMORELAND, Cecil S., Joan married COLLIER. From SC.

Donna Inman FLOYD 441635 E. 270 Rd., Vinita, OK - (918) 256-3555
Descends from Jefferson INMAN, John C., David M., Joseph John Harlan, Donna married FLOYD. From IL to OK.

Heather INMAN Midlothian, TX 76065
Descends from William INMAN, William Frank, Curtis Oran, Hugh Fenlow, Heather Michele INMAN married LEIGH. From TX.

Elizabeth Inman COHEE 926 Quince Dr., Harrisonburg, VA 22801 - (540) 561-2504
Descends from Harry Bigelow INMAN, Frederick Bigelow, Elizabeth INMAN married COHEE. From MA and RI.

Sally Inman TOLL
Descends from Adelbert INMAN, Albert Alan, Burton Eugene, Sally INMAN married TOLL. From NY. 06/01/01

Kristen Inman BENSCH 1201 El Camino Real, #101E, Euless, TX 76040 - 
(817) 267-7154
Descends from James William INMAN, John George, Carroll Francis, James Franklin, Kristin Elizabeth Rose INMAN married BENSCH. From NY to IL, CO, TX.

- KY -

William W. BLACK 6825 W. MS #79, Lakewood, CO 80226 - (309) 334-4394
Descends from Lucille INMAN who married BLACK, Thomas William, William W. BLACK. From KY, IL, IA, ID, CO.

Jody ZIEGLER 89 E. Forest Dr., Leitchfield, KY 42754 - (270) 242-7546
Descends from James INMAN, Robert William, Laura Beatrice married WALDRIDGE, Sarah Frances married BOWLES, Dora Murner married RIXMAN, Jody married ZIEGLER. From KY.

Patricia Hill VOLLMAN 2116 Lisa Circle, #B, Lexington, KY 40505 - (060)294-9051
Descends from Levi P. Morton INMAN, Gladys Bowman married HILL, Patricia married VOLLMAN. From KY.

Denise Inman GOODWIN 627 Penn Street, Belleville, IL 62223 - (618) 239-6011
Descends from John Bragg INMAN, John Bragg, John Ruben, Paul Edward, Edward Adams, Denis INMAN married GOODWIN. From KY to IL, NC.

Virginia INMAN SMITH 705 W. 84th, Kansas City, MO 64114 - (816) 3637038
Descends from Ralph John INMAN, Virginia married SMITH. From KY.

Kenneth Argie INMAN 308 A Street, Seminole, OK 74868 (405) 303-2250.
Descends from J. A. INMAN, Joseph Alexander, Argie, Kenneth Argie INMAN. From KY to TN and AR.

Sheila Inman OLIVER 330 Bonnie Dr., Warner Robins, GA 31088 - (912) 329-0322
Descends from John Henry INMAN, James Letcher, Sheila married OLIVER. From KY to AL, CA.

Descends from William Norton INMAN, Nellie married STEINMAN, Loren Floyd, Thomas L., Evelyn STEINMAN. From KY to OK, TX, WY, WA.

Pamela COSSEY 266 Hornet Estates Rd., London, AR 72847 -
Descends from Golden INMAN, Andrew Jackson, James Henry, Lee Dora married SKAGGS, Ruth Ellen married WENTE, Carole Lee married CORDER, Pamela married COSSEY. From KY to MO, AR, TX.

Nancy WESTON Ashland, OR
Descends from Golden INMAN, Edmond, Thomas Jefferson, Edward Wiles, Edward Whitney, Nancy married WESTON. From KY to MO and OR.

Donna STEELY 2248 Carol St., Modesto, CA 95354
Descends from Elisha INMAN, Elijah, Sarah Jane married STEELY, William Nelson, Benjamin H., Fred married Donna HOWELL. From KY.

Doris Inman GREEN 2547 Dora Ct., Pinole, CA 64564
Descends from Elisha INMAN, Elisha, Willoughby, Abraham, Joseph Franklin, Merle Raymond, Doris June amrried GREEN. From VA to NC, KY, CO.

William INMAN 1205 DeBoy Street, Raleigh, NC 27606
Descends from Elisha INMAN, Elisha, Willoughby, Elisha L., Abraham B., William Hoyt, William Charles INMAN. From VA to NC, TN, KY.

Frances GARCIA Lemoore, CA 93245 - (209) 924-5529
Descends from Jerry INMAN, Ozie married REED, Aaron, Frances married GARCIA. From AR, KY, OK. Family legend says they are descended from M/S/A.

Ruth HEEDER 14151 W. Hobson Way, Blythe, CA 92225 - (760) 921-2318
Descends from William INMAN, John Henry, Viola Peterson married HEEDER, Robert married Ruth. From KY to AZ.

Donald D. DERR 507 Monterey Place, Hutchinson, KS - 67502-2229
Descends from James INMAN, Henry William, Ida Dean married DERR, Glenn A., Donald D. DERR. From KY to IL, MO, AR, KS.

Gregory Allen INMAN New Bloomfield, PA
His grandfather is William Lawrence INMAN of KY.

Descends from Golden INMAN, Andrew Jackson, Golden Abril, Isaac L., Robert F., Carol married BOSWELL, Patrick BOSWELL. Of KY.

James E. INMAN PO Box 7205, Ruidoso, NM 88355 - (505) 378-5689
Descends from Golden INMAN, Andrew Jackson, Golden Abril, Isaac Luther, James E. Of KY.

- NC -

Tammy Burton 64 Cow Trail, Tunnel Hill, GA 30755
Descends from Jesse INMAN, William, James Wesley, Burgon, Bertie, Tammy INMAN married Burton. From NC to TN.

Kenneth W. ANDERSON P. O. Box 1803, Interlachen, FL 32148 - (386) 684-3525
Descends from John W. "Jack" INMAN, Cynthia Carolyn INMAN married ANDERSON. From NC to TN.

Jennifer Inman LITTLE 1230 Dougherty Dr., Morristown, TN 37814 - (423) 587-1230
Descends from Elisha INMAN, John, Sr, John, Jr, Josephus Stilson, Eldridge Clinton, Joseph Clinton, Jennifer Jo married LITTLE. From VA to NC, TN, KY, IN

Guy Wilson INMAN, Jr 5216 Hough Rd., Hillsborough, NC 27278 - (919) 929-0749
Descends from William T. INMAN, William Todd, Guy Wilson, Guy Wilson INMAN. From NC to SC, MS, TX.

Margaret Ellen INMAN 142 Electra Dr., Newport News, VA 23602 - (757) 890-9061
Descends from James Rufus INMAN, Margaret Ellen INMAN. From NC.

Jane BEATY 400 Grey Moss Cove, Phenix City, AL 36867 - (334) 297-8446
Descends from Jesse INMAN, William, Shade, Novella married Laster, Jane married BEATY. From VA, NC, TN.

Betty CATHERWOOD P. O. Box 521642, Longwood, FL 32752 - (407) 339-5287
Descends from Elizabeth INMAN married WOODELL, William James, William D., Willie Elizabeth married HARRER, Betty married CATHERWOOD. From NC, TN to MS.

Joyce JONES 11717 Tivoli NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111 - (505)-298-2332
Descends from David INMAN, Julianne Amanda married BRAWLEY, Thomas Lee, Nelle Esther married HANSEN, Joyce E. HANSEN married JONES. From NC to TN, IL, MO.

James A. INMAN 2200 Fuller Ct., Apt. 706B, Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Descends from Ralph C. INMAN, Ralph R., James A. INMAN. From IN.

David GASPERSON 9092 Talway Circle, Boynton Beach, FL 33437 -
(561) 375-8982

Descends from John GASPERSON, John Burnett, Noah (married Morning INAMN), Abraham, Briscoe Arrie, Roscoe Arrie, Robert David GASPERSON. From NC, SC, TN.

William LaFayette INMAN 5711 Castle Drive, Huntington Beach, CA 92649 -
(714) 846-3427

Descends from James INMAN, Silas, John Alexander Gilmore, Jefferson LaFayette, William LaFayette, William LaFayette, INMAN. From NC.

Jimmy INMAN PO Box 95, Lake, MS 39092 - (601) 775-9207
Descends from William A. INMAN, Robert Franklin, Franklin Devon, Silas Bobby, Jimmy Dwight INMAN. From Brunswick Co., NC.  Researching Inmans and related families in the Eastern NC, SC concentrating in Roberson, Columbus, Brunswick and Horry counties.
Visit his homepage.

Susan Innmon NELSON P. O. Box 1, Waco, TX 76703 - (254) 836-0382
Descends from Hezekian INMAN, Hezekiah, Anthony, Francis Marion INNMON, Anthony, Anthony Smith, William Tony, Susan married NELSON. From NC to TN & TX.
Visit her genealogy web site.
Visit her site about the Williamson County Grey's, 7th Rgt., TX Mounted Volunteers.

Robert B. INMAN 619 S. College St., Trenton, TN 38382 - (901) 855-0943
Descends from Allen INMAN, Joel L., James H., James Ivey, Robert Barnett Inman. From NC to GA.

Lorena EAKER P. O. Box 2125, Church Hill, TN 37642 - (423) 357-8166
Descends from Anthony INMAN, Christina married MYERS, Amanda married SHELL, Vernon, Lorena married EAKER. From NC to TN, MO and AR.

Tim HYMAN 16585 Blanco Rd., #1105, San Antonio, TX 78232
Descends from Allen INMAN, Nancy married McEACHIN, Flora M. married WADE, Benjamin C., Carol married HYMAN, Tim HYMAN. From NC to MS to TX.

Elise O. SEABOLT 728 N.16th, Lawton, OK 73505 - (405) 357-0399
Descends from Drisel R. INMAN, Phebe R. married RING, Ellis G., Helon R., Ellifair F. married HARPER, Elise O. From NC to GA.

- Mid West -

Donald E. INMAN 288 Greenwood, Holland, MI 49424 - (616) 399-9694
Descends from Davis Burris INMAN, Donald E., Donald E. INMAN. From IA.

Dorothy CLEMENTE 1223 Saint Francis St., Redwood City, CA 94061 - (650) 556-1891
Descends from James Lewis INMAN, Henry P., Mack Arthur, Belva Joyce married ASHCRAFT, Dorothy Marie married CLEMENTE. From KS, MO, AZ, CA.

Ruth Elaine DAVIS 7064 N. Gregory, Fresno, CA 93722 - (559) 277-3199
Descends from John Henry INMAN, Clifford Thurman, Ruth Elaine Inman married DAVIS. From MO to TX, OK, CA.

Kenneth Allan INMAN 1724 Olive St., Durant, OK 74701
Descends from Hiram INMAN, John Alvin, George W. Allan R., Allin Kenneth INMAN. From NE to OK.

René GUESNIER 504 Main Street, Seward, KS 67576
Descends from Matthew INMAN, Aurilla married RICKERT, Matthew, Vina Marie married GUESNIER, Jerome Delano (Rene) GUESNIER. From IL to KY, VA.

Geraldine K. VELT 21177 Higgs Dr., Port Charlotte, FL 33952 - (941) 629-6158
Descends from Hiram INMAN, John Alvan, Henry John, Harry Edward, Geraldine Kay married VELT. From NE to IA, MO, FL.

Christine Sara JOHNSON 15507 Laurel Ridge Rd. Dumfries, VA 22026
Descends from Mary INMAN married HARTMAN, John Franklin, Edward Ray, Christine Sara married JOHNSON. From KS, MO, TN
. 03/03/00

Earlene Inman SMITH OK
Descends from James INMAN, Benjamin Otis, James Houston, Earl D., Earlene marred SMITH. From MO, OK.

David William INMAN 190 San Jose Dr., Novato, CA 94949 - (415) 382-973
Descends from John INMAN, George, John, John Paul, David William, INMAN. From IN to IA, TX, OK, AR.

Elizabeth WATKINS 61 S. Pomona Rd., Yakima, WA 98901 - (509) 575-5762
Descends from Jonathan WATKINS who married Catherine ULERY whose second husband was John S. INMAN. Children by Catherine and John are Jacob Chandler, Dan W. and Perry W. INMAN. From OH, IN, IA & MN.

Descends from Nathan INMAN, Nathan, Debra INMAN married ARMSTONG. From TN.

Scott Michael INMAN 4712 Bomarc Dr., Del City, OK 73115
Descends from James Lewis INMAN, Henry P., Mack Henry, henry Ray, Johnny Ray, Scott Michael INMAN. From OK.

Sheri OSBORNE 19177 Whitepine Dr., Lake Ann, MI 49650 - ( )275-7692
Researching Rosewell INMAN of MI.

Joel Dean INMAN #9 Bowman Estates, Wichita Falls, TX 76310 - (940) 696-8046
Descends from Leon Douglas INMAN, Joel Dean INMAN. From MO.

Lee Ann Inman ARAUJO 4503 Shadberry Dr., Tampa, FL 33624 - (813) 960-1728
Descends from James Houston INMAN, James Houston, Jr., Lee Ann married Araujo. From OK.

Janice Elaine Inman DENNY PO Box 8014, Carlisle, OH 45005 - (937-391-9627)
Descends from William Henry INMAN, Charles Estill, Janice Elaine married DENNY. From TN to OH.

Susan Leander INMAN-DAVISON 1477 Driftwood Cir., Fairfield, CA -
(707) 864-9168
Descends from Sherman E. INMAN, Sherman, Susan Leander married DAVISON. From OH to MI.

Barbara Kae FAIG 740 Upper Windsor Way, Gatlinburg, TN 37738 - (865) 436-6515
Descends from Martin INMAN, Drew, Guydell married LITTLE, Billie Drew married ZEDAKER, Barbara Kae married FAIG. From OH and IL.

Kay HAWKS 1115 N. 2nd, Norton, KS 67654
Descends from Stephen INMAN, Arizona Ozark married HAWKS, John Rollo, Merle Gene, Jerry Lynn married Kay WYLEY. From OH to KS.

Mike JUDD P. O. Box 74, Bunnell, FL 32110 - (904) 437-6391
Descends from Elizabeth  INMAN married WRIGHT, Charles, James, Pearl Arlene married JUDD, Michael William JUDD. From OH, IL, IN.

Nancy Inmon BRAKKE 8909 - 49th St. W., University Place, WA 98467 -
(253) 564-8330
Descends from David INMON, Elkanah David, Alvy Vasterling, Alvy Delanah, Nancy R. INMON married BRAKKE. From TN to AR, TX, OK, CA.

John HAM 12 Hillview Drive, Heath, TX 75032
Descends from Harvey INMAN, Caroline married HAM, Charles Inman, Edwin C., John HAM. From MI to WI.

Robert Lee INMAN 1 Summit, Bonne Terre, MO 63628 - (573) 358-0506
Descends from Marshall INMAN, Theodore, Jerome, Robert L. INMAN. From MO.

Emily C. INMAN P. O. Box 3426, Merced, CA 95344
Descends from Julius INMAN, J. D., Leroy, Emily INMAN. From OK to MO & CA.

Mike JUDD P. O. Box 74, Bunnell, FL 32110 - (904) 437-6391
Descends from Elizabeth INMAN married WRIGHT, Charles, James, Pearl Arlene married JUDD, Michael W. JUDD. From IL.

Bobbie MATHIS 420 St. Joseph, Union City, MI 49094
Descends from Edward INMAN, Nelson Edward, Jesse Lewis, Geneva Mae married WATSON, Bobbie Jean married MATHIS. From OH to IN.

Phyllis FINN 4420 Arbroath Way, Antelope, CA 95843 - (916) 721-7547
Descends from John McFATRIDGE, William married ? INMAN, John Henry, John Henry, Margaret Frances married CRANGLE, Edith Jeanne married FINN, Phyllis married NETTLETON. From PA to KY & IN.

DeLoris JENSBY 936 North21st, Beatrice, NE 68310 - (402) 228-1393
Descends from Mary INMAN married HARRIS, Thomas, Lottie B. married Minick, Loretta married DIENSTBIER, DeLoris married JENSBY. From OH to IL, IA and NE.

Harold E. INMAN 45 Edgecomb Rd., Lisbon Falls, ME 04252 - (207) 353-6472
Descends from William INMAN, Luther, Harold INMAN. From MO & AR.
Visit his home page

Brian CHRISTENSEN 4023 Tanglewood D., Floyds Knobs, IN 47119 - (812) 949-9185
Descends from George INMAN, Ammi William, William Pratt, William Gordon CHRISTENSEN, Wayne, Brian CHRISTENSEN. From IL to WA.

Dorothy REID 415 E. Locust, Rogers, AR 72756 - (501) 636-5744
Descends from William INMAN, Worthington, Paul Lee, Dorothy married REID. From IL to MO.

Michael HERDER P. O. Box 896, Washington, UT 84780 - (435) 628-1838
Descends from Benjamin Franklin INMAN, Ida Mae married LANGTON, Herbert McConnel, Myrna Louise married HERDER, Michael James HERDER. From OH & IL.

Jeanette CAREY 2849 W. Polk Ave., Anaheim, CA 92801 - (714) 761-3580
Descends from Benjamin Franklin INMAN, Ida Mae married LANGTON, Cecil Irvine, Jeanette married CAREY. Of OH to IL, MN, CO and CA.

John H. CASHMAN 2510 E. County Rd., 1100 S., Coal City, IN 47427 -
(812) 939-3383

Descends from David Louis INMAN, Sr, William Alfred, James Madison, Howard Lester, Bernice married CASHMAN, John CASHMAN. From IN, to AK & IL.

Michael J. INMAN 465 Dry Gulch Rd., Amboy, IL 61310 - (815) 849-5018
Descends from Charles W. INMAN, Charles W., Michael J. INMAN. From Chicago, IL.

Andy D. TAYLOR Oklahoma City, OK
Descends from Jackson INMAN, Charity Elizabeth married MAHAN, William Isaac, Exra Kiner, Carol Sue married TAYLOR, Andy D. TAYLOR. From IN to TX & OK.

Dawn WEISHEIM 1855 Mackenzie Court North, Middleburg, FL 32068 - (904) 655 4434
Descends from Acie O. INMAN, Marjorie married REINHARDT, Debra J. married WEISHEIM, Dawn WEISHEIM. From WI.

Zachary Kent INMAN 123 19th St. NW, Hastings, MN 55033 - (651) 438-3244
Descends from Leon Sebastian INMAN, Kent Howard, Zachary Kent INMAN. From MN to IA, SD and Canada.

Holly Marie INMAN 2079 N. Dunn, #2079, Bloomington, IN 47408 - (812) 335-0630
Descends from John INMAN, William, William, Kim Edward, Holly Marie INMAN. Her
g-g-grandfather ran a hotel and saloon in TX. His son was born in IN.

Karen PEREZ 434 Crawford SE, Apt. 2, Grand Rapids, MI 49507 - (616) 248-7915
Descends from Albert INMAN, Theron, Mary married PEREZ, Karen PEREZ. Believes she has relatives in Canada but her mother born in Munsing, MI.

Brenda McCRAY 637 East Fairview, South Bend, IN 46614 - (219) 287-4179
Descends from George Frank INMAN, Harvey George, Harvey Lionel, Brenda married McCRAY. From OH and TX.
Visit her homepage.

Crista Mae COWAN 162 West Thorneberry Way, Pleasant Grove, UT 84602 -
(801) 796-3625
Descends from Carrie INMAN married COWAN, Frederick Ross, Fred Ross, Stephen Ross, Crista Mae COWAN. From OH, TX, CA, OR.

Kenneth Allen INMAN 3810 Levee Circle W., #224, Ft. Worth, TX 76109
Descends from Hiram INMAN, John Alvin, George Washington, Allen Russell, Kenneth Allen. From Henry Co., IA.

Frank E. WINTERS 14600 51st Ave. NE, Space 227, Marysville, WA 98271 -
(360) 568-8453
Descends from Ida M. WINTERS who married Milford Inman in MI. Children were Glenn L., Ina M., Ethel - all born about 1885.

- Deep South -

Jerrel D. 'Buddy' INMAN 2718 Silver Falls Drive, Kingwood, TX 77339 - (281) 358-6194
Descends from Samuel Chelton INMAN, William Duncan, William Barton, Herchel D., Jerrel D. INMAN. From TN to TX.

Darrell R. DUNLOP 207Oak Forest Trail, Euless, TX 76039 - (817) 354-5559
Descends from Samuel Chelton INMAN, William Duncan, Etta Elmira married DUNLOP, Lawrence Inman, Darrell Ray DUNLOP. From TN to TX.

Marlene RODARMEL 10220 52nd Drive NE, Marysville, WA 98270
Descends from Ruben INMAN, Fannie May married PHILLIPS, Viola May married RAKESTRAW, Shirley Mae married ARNOLD, Marlene married RODARMEL. From TN to TX and WA. ICQ# 4057381

Terry BAYLESS 3307 S. College Ave., PMB 374, Fort Collins, CO 80526
Descends from John INMAN, Elmore, Lonnie married BRUCE, Clyde, Margaret married CHAPIN, Terry married BAYLESS. from TN to KY.

Maynard Lee INMAN, Jr 53 Rivercrest Dr., Portsmouth, VA 23701- (757) 465-1045
Descends from Imboden INMAN. Henry Washington, Keen Howard, Wesley Robertson, Maynard Lee, Maynard Lee INMAN, Jr. From VA.

Neda COCHRAN 122 Maples Park, West Lafayette, IN 47906 - (765) 463-0903
Descends from Wilbur INMAN, Woodson W., Neda INMAN, married COCHRAN. From TN.

Clark Ellis McGINTY Oregon City, OR 97045
Descends from A. INMAN, Frona married DICKEY, Irby Lee DICKEY, Ellis, McElroy Ellis, Clark Ellis McGINTY. From TN to GA, OK, TX and CA.

Mark INMAN Wichita Falls, TX 76308
Descends from William Robert INMAN, C. H., Mark INMAN. From TX

Joyce RENFRO 631 D Street, Taft, CA 93268 - (661) 765-5176
Descends from Dona INMAN married RENFRO, Elves, Elves married Joyce LITTLEBEAR. From TN.

Samuel Delane INMON P. O. Box 507, Potts Camp, MS 38659 - (662) 333-7873
Descends from Dabney M. INMON, James Henry, James K., Samuel Delane INMON. From AL to FL, MS, TN, OK
. 04/12/00

Wayne D. INMAN P. O. Box 247, Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274 - (310) 378-1399
Descends from John INMAN, Gratz Albert, Clifford Wayne, Wayne DeWald INMAN. From TX & OK.

Gary Dale INMAN P. O. Box 061182, Palm Bay, FL 32906
Jennifer Lee INMAN DENEUTE Melbourne, FL
Descends from Edward INMAN, Arthur, William Edward, William Edward, Gary Dale, Jennifer Lee married DENEUTE. From SC to FL.

Diane Inman KUCHENBERG 385 Gunter Hollow Lane, Roseland, VA 22967 - 
(804) 277-8302
Descends from Drizle Riely INMAN, Hammie Howell, Albert Leroy, Diane Elizabeth INMAN married KUCHENBERG. From GA to SC & NC.

Melinda Inman BLEVINS P. O. Box 155, Higdon, AL 35979 - (256) 632-3197
Descends from Mark James INMAN, Willie George, William R., Melinda Rose, married BLEVINS. From TN.

Daniel Joseph INMAN 228 Marquiss Cir., Clinton, TN 37716 - (423) 457-3002
Descends from Hugh INMAN, Carl Eugene, Daniel Joseph INMAN. From WV.

Jennifer INMAN 4515 Taft, Wichita Falls, TX 76308 - (940) 696-3314
Descends from C. H. INMAN, Mark Anthony, Jennifer INMAN. From TX.

Robert Dale INMAN 215 W. Jacobs Dr., Midwest City, OK 73110 -
(405) 741-6955
Descends from Joseph Alexander INMAN, Harvey Earl, Perry Wayne, Robert Dale INMAN. From AR or KY.

Kenneth INMAN RR 1, Box 15300, Porum, OK 74455 - (918) 484-2180
Descends from Joseph A. INMAN, R. G. (Argie), Kenneth INMAN. From AR.

Carl M. INMAN 415 Midenhall Way, Cary, NC 27513 - 919-677-1599
Descends from Aaron Buchanan INMAN, Eliard Todd, Andrew Jackson, Andrew Carl, Maurice N., Carl N. INMAN. From AL & MS.

Elizabeth RAMEY 12379 Portage St., Rittman, OH 44270-0(330) 658-5549
Descends from Leander A. INMAN, Napolean, Willie Lee, Matthew George, Elizabeth Ann Lee INMAN married RAMEY.  From AL to OH.

Edwin T. DREW P. O. Box 67, Midville, GA 30441 -
Descends from Elsey INMAN married SNELLGROVE, John, Carey G., Luther W., Levi Edward W., Mollie Julia married DREW, Edwin T. DREW. From SC to GA.

Laquita Inmon POWERS 196 Shadowbrook Lane, Huntsville, Alabama 35811
Descends from Dabney M.  INMON, James Henry, Henry Heddleston, Laquita INMON married POWERS. From AL to FL & MS.

Ron STANFORD 259 Crimson Bramble Rd., Rochester, NY 14623
Descends from Martha INMAN married Chastain, Irena J. married STANFORD, Alford Eli, John William STANFORD. From VA to TN.

Peter J. INMAN 2788 Garner Rd., Vassar, MI 48768 - (517) 823-3049
Descends from Edward INMAN, Grady, Wallace Elmo, Peter J. INMAN. From VA to NC.

Nancy Bozeman BYRD P. O. Box 780143, Orlando, FL 32878
Descends from Charles INMAN, Effie Jewell married CARTER, Mamie Jewell married BOZEMAN, Nancy Jewell married BYRD. From GA.

Richard CANTU W164 N5101 Lone Oak Lane, Menomee Falls, WI 53051 -
(414) 781-9434
Descends from Augustus INMAN, Lucinda Ann married CARTER, Dixie Lee married CANTU, Alfred Leon, Richard Otto CANTU. From TX to MI.

Marion W. INMON 50 Lighthouse Dr., Goose Creek, SC 29445 - (803) 797-5033
Descends from Mrs. C. M. FIFE INMAN, Andrew G., Andrew T., Marion W. INMON. From MS, SC, NC, LA.

Becky INMAN Modesto, CA
Descends from Thomas INMAN, David, Rebecca INMAN. From AR to CA.

Joseph Philmon INMAN 585 Empress Avenue, Eugene, OR 97405 - (541) 485-6438
Descends from Jerry INMAN, Wille Philmon, Travis Boyd, Joseph Philmon INMAN. From TX, OK, AR, MS. His family legend states they are related to M/S/A of TN. Also believes that they headed toward OR in 1800's but ended up in TX instead.

- Other -

Elizabeth Shouse PITTS 406 E. Florida St., Clinton, SC 29325 - (864) 833-2239
Descends from Mary Minerva INMAN married LOFTIS, Mittie married SHOUSE, Elizabeth Ann SHOUSE married PITTS.

Melissa S. INMAN Bordentown, NJ 08505
Descends from Joseph A. INMAN, Joseph A., Melissa Sue INMAN. From NJ.

Norm WITHERBEE 301 Hilltop Dr., Newberg, OR 97132 - (503) 538-5129
Descends from John INMAN, Lavery, Vina Inman married KNAPP, Marge Knapp married Norm WITHERBEE. From PA to IL.

Dale Robert FUNK 11978 Navona Court, Cincinnati, OH 45246 - (513) 671-6682
Descends from Joseph INMAN, Joseph, Sarah married KEEZER, George, Pharis, Clara Viola married Dechant, Luella Marian married FUNK, Dale Robert FUNK. From ME to OH.

William V. INMAN P. O. Box 463, Rye, CO - (719) 489-2605
Descends from John INMAN, William Harrison, William Vernal, William Harrison, William V. INMAN.

James Hay Fant INMAN, Jr Descends from George I. INMAN, James Hay Fant, James Hay Fant INMAN. 04/28/00

Laurie A. SCHUG 10660 Forest Rd., Gladwin, MI 48624
Descends from Chalres Wesley INMAN, Erwin Henry, Charles Wesley, Laura married HUND, Betty married BROOKS, Laurie married SCHUG. From NY to MI.

Toni Ann PALTER 223 River Rd., Belle Mead, NJ 08502 - (908) 874-5708
Descends from Amasa INMAN, Albert Amasa, Clarence Adelbert, Clarence Daniel, Robert Sinclair, Toni Ann INMAN married PALTER. From RI to NY.

Shawna INMAN Paso Robles, CA 93446 - (805) 237-2116
Descends from William C. INMAN, William M., Shawna INMAN. From CA.

Harry Reed INMAN 356 Telescope Rd., Ulysses, PA 16948 
Descends from Samual INMAN, Arthur Walter, Harry Reed INMAN. From PA.

Roy MATHEWS 118 Decker Rd., Van Etten, NY 14889-9426 - (607) 589-6680
Descends from James Ephraim INMAN, Flora Belle married PORTER, Alice married FITZMAURICE, Esther married MATHEWS, Roy MATHEWS. From NY.

Tracy GOODRIDGE 76 Merrill Rd., Eddington, ME 04428
Descends from Horatio INMAN, Hiram, Virginia married GOODRIDGE, Tracy GOODRIDGE. From ME.

Susan Inman DAVIS 80 L English Village Rd., #204, Manchester, NH 03102 -
(603) 622-3635
Descends from Charles INMAN, Editha Ann married JANNENE, Susan married DAVIS. From MA, CT, NH

Angela RIDLON 2617 Lilac Lane, Janesville, WI 53545 - (608) 756-8580
Descends from Ellsworth INMAN, Charles, Beauford, Bernetta married RIDLON, John married Angela DAVIS. From WI.

William J. INMAN 50 W. Montgomery Ave., Suite 230, Rockville, MD 20850
(301) 315-9400
Descends from Roger Eugene INMAN, William Joseph INMAN. From IL.

Linda Lee Ann EL-ZEIN 28741 Brook Circle, Grosse Ile, MI 48138 - (734) 671-6935
Descends from Nathanial INMAN, Harry, James Pitcher, Emery Wayne, Alan Wayne, Linda Lee Ann INMAN married EL-ZEIN. From NY to MI.

Henry Joseph INMAN 1219 Goldfinch Trail, Stow, OH 44224 - (330) 688-3481
Descends from Mac Arthur INMAN, Henry Ray, Henry Joseph INMAN. From OK, KS, MO, TN, KY.

Lyn LOVINS 246 Hart Dr., #1512, El Cajon, CA 92021 - (619) 588-6394
Descends from Edgar INMAN, Kenneth Robert, Marilyn Joyce married FLOORE, Marilyn married LOVINS. From Chillicothe, MO.

Bonnie HAMILTON 70 Melrose, Chester, NJ 07030 - (908) 879-6443
Descends from Henry INMAN/INGMAN, Henry, Joshua, Henry, Agnes Nancy married BURNS, Philadelphia married REED, Chester Burns, Philadelphia married LADD, Chester Reed, Bonnie married HAMILTON. From MD to IL, KS, CA & NJ. Early records list this line as INGMAN.

Loyd L. DRENNAN P. O. Box 2204, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83816.
Descends from Almira M. INMAN married BEATH, Julia Almira married DRENNAN, Stanley, Loyd DRENNAN. From VT.

Damon INMAN 3411 14th Ave. W., #3, Seattle WA 98119 - (206) 285-5724
Descends from Raymond Carl INMAN, Larry Bruce, Damon Scott INMAN. From OK, KS, CA, WA.

Thomas E. MILNER 2582 W. 3350 N., Cedar City, UT 84720 - (801) 586-7486
Descends from Justus or Justice INMAN, Ezra S., Hettie G. married KINSMAN, George Watson, Ezra Lucius, Donald J., Ruth Ann married MILNER. From VT to OH & IL.

Douglas ANDERSON 821 S. Virginia, LaPorte, TX 77571 - (281) 471-9695
Descends from William J. INMAN, Allie B., Archie Leon, Glorine married HOPSON, Sheila married ANDERSON, Douglas ANDERSON, Jr. Probably from VA/TN to TX.

Edward INMAN 52 Bald Hill Rd., Ithaca, NY 14850 - (607) 272-7983
Descends from James INMAN, Henry E., Lewis R., Christine, Edward L. INMAN. States not given.

Researching Ruth INMAN (b. 1806) who married Isaac DENTON. Son Benjamin born in TN 1836.

Researching Jennie Mae INMAN (b. 1892, AL - d. OH) who married James Smith GOINS. Had a son, James Wallace GOINS.

Pat Inman RAINEY 13018 Fitzhugh Road, Austin, TX 78736 - (512) 288-2343
Descends from William INMAN, William Frank (b 1868 TX), Kurtis Oren, Leslie A., Patricia married RAINEY. Lineage of Adm. Robert Inman.

Bruce Kenneth INMAN 2832 Lexington Lane, Grand Junction, CO 81503 -
(970) 248-9297
Descends from Kreigh Kenneth INMAN, Stanley Kenneth, Bruce Kenneth.

Christine GOFF 16431 E. Colfax Ave, Lot 8, Aurora, CO 80011 - (303) 341-7586
Descends from Abel Inman, John , Nancy married DUNFEE, Ida O. married CRAMMER, William, Jennie married GOFF, Harvey Alexander, Richard J. married Christine PALMIERI. From NJ.

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