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Betty MARTIN 3583 E. Atherton Lane, Baneberry, TN - (865-674-6153)
Descends from Jesse J. INMAN, William, Henry Jesse, Henry Clay, Ora Mae married WHITE, Betty married MARTIN. From SC/NC to KY.

Paul R. NEACSU 10024 SW Cove RD. Vashon, WA 98070 - (206) 463-4218
Descends from Edward INMAN, Benjamin, Joshua H., Joshua H., John, Joseph, Wilborn, Joseph M., Frank Arthur, Hellen Anne married NEASCU, Paul R. NEACSU. From SC to TX.

Beverly WALKER 816 Harvest Glen Drive, Plano, TX 75023 - (972) 516-9386
Descends from Edward INMAN, Benjamin, Joshua H., Joshua H., Jonathan, Wiley David, William Jackson INMON, Annie Mary married BYFORD, Shirley Evelyn married PFIEFFER, Beverly Kay Pfieffer married WALKER. From SC to AL, MS, TX.

Joy Vermelle INMON 579 Quinn Rd, Collierville, TN 38017
Descends from Edward INMAN, Benjamin, Joshua, Joshua, Jonathan, Dabney Martin INMON, James Henry, James K., Joy Vermelle INMON married LYONS. From SC to MS, TN.

David Charles INMAN 415 B&B Lane, Hallsville, TX 75650
Descends from Edward INMAN, Benjamin, Benjamin, Jehu, Charles, Thomas, Marion Virgil, Charles Ray, David Charles INMAN, From SC to OH & TX.

Debbie Inman BRASSFIELD 1011 Depot St., Culleoka, TN 38451 - (931) 987-2672
Descends from Edward INMAN, Benjamin, Joshua, Aaron, Aaron Buchanon, John Harrison, William Aaron, William Aaron, William Edward, Debra Kay INMAN married BRASSFIELD. From SC to AL, MS, TN.

Sherry INMAN 1709 CR 124, Marble Falls, TX 78654 - (830) 693-3934
Descends from Edward INMAN, Benjamin, Benjamin, Jehu, Charles, Davis, Eli Davis, Francis Marion, Billy Dale INMAN married Sherry HANNUSCH. From SC, OH, TX. 

Irwin Michael KIRMER 29931 Gigi Drive, Evergreen, CO  - (303) 670-1116
Descends from Edward INMAN, Benjamin, Joshua, Aaron, Hezekiah, Murphy Macantee, Irwin Isaac, Adelberta married KIRMER, Arthur Clarence, Irwin Michael KIRMER. From SC.

Floyd Leroy INMAN 5730 Old Railroad Grade, Sparta, TN 35853 - (931) 935-8304
Descends from Edward INMAN, Benjamin, Joshua H., John, Henry, Joseph, John Henry, Bert, Floyd, Floyd Leroy INMAN. From SC to TN, AR, CO. ICQ# 50514810

Vicki MARTIN 6607 5th Ave. W, Sebring, FL 33870 - (863) 655-6091
Descends from Edward INMAN, Benjamin, Jehu, Asa, Lovina married CURTIS, Elizabeth married WILLIS, Sarah Ellen married CRUSE, Jesse Cecil, Cletis Evelyn married LONG, Vicki Gail LONG married MARTIN. from SC to OH and IL.

Darlene Ann HISE 394 LaHonda, Valparaiso, IN 46385 - (219) 759-2359
Descends from Benjamin INMAN, Jehu, Asa, Asa, Margaret Jane married EAGLE, Dillie Alma married SHAW, George Irvin, Darlene Ann married HISE. From SC to OH and IN.

Judith Wood LaROCQUE P. O. Box 546, Oneonta, AL 35121
Descends from John INMAN, John, James Baxter, James Baxter, Iris E. married WOOD, Judith married LaROCQUE. From SC to AL.

Vickie INMAN KENNEMER 791 Rains County RD 1460, Point, TX,75472
Descends from Benjamin INMAN, Benjamin, Jehu, Charles, Thomas, Charles Nelson, Charles Vernon, Vickie Diane INMAN married KENNEMER. From SC to OH and TX.

Mrs. Stacy DENNIS 1977 S. Cascade View Dr., Camano Island, WA 98292 -
Descends from William Riley INMAN, Daniel, William Oscar, Margaret O. married CLARK, Stacy married DENNIS. From SC.

Bonnie Campbell MORRIS P. O. Box 459, Nucla, CO 81424 - (970) 864-7288
Descends from Edward INMAN, Benjamin, Benjamin, Asa, Elizabeth married TOLES, John White, Aldora married CAMPBELL, Ernest Walter, Bonnie married MORRIS. From SC.

Steve PEARSON 401 Crescent Dr., Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858 - (517) 775-3548
Descends from Edward INMAN, Benjamin, Jehu, Asa, Eli, Asa, Daniel Webster, Ernest, Marguerite Elizabeth married PEARSON, Martin Phillip, Steven Phillip PEARSON. From SC to OH, MI.

Elsie DUSTIN 21571 S. Lee Dr., Oregon City, OR 97045 - (503) 632-3556
Descends from Edward INMAN, Benjamin, Jehu, Asa, Eli, Asa INMAN. From SC to IA.

Alton G. ROGERS 7010 Iowa Lane, Manvel, TX 77578 - (281) 489-8371
Descends from Edward INMAN, Benjamin, Jehu, Asa, Eli, Benjamin, Susanah Janetta married ROGERS, Walter Alton, Alton Gayle ROGERS. From SC to OH, IA, KS, LA & TX.

Derrick WATSON 2027 Skyline Drive, Minot, SD 58703
Descends from William Irdell INMAN, Mary Inman married WATSON, James, Derrick WATSON. From SC.

Debbie MUSGRAVES 738 Inman Rd., Grand Chain, IL 62941 -
Descends from Asa INMAN, Joshua, Harwood, Harry William, Charles W., Debbie INMAN married MUSGRAVES. From NC to TN, OH, IN, IL.

James McDONALD 1730 Bluebird Lane, Stanley, NC 28164 - (704) 822-6205
Descends from Joshua INMAN, William Pinckney, Willie Ida married DAVIS, Daisy Mae married McDONALD, James Elmer, James Marion McDONALD. From SC, NC.

Barbara E. JOHNSON Seattle, WA
Descends from Edward INMAN, Benjamin, Joshua, Hannah married BURTZ, Amy/Anna married HART, Christopher C., Martha married SATTERFIELD, Dorothy M. married TARTER, Mary E. married BALDWIN, Barbara E. married JOHNSON. From SC, NC, GA.

John Henry INMAN 509 Cannon St., New Boston, TX 75570 - (903) 628-2418
Descends from John INMAN, Henry, Alva Jefferson, Steven Henry, Oliver Lee, John Henry INMAN. From NC/SC to TN, AR, MO, TX.

Frederick Lee INMAN Seattle, WA
Descends from Edward INMAN, Benjamin, Benjamin, George, Benjamin Gregory, Laura Frances married VAN HORN, Bert Edgar INMAN, Fred Leroy, Frederick Lee INMAN. From SC to Midwest to WA.

Mary Margaret PERRY 1720 Elmwood Dr., Clarksville, IN 47129 -
(812) 941-8320
Descends from Robert INMAN, James, Henry, William Riley, Daniel, William Oscar, Margaret Olean married PERRY, Mary Margaret PERRY. Of SC.

Liz CLAYTON 4924 Caldwell Mill Rd., Birmingham, AL 35242 - (205) 980-9443
Descends from Edward INMAN, Benjamin, Joshua H., Joshua, Jonathan, James Riley, David Riley, David Richard, Mary Ann married CLAYTON, Mark married Liz. From SC to AL.

Pamela Ann LEWIS 7301 Melanie Ln., Knoxville, TN 37918 - (423) 922-4622
Descends from Benjamin INMAN, Joshua, Joshua, Samuel, John, Arthur, Lola May married MARTINDALE, Pamela Ann married LEWIS. From SC to MS, TN.

Stephanie T. BRADLEY 524 Shannon Way, Lawrenceville, GA 30044 -
(770) 963-1385
Descends from Joshua INMAN, Daniel Logan, Marcus L., Mary (Mamie) B. married BRADLEY, Dewey, Robert Hugh BRADLEY married Stephanie. From SC & NC.

Anna Belle DOUILLARD 17741 Altamirano, Huntington Beach, CA 92647 -
(714) 842-3019
Descends from Jeremiah Vardiman INMAN, Uriah Montgomery, Louis J., Esther married STARK, Anna Belle married DOUILLARD. From SC, KY, MO, KS, CA.

Chuck SEARS 1042 Carl Bramlett Rd., Winder, GA 30680
Descends from James INMAN, John A. T., Martin J., Nora married SEARS, Willis Ford, Willis Gordon, Charles Willis SEARS. From SC to GA.

Sara S. SLAVEN 120 N. Riverside Dr., Winamac, IN 46996 - (219) 946-6709
Descends from Asa INMAN, Mary (Polly) married LEWIS, Lucretia married WHITE, Samuel Littleberry, Harrison, Reva Ellen married SINGLETON, Sara Ann married SLAVEN. From SC to OH & IN.

Angie HOSCHOUER 6910 N. Union Rd., Englewood, OH 45322
Descends from Edward INMAN, Benjamin, Jehu, Asa, Eli, Susannah married COPPOCK, Alice married BROWN, Coral Maude married YOUNG, Ralph B., Judith Lee married HOSCHOUER, David C. married Angie. From SC to OH & IN.

Bobby Dean LOWRY P. O. Box 55371, Birmingham, AL 35255
Descends from John INMAN, John, James, James Baxter, Inez married LOWRY, Bobby Dean LOWRY. From SC to AL.

Karen ZARCONE 27 Hillside Road, Southbury, CT 06488-2024
Descends from Edward INMAN, Benjamin, Joshua, Sarah married MARBUT, Joshua, Young Joshua, Samuel Smith, Anna married KIDD, William Marbut, John Robert, Karen Rae married ZARCONE. From SC to GA, AL, FL, CT.

Edith RODRIGUEZ 7302 Mesquite Creek, San Antonio, TX 78244 - (210) 310-0147
Descends from Edward INMAN, Benjamin, Jehu, Asa, Eli, William, Ulysses Arthur, Edith Jane married DUTT, Jerome Arthur, Edith Arleta married RODRIQUEZ. From SC, to OH, IA & CA. ICQ# - 9575781

Sherri Inman CLARK 48 Augustine Pl., Bear, DE 19701
Descends from Luther Weldon INMAN, William Riley, Sr, William Riley, Jr, Sherri married CLARK. From SC, GA, NC & VA.

Joy RUSSELL HC 63 Box 2, Witter, AR 72776 - (501) 232-5892
Descends from Henry INMAN, Joseph, John Henry, Thursa Mae married STEELE, Ada Jewell married RUSSELL, Paul RUSSELL married Joy. From SC, to TN and AR. There is reason to believe this line derives from the TN family but am looking for proof.

Minnie Hillis REAGOR 339 Greathouse Drive, Vidor, TX 77662-9111
Descends from Edward INMAN, Benjamin, H. Joshua, Sarah married MARBUT, John, Daniel F., Daniel F., Mary Luiza married HILLIS, Cullom L., Alvin Burton, Minnie Pearl married REAGOR. From SC to TN & TX.

Elizabeth INMON Annapolis, MD 21401
Descends from John D. INMON, Charles M., Homer Dwight, William J. INMON. From SC to AR, TX, OK.

Margaret A. FRANCIS 14518 Claycroft Ct., Cypress, TX 77429 - (281) 373-1932
Descends from Daniel INMAN, Samuel Oliver, Frances Marion married WESTERGARD, Margaret A. married FRANCIS. From SC.

Kay STAGER P. O. Box 1197, Bodega Bay, CA 94923 - (707) 875-2388
Descends from Edward INMAN, Benjamin, Jehu, Asa, Eli, William, Warren Perry, Marguerite Mae married FOLLETT, Kathryn Anne married STAGER. From SC.

Judy PONS Salem, OR 97304 - (503) 375-2504
Descends from Edward INMAN, Benjamin, Benjamin, Ahab, Samuel, Elizabeth married GEYER, Samuel, Lilley married WILLEY, Edna married MAUPIN, Lloyd, Judy married PONS. From SC to OH, IN & KS.

Joseph S. CLARK 792 Booster Club Rd., Bainbridge, GA 31717 - (912) 246-4876
Descends from Edward INMAN, Jesse E., Joseph Cornelius, Esther Lilla married CLARK. From SC, GA, FL.

Mr. Jason MARBUT 7013 Walden Lane, Joshua, TX 76058 - (817) 558-8396
Descends from Joshua INMAN, Sarah married MARBUT, John, John Adams, Phillip Henry, James Wesley, James Ray, David Charles, Jason David MARBUT. From SC, TN & TX. Visit his Home Page.

Patrick INMAN 2249 Tejas Trail, Blanco, Texas 78606 - (830) 833-4972
Descends from Hezekiah INMAN, Belton Hilliard, Harold Hilliard, Lorraine Forrest, Forest Harold, Patrick Alan INMAN. From SC to OH, IL, MI.

Mr. John L. INMAN
Descends from the SC branch of Inmans. Visit his Home Page.

Mrs. Terry JACKSON 605 Ridgeway Drive, Oneonta, AL 35121 - (205) 274-8414
Descends from John INMAN, John, James Baxter, James Baxter, Iris Ethel married WOOD, Dallas Arnell, Terry Ann married JACKSON. From Union Co., SC to Etowah & Blount Co., AL.

Mr. Lawrence HESTER
Descends from Allen INMAN (married Calista BALDWIN), Sarah Jane married Daniel HESTER, Frank Marimon, Frank Marimon, Phillip Lawrence HESTER. SE North Carolina - Bladen and Columbus Counties.

Larry & Marilyn CAIN 3413 Butterfield Coach Rd., Springdale, AR 72764
Descends from John INMAN (b. 1772), Henry, Joseph, Mollie Adeline Nancy Catherine married BINAM, Willie Monroe, Marjorie married CAIN, Larry Creed CAIN. From SC, to TN to AR.

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